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Soil Mix: The old is new again
February 3, 2007
I am sort of fussy about my gardening- I like things to work well. As a matter of fact, I like things to work perfectly!  So I experiment with different techniques until I get things just right. Now, a while ago, I had stopped using the gallon bags of soil mix for planting my soil-sprouts. After all, I could scoop a little out of the mixing barrel instead of using the bags of soil I put in the garden kits. But then I had to add water to the soil mix right in the individual trays. It is hard to judge just how much water to add to a single tray and it is hard to be patient while the mix absorbs the water. So I’d add a little more and the next thing you know the soil is soggy. Soggy soil is not good for sprouts. I would try to pour off the extra water and squeeze the soil of excess. What a pain! But somehow I thought it was easier than using the bags; that was just for the folks I was sending kits to, just for them, not for me!
And so it goes that the mixing barrel was empty one day, I grabbed a couple of bags of soil mix from the storage closet, put 3 cups of warm water in each bag and sealed them. (My garden buddy, Ron, swears it should be 3 ½ cups of water)! Then I soaked my seeds. I soak my seeds at night and plant in the morning, so the next morning, I opened a bag of soil mix to fill the trays and the soil mix was, tada, perfect! It was moist but still loose and friable. It made the planting easy and simple, just the way I like it.
 I have to laugh at myself, there I had put so much time into figuring out the best mix and the easiest way to plant and how to make soil-sprouting easy for everyone and forgot to do it myself!
But I will admit that all of this was a gratifying journey to realize that the individual gallon bags of soil mix work very well, almost perfect, well, no, it works perfectly! 
If you were wondering then, why I package the soil mix in gallon bags, even when a garden kit has five, or ten or twenty gallons, now you can appreciate that it is for your own good and for my own good too. They, the gallon bags of soil mix with 3 cups of water, make it easier to do the work of soil-sprout gardening and have consistent results every time.
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