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Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?

Nov. 19, 2006
Right now, this week before Thanksgiving, my garden is not growing at all. Well I take that back, I still have a few things growing in the garden outside, like arugala, lettuce, spinach and chard. Brussel Sprouts are ready to harvest for Thanksgiving dinner. But, most of my garden has been put to bed (the pun is intended!) Garlic is planted for next year, I have spread compost and planted winter rye. Whew!
By contrast, my organic indoor garden, my soil-sprout garden, is growing in full swing. I have extra trays of pea shoots growing for a Thanksgiving dish everyone loves, pea shoot stir fry. About a week before Thanksgiving I soaked seeds for two large 4x8 trays. In two small jars I put 2 tablespoons of pea seeds in each jar, soaked them over night and planted the trays in the morning.   I have a few trays of second growth pea shoots coming along too so I will have 8 to 10 oz of pea greens to cook with on Thanksgiving Day. 
The pea shoots are tender and sweet and cook somewhat like spinach. I chop up an onion, about 8 mushrooms and all of the pea shoots I have ready. I sauté the onion and mushrooms for about 10 minutes, add the pea shoots and turn the flame off and let them sit in the hot pan for a minute or two. Toss in a couple of pinches of slivered almonds and a dash of soy sauce and you are ready to serve. The really important thing to remember is that the pea shoots don’t need to be cooked for long, so this is the last dish I make before we sit down to the table. For variety I’ll add garlic and fried tempeh for protein, but on Thanksgiving Day we just have the stir fried vegetables.
Enjoy your Holiday
Peter Burke

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