7 Best Backpack Sprayers (Reviews & Guide of 2019)

Whether you are a professional gardener or you grow plants for pure pleasure, it is essential to take care of their surroundings. One of the first steps you should make when start gardening is buying a backpack sprayer which will make killing weeds and destroying pests on your garden more comfortable and quick.

In general, it is not a question of whether you need a backpack sprayer or not. If you have a garden, the answer is always - YES! The real problem is - which of so many models you can find on the market these days is the best one for your needs.

The Best Backpack Sprayer 2019

Before you pick out best backpack sprayer for you, always keep in mind that your choice depends on the purpose of this practical tool in your garden.

Basically, there are two primary things you should take care of. Your sprayer needs to be large enough to carry a significant quantity of compound and sufficiently reliable not to leak the chemicals.

1. Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer (Our Top Recommended)


With an impressive tank capacity and its opening wide enough for quick and comfortable filling, battery-powered Chapin 63985 four-gallon backpack sprayer is easy to handle and convenient tool for your garden.

This model is comfortable to wear, practical to operate, and its maintenance is not complicated at all. You can count on the adjustable shoulder and back straps, as well as support for chest and lumbar, which will reduce the strain of carrying your unit.

Thanks to its ability to reach pressure at approximately 35 to 40 PSI, you can use this model to spray at distances of up to 35 feet (10.7 m). Plus, its 20-volt Black & Decker lithium-ion battery will allow you continuous spraying, steady pressure, and uniform spray pattern for almost two hours.

An extra-wide tank opening of 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter will make it easier for you to pour chemicals into the tank without any spilling. Also, this feature will let you clean the tank comfortable and thoroughly.

This backpack sprayer weighs only 10 pounds (4.5 kg) which makes it one of the lighter units on the market. Its capacity of 4 gallons (15 l) will allow you to spray your lawn or garden regardless of its size.


  • A Black & Decker 20-volt lithium-ion battery allows 1 hour and 45 minutes of continuous spraying at vast spraying distances
  • It has an extra-wide tank opening of 6 inches (15 cm) for comfortable use and maintenance
  • It is equipped with multi-stage filter and three nozzles which trigger a different spraying mode


  • Some users complained about leaking chemicals through the lid after overfilling the tank
  • The included instruction manual is not well-written
  • It is a quite expensive product

2. Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer (Best Budget)


Thanks to a safe internal no-leak piston pump, you can use the Field King professional 190328 backpack sprayer without any fear of dripping chemicals down your back.

The model includes four nozzles, including two flat fans, a foaming nozzle, and an adjustable one as well. Plus, you can attach TeeJet nozzles if planning to expand the functionality of your sprayer.

Even better, its internal pressure chamber can reach pressure up to 150 PSI, which is approximately 65% greater than other models you can find on the market. That will help you control the flow rate, droplet size, and spray pattern.

This reliable backpack sprayer has a one-way valve that prevents spillage if you accidentally invert the tank. Also, there is a reversible handle for both right and left-handed use, the agitator which mixes the content while you use the pump, and a threaded bolt which makes no-slack handle attachment more secure.

Finally, this long-lasting unit has fewer parts prone to wear and tear. Repairing or replacing damaged parts won’t require too much time and skills.


  • This budget-friendly unit provides an internal agitator and a leak-proof pump design
  • Except for the fact that this model accepts Tee Jet nozzles, you will get four metal nozzles in a package
  • It is possible attaching its handle to the left or right side as needed
  • You can repair and replace parts of this model quickly without specific tools


  • Back strap is not comfortable enough, and there is no lumbar support
  • The tank opening is not wide enough

3. Roundup 190327 No-Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer

Roundup Backpack Sprayer

Image: Roundup

As most other backpack sprayers on the market, Roundup 190327 no-leak pump backpack sprayer comes with a spray tank of 4 gallons (15 l). This model is an excellent choice for your yard or garden regardless of whether they are small, medium, or large sized.

This backpack sprayer is comfortable and easy to use. It weighs 12 pounds (5.5 kg), which is an average value for this type of tools. Plus, there is a soft back pad and cushioned shoulder straps for full support.

The 4-inch (10 cm) tank opening will make filling the unit quick and without spilling. Thanks to the ergonomic and narrow handle the sprayer wand has, you can trigger its spraying power without much effort.

