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7 Best Commercial Log Splitters of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

There is a wide range of log splitters on the market, and each type is suitable for specific applications. However, for the toughest, most intensive log-splitting work, you need a commercial-grade machine.

These machines are at the top of the tree in terms of power, speed and quality and allow you to deal with larger volumes of harder wood in a shorter time.

If you think you need a machine that is capable of far more than your average home-use machine, here are our top picks for best commercial log splitter.


The Best Commercial Log Splitter Reviews of 2022

1. YARDMAX YU3566 35 Ton Full Beam Gas Commercial Log Splitter (Our Top Recommended)

YARDMAX YU3566 35 Ton Full Beam Gas Log Splitter, Briggs XR1450, 10.5HP, 306cc

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While this log splitter from Yardmax is designed for the home user rather than for commercial operators, its combination of power, performance and practicality mean it could just as easily be used for small- to medium-scale commercial use too.

With its high-quality 306cc Briggs & Stratton engine that produces 10.5Hp, this machine can deliver a splitting force of 35 tons. It can be used horizontally or vertically, and logs can be loaded from either side.

It includes several innovative features, many of which are patent-pending, including a four-way splitting wedge, a pair of log cradles and a U-beam support for extra strength. It also boasts a log spinner footplate to make manipulating large logs easier.

It boasts a respectable 12.6-second splitting cycle. While some machines, especially smaller ones, allow you to work faster, this is still one of the fastest turnover rates you will find in a machine of this class.

On the downside, the oil tank is a little awkward to access unless you have a long-necked can – something we consider a minor design flaw. The engine manual is also vague in places, and it could have been better-written.

This is an excellent all-round splitter that has been designed with the home user in mind but that is big enough, powerful enough and fast enough to be used for commercial applications too. A top machine and highly recommended.

What We Like

  • High-quality 306cc Briggs & Stratton engine – delivers 10.5Hp and 35-ton forc
  • Vertical and Horizontal operation – versatile and convenient
  • Many innovative additions – 4-way wedge, log cradles and U-beam construction
  • Splits logs of up to 26.5” in length – ideal for home or commercial use
  • 6-second cycle – few machines in this class are faster

What We Don’t Like

  • Oil tank awkward to access – makes topping up oil a pain
  • Engine user manual a little vague – could be more clearly written

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2. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Commercial Log Splitter

NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Wood Splitter - 37-Ton, 270cc Honda GX270 Engine

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This is a large, powerful log splitter from NorthStar that can deliver a splitting force of 37 tons, delivered by a high-quality Honda GX270 engine.

It features an auto-idle function as well as throttle control – these serve to improve fuel consumption and extend the engine’s life while also reducing noise levels when not in use. It also has a low oil auto-shutdown to prevent the engine from being damaged.

As you would expect, it can be configured to split logs in either a vertical or horizontal position, giving you more flexibility for cutting larger logs. In terms of capacity, it can deal with logs of up to 25” in length by 16” in diameter.

It has a cycle time of 14 seconds – this is very reasonable while not being super-fast, although for some applications, a faster turnover speed might be preferable.

If we have to pick holes, we might say that it is a little complicated to assemble – it’s a job for two people, and you will need count on a couple of hours to finish the job.

Also, it can be slightly unstable if the ground is uneven – to be safe, it should be positioned on flat, hard ground for best results.

This is a high-performance commercial-grade splitter that would be equally suitable for large-home use or small- to medium-scale commercial operations. A top machine and a worthy choice for top overall machine in our review.

What We Like

  • 37-ton splitting force – few logs will resist this kind of power
  • Auto-idle feature – reduces fuel consumption and extends engine life
  • Vertical and horizontal operation – ideal for dealing with larger logs
  • Auto-return cylinder – allows you to build up a good rhythm
  • Can deal with logs up to 25” x 16” – enough for most home and commercial use

What We Don’t Like

  • Unstable on uneven ground – needs a flat surface to work safely
  • Requires two people to assemble – allow at least an hour or two for the job

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3. RuggedMade 37 Ton Hydraulic Gas Powered Commercial Log Splitter

RuggedMade 37 Ton Hydraulic Gas Powered Log Splitter with Auto Return Detent Valve, 16 GPM Hydraulic Pump (301cc Electric Start)

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This RuggedMade splitter is another 37-ton gas-powered machine that incorporates a 301cc Raven engine with electric start.

