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10 Best Chicken Pluckers of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

As anyone with experience will tell you, plucking chickens by hand is not an enjoyable task. It’s an unpleasant, time-consuming job, and if you have multiple birds to process, you will probably end up with aching hands, too.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way since machines exist that can do the job for you. If that sounds like something that might be useful, here are our top picks for best chicken plucker to help you choose the right one for your needs.


The Best Chicken Plucker on the Market 2021

1. YARDBIRD 21833 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker Our Top Pick 

YARDBIRD 21833 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker

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This plucker from Yardbird is powered by a 1.5Hp motor that delivers 300 RPMs, enabling it to pluck two chickens simultaneously and have them oven-ready within just 15 seconds.

Featuring 110 natural rubber fingers that effectively remove all feathers from the bird without tearing the skin or breaking any bones, it will save you a lot of time while not damaging your poultry.

We like the way it includes an integrated irrigation ring that helps wash away the feathers once they have been removed from the bird. The plucker just needs to be connected to a regular garden hose, and all feathers will be collected below in a bucket beneath the chute.

We also appreciate how it is easy to clean and maintain, making it even more user-friendly.

At 20”, it is big enough to pluck many larger birds, and with two rubber wheels, it is also built for mobility.

Having said that, larger wheels and a handle to pull it with would have made it even more practical to move around.

Also, the on/off switch is a little awkwardly placed on the motor beneath the drum – but this is a minor gripe and shouldn’t put anyone off buying it.

All in all, this is an efficient and effective plucker that will save you a lot of time – and it probably costs less than buying the parts to make a DIY version. If you regularly need pluck chickens and other poultry, this could be the ideal solution.

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2. KITCHENER Chicken Plucker

KITCHENER Chicken Plucker

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For anyone who needs to remove the feathers from a large number of birds, this high-speed commercial-grade chicken plucker should be of interest.

Capable of plucking up to four birds simultaneously and requiring only around 15-30 seconds per bird (depending on the size of the bird and the plumage), it can process four chickens in under two minutes.

However, this unit is not only designed for use with chickens – it will also pluck geese, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and any other similarly-sized birds.

In terms of construction and build quality, it is made of heavy-duty 403 brushed stainless steel – this is a machine you can expect to last. Despite its 1.2Hp and 280 RPMs, it also runs surprisingly quietly.

One issue you might find is that while this machine works well with two or more birds at a time, if you only put one bird in, you may find the bird becomes stuck and needs some help – although this only takes a few extra seconds each time.

Also, the operation manual is a little lacking in detail. However, it is relatively intuitive, and there are plenty of YouTube instructional videos anyway – so again, this is not such a big deal.

This could be a great option for anyone who needs to work through a lot of birds in a short time and would be ideal for a small-scale commercial operation. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, this unit should be on your shortlist.

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3. VEVOR Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker 23.5”

VEVOR Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker 23.5”

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This is a big and powerful chicken plucking machine from Vevor. It measures 23.5” in diameter and, and the powerful motor delivers 240 RPMs, giving you the capacity to pluck up to six chickens or 12 quails simultaneously.

The 106 individual fingers ensure no feathers are left behind, and the plucker connects directly to a regular hose, enabling it to effectively remove all feathers from the drum once they have been plucked from the bird.

The oversized discharge outlet also helps remove all plumage from the drum, minimizing the possibility for blockages or malfunctions.

With this model, you should have no problems with durability. It is made of strong 304 stainless steel and is built to last. Another thoughtful touch is the waterproof on/off switch that will prevent it from being damaged if it gets splashed.

This plucker is suitable for use with a wide range of birds, from small fowl right up to turkeys – and just about anything in between.

Having said that, it is less effective when used to pluck waterfowl due to the downier feathers.

Also, since this is a large machine designed for intensive plucking operations, some people might find it too large (and expensive) for home use.

However, when dealing with large volumes of birds, this plucker is a reliable and efficient machine. If you need something for plucking 

than just basic home use, this unit could be worth considering.

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4. VEVOR Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker 20”

VEVOR Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker 20”

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If you like the sound of the Vevor machine we just looked at above but feel that something as big and powerful as that would be overkill for your needs, this smaller version could be an obvious alternative.

Measuring 20” in diameter, it has a capacity of 2-4 chickens at a time, and it can deal with each bird within 10-30 seconds, depending on the size of the bird and its feathers.

This smaller size makes it more suitable for home use or smaller commercial plucking operations.

Other than this, the 20” model shares many of the same outstanding features of the larger version. It is made of strong stainless steel, ensuring it will last a long time, and it also includes the same waterproof on/off switch for extra safety.

With 106 individual fingers, it is highly effective at removing every last feather, and the large discharge hole ensures they are all removed from the drum once plucked.

