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10 Best Artificial Grass of 2022 – Top Rated Fake Grass Reviews

Sometimes, the grass really is greener in your neighbor’s yard. Especially if they bought the best artificial grass on the market. Synthetic turf has tons of advantages over organic grass. It doesn’t need watering or weeding, it doesn’t attract pests, and it doesn’t cause puddles of mud.

The type of grass you buy will depend on your pocket. Your decision will also be driven by available space, intended function, and style preferences. But more on that later. First, let’s look at ten popular artificial grass brands. Then we can help you pick the best one.


The Best Artificial Grass on the Market 2022

1. LITA Deluxe Artificial Turf  Our Top Pick 

LITA Deluxe Artificial Turf

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When you look at regular grass, the light hits it at different angles. This creates dips, valleys, and shadows that create a rainbow of greens. LITA Deluxe artificial grass captures this effect through 4-tone dye. The four intermingled shades make your fake grass look far more real.

The paint is non-toxic, so it’s safe for kids and pets who will eventually stuff it in their mouths. LITA is also convenient because it’s available a dozen different dimensions, from 20-inch tiles to 82-foot rolls. You don’t have to cut and crimp it – just pick the size that works for you.

The grass has four layers including a latex glue base and a polypropylene fabric filler. Each blade has a pile of 1.375 inches, with no watering or mowing required. You can rake or brush the grass to remove surface dirt, and you can spot-treat stains from gum, food spills, or pet waste.

If you’re worried about this grass, you have 30 days to return it, no questions asked. LITA grass also has a 10-year warranty. This grass doesn’t have lead, zinc, or any other harmful chemicals. It’s soft texture and medium pile makes it suitable for rough play ad high foot traffic.

With some artificial grass brands, you have to cut it to size or trim it to keep it even. LITA grass comes ready to use in a 12 sizes, and it’s easy to install. It’s weatherproof too.


  • It has a sturdy weight of 70 ounces per square yard.
  • Its yarn has built-in UV protection.
  • It has 4-tone coloring for enhanced realism.


  • If you cut it down to size, the edges start to fray. But with so many sizes plus customizable measurements, you don’t need to cut. Just buy a smaller size.

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2. Ottomanson Evergreen Turf

Ottomanson Evergreen Turf

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There are lots of reasons for buying artificial grass. You may want a ‘green space’ for your pets. Somewhere they can hang out in gloomy weather, or while you’re at work and don’t want them outdoors unsupervised. You can also use fake grass for an indoor play-room, or as a doormat.

The Ottomanson is probably best for that last function. Yes, it’s vibrant and green, retaining its color for a long time. But it only weighs 16 ounces, while the recommended weight is 26 ounces per square foot. Its pile is barely 0.3 inches, and its blades are sparsely spaced.

That said, Ottomanson sizes range from 2 by 5-inch tiles to 93-foot runners. And because it’s so thin, you can easily cut it with a pair of scissors or a box cutter. It has drainage holes, so it’s safe for outdoor use. And it’s 100% polypropylene, so you get a good price for it.

If you’re literally looking for a green carpet – meaning the color as opposed to environmentally conscious practices – then Ottomanson is it. But for sports or pets, buy something else.


  • It has 8 sizing options.
  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Its color can be calming for rowdy kids and harassed adults.


  • Its pile is only 0.3 inches, so it’s largely decorative. It’s not thick enough for sports or pets – you need at least an inch for that.

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3. SunVilla Artificial Grass

SunVilla Artificial Grass

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Natural grass is sometimes uneven. You’ll find dirt clods and insect mounds that raise the surface of the ground. But when you’re laying artificial turf, you want it to lie flat. SunVilla achieves this through elaborately stitched backing. The blade-tops are flat too.

Apart from constantly looking mowed, SunVilla grass has a mix of straight green blades on top and curly yellow ones at the bottom. This heightens realism. Both sets of blades have anti-frost and UV protection. The grass is well-drained, making it suitable for all-weather outdoor use.

SunVilla blades are well-spaced on their latex backing, so they don’t need in-fill. The blade pile is 1.375 inches. The brand offers a generous 10-year warranty, but be extra vigilant during your first month of use. Why? Within those 30 days, you have an open return policy.

You can install your SunVilla artificial turf using tape, staples, or stitched seams. SunVilla self-adhesive tape is especially helpful for DIY installations. This fake grass weighs 70 oz for every square yard, and because of its yarn density, its blades are always upright.

