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Best 4 Cycle String Trimmer Reviews 2021 (Gas & Cordless)

If you enjoy pampering and decorating your garden then you’re going to need the best quality appliances by your side. In a garden, weeds tend to be the biggest issue. For starters, you need a lawnmower, and for those tight spaces where your lawnmower cannot reach, you need the best 4 cycle weed eater.


The Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater on the Market 2021

1. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 4 Cycle Cordless String Trimmer & Edger (Our Top Recommended)

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12' Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

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WORX provides interested users with a product made with 2-in-1 functions. The wheel on this machine can be positioned both horizontally and vertically for either trimming or edging. There’s no need for any tools to change the head from a trimmer to an in-line edger.

With this purchase, you get two 20V max lithium power batteries. You can use one and charge the other, swap them and keep working for as long as you need to.

WORX’s Cordless string trimmer & edger has a 12-inch cutting diameter for sharper results. With an innovative command feed spool, your line is fed constantly for fast work and no rests. The cutting length for the line is 10 feet. There’s a quick-release lever to allow for height adjustments of the 90-degree tilting shaft.

Included is a functioning flower spacer guard which protects any vegetation or plantation you have in your yard you don’t want to cut. This unit is lightweight and has an ergonomic design so you can walk smoothly and straight while working with this piece.

The batteries for this WORX cordless string trimmer and edger can be shared with any other WORX power share products.

The performance of this weed eater is quite satisfactory, but there are some downfalls. Firstly, this trimmer and edger is not made to handle thicker weeds, but it grooms overall very nice. If you’re in need of something to get rid of thick weed patches, a trimmer and edger may not be what you want.

The string that comes with this purchase isn’t that strong, and it can be replaced with other stronger strings for better, nicer, and smoother performance. This machine works best when you’re using it on smaller jobs. This is an issue for those who are aiming for a heavy-duty project with their yards and gardens. The best this machine can do for your yard is keep it looking perfect and clean, not get rid of a hazardous weed infestation.

What I Like

  • 2-in-1 functions
  • Command Feed Spool
  • Function Flower Spacer
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design

What I Don’t Like

  • Cannot handle thick weeds
  • String that comes on purchase is weak

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2. BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 4 Cycle String Trimmer/Edger

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries

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BLACK+DECKER 20V model can convert from a trimmer to a wheeled edger for fine-tuning your garden. There are two different speeds to select from; one will give you more power and the other will give you a longer run-time.

The easy-feed option advances the line with a single push of a button, there’s no need to bump your machine over anything for the line to be fed.

This BLACK+DECKER product works with batteries so you can be promised the freedom to take this trimmer and edger anywhere you need it to go. There are two lithium batteries provided on purchase so you can charge one while you work with the other.

You can adjust the height and handle of the entire trimmer for your convenience.

There are some minor drawbacks to this machine, though none of them really put this machine in no fit condition to work at all. For starters, there’s the sacrifice of switching from gas or corded to a battery-powered solution. The handle is a little bigger than others which can make this uncomfortable to hold for a long time.

This unit can last for 15-20 minutes on high power and 30-45 minutes on lower power. The lower power cannot penetrate through thicker and longer weeds but can last longer when trimming and grooming small patches of grass. The higher speed can be used to get through thick, long stocks of grass.

If you want to get a day’s worth of work done, you’d better get more than one battery on your shelf. This allows you to get more done with more power life at hand. For longer days involving bigger, harder projects, you can even bump that number of batteries higher than two.

The best part about this weed eater is the fact that its light in weight. This makes it easy to maneuver the trimmer all around the yard. You can also enjoy the convenience of having the head pivot from a trimmer to an edger.

What I Like

  • Lightweight piece
  • Adjustable height of trimmer
  • Two select speeds

What I Don’t Like

  • Handle is big and uncomfortable to hold
  • Battery power isn’t promising

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3. Greenworks 4 cycle Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger, 2.0 AH Battery Included 21302

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Not only does this unit not emit harmful fumes, but there’s no need to worry about the danger of cutting any trailing cords. This Greenworks cordless string trimmer and edger is battery powered for the versatility of taking your machine anywhere you need it to be.

It’s lighter than a gas model, freer than a corded version, and comes with an easy push-start button that won’t tire out your arms.

With a pivoting head, this machine will not only trim your grass, but it can turn into an edging wheel to get the perfect ends of grass by your sidewalk and walkway.

The battery and charger are included in this purchase. The replacement spools compatible with this unit are 29252 and 29092. The battery models compatible with this unit are 29462 and 29472. Finally, the charger model for either of these batteries is 29482.

