7 Best Battery Powered Chainsaws 2019 – Cordless Chainsaw Reviews

If you need to do any amount of wood cutting or tree maintenance, a good chainsaw is an invaluable tool that helps get the job done fast. However, not everybody enjoys using a noisy, heavy, polluting gas-powered machine – and that’s where battery-powered chainsaws come in.

Cleaner, quieter, easier to handle and extremely practical, cordless chainsaws are quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners for casual day-to-day work. If you are looking to buy one, here are our top picks for best battery powered chainsaw.

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews 2019

1. DEWALT DCCS620P1 Compact Cordless Chainsaw Kit (Our Top Recommended)


DeWalt is a highly respected name in the world of power tools, and this unit has just about everything you could want if you are thinking about buying a battery-powered chainsaw.

It incorporates an Oregon 12” low kickback bar and chain that is designed to keep the operator as safe as possible, and it is powered by a high-quality brushless motor that gives increased efficiency and a longer lifespan.

It is also lightweight and compact. At just under 9lbs, it is light enough for almost anyone to use while also delivering enough power to take care of most everyday cutting and pruning jobs.

It features toolless tensioning, allowing you to keep it running optimally, while the auto-lubrication system ensures the chain is always well oiled so you don’t need to worry about it.

Another advantage is that this chainsaw belongs to DeWalt’s 20V range of tools. This means you may already have spare batteries that you can use at home, increasing the amount of time you can work.

On the downside, this machine seems to use up lubrication oil faster than some other models – although this is better this than not using enough. Also, due to the design, it’s a little more uncomfortable for left-handers to use – although this is not a major issue.

Despite these minor gripes, this is an excellent machine. While it won’t be a match for heavier-duty cutting tasks, for regular home use it is ideal – and for this reason, we have no hesitation naming this saw as our top pick.


  • Lightweight and compact – easy for almost anyone to use
  • High-quality brushless motor – for greater efficiency and tool life
  • Low kickback bar and chain – designed to keep the user safe
  • Toolless tensioning – makes it easy to keep it running optimally
  • Part of DeWalt’s 20V system – battery compatible across the range


  • Consumes a lot of chain oil – but this just means you need to keep it topped up
  • A little uncomfortable for left-handers to use – although not impossible

2. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw


This chainsaw from Black+Decker is another model that features a 12” Oregon low kickback chain and bar. It is aimed at the home user and is ideal for dealing with any small to medium-scale jobs around the yard.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is its powerful 40V battery. This delivers plenty of power while also giving you extended battery life that can be up to five times as long as some other comparable units.

It is also comfortable to hold and use. Although it weighs a bit over 10lbs, a little heavier than some chainsaws in its class, it features an ergonomic design and a practical wraparound handle that makes it easy to cut at different angles.

As with many comparable units, it includes an auto-lubrication feature that delivers oil to the chain as you work. It also offers toolless chain tensioning, allowing you to make adjustments while in the field.

One drawback is that, as with the DeWalt model above, this chainsaw tends to use up a lot of oil for lubrication – so remember to take some spare with you when you head out to use it. Also, note that no oil is included to start you off – so you’ll need to buy some separately.

Another minor negative is that the battery takes around four or five hours to charge fully. However, it is easy to buy a spare, which can double the amount of time you can work.

All in all, this is another top tool that is perfect for the casual home user who values a bit more power and longer battery life. Another recommended option.


  • 40V battery – provides plenty of power and longer battery life
  • Low kickback bar and chain – helps keep the operator safe
  • Automatic oiling feature – keeps the chain lubricated and functioning well
  • Toolless chain tensioning – allows you to adjust the chain quickly and easily
  • Ergonomic design –  wraparound handle perfect for sawing at different angles


  • No chain brake system – chain doesn’t stop automatically if you have a kickback
  • Takes a while to charge – needs around 4-5 hours to charge fully

3. Makita XCU03PT1 Cordless Chain Saw Kit


This is a cordless chainsaw that is designed to be a viable alternative to gas options. If you are looking for a powerful chainsaw but appreciate the advantages of battery power – like quiet operation and zero emissions – this could be an ideal pick.

It uses two 18V batteries to drive a high-quality brushless motor that gives the equivalent performance to a 32cc gas engine. It also features variable speed capability. This allows you to save battery – but also to deliver more cutting power when it’s required.

Despite the very respectable amount of power and cutting ability this tool provides, it is also remarkably quiet. If you are used to using large and noisy gas-powered tools, this battery-powered model may surprise you.

On the downside, there is one feature that some people might not appreciate. This model incorporates a special on/off switch that is designed to cut the power when it is not in use, thereby extending the battery life.

Some people might find it irritating to have to engage this switch each time it cuts the motor – but this is perhaps down to individual users because some might appreciate the longer battery life this provides.

Also, another minor issue is that the toolless chain tensioning is a little awkward to use, although this is only a minor inconvenience.

To summarize, this chainsaw achieves what it sets out to do – if you want something with similar capabilities to a gas-powered model but appreciate the advantages of batteries, this should be high on your list of possibilities.


