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7 Best Cheap Chainsaws of 2022 – Top Rated Chainsaw for the Money

Chainsaws can be invaluable tools for keeping your yard under control, chopping up firewood or clearing trees and branches that fall in a storm. However, if you don’t need to use a chainsaw regularly, you might be reluctant to spend too much money buying one.

If this sounds like you, there are plenty of inexpensive options that are ideal for casual or infrequent use – and to help you choose, here are our top picks for best cheap chainsaw.

Quick Glance: The Best Cheap Chainsaw


The Best Cheap Chainsaw on the Market of 2022

1. DEWALT DCCS620B Compact Cordless Chainsaw (Best for the Money)

Dewalt Cheap Chainsaw

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This is a compact cordless chainsaw from well-known brand DeWalt. At only 8.8lbs, it is light enough for almost anybody to use comfortably and provides plenty of power for general day-to-day yard maintenance and wood-cutting work.

It incorporates a high-quality brushless motor that increases efficiency while also extending the life of the tool, and it boasts toolless chain tensioning, allowing you to make adjustments as required while you work.

This chainsaw is comfortable to hold, and if you are used to noisy gas models, you will also find that it runs very quietly.

One downside is that the battery is not included – it can be bought with a battery, but the price is obviously higher. However, the battery is compatible across the DeWalt 20V range, meaning this could still be a good investment.

Another slight negative is that it hasn’t been designed with left-handed people in mind. Left-handers will still be able to use it, but it isn’t as comfortable as for right-handed operators.

If you are looking for an cheap chainsaw but high-quality, and prefer the advantages of battery-powered models, this DeWalt machine could be well worth checking out.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and easy to handle – weighs only 8.8lbs
  • Toolless chain tensioning – make adjustments as you work
  • Brushless motor – for increased efficiency and longer life
  • Low kickback chain and bar – for increased safety
  • Quiet operation – much quieter than gas-powered chainsaws

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery not included – more expensive with the battery
  • Awkward for left-handers – although not impossible to use

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2. Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

Greenwork Cheap Chainsaw

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At only 6lbs, this battery-powered chainsaw is about as lightweight and manageable as they come, and with its 12” blade and bar, it is an ideal option for trimming branches and felling smaller trees and saplings.

It is ergonomically designed, featuring a wraparound handle that is perfect for cutting at different angles. It also boasts very respectable battery life, and since the battery is fade-free, it will keep running at full power right up until the battery is empty.

It includes toolless chain adjustment, allowing you to change the tension of the chain as you work without the need to carry any extra tools. It is also self-lubricating, so all you need to do is make sure the oil reservoir stays topped up.

However, we find that the oil cap is not conveniently located, making it more difficult than it needs to be to add lubrication oil.

To summarize, if you’re on the lookout for the lightest battery-powered chainsaw at the lowest possible price, this is another cheap chainsaw that should be high on your list of possibilities.

What We Like

  • Extremely lightweight – at 6lbs, one of the lightest you will find
  • Ergonomic design – wraparound handle ideal for different cutting angles
  • Automatic lubrication – self-oiling so you don’t need to worry
  • Good battery life – fade-free so keeps going till the end
  • Toolless adjustment – allows you to tighten the chain easily in the field

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks size and power for big jobs – designed for casual home use only
  • Oil cap awkwardly located – makes it more difficult to refill

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3. WORX WG303.1 Powered Chainsaw

Worx Cheap Chainsaw

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If you want something a bit bigger and with a bit more power cheap chainsaw, this corded chainsaw from Worx is worth considering.

It is powered by a 14.5A motor that delivers 3.5Hp, and with its 16” bar and chain, provides plenty of cutting capacity to deal with any small or medium-sized jobs.

It boasts some important safety features, including a low kickback chain and a chain brake mechanism to protect you in the event of a kickback.

It is auto-lubricating and also incorporates a patented auto-chain tensioning system that keeps the chain at the optimal tightness as you work.

One thing that is less welcome is its weight. While it is by no means excessively heavy, at 11lbs, it is still comparable to many gas-powered chainsaws in the same category, and some people might find it harder to use for longer periods.

Another slight negative is that the chain adjuster can sometimes catch as you work, loosening the chain unintentionally – although this is easy enough to avoid with practice.

All in all, this is a solid medium-sized corded chainsaw that you can rely on – and that comes with a very reasonable price tag.

What We Like

  • Good safety features – includes low kickback chain and chain brake
  • Patented auto-tensioning chain – helps ensure optimum tightness
  • Auto-oil function – keeps chain well lubricated at all times
  • Easy to use – suitable for chainsaw novices
  • Good power for most jobs – 14.5A motor delivers 3.5Hp

What We Don’t Like

  • On the heavy side – at 11lbs, it is not the lightest model available
  • Chain adjuster can catch as you work – can loosen chain by accident

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4. Remington RM1425 Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw

Remington RM1425 Cheap Chainsaw

For anyone looking for a lightweight cheap chainsaw and who appreciates the advantages of having a corded electric model, this could be just the solution.

At not much over 6lbs, there are very few chainsaws around that weigh less. With its 14” bar and chain as well as 8-amp motor, it will allow you to take care of any saplings or branches around your yard with ease.

It comes fully assembled and is practically ready to go right out of the box – all you need to do is add oil for lubrication and you can start sawing.