The total size of this trimmer is 13 inches and it can run for up to 30 minutes. It automatically feeds the line when needed. It runs quietly so there’s no annoyance for the neighborhood nor you. With each charge, you have a day’s worth of work powered up and ready to go. The vibrations when working are very well controlled so you have better control over the direction and steady aim of the trimmer and edger.

The biggest issue revolves around the shipped trimmer line that comes with this Greenworks string trimmer. You can buy any other string and replace the one given with something stronger and more durable. The drawback is that you have to spend more to get the replacement. The benefit to this is that you don’t have to ship the whole unit back deeming it faulty.

This trimmer can handle thicker patches of grass which is great, but it doesn’t have an extended battery life, living only up to 30 minutes.

What I Like

  • Battery-powered
  • Lighter model
  • Quiet performance
  • Controlled vibrations
  • Easy-start push button

What I Don’t Like

  • String can be weak or tangled when out of shipment (different string brand recommended)
  • Weak battery life

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4. Troy-Bilt TB575 4 Cycle Straight Shaft Trimmer

Troy-Bilt TB575 EC 29cc 4-Cycle 17-Inch Straight Shaft Trimmer

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This powerful 29cc engine gives the right amount of power to keep your machine going until the end. With a straightened design, this trimmer can reach into and under shrubs and bushes and hard to get areas in your yard.

The troy-bilt comes with a JumpStart capability, removing the need for you to pull a cord to start up the engine. The actual engine starter is sold separately. This bump head makes feeding your machine quicker and easier so you’re not left hanging when work needs to be done. The 17-inch swatch allows for longer, stronger cuts all around the garden.

Sticking to the Troy-Bilt product line, you can turn your trimmer into a blower, pole saw, edger, cultivator, and so much more.

This is a gas machine so you can expect more power driven out of it than the battery-powered machines.

This model does come with quite a bit more cons than it does pros, but the cons are minor compared to the pros you have in store.

This machine is quite loud while you are using it and it does become inconvenient when you’re working for longer periods of time. It also does have a bit of a vibration issue which can rattle you while you work. You can move the handle to a more suitable position or you can make do with finding another straight shaft to remove this vibration issue.

It takes quite a bit of time to start up this engine but when it has been started, it works really well. The performance of the machine makes the petty matters worth sufficing with. With this machine, you can cut through short and tall, thick and thin stocks of grass alike without the worry of the trimmer choking. This model trimmer has the largest diameter of 17 inches which can cut through more than any of the others.

What I Like

  • Gas powered engine is stronger and more powerful
  • Bump head feeder makes loading string easier
  • 17-inch diameter can cut through thick weeds

What I Don’t Like

  • Can become loud
  • Vibrations are more tedious
  • Takes a long time to start the engine

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5. Husqvarna 324L 4 Cycle Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Husqvarna 967055801 324L Gas String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L

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The Husqvarna 324L works on pure gas, so there’s no mix-up with oils and fuels. Being a gas-powered machine, it naturally packs a strong punch. The air purge removes any air from the carburetor or fuel system to ensure your start-ups are quick and easy. This uses a Smart Start engine to make sure the start-up goes as quickly as possible with minimal effort.

As soon as the machine turns off, everything in the mechanics automatically returns to the starting position so the next start-up can go as fluently as the first.

There’s an adjustable soft grip handle that allows you to maintain your control over the running machine while you work. With a finely crafted X-Torq engine, the harmful exhaust emissions are reduced by 60% and the fuel efficiency is increased by a hearty 20%.

Sticking with Husqvarna allows you to transform your string trimmer into a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pole saw, sweeper, tree pruner, and edger all while sharing the same engine. All of these accessories for the main engine make this purchase one that lasts longer than any other.

This is made to satisfy the typical demands of a homeowner; a neatly trimmed and manicured yard.

This machine is covered by quite a bit of plastic which makes the construction oddly bulky in places. This can be a minor inconvenience for some. A bigger problem though would be the gas engine choking out and dying. This problem can be covered in the warranty, it’s just a matter of this issue happening when you still have the warranty open, otherwise, it means paying up for the damage repair.

Another problem is the guard. A guard should be able to protect you from the incoming grass being thrown up at you. This guard allows you to be showered in grass shavings, so a shower and a new replacement guard is highly recommended.

What I Like

  • Strong performance
  • Smart Start engine and automatic reset when powered off
  • Harmful emissions reduced by 60%, fuel efficiency increased by 20%
  • Husqvarna products can be used w/ same engine

What I Don’t Like

  • Flimsy bulky plastic build
  • Gas engine chokes
  • Guard doesn’t work too well

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Buying Guide

Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater buying guide

All gardening tools have to be strong enough to fight back against unwanted weeds, plants, and vegetation. When you look for the right weed eater for your yard, there are always features you have to look out for.