In terms of color, density, realism, adhesion, and weight, SunVilla grass outperforms any other fake grass brands. Order the right size to avoid the drama of cutting through quadruple layers.


  • It 4-tone mixed-color yarn to achieve a more realistic result.
  • Its flat-topped blades have a freshly-mown look.
  • Its well-stitched backing lies flat on any surface, even curved or uneven ones.


  • Artificial grass doesn’t need watering or weeding, but weeds can sometimes slip through the drainage holes. So if you’re laying turf outdoors, you might need herbicides.

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4. RoundLove Artificial Turf Lawn

RoundLove Artificial Turf Lawn

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 Synthetic grass is generally seen as a water-saving option. But while you don’t have to water it, you can still wash it to remove surface dirt. If you’re using it for pets, it will need regular cleaning and deodorizing, so it’s a good thing RoundLove can withstand soap and water.

For pet training or yard play, the grass has drainage holes, so liquid easily seeps through. Particulate dirt isn’t as permeable, so the smell may stay if you don’t regularly rinse it. Preferably after every use, so the odor doesn’t accumulate. Don’t vacuum it though.

If it’s installed outdoors, you can use a leaf-blower for surface debris. RoundLove rugs come in six sizes, and you can tape them together for a bigger piece. The grass weighs 28 pounds, and if you’re using it for pets (or for potty training your kids), place a pee pad underneath.

For smaller areas and pets, RoundLove is a good choice. But areas over 10 feet need multiple pieces, and with the seams being temporary at best, this isn’t a smart option.


  • It doesn’t need maintenance, but if it does get dirty, stains are easily removed.
  • You can increase coverage by taping or spiking multiple pieces together.
  • It’s not permanently attached, so you can roll it up and take it with you.


  • Their minimum delivery time is 9 days, which seems snail-paced in this age of same-day delivery.

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5. Juvale Synthetic Grass

Juvale Synthetic Grass

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Shipping bulky items can be a nightmare, and Juvale solves this problem. Instead of sending a massive package to your front door, they broke up their grass mats into four portable pieces that are each one-foot square. Unfortunately, there’s no adhesive material included.

This means your four mat pieces will need some wrangling if you want to combine them. You could opt to use them as four loose pieces, especially since they have a non-slip base. But they’re not ideal for pets or yards, because the artificial grass backing has no drain holes.

The grass looks nice, but it’s not plush or soft. Its pile depth is a mere 0.25 inches, so there’s no heft and no spring. These one-foot tiles are best used decoratively, or maybe for low-key chromo-therapy. The green tones may de-stress you, but they don’t offer much more functionality.

If you’re working with a green decorative theme, you could buy Juvale tiles as placemats or wall accents. But for outdoor yard use and indoor pet training, these won’t do the trick.


  • Its non-slip substrate is a top safety feature.
  • Its four separate pieces are easy to transport.
  • Its dimensions make it suitable for small, awkward spaces.


  • There’s no adhesive system included in the package, so pre-plan for tape or staples to hold your grass tiles together. Also, it has no drainage holes.

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6. Imozel Synthetic Astroturf

Imozel Synthetic Astroturf

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Some people prefer turf they can lay themselves. It cuts down their landscaping costs. Imozel provides premium DIY artificial grass, complete with eight u-nails for easy installation. Only outdoors though – u-nails can’t penetrate timber or concrete.

The grass is pleasantly thick though, with each blade measuring 1.75 inches and dense blade distribution. Imozel comes in size-able pieces of up to 10 feet. The blades are made of soft polypropylene yarn threaded through a polyurethane base. It’s waterproof and weatherproof.

The texture and visual footprint of this fake grass are delightfully real. It has 4-tone coloring and tight spread, no in-fill needed. Also, u-nails aren’t permanent, so you can easily roll up your fake grass rug if your dog wants a porta-potty-grass-patch or your kids want to practice somersaults.

Reinforced stitching and UV protection make Imozel the perfect choice for all kinds of weather. But it can’t be installed indoors without additional adhesive materials.


  • The grass pile is 1.75 inches deep.
  • Its 4-tone hue offers realistic visual effects.
  • Its backing is premium polyurethane.


  • The u-nail attachment system means this grass can only be installed on earthen ground, so you can’t use it on indoor wood or concrete surfaces. Not without a gummy base.

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7. Artificial Grass Wholesalers Fescue

Artificial Grass Wholesalers Fescue

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When guests visit your home or passers-by glance at your yard, you don’t want them to know it’s fake. At least not immediately. Fescue slows their recognition just a tad. Every blade of turf has a slightly different shade, so your verdant lawn looks genuinely greener than the neighbors’.