  • Powered by twin 18V batteries – for improved power and battery life
  • High-quality brushless motor – equivalent to a 32cc gas engine
  • Good safety features – includes lock off lever to prevent accidental starts
  • Variable speed – can deliver more cutting power when required
  • Very quiet operation – far less noisy than comparable gas alternatives


  • On/off switch can interrupt workflow – although designed to conserve battery
  • Chain tensioning could be easier – it is usable but a little awkward

4. Greenworks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw


If you are in the market for a larger, high-performance cordless chainsaw, this model from Greenworks could be a great pick. This is a company that produces a range of reliable and functional tools, and this is chainsaw is well in keeping with that tradition.

This chainsaw belongs to the company’s 40V system, meaning the battery is cross-compatible with other tools in the same range.

It incorporates a high-quality brushless motor that is designed to increase run time, efficiency and lifespan while also reducing vibration by up to 70%. The battery can provide enough power for up to 150 cuts before needing to be recharged.

It also features toolless tensioning, allowing you to adjust the chain quickly and easily as you work, and auto-oiling, which keeps the chain lubricated without you needing to worry about it.

However, related to the lubrication system, the oil is prone to leaking in storage. This is even acknowledged in the user manual – this issue can be avoided by simply emptying it each time you finish using it.

Also, people who are used to working with heavy-duty gas saws might think it feels a little flimsy and toy-like since there is quite a lot of plastic. However, this chainsaw still performs well, and this is more a problem of aesthetics.

This is a high-quality battery-operated chainsaw that is ideal for the casual user or homeowner who wants something to help them take care of their yard. If that sounds like you, this is another chainsaw that is well worth considering.


  • High-quality brushless motor – improves efficiency, run time and tool life
  • Low vibration operation – up to 70% less vibration than similar tools
  • Toolless tensioning and auto-oiling – for hassle-free operation
  • Good battery life – gives up to 150 cuts per charge
  • Lightweight and easy to handle – almost anyone can use it


  • Oil can leak if not removed for storage – this is mentioned in the manual
  • May appear flimsy to some – some components are made of plastic

5. Greenworks 20362 Cordless Chainsaw (Best for the Money)


If you are looking for a small entry-level chainsaw that will allow you to take care of lighter cutting and pruning jobs around your yard, this could be a great option. At only 7.85lbs and with a short 10” bar and blade, it is ideal for anybody to use.

Like many of the best battery-powered chainsaws, it features tool-less chain adjustment, allowing you to change the tension quickly while out in the field. It also self-lubricates, meaning all you need to do is remember to keep the oil topped up.

It is an inexpensive option, too – if you are looking for a handy tool for occasional use that won’t break the bank, this could be a good option.

However, this is not a chainsaw designed for large-scale or extensive use. Aside from the shorter blade, the battery only gives you enough charge for around 35 cuts – this is ideal for casual use but won’t be enough if you have more wood to cut.

Also, and this is a common issue with chainsaws of this type, it can leak oil when not in use – so it is better to empty it before putting it into storage.

If you need something small and manageable, this is a very useful tool to own. It does the job it’s designed for, it doesn’t cost a fortune and with its stubby 10” bar, it even looks cute too. A good pick if you won’t be cutting anything too big.


  • Small, lightweight and manageable – easy for anybody to use
  • Inexpensive option – a great entry-level chainsaw
  • Toolless adjustment – can adjust the chain tension as you work
  • Quiet operation – far quieter than any gas-powered tool
  • Auto-oil feature – keeps the chain lubricated without you needing to worry


  • Only around 35 cuts per charge – not designed for intensive cutting jobs
  • Leaks oil during storage – a common problem with this kind of chainsaw

6. DEWALT DCCS670X1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw Kit


This saw is quite similar to the DeWalt model we reviewed earlier but it is a bigger model that represents a step up in cutting power.

It shares many of the same useful features present in the smaller model. It incorporates a low kickback chain and bar and also features a chain brake mechanism. This is designed to stop the chain if there is a kickback while you are cutting.

For a relatively large chainsaw, it runs very quietly – far more so than any comparable gas-powered machine. It also has decent battery life per charge, offering up to 70 cuts before the power dies.

It includes auto-lubrication as well as toolless chain adjustment, both of which help provide hassle-free operation.

One negative is this unit’s weight. At over 12lbs, it is one of the heavier battery-powered models you will find and is not significantly lighter than many comparable gas-powered chainsaws.

Also, the charging time is on the long side – if you need it for extended use, your only option may be to buy a second battery.

In general, we are fans of DeWalt tools, and this one is no different. If you are looking for a reliable battery-powered model at the larger end of the scale, this is another unit that should be well worth checking out.


