13 Types of Hostas - Hosta Varieties You May Want to Know

13 Types of Hostas – Hosta Varieties You May Want to Know

Hostas (plantain lilies) are hardy shade-tolerant flowers you can grow for food or ornamental purposes. Since it is versatile plants, you can find varieties in the broad range of leaf shapes and colors. So, you can pick out among many types of hostas with white, green, blue, gold, and red leaves. Nowadays, you can find … Read more

15 Impressive Florida Perennials You May Love

South Florida perennials renthat live at least three years with cyclical bursts of blooms are the crown of impressive landscaping. Some of them are perennials, but gardeners in other states with more adverse climate treat them as annuals because they are too tender and can’t survive low temperatures during winter. Keep in mind that many … Read more

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

There are many ways to decorate your yard or porch with favorite plants. You can choose ornamental flowers, herbs, or vegetables for that purpose, depending on your preferences. Whatever you want to grow, planter boxes are an ideal way to express your creativity. With a little effort, excellent planter box DIY ideas, and a few … Read more

11 Types of Palm Trees in Florida

Florida is well-known for its palm trees. There are dozens of different species living there, but I would like to help you learn more about the most beautiful and attractive ones which thrive in the area. It is not too hard to distinguish different species in all their uniqueness. You should carefully observe their trunks, … Read more

Chicken Waterer

9 Best Chicken Waterers of 2020 – Water Containers for Chickens

If you keep chickens or any other poultry, you’ll know that one of your most important jobs is keeping them supplied with clean water. You can simply fill a bowl for them, perhaps several times a day, but a far more practical solution is to invest in a good chicken waterer. Chicken waterers dispense water … Read more

Fire Pit

10 Best Fire Pits of 2020 – Outdoor Fire Pit for Backyard

The human response to fire is primal and instinctive. We need it to live because it keeps us warm and kills bacteria in our food (through careful cooking). We all get excited at the idea of beach bonfires and crackling campsite flames. But fire can also cause considerable harm. That’s why many fireplaces are installed … Read more

best Chicken Plucker

10 Best Chicken Pluckers of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

As anyone with experience will tell you, plucking chickens by hand is not an enjoyable task. It’s an unpleasant, time-consuming job, and if you have multiple birds to process, you will probably end up with aching hands, too. However, it doesn’t have to be this way since machines exist that can do the job for … Read more

Best Electric Fence Charger

10 Best Electric Fence Chargers of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

You may have heard jokes or read cartoons about sadistic homeowners. They kind that line their yards with electric fence then sit back, watch, and giggle as (human) trespassers get electrocuted while peeing on the fence. But entertainment aside, electric fences can be a lifesaver. They keep your livestock in while keeping predators and pests … Read more

Best Chicken Coop

10 Best Chicken Coops of 2020 – Chicken House Reviews

While most people keep cats, dogs, lizards, or fish, the popularity of pet chicken is growing. And even if you don’t intend to cuddle them and give them pun-filled names, you may want fresh eggs for breakfast and brunch. This makes buying the right chicken coop a crucial decision. But how do you know which … Read more

Sod Plugger

10 Best Sod Pluggers of 2020 – Lawn Grass Plugger

When transplanting grass or planting bulbs, a good sod plugger can be an invaluable tool that will save you lots of time and effort. If you are looking to buy one, here are our top picks for best sod plugger to help make sure you choose the right one.   Buyer’s Guide If you are … Read more