This model comes with four different nozzles, including a foaming one, two flat fans, and one poly-adjustable. Moreover, it is fully compatible with TeeJet nozzles.

Its high-quality, lockable shut-off consists of brass components and one in-line filter. Made of durable polyester, 21 inches (30.5 cm) long wand has Viton sealing. That way, you will get a unit with optimal chemical resistance.


  • This model reaches pressures of almost 150 PSI, which allows spraying at a greater distance
  • It has an excellent internal pump design which prevents leaking
  • The unit comes with four nozzles for different spraying applications


  • For a non-battery sprayer, this model is a little bit expensive

4. Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer


With numerous innovative features and excellent design, Solo 425 four-gallon professional piston backpack sprayer is really something special. One of the great advantages of this model is that you can use it whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

This is a durable model containing the high-performance piston pump which you will use for a long time. It uses pressure up to 90 PSI and has the shut-off valve with the lock-on and lock-off features which reduce fatigue.

The tank of 4 gallons (15 l) is resistant to UV-radiation and represents a perfect solution for long-term spraying sessions even though you plan to work under the sun for hours. Since the unit comes with four distinct nozzles, including hollow cone, fan spray, jet stream, and an adjustable nozzle, it is convenient for numerous spraying tasks.

By purchasing this model, you will get the device with the high-pressure, 48 inches (1.2 m) long hose reinforced with nylon. Plus, this model offers broad chemical compatibility and top-notch formulations for the protection of all your plants and trees.


  • This economic model can build pressure up to 90 PSI
  • It comes with distinct nozzles, and you can add any TeeJet nozzle you want
  • The lock-on and lock-off features of the shut-off mechanism are well-designed and useful
  • It is made of high-grade, plastic resistant to corrosion
  • The excellent design prevents exposure of the rubber and metal parts to the chemicals inside


  • This model hasn’t got a pressure gauge
  • There is no lumbar support, and back straps are quite uncomfortable

5. Hudson 13854 Never Pump Bak-Pak 4-Gallon Battery Operated Sprayer


The amazing thing is that Hudson 13854 never pump bak-pak four-gallon battery operated backpack sprayer can spray continuously approximately ten hours after just one battery charge.

The unit comes with PVC power sprayer-style hose which is 72 inches (1.8 m) long and provides wide-reach spraying. The spray wand is 20 inches (50 cm) long, which makes it unique.

This unit comes with four different nozzles, including fan, long-reach, cone, and dual cone. They will help you to spray different chemicals in various areas. Plus, you will get a battery charger in the package.

Also, you can fill this model quickly thanks to its large tank opening. The great benefit is that its shoulder straps with adjustable pads are comfortable, chemical resistant, and made of soft materials.

Additionally, the tank contains a built-in filter which protects it from dirt and debris. Its primary purpose is to reduce clogging of the sprayer. One more thing!  The long spray wand has a curved tip which will ensure excellent accuracy.


  • This model is practical and easy to operate
  • Thanks to curved spray wand tip, you will get greater accuracy in spraying
  • Since it is comfortable to carry, you can use it even though you have a large yard or garden
  • The durable and reliable battery is a huge advantage of this backpack sprayer


  • The battery this model uses takes a long time to charge

6. Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer

Chapin Backpack Sprayer

Image: Chapin

Honestly, Chapin 61900 four-gallon backpack sprayer is probably the best backpack sprayer on the market for the money. With a manual piston pump, it is basically a double cheaper manual version of the Chapin 63985.

This model has a spray tank made out of the firm and durable poly. With the opening of 4 inches (10 cm), this unit is easy to fill and refill if required. Plus, its virtually non-leak construction will entirely protect you of harmful chemicals.

The three-stage filtration system keeps the unit clean, and removable filter makes rinsing off the nozzles and reducing their clogging easier than ever.

This model has a pressure gauge on its sprayer handle as a special feature which will let you monitor spraying pressure at all times. Also, thanks to a long, over-extended sprayer wand made of stainless steel, you can spray extensive areas.

Two cushioned shoulder straps, a soft, supportive back pad, and ergonomic spray handle make this backpack sprayer one of the most comfortable models you can find.


