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7 Best Cloning Machines of 2021 – Aeroponic & Hydroponic Cloner Reviews

There are times in a gardener’s life when having an abundance of one plant is a good thing.

Whether you’re planning on selling these plants or you simply cannot miss the opportunity to have a beautiful, flourishing garden, you may consider cloning your plants.

Cloning machines have been made to mimic the perfect environmental conditions your plants require to thrive.

The cloning machine then hastens their growth process up to half-percent so you can have your batch of plants ready in no time. 

This is only, of course, if you have the best cloning machine at your disposal. Provided below is a list of the best cloning machines you can use at home for your own gardening needs.


The Best Cloning Machine On The Market 2021

1. Hydrofarm 7.5 Inch Dome Jump Start CK64060 Hot House With Heat Mat (Our Top Recommended)

Jump Start CK64060 Heat Mat, Tray, 72 Cell Insert Hot House, Black

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Standing 7” high, this domed cloning machine can hold taller and larger starts than any other, providing your plants with more growing and breathing space. For optimum growth process, this cloning machine keeps the humidity in check at all times.

It can keep up to 72 saplings inside at once, with its 11” x 22” watertight base tray. Included with this purchase is a heat mat for the plants. The cloning machine is electrically powered, using up to 17 watts, or 120 volts.

Space is the best attribute here. With all of this space, height and length, you’re capable of planting more inside. Bigger plants, possibly flowers, can be planted inside of this cloning machine without the worry of them crumpling up.

This select model is best for decorative gardening since it can hold flowers with ease and still provide adequate room for each plant’s personal space. As the function of cloning machines remain to make multiples of a plant at once in faster time, you can have your garden decorated much quicker than you would have if you had planted the flowers outside first.

The issues and complaints related to this piece aren’t major and can be dealt with so long as you keep an open mind. Mainly, this cloning machine from Hydrofarm has a light-material plastic used to make its lid. This lid can feel flimsy when you hold it, and since this lid must be a perfect fit, it does take time for you to securely lock it in place.

The quality performance of this machine comes from the security of this lid. If you want the best results for your plants, then you can take out the time to securely lock the lid in place. As for the material, most lids are made out of this material, so you’re not going to find much-heightening competition on the market.

What I Like

  • Large capacity fits 72 saplings and tall plants
  • Heat mat is included
  • Capable of holding flowers
  • Ventilation to keep humidity in check

What I Don’t Like

  • Lid material is flimsy

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2. CLONE KING 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

CLONE KING 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine. Expect 100% Success Rates!

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This complete set comes with 36 sites for you to place your plants inside, a reservoir which can vary in color, a lid, spray manifold with misters, submersible pump, and finally inserts. Everything is given to you in order for you to start growing your plants, all you have to do is provide the necessary light.

This appliance comes with 13 spray heads for maximum coverage of your plants. For a cloning machine of this size, 13 is not a hard number to get behind. Inclusive in the purchase are some instructions for you to use, making your cloning experience a breeze. As long as these instructions are followed, you get a perfectly consistent result with each batch of plants that go into your cloning machine.

With this machine, your plants are suspended in mid-air, constantly sprayed with an oxygenated aeroponic mist that provides them with nutrition. The assembly for this machine takes only thirty minutes and then you’re good to go.

What Clone King wishes to emphasize is how easy their machine is to use. Experienced or not, this machine is almost entirely self-dependent and all you have to do is follow the given instructions.

In a mere 10-14 days, you’ll see the roots of your plants sprouts marvellously, indicating that they are ready to be moved into a more sustainable and long-lasting growth medium.

The most prominent issue that stands with this cloner is temperature management. Most cases, the temperature remains at 80-degrees. This temperature can sometimes burn the roots before they mature, which is problematic.

Placing your plants in a cooler room can help minimize this risk. You may have your plants in a room that is 75 degrees, but thanks to this cloner, the temperature for the plants will be 80 degrees.