Another feature we like is the four-wheel design that, along with the pulling handles, makes it easy to move to wherever you need to use it.

On the downside, we think the wheels are a little on the small side, and if they were a bit bigger, it would have made this unit a bit more mobile on uneven surfaces.

Also, as with the larger model, this machine can struggle with ducks and geese due to the nature of these birds’ feathers – it will remove most of the feathers, but they might not come out as cleanly plucked as a chicken, for example.

In sum, a solid machine for large-scale home use or small-scale commercial use. For anyone who falls into those categories, this plucker should be on your radar.

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5. BestEquip Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker

BestEquip Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker

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For anyone looking for a machine that will greatly speed up plucking chickens or other poultry, this is another machine that could be worth a look.

The drum measures 20” in diameter, and the motor delivers an impressive 2Hp, allowing this plucker to deal with a range of birds quickly and efficiently.

Inside, there are 106 individual fingers that pull the feathers and any other dirt or debris from the birds, leaving them clean and ready for the oven or for further processing, as required.

With a capacity of 2-4 birds – depending on the species and the size – this machine can help you work through large quantities of poultry in a short time. The plucking time for a single bird is around 10-30 seconds.

The build quality is a plus, too. This plucker is made of 403 stainless steel that is resistant to both chlorine and saltwater, increasing the machine’s lifespan.

We also like the addition of the four rubber wheels on the base that give it a good level of mobility. The removable drum also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

One issue with this machine could be that, while it does a good job when plucking two or three birds at once, using it for a single chicken might see the bird being a little “bashed up”.

Also, this model doesn’t allow you to attach a hose directly, and you need to spray water in with a separate hose. Not a huge problem, but this gives it a slightly more “DIY” feel than with other machines.

Despite these minor flaws, this is another highly effective machine that will save you a lot of time compared to plucking chickens by hand. Another recommended option.

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6. Dux Industries Tabletop Plucker

Dux Industries Tabletop Plucker

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As an effective alternative to large drum-style chicken and poultry pluckers, this tabletop version could be a viable option.

The 28 fingers spin at 1725 RPMs, allowing this machine to deal with any bird in only 30 seconds or less. The fingers themselves are made of food-grade, high-density polyvinyl and are easy to clean, reducing the time required for maintenance.

Rather than placing the birds in a drum for plucking, this machine is placed on a work surface for use, and it is effective at pulling the feathers from just about any species of bird, including smaller fowl, turkeys and even ducks and geese.

However, there are also a couple of downsides to point out.

This machine is a little heavy as well as being unbalanced. Once it placed on a work surface, there’s no problem, but it isn’t the most mobile of plucking machines.

You also need to make sure it’s fixed firmly in place – otherwise, it tends to move around as you work due the vibration.

Finally, there is no on/off switch, and it’s just operated from the mains outlet. However, this is not a huge problem and it’s something that’s easy to get used to.

This could be a solid option if you don’t like using drum-style machines. If you want to try something else, this could be just the machine you’re looking for.

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7. Chicken Plucker Machine 110v 60hz

Chicken Plucker Machine 110v 60hz

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This is a large and bulky drum-style chicken plucker that will allow you to deal with chickens and a range of other poultry in no time at all.

The drum measures 20.5” in diameter, big enough for anything smaller than a large turkey, and it removes all the feathers in 30 seconds or less. The only caveat is that is won’t do such a great job on smaller, under-sized birds.

With its large capacity, it can easily process up to four birds at a time. Simply scald the birds in hot water before placing them in the spinning drum, and the machine does the rest.

We like the way this machine is so solid and well-made. The metal parts are all strong stainless steel, making it a sturdy unit – but it is also easy enough to move around if necessary. That said, a set of wheels on the bottom would have been a welcome addition.

Our other main complaint here would be that it has some sharp edges underneath, so you need to be careful when cleaning it.

Other than this, the only issue is the price since it doesn’t come cheap. However, if you can meet the price tag, this is a high-quality machine that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss. This is a dependable plucker that performs well – a big thumbs up from us.

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8. Chicken Plucker + Medium Killing Cone +Swedish Knife

Chicken Plucker + Medium Killing Cone +Swedish Knife

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If the idea of spending a fortune on a drum-style or other expensive plucking machine makes you baulk, this more inexpensive option could be the ideal solution, especially for small-scale home plucking needs.

In fact, this isn’t just a plucker. It also comes with a killing cone and a high-quality knife for doing the deed – this is a kit that’s designed to take care of the whole process.

The plucker itself attaches to any regular drill. Then, after scalding the chicken as normal, you just hold it up to the spinning rubber fingers, which pull the feathers from the bird. Although it’s not as easy as using a drum, it’s a whole lot quicker and easier than plucking by hand.

It works thanks to the six rubber fingers that do the same job as the fingers in a drum-style plucker. You can expect to pluck a whole bird in a matter of only around 90 seconds.