It includes a four-way splitting blade with removable wings to give you more flexibility over how you split your logs.

It is capable of dealing with large logs of up to 24” in diameter and 24.5” in length and offers a cycle time of 14 seconds. While this is not among the fastest on the market, it is certainly speedy enough for most operations.

It can be used in a vertical or a horizontal position, and it features a heavy-gauge steel log knock-off to dislodge logs on the backward stroke for more convenient use.

One issue to be aware of is that you will need to set aside at least several hours to assemble this machine. However, it comes with a very clear and well-made video that tells you exactly how to do it.

This machine is also not cheap, although, for larger, commercial-grade machines, you need to be ready to pay a higher price.

There’s a lot to like about this splitter, and if you are looking for a commercial-grade machine in the 30-40-ton range, this should be high on your list of options.

What We Like

  • Electric start – no pulling a cord-starter
  • Can deal with large logs – up to 24.5” in length by 24” in diameter
  • High-quality powerful 301cc Raven engine – powers its 37-ton splitting force
  • 4-way blade included – with detachable wings for flexibility
  • Low oil shutoff – designed to protect the engine from damage

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes time to assemble – but comes with a very clear instruction video
  • Expensive unit – but you expect to pay more for commercial-grade equipment

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4. Swisher LSED14534 34 Ton Timber Brute Pro 15.5 Hp Commercial Log Splitter

Swisher LSED14534 34 Ton Timber Brute Commercial Pro 14.5 hp Log Splitter, Black

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This log splitter from Swisher is another option for those looking for a commercial-grade machine without needing anything too extreme.

The powerful Kawasaki V-twin engine produces 15.5Hp, allowing the splitter to produce a force of 34 tons, plenty for almost any type of log you will need to split.

We appreciate the electric start – with big machines like this, you won’t want to be messing around with a pull-starter to fire up the engine.

It can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position, a vital consideration when you move up the scale and into the realm of professional-level splitters. Some of the logs you need to deal with will be too heavy to lift comfortably and are better dealt with standing up.

Another useful feature is the log catcher cradle, which is designed to reduce strain on your back through constant bending and reaching.

There’s not much to dislike about this splitter. One minor issue during assembly is that the log cradle is fiddly to attach – although once it is in place, there are no further problems.

The only other point to make is that at 34 tons, it might not be able to deal with the very toughest log-splitting tasks – although there will be very little it can’t handle.

Overall, this is another recommended pick if you are looking for a commercial splitter to handle everything but the most extreme jobs.

What We Like

  • Powerful Kawasaki V-twin engine – delivers 15.5Hp
  • Electric start – no playing with awkward pull-start cord
  • Horizontal and vertical operation – versatile when dealing with larger logs
  • Log-catching cradle – reduces strain from bending and reaching
  • 4-way wedge included – greater control over how you split your logs

What We Don’t Like

  • Log catcher a fiddle to attach – otherwise easy to assemble
  • Lacks the power of the biggest splitters – although 34 tons is still a lot

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5. Dirty Hand Tools 107040 30 Ton Commercial Log Splitter

Dirty Hand Tools 107040 30 Ton Log Splitter, Gray

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This log splitter from Dirty Hands Tools is at the smaller end of the scale of what can be considered truly commercial grade – but it is still a far more powerful machine than the majority of regular home users will ever need.

Its powerful Honda GC190 187cc engine delivers 5.2Hp, allowing it to exert a splitting force of 30 tons. This will be more than enough for all but the very toughest, hardest, knottiest logs you can find.

It can be used vertically or horizontally, and we also appreciate the log catcher, a feature that will reduce lifting and straining – an important consideration for more intensive commercial-grade operations.

One issue is the speed. Some might consider a cycle time of 13.3 seconds very acceptable, while others who require the highest work rates might think this will slow them down. This depends on the kind of work you need it for.

Also, while this is a big and powerful splitter, if you need to deal with the very largest and most difficult logs, the 30-ton splitting force might not be enough – although as we said, for most uses, 30 tons will be plenty.

Overall, a high-quality commercial-grade tool at the lower end of the range. This is ideal for small-scale commercial operations or for home users who need far more than the average amount of power and performance.

What We Like

  • Powerful Honda GC190 187cc engine – delivers 5.2Hp and 30 tons of splitting force
  • Large log capacity – can split logs of up to 25” in length
  • Dual configuration – can be used horizontally or vertically