What I Like

  • 13 spray heads for maximum coverage
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Everything is provided on purchase
  • Quick results

What I Don’t Like

  • Machine makes temperature hotter than that of the room

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3. Hydrofarm OxyCLONE 20 Site

Hydrofarm OX20SYS oxyCLONE 20 Site, Compact Recirculating Cloning Propagation System, Black

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If you’re tight on space but in need of some fast-grown plants, then you can always get behind this Hydrofarm model. It’s capable of holding 20 saplings maximum. It‘s small and compact, perfect to place in your home inconspicuously. You can leave it on a countertop or table, and let it do its job without hassle.

Unlike other cloners, this one does not contain the potential risk to leak or clog, or so it’s claimed.  It is though, made out of food-grade BPA-free plastic for encouraging the safety of your plants. If it’s good enough for people, then it should be good enough for your saplings. Now, you can even try planting the saplings of fruits and vegetables knowing they’re safe from harm or contamination.

This model is built to produce maximum oxygenation. To cool down the plants from retained heat, this machine uses an evaporative cooling method.

Instead of using the aeroponic method other cloners do, this cloner uses a hydroponic strategy to help your plants grow more naturally and quicker. The roots are provided with the required amount of both water and oxygen through the Active Aqua pump. This produces the water needed, and it creates millions of air bubbles as well to ensure the roots are receiving oxygen.

The foam inserts provided with this are bacterial and fungal resistant, non-toxic EVA with a no-pinch design. They securely hold your plants during the rooting stage and adjust while the roots and plants themselves grow. The anti-bacterial feature to these inserts allows them to be used over and over again since the water won’t harm them.

This Hydrofarm model does not come with a lid which is a great inconvenience. This means purchasing the additional properly sized lid is up to you. There’s also an issue with the air pump not working, at least on its own. There are times when one air pump is enough otherwise, there’s always room for one more pump to help feed your saplings.

What I Like

  • No potential risk to clog or leak
  • Evaporative cooling to reduce retained heat
  • Active Aqua pump provides both oxygen and water
  • Anti-bacterial/fungal no-pinch designed inserts included

What I Don’t Like

  • No lid included

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4. TurboKlone T24D Cloning System 24 Site

TurboKlone T24D cloning System, 24 Site, Brown/A

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TurboKlone T24D can hold up to 24 saplings inside of its humidity dome. This dome aids in preventing any leaf transpiration or the initial shock of the transplant.

The pump included in this purchase is completely submersible into water and gives a clean, continuous spray of water and oxygen to your cuttings. Inclusive there’s a fan that keeps the entire machine cool while it works. Overheating can damage your plants and the entire piece overall. This fan also aids in providing the plants with the right amount of oxygen they need to bloom.

This unit is not only strong and ready for the job of nurturing saplings, but it’s easy to clean as well. Once your saplings mature enough to be planted in proper soil, cleaning is not an issue with rounded edges and smooth construction.

This cloner like most others uses the aeroponic method of growing your plants. This means oxygenated nutrients and water find their way to your plants rather than submerging the bottom of your plants in complete water.

With an entirely enclosed space around your plant roots, you can rest assured that they are safe from harm by bacteria, disease, pests. The humidity dome can be taken off in case the plants you’re growing don’t need it. If you’re constructing taller plants, then off goes the lid and out come the stems and leaves.

This machine operates on 110 volts only.

The results of this cloner are unfortunately very inconsistent. Some issues are created around the performance of the cloner and how it doesn’t manage to successfully grow every plant. Other complaints are centered on the material not being strong enough which either meant assembly did not go well or plant growth was interrupted. All any of these complaints show is that TurboKlone doesn’t have a consistent quality in all products as it should.