  • This budget-friendly model has a three-stage filtration system
  • A high-quality, long, extended, stainless steel wand of a sprayer is practical for use
  • This comfortable unit offers large spray capacity of 4 gallons (15 l)
  • An ergonomic spray handle and cushioned shoulder straps make this backpack sprayer comfortable and easy for use


  • The included instruction manual is poorly written and mainly useless
  • Sprayer handle is not flexible which makes it inconvenient for use

7. Smith Performance Sprayers NL-400 Backpack Sprayer


If you are one of those people who have a large garden to maintain, you won’t go wrong if purchase the Smith Performance sprayers NL400 four-gallon backpack sprayer. Since its tank of 4 gallons (15 l) can pump out 150 PSI of pressure, you can finish all your gardening tasks quickly and effectively.

This durable model made of high-quality materials comes with a stainless tank frame, chemically resistant, 50 inches (1.3 m) long poly hose, and a 21 inches (51 cm) long poly-lined stainless steel wand.

There is also a built-in agitator resistant to water-soluble solutions, powders, and liquids. While using this sprayer, you are fully protected thanks to the well-made Viton seals and gaskets which prevent any leaking.

A breathable and padded ballistic nylon harness will allow even weight distribution of this unit across your shoulders. With supportive straps, this model is highly comfortable to wear and provides excellent lumbar support.


  • The powerful pump allows you to cover large distances
  • This unit has a comfortable and practical harness and supportive straps
  • It is highly resistant to harsh chemicals
  • In general, you will get good value for the money


  • This model is not motorized

Buying Guide

backpack sprayer reviews

When you purchase a backpack sprayer, you will get a really versatile tool. An excellent model will make work in your garden an easy task. Except for gardening, you can use this unit for cleaning the exterior of your house, a car, and a boat. Also, it is practical for applying fertilizer in confined spaces.

There is no product which is the right choice for everybody. That is a reason for picking out an adequate backpack sprayer just for your needs. I will list here the primary components of an ideal backpack sprayer, so you can find which one fits you best.

No matter which one model you choose, it will have a tank, nozzle, wand, pump, and shoulder straps or harness. Let's see.


backpack sprayer Thank

Thanks to this part, most models available these days are quite lightweight. It is made of durable polyethylene plastic, which is resistant to UV radiation and chemicals.

A spray tank capacity is usually between 2 to 4 gallons (7.6 - 15 l) of liquid, which is enough for any average residential purpose. Keep in mind that its weight will increase with a higher capacity.


backpack sprayer Nozzle

Since this part controls the flow and pattern of the spray, you can consider it as the most important part of your device.

Types of the nozzle can be different, which will allow you to get various types of spray patterns. The most common are nozzles with a direct stream, a narrow or wide stream, a fan or cone type, as well as adjustable ones.

That diversity is practical because you can use your unit for spraying either a small area or a larger one as well. The best option is to choose a backpack sprayer with adjusted nozzles with wide options of the spray pattern.

Also, take care to pick out the nozzle made out of the right material. The backpack sprayer with a plastic one will be less expensive, but you will need to replace it after a while since nozzle will degrade over time. Those made from brass or bronze are expensive, but you will save some money in the long term since they last longer.


backpack sprayer Wand

This piece allows you to channel and spray the liquid onto the desired target. If there are hardly accessible places in your garden that you need to reach and spray, you need to choose the unit with a longer wand.


backpack sprayer Pump

This part of your unit is essential since it draws the liquid from the tank. After it sends it to the chamber, it will be held there under pressure by seals and valves until you squeeze the valve on the wand.

Shoulder straps or harness

backpack sprayer Shoulder straps

Since your backpack sprayer is designed to be portable, you will need to carry it around. Therefore, comfortable straps or a harness can make a difference during the work.

The crucial thing is that straps fit over your shoulders and across your chest ideally. That will help distribute the weight of your unit and let your hands entirely free to perform every task you need to finish.


My top choice is definitely Chapin 63985 four-gallon backpack sprayer. If you pick out this particular model, you will get a sprayer with a top-quality Black & Decker 20-volt lithium-ion battery that will allow you regular work for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Its tank has an extra-wide opening of 6 inches (15 cm) which will help you to finish all maintenance comfortably and quickly. Plus, there will be no spilling the chemicals while pouring it into the tank.

One of the rare disadvantages of this model is a high price, but it is worth every cent invested. Also, if you avoid overfilling the tank, there will be no leaking the liquid through the lid as well.