The faux grass also has extra-thick 2-inch depth, providing additional cushioning for kids’ play and pet tumbles. It’s pleasantly springy for amateur sports as well. The super-soft grass yarn is woven onto a polyurethane backing that’s well-supplied with drainage holes.

The grass blades are carefully distributed in tight, realistic formations that don’t need in-fill. For the first thirty days after purchase, you can return the product and get all your money back. After that, the warranty covers you for another 15 years of drama-free lawn use.

The measurements of these faux grass rolls range from 6 feet to 100 feet. You can preview their quality by looking at their sample pieces, each measuring one square foot. The grass is free from lead and other toxins, and every blade has a guaranteed weatherproof UV coating.

When you need large swathes of fake grass at generous discounts, buy from Artificial Grass Wholesalers. Fescue matches premium quality with pocket-friendly pricing.


  • It has a 2-inch pile and sizes of up to 1,500 square feet.
  • It has a 15-year warranty and a 30-day money-back policy.
  • Its blades have varying shades of green, so the grass looks more real.


  • The grass is cheap but bulky (over 300 pounds) so shipping costs can pile up.

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8. Altruistic Artificial Grass

Altruistic Artificial Grass

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Altruistic is a good name for faux grass, especially this one. It saves you water, so it’s definitely high-minded in terms of conserving natural resources. The grass is colored using lead-free paint and doesn’t contain any toxins, so you can safely use it in play-pens and pet-training spaces.

Altruistic grass weighs 6 pounds and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 inches to 40 feet. Individual blades have a pile of 1.375 inches, with mixed yarn arranged in authentic shades of green and yellow. The base blades coil around the upright ones, mimicking real sod.

The carefully woven backing holds every false blade securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about shedding or shredding. The grass is made from polyethylene and polypropylene. It’s non-absorbent, so it doesn’t retain stains and unpleasant smells. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

For grass that looks, feels, and acts green, opt for Altruistic. It has zero toxins, authentic shading, adequate drainage, a generous warranty, and good customer service.


  • It dries quickly and can resist snow, rain, sun, and frost.
  • It has a 14-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The faux grass is soft and doesn’t abrade your skin.


  • Artificial grass doesn’t need mowing or maintenance, but if your pet is using it for toilet training, it can start to smell. Rinse with dishwashing liquid and a high-pressure hose.

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9. OUTAD Artificial Grass for Golf

OUTAD Golf Putting Mat 12in24in Outdoor/Indoor Training Equipment Aid Golf Practice Mat

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You’ve probably seen the scene in a movie where some hotshot is practicing his golf swing in the office. You can do that too, thanks to OUTAD. This faux grass product is tailored for indoor putt-putt sessions, whether you have a -10 handicap or you’re simply entertaining the kids.

The golf roll is 10 feet by 1.6 feet, perfect for training your final hole. Just like real golf grass, the blades on the border are 1 inch thick while the trimmed fairway is a third of that thickness. There are two raised holes at one end, though you need your own flags and clubs.

The second hole is a ball-return socket, and some buyers prefer to lay their indoor greens completely flat. But the raised holes offer a more realistic golfing angle. The artificial green weighs 11.22 pounds, but double-check your grass – it sometimes comes without a ball return.

If you’re looking to extend your home entertainment repertoire, OUTAD is a good alternative to football and catch. It’ll get the whole family off their screens for a bit, and it’s fun too!


  • It used two textures to mimic organic grass golf courses.
  • It offers an extended putting path for keener practice.
  • It rolls up easily for hassle-free storage.


  • The narrow width can make putting difficult. And while the grass is a mix of choppy and trimmed, it takes some use before it’s flat enough to play effectively.

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10. Sorbus Interlocking Grass Tiles

Sorbus Interlocking Grass Tiles

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Most people dislike the sticky, gooey mess of adhesive fake grass. If you don’t use adhesive pads, you may have to nail, drill, or screw your artificial turf into place. Is there an easier option? Yes. Interlocking grass tiles. Sorbus offers them with dove-tail edges and a border row.

This set has six tiles each measuring 24 inches by 24 inches. There are also narrower border pieces to finish off your flooring. This synthetic sod can be used both indoors and outdoors. The EVA foam backing is perforated, offering effective drainage for your fake grass.