What I Like

  • Easy to clean
  • Fan keeps plants and unit cool
  • Safe from disease, pests, and bacteria

What I Don’t Like

  • Inconsistent performance

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5. Clone Bucket 8 Site Aeroponic Plant Cloner

8 Site Aeroponic Plant Cloner - Clone Bucket 8 Black Edition From Hydro West

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This Cloner was made to handle much smaller jobs than others. Handling eight innocent saplings at once, you can personally monitor the well-being and nourishment of these seedlings to your own satisfaction.

They also receive plenty of space in the bucket for their roots to develop. This bucket can handle plants that attain a larger size both in stem and root very well, giving the personal space all the plants will need.

This bucket holds a total of 2 gallons of water and works with a 238 GPH pump. Included in the purchase are eight 2” neoprene inserts to keep your plants safe and secure while they develop. These inserts are reusable for 5 cycles. In other words, you can use them for 10 consistent weeks.

If your plants are happy and healthy, and you’re using the cloning machine properly, then you should be able to find roots in about 6-10 days. The results will vary based on the plant you’re growing and your individual situation, this is only the expected timing from Clone Bucket.

This unit uses the aeroponic method of nourishing your saplings and will always work much better when placed inside of a colder environment. The ideal temperature of the water is 70-75oF. If it reaches over 80, then you’re plants are going to suffer.

Both the lid and the bucket are made to prevent any algae and bacterial development.

What creates an issue with this cloner would be the pump. In the beginning, it does run smoothly which promises for a competent product, but then it starts sputtering a loud uneven sound. There’s a chance that priming the pump will fix it, or this means the short lifespan of your pump is over like many others.

What I Like

  • Plenty of space for the roots
  • Included 2” neoprene inserts
  • Eight saplings give you more control over all of their growth

What I Don’t Like

  • Pump has a short-lived lifespan

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6. PowerGrow Cloner 21 Site Plant Cloning Machine & Propagator

PowerGrow Cloner 21 Site Plant Cloning Machine & Propagator
Image: PowerGrow

The PowerGrow Cloner has a similar build as the Clone Bucket, only this one manages to hold more than eight saplings; it can hold up to 21 saplings!

This cloner has a capacity of 3.5 gallons to hold all 21 plants. Covered with a one-year USA warranty, you also get a hydroponic pump to maintain the plants. This pump has a GPH of 160 and adjusts this based on your requirements.

-degree aeroponic spray nozzles to ensure all of your plants are covered evenly. There are also 21 reusable foam neoprene inserts or collars for your seedlings, to keep them locked securely and snugly in place.

As a bonus point in this purchase, you also get a .25 oz. jar worth of Rootech Cloning Gel to use with your plants as they develop and grow. Complete instructions are provided for the assembly and use of the unit when bought.

Some issues that can happen with this unit is leaking and uneven cuts for the holes on the top. Other than this, you don’t have much to worry about. Leaking can happen through the pumps while it’s working at a maximum power. You can also get a little water breakage from the collars for the plants, but this isn’t harmful to the production of the developing plants.

The holes can be a little sharp when you get this bucket. You have two choices in this sense; you can either dull the sides by yourself or you can let it slide. The complaint of the collars leaking is associated with the sharper edges though. When the collars are compressed into holes that have sharp edges, the sides cut and this leads to water leaking out from those ripped edges.

What I Like

  • Hydroponic and aeroponic systems working together
  • Large amount of space for large number of plants
  • .25 oz. jar of Rootech included

What I Don’t Like

  • Possibility of leaks
  • Sharp edges around the hole


7. EZ Clone Classic 16 Slot Cutting System

EZ Clone Classic 16 Slot Cutting System

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This heavy-duty built cloner is a fast seller in stores and works more than efficiently. Using an aeroponic method, this cloner takes good care of the roots of your seedlings. When used properly, you’ll notice a huge difference in your root development and they’ll even be mature in a matter of 5-10 days!

This cloning machine is very low maintenance and uses a plug to assemble power to keep your roots properly fed and given the right dosage of nutrition. With the immense space offered, this can handle bigger and faster-growing plants that have long roots.