To start off, you shouldn’t expect your weed eater or trimmer to clear out all of your overgrown plants and shrubs. It’s not a lawn mower and should not be expected to do the work of one either. The trimmer can only come into its most efficient play when it’s dealing with the smaller nuisances that follow clearing out your yard.

Trimmers only groom; they don’t clear out. By looking at the size of the machine and the blade it’s easy to tell this isn’t something you use to hack down a forest. Having a weed eater in hand, gives you the luxury of not having to wait for the yard to overgrow before you can safely pull out your lawnmower.

4-Cycle VS 2-Cycle Weed Eaters

Best 4 Cycle String Trimmer

If you don’t already know it, it’s important to know how 4 and 2 cycle on a weed eater work. The cycles work in such a way that when the weeds are pulled out of the dirt, there is first a downward pull to take them out. After this, the weeds are then thrown upwards to remove them from the blades and make way for the rest of the weeds.

A 2-cycle weed eater does this procedure only once. A 4-cycle weed eater does this procedure twice. First, it pulls the weeds out in their downward action, throws them, then brings them back down once more and throws them up again. This procedure makes sure that everything is removed, compressed and thrown out of the blades way to make way for the next weeds.

Obviously, as there is a longer procedure for this, the machine itself is going to be heavier. This can be made up for since the 4 cycle weed eater is a much quieter improvement to the 2 cycle weed eater. They are easier to use and more durable.

You could argue that 2 cycle weed eaters are lighter and more affordable. But this becomes insignificant when it’s only ever going to get half the work done a 4 cycle weed eater could do using less time and fuel.

A 2 cycle weed eater doesn’t last as long as a 4 cycle weed eater and it is much nosier than the latter. Evidently, to move up the modern scale, you’d choose the option that does the job quicker, better, and quieter. This leaves 4 cycle weed eaters as the clear winner.

Curved VS Straight Shaft

Curved VS Straight Shaft

There are two types of shafts that you can come across on a string trimmer. Choose the best option for you that won’t strain your back and gives you the control you need.

  • Curved Shaft

A curved shaft is bent halfway through the handle and spinning trimmer. These types of shafts are better suited for people who are shorter. This design helps keep the cutting head perpendicular to the weeds you’re cutting. The shaft becomes easier to control and maneuver to get tight cuts and smooth results.

  • Straight Shaft

A straighter shaft may be uncomfortable if you’re short, but for people who are tall, this is a gift. You won’t have to bend down and ruin your back posture. Instead, straight shafts can reach you and can be extended even more in height. The string trimmer head stays close to the ground and you don’t have to strain your back.

If you don’t know which one is right for you, try them both at a local hardware store to see which one best suits you. You might find that the curved one is easier to handle while the straight one finds its way into harder to get spaces easier.

It’s mostly a matter of preference in this sense, but it never hurts to identify your preference first before ordering anything.

Power of the Trimmer

Best 4 Cycle Weed Eater power

There are different power levels to trimmers that should match your yard. Depending on how seriously you want to tend to your yard, you’ll need just the right amount of power.

  • Light Trimmer

These trimmers are best kept only to monitor the growth of weeds in your yard. Any fancy business or overgrown patches could damage the blade of these machines. One acre is more than enough for these trimmers to handle. They can even trim the tips of your grass for you, for a neater effect in your yard.

  • Medium Trimmer

This trimmer can cut through rougher, thicker stocks of grass and weeds. If you’ve left the yard unattended for a week or so, you’ll want this level of strength helping you bring your yard back under control. If two acres doesn’t hold as heavy of a promise, then they can manage it. Otherwise, they are ideal for 1-acre disasters that need immediate repair.

  • Heavy Trimmer

These trimmers can be used for long periods of time without a doubt that they will work over thicker weeds and grass. You can even try to get fancy with these models that can hold accessories.

  • Professional

These trimmers are used to stylize the yard and make a presentation worth wonders. They are made to maneuver, cut, and groom to the finest of ability and come with many accessories to ensure they can do so. These trimmers aren’t something you get for daily use. If you cut and design yards as a profession, then perhaps this is something you’d want to look into.


The shout-out goes to WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12” Cordless String Trimmer & Edger in the end, for being the most capable of handling constant grooming over your garden.

WORX worked to make this the right trimmer for catering to the perfect gardening, with all of the features to make sure you shape your yard, not chop it up. It’s gentle on the grass you want but removes those weeds that are getting in the way.

It’s lightweight and has an ergonomic design to make long hours of work outside more bearable. With the ability to switch from a trimmer and edger, you can pamper your garden exactly to your convenience and liking.

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