  • Low kickback bar and chain – designed to keep you safe
  • Chain brake mechanism – stops chain to prevent injury if the saw kicks back
  • Quiet operation – much quieter than comparable gas options
  • Toolless chain tensioning – allows for quick and easy adjustment
  • Good battery power – allows for up to 70 cuts per charge


  • Takes time to recharge – can slow you down if you have a lot of cutting to do
  • Heavier model – comparable to gas saws in terms of weight

7. WEN 40417 Lithium Ion Brushless Chainsaw


This 16” battery-powered chainsaw from WEN is another model that is worth a look. It comes supplied with a 40V battery and charger, meaning you don’t need to buy them separately.

The battery life itself is a plus – it will give you plenty of time to get your jobs done before it dies on you. The battery is also fade-free, meaning it will deliver the same amount of power right until the end rather than losing power gradually.

We like the effective chain brake mechanism that is designed to keep users safe from any dangerous kickbacks – an important feature in any chainsaw, but especially the larger models.

We also like the fact that this chainsaw comes with a very reasonable price tag. WEN is not one of the best-known brands, meaning you are paying just for the hardware and not the reputation – which makes it great value for money.

On the downside, this machine is a little heavy. It is one of the larger battery-powered models and weighs more or less the same as many similar-sized gas-powered machines.

Another issue we have is that the instruction manual is poorly written. It needs to be re-done in a way that makes it clearer and more informative.

Despite these minor flaws, this is another chainsaw that we like a lot. If you are looking for something in this size category that also represents excellent value, this chainsaw is worth checking out.


  • Good battery life – gives you plenty of use per charge
  • Fade-free battery – keeps running at full speed until the battery is used up
  • Charger included – no need to buy charger separately
  • Chain brake mechanism – designed to protect users from dangerous kickbacks
  • Reasonable price – represents excellent value for money


  • A little heavy – weighs more than some other battery-powered models
  • User manual poorly written – could be clearer and more informative

Buyer’s guide

Let’s have a look at why you would choose a cordless chainsaw over a gas-powered one or a corded electric model. After that, we’ll give you some pointers on what to look for when choosing the best battery-powered chainsaw for you.

What are the advantages of battery power?

Traditionally, chainsaws have been powered by gas, and the biggest, most powerful models still are. Gas gives you the flexibility to work where you want and, as long as you take enough fuel with you, for as long as you want.

However, there are a few disadvantages too. Gas-powered tools are very noisy, they give off harmful emissions and also require regular maintenance. For these reasons, while they might be the go-to choice for the professional, they are less practical for the casual home user.

For some, an electric corded chainsaw is a better option. They are quieter, non-polluting and require far less maintenance to keep them running. Some of the larger models can also compete with gas chainsaws for power.

The major drawback is the cord itself, which limits their range. You can use an extension, but even with this, you still don’t have the freedom to work where you want.

This is where battery-powered saws come in. They have the advantages of being quiet, non-polluting and easy to maintain but since they don’t need to be plugged in, can be taken anywhere.

The only problem is that batteries can quickly lose their power and need to be recharged, limiting how long you can work – although this can be mitigated by buying one or more spares.

They also tend to be the least powerful type of chainsaw, although many now exist that can still give you plenty of cutting capability.

Cordless chainsaws are suitable for home users who need to deal with small or moderate cutting tasks and who don’t need a heavy beast of a gas-powered chainsaw that is hard to handle and a pain to maintain.

However, if you need more power, a gas chainsaw might still be a better option. If you will always be working within range of a power outlet, a corded model might also be a possibility.

What to look for

how to buy best battery powered chainsaw.jpg

If you like the idea of a battery-powered chainsaw, here are the things to look for when choosing one.

  • Battery life

Clearly, how long the battery lasts on each charge will be a key factor. Make sure it will give you enough time to finish the jobs you need to get done.

  • Charge time

Another important consideration is how long it takes to charge. If a battery can quickly be recharged in only an hour, the waiting time is greatly reduced. If it takes five or six hours, you will have to down tools for longer while you wait for it to be ready again.

  • Bar length

The length of the bar will determine the size of trees or logs the chainsaw can deal with. Although you might think it’s “cool” to buy the biggest one you can find, try to avoid the temptation.

Bigger chainsaws are heavier and harder to handle – as well as being more expensive. You are much better off buying one that is suited to the work you want it for rather than buying a big unit with lots of extra power you will never need.

  • Toolless tensioning

Most battery-powered chainsaws incorporate toolless chain tensioning that allows you to adjust the tension of the chain by hand. Make sure a chainsaw has this ability – and make sure it works well.

  • Auto-lubrication

Most battery chainsaws also self-lubricate – all you need to do is keep the oil reservoir topped up. Also, since many battery-powered chainsaws tend to leak a little oil when in storage, check how much of a problem this is likely to be with any model you are interested in.

  • Weight and comfort

These are important considerations. Make sure a chainsaw is light enough and comfortable enough to use. There is no point buying a big chainsaw if it is too heavy for you to use easily.

Clean, quiet and practical

A battery-powered cordless chainsaw is an extremely practical and versatile tool that is so useful to have around the house. There is an ever-increasing range on the market now, making it harder and harder to choose. If you are interested in buying one but are finding it hard to pick, any of the models in our review would be a great place to start.