There aren’t many issues to point out with this one. One problem that may occur for you is the tight fitting of the lid. Sometimes, it may not fit properly because of how tight it is. This tight fit ensures the air regulation around the upper part of the seedlings is well kept and no bacteria or fungi find their way into your plants.

This unit is a very average cloning machine that manages to control the pressure of the air and water well, bringing to life your plants in a matter of weeks.

The inserts used with this bucket are standard and easy to find when you require replacements. They can be reused if you wish, but they’re not bacteria/fungal safe, so there is a potential risk to some mold developing on or inside of them after one use.

This unit comes with a humidity dome but it’s not required for you to use it. If your plants don’t need it then you can leave the plants out in the open. The container is slightly large so it would be better to place it on the floor.

What I Like

  • Low maintenance
  • Can grow bigger plants
  • Matures in 5-10 days

What I Don’t Like

  • Lid can be too tight

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Buying Guide

Best Cloning Machine buying guide

Cloning can seem a complicated process since you’re growing your seedlings at a rate faster than how’d they naturally grow in soil, but the truth is there’s nothing hard at all.

Cloning machines take little to no effort to assemble and once you’ve prepared both the plants and machine, the process is entirely independent. All you have to do is watch and wait while the roots mature and the plant develops.

Things like temperature, growth rate, and cleanliness are of course going to have to be monitored and we’ll get into that in more depth.

Cloning System

When looking through cloners, you’ll find there are two methods used to nurture your plants; aeroponic and hydroponic.


Cloning Machine AeroponicThis method turns the nutrients into an oxygenated solution inside of water. This solution is then sprayed at the roots so they can easily absorb the mixture. This helps them grow more efficiently as they are constantly provided with the adequate amount of nutrients needed for optimum growth.

This method is also mess-free and reduces the risk of creating any bacteria or fungal environments. It’s easy to maintain an aeroponic cloner in comparison to a hydroponic cloner.


Best Cloning Machine HydroponicThis type of cloner has a reservoir full of water. This water is filled with the nutrients that your plant requires to grow. You have a pump inside of this reservoir making sure that your water remains clean and fresh while your roots are developing.

This can take more time and it’s a much harder system to maintain since there’s a greater risk of algae, bacteria, and fungus developing over the water surface and in the nooks and corners.

Size and Space of Sites

Cloning Machine space of sitesThe individual sites are where you’re going to insert the plants. These plants have to be snugly placed inside with no squirming space otherwise they risk drowning in the water.

The size of the site will determine how big of a plant seedling you can comfortably place inside of the site. Don’t expect to be making trees, but some sites are big enough to handle flowers and shrubbery roots.

The space between the sites is very important too. You don’t want your sites to be too close otherwise your plants may crumple against the pressure of pressing against one another.

Sites always have inserts made out of soft foam material to hold the plants in place and not let them fall into the water. These can be bacteria and fungi-safe, but if not then it’s better to always get replacements for your next batch of plants. You want them to be soft and adjustable, not stiff. Otherwise, the plant will not naturally grow out.

Bucket Size

Best Cloning Machine bucket sizeThe bigger the bucket is, the more plants you can grow and the bigger the plants can be. Smaller buckets can make the transplant inconvenient, while larger models have the luxury of space to please you and your plants.

The more depth there is to the bucket, the deeper the roots can go which will improve and enhance their development. You don’t want your roots becoming accustomed to smaller spaces. This will make the transition between bucket to soil uncomfortable and your seedlings may die in the process.


Our best cloning machine on this list is the Hydrofarm CK64060 Hot House. It’s the biggest option out of all the choices with 72 sites for you to fill, and it has an inclusive heat mat. This helps in keeping the plants at the proper temperature without burning or cooking them.

With a tall-standing lid, this cloning machine can hold taller plants, even flowers. It works faster than nature’s natural process, meaning you’ll receive the plants you want faster. Humidity is kept under control with the vents located on the side of the machine.

Overall, this nice of a deal doesn’t come often and is hard to not take.

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