For anyone used to using a gas-powered chainsaw, it will also seem very quiet – although you are still recommended to wear ear protection for safety while using it.

It features push-button chain-lubrication. While this allows you to control the amount of oil you use, it does mean you have to remember it yourself, making it less practical to use than chainsaws with auto-oiling mechanisms.

Also, bear in mind that this tool is designed for light cutting tasks only – if you try to use it to cut anything more substantial, this saw will struggle.

Overall, highly recommended if you want something small and light for light-duty work.

What We Like

  • Compact and manageable – lightweight and easy to use
  • Low kickback bar and chain – designed to keep you safe
  • Wraparound hand guard – protects your hands as you work
  • Very low price – hard to find a chainsaw for less
  • Quiet operation – much quieter than a gas-powered chainsaw

What We Don’t Like

  • Push-button oiling – means you have to remember to do it yourself
  • Only suitable for saplings and small branches – not designed for heavy-duty work


5. Earthwise CS33016 Electric Corded Chainsaw

Earthwise Cheap Chainsaw

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This electric corded chainsaw from Earthwise features a 16” bar and chain and is powered by a 12-amp motor, giving you plenty of cutting capacity to deal with most small or medium-sized jobs.

The low kickback design helps reduce the risk of any accidents, and it is compact and light enough for almost anyone to use.

One feature we like, and something that is important in corded power tools, is the convenient hook that is designed to keep the cord out of the way as you work. This helps ensure the cord gets in the way as little as possible.

This chainsaw isn’t perfect, however. Although it features an auto-lubrication function, many people may find that it isn’t effective enough and will prefer to simply lubricate the chain themselves manually.

Also, while the chain is designed to kick back as little as possible, there is no chain brake mechanism, meaning if there is a kickback, the chain will just keep on spinning.

This is a functional cheap chainsaw that will be useful to have around the house for casual, irregular use. However, if you want something more heavy-duty, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

What We Like

  • 12-amp motor – gives plenty of cutting capability
  • Cord retention hook – helps keep the cord out of harm’s way as you work
  • Low kickback operation – helps reduce the risk of any accidents
  • Easy to handle – light enough for most people to use comfortably
  • Very affordable price – at the lower end of the price range

What We Don’t Like

  • No chain brake – does not stop the chain in the event of a kickback
  • Auto-oiling not so effective – some people may prefer just to lubricate manually

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6. Craftsman CMXGSAMA426S 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

Craftsman Cheap Chainsaw

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Since they are usually the biggest and most powerful machines, it can sometimes be hard to find gas-powered cheap chainsaw. However, if you are set on gas but don’t want to break the bank, this could be one of your best options.

It is powered by a 2-stroke 42cc gas engine that delivers plenty of cutting capacity. It also offers low-kickback operation and an inertia-activated chain brake, important safety features designed to keep you as safe as possible while you work.

This chainsaw is easy to start and usually won’t require more than just a couple of pulls to fire it up. It also boasts a three-point anti-vibration system that is designed for user comfort and to reduce fatigue.

Furthermore, it is auto-lubricating and offers easy tool-less access to the spark plug for simple maintenance.

On the downside, it can leak oil when in storage, although this is a common issue in many chainsaws. The simple solution is to empty the oil when not in use. Also, it doesn’t come with any chain oil, meaning you will have to buy some separately before you can begin using it.

Despite these minor flaws, if you are looking for a gas-powered chainsaw that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, this unit is well worth checking out.

What We Like

  • Easy start system – starts after only a couple of pulls
  • 3-point anti-vibration padding – helps reduce operator fatigue
  • Plenty of cutting power – incorporates a 42cc 2-stroke gas engine
  • Low kickback operation – designed to keep you safe from accidents
  • Inertia-activated chain brake – an important safety feature

What We Don’t Like

  • Leaks oil in storage – a common problem with self-lubricating machines
  • Doesn’t come with chain oil – need to buy separately

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7. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Corded Chainsaw

Black+Decker Cheap Chainsaw

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This 18” corded chainsaw from Black+Decker is lightweight and well balanced, making it easy to handle. It is easy to use and is practically ready to go right out of the box, making it a good option for beginners with no previous chainsaw experience.

It has good safety features, too. It incorporates a low kickback chain as well as a chain brake mechanism that is designed to protect you in the event of a kickback.

As an additional safety precaution, the on/off button needs to be pressed when starting it, eliminating the possibility of it starting by accident.

It is also auto-lubricating and boasts a clear window that allows you to see exactly how much oil is remaining and when it needs topping up.

However, you may find yourself topping up more often than you would like since it tends to consume lubricating oil at a high rate.

Another slight gripe is that there is no variable speed control – with this chainsaw, it’s all or nothing.

However, despite these issues, this is another model that we like a lot for its ease of use, convenience – a cheap chainsaw we recommended.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and well-balanced – easy to handle
  • Low kickback and chain brake function – good safety features
  • Auto-oiling – with clear window so you can see when to top up
  • Toolless adjustment – don’t need to carry any special tools with you
  • Simple and intuitive to use – a good choice for chainsaw rookies

What We Don’t Like

  • Consumes quite a lot of oil – uses lots of oil for lubrication
  • No variable speed – can only use at full power

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Plenty of Cheap Chainsaws available

Whether you want gas, corded electric or battery power, there are plenty of cheap chainsaws available. If you are interested in buying one but are having trouble making up your mind, any of the products in this review come highly recommended.

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