Although we are focusing on pluckers in this review, it’s worth mentioning that the killing cone is of high quality and is ideal for use with a range of medium-sized birds – although, for larger or smaller birds, it won’t work as well.

The knife is imported from Sweden and is made of high-quality carbon steel. It is very sharp and holds its edge well, also greatly facilitating the killing.

We have few complaints about this plucking kit. Perhaps we might point out that it won’t be practical if you have a large volume of birds to process – but it’s only really designed for plucking one or two birds at a time.

Also, using it does take a little practice, so you might not obtain perfect results first time. However, with a little perseverance, this is a great tool that can save you a lot of time.

Overall, a handy solution for home plucking needs. If you don’t want to pluck by hand but are unwilling to splash out on an expensive machine, this could be a great compromise.

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9. Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments

Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments

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If you like the sound of the plucking kit above but don’t think you need the killing cone and knife as part of the package, this high-quality plucking attachment for a drill could be a better option.

Designed for use on larger birds, it features two different types of fingers – ball-shaped fingers remove fluffy feathers while alternating ring-shaped fingers remove larger feathers from the bird. Working together, the two types ensure a faster, cleaner result.

Everything conforms to the highest standards of safety and hygiene. The metal components feature a food-grade tin coating while the fingers are made of food-grade rubber. The whole thing is heavy duty and built to last.

However, when buying this kind of plucker, you also need to be aware of the limitations. While one of these will greatly speed up the plucking process, there is nothing to trap the feathers like in a drum, and you have to expect them to go everywhere while you are working.

Also, this item isn’t cheap for what it is – it retails at a higher price point than the kit above and doesn’t include any extras. Still, it’s a high-quality product, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

This could be another viable option if you are looking for a reliable and effective way to speed up the plucking process without breaking the bank. If that’s what you need, this plucker should be high on your list of possibilities.

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10. Josas Chicken Plucker

Josas Chicken Plucker

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This is another chicken plucker that attaches to a drill. Compared to buying an expensive drum plucker, it can save you money, and it’s much faster than plucking birds by hand. It allows you to pluck one chicken in only around 30-60 seconds.

Furthermore, it allows you to work with almost any kind of bird. In a way, this is an advantage this kind of plucker has over expensive drum models since there is no upper limit to the size of bird you can process. With a drum, larger birds like turkeys can be too big to fit inside.

We like the durable construction of this plucker. It is built to last – and the manufacturer claims it can pluck up to 10,000 bird before it needs to be replaced. In fact, this is guaranteed, although we’re not quite sure how you can prove the number of birds it’s plucked!

As with other drill attachment pluckers, there is a learning curve when using it, so don’t expect perfection first time. However, with practice, you can achieve very acceptable results.

Also, this kind of plucker can be messy. Expect feathers to fly everywhere – but cleaning up after still takes less time than plucking a bird by hand.

In short, another solid option if you have had enough of hand-plucking chickens but are unwilling to spend the cash on a professional-grade plucker. If that sounds like you, this could be an option worth considering.

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Buyer’s Guide

If you have decided to invest in a chicken plucker, you are probably wondering about which factors to consider when choosing the best one for you. Let’s have a look at some of the most important ones now.

Drum or drill?

Most professional-grade chicken pluckers are drum-style machines. They consist of a rotating drum filled with rubber fingers – you drop the chicken inside while spraying it with water and the machine does the rest in a matter of seconds.

Drum pluckers are highly efficient and effective and are ideal if you need to process large volumes of poultry. However, they can also be expensive, and if you want to save money, you might instead opt for a drill attachment version.

These work in a similar way, but instead of the fingers being inside a drum, they are fixed to an attachment for a drill. The drill spins the fingers, and you hold the bird next to it to remove the feathers.

The big downside here is that there is nothing to catch the feathers, so this technique can be much messier.


If you opt for a drum version, make sure it is large enough for the type of birds you need to pluck. If you want to pluck large turkeys, for example, make sure the drum can accommodate them.


With any type of plucker, pay attention to how quickly it can pluck a bird. Many can do a whole chicken in only 10-15 seconds.

Does it tear the skin?

A good plucker should remove the feathers without damaging the skin or breaking any bones. Pay attention to this when choosing.


Is it easy to clean and maintain? This is important for keeping the machine in good working order.


Does it have good safety features like an auto-shut-off if the drum is removed? If not, it could be dangerous to operate.


If you need to move your chicken plucker, will it be mobile enough to do so easily or will you need to get someone to help you? Look for chicken pluckers with wheels and handles that make moving them to a new location much easier.

Many viable pluckers to help save time

As you can see, there are many effective chicken pluckers to choose from in a range of styles and to suit just about any budget. If you think you need one but are having trouble making up your mind, any of the options in our review would be a great place to start looking.

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