The interlocked pieces stay in place, but they’re not glued or nailed to the floor. This makes them portable and versatile in positioning. The grass is rough 0.5 inches thick and is both waterproof and weatherproof. It provides sufficient cushioning for gyms and playgrounds.


  • The interlocking 2-foot pieces offer fuss-free installation, no adhesive needed.
  • The half-inch pile offers a light spring for play and exercise.
  • The grass is quick-drying in case of spills, precipitation, or pets.


  • The box has six tightly packed tiles, so individual grass blades bend in different directions during shipping. When you remove them from the box, these multidirectional blades make each tile appear to be a different shade of green. So if you don’t want to mix-and-match your floor, brush the blades upright and align the hues more carefully.

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Buying Guide

fake grass

Synthetic grass can be difficult to buy. You walk into a sea of green and you have no clue where to begin. Don’t worry, we’re here with some tips on buying the best artificial grass.

Look and Feel

The greener the grass, the better. But green is relative. You want artificial grass that looks like a garden, not a crayon. Some brands achieve realism by coloring their synthetic turf on a gradient. You also want to be sure your grass color is color-fast, so it doesn’t fade after cleaning.

If your turf will be laid outdoors, it needs to withstand rainwater and sunlight. UV rays can make clothes, walls, or even fences fade, so be sure your artificial grass has a layer of UV protection. Texture matters too. Find fake grass that feels good beneath your feet.

Length and Width

Artificial grass could line an entire football field. Or it could cover a small portion of your office for putt-putt practice. Think about the amount of floor space you want to cover, then buy the right wall width. Wider, longer swathes are often cheaper, because of wholesale pricing.

Another option is to buy interlocking turf tiles. They’re smaller but offer more flexibility. If you want to cover circular areas, corners, or oddly-shaped rooms, tiles are an easier option. They may end up costing more, and it might be hard to get an exact color match.

Depth and Weight

In the world of synthetic turf, each blade of grass is made of synthetic yarn. The yarn in a sports-field could be 3 inches long, while indoor turf can be as short as an inch. This is called pile depth. Deeper yarn feels softer and more bouncy, but costs more than shorter yarn widths.

Weight matters too, and the heavier, the better. Confirm the back weight – the weight of the ‘rug’ that holds your ‘yarn’. It should be 26 ounces or more. The front weight or face weight is the weight of your artificial grass blades. Heavy blades can withstand more wear and tear.

Traffic and Function

The turf on a football field faces foot traffic from 22 players, cheerleaders, referees, linesmen, and the occasional swarm of fans. Conversely, a golfing green has maybe five people at a time and the occasional golf cart. Playground grass has less traffic, but rougher usage.

In this case, the golf course may use finer grass than the playground or the dog bed. The playground will need a deeper pile than the dog’s cubby because the children need to cushion their falls. Dog beds need tougher backing because, at some point, the dog will try to dog through.

Height and Fill

Rolls of artificial grass are sometimes described as carpets or rugs. And just like other floor coverings, they have specific pile depth. But with artificial grass, deeper pile means more spring, so keep that in mind for playgrounds and organized sports. The in-fill contributes to this as well.

It’s usually silica or rubber that’s been crumbled to give the grass a fuller feeling. This in-fill sits between grass blades, providing extra heft. It makes the grass heavier, more solid, and more compact while extending the lifespan of your backing. In-fill also helps blades stand straighter.

Material and Drainage

If your fake grass rug is for your pet’s pleasure, they’re bound to pee or poo in it. And if the grass is outdoors, it may accumulate dew and damp, not to mention precipitation. Check how well your synthetic turf drains. Ideally, fake grass should drain 30 inches of moisture per hour. This includes rain or melted snow. Otherwise, the synthetic grass may get smelly and develop mold.

Usually, it will have holes or pores to let moisture through, especially if it’s intended for outdoor use. The type of yarn used affects drainage too. Common construction materials for artificial grass include nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. The grass backing is often made of latex.

Be a Grass Guru!

If you really want your artificial grass to impress, we recommend buying LITA Deluxe Artificial Turf. Here’s why:

  • It has realistic 4-tone coloring.
  • Its 70-ounce weight is way above the recommended 26-ounce standard.
  • It’s easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.
  • It has a generous 10-year warranty plus a 30-day return policy.
  • It has good drainage and anti-UV coating.
  • If the dozen dimensions options don’t suit you, you can customize your preferred size.

Do you have any artificial grass in your home, yard, or office? Take a picture and show us in the comments. And get the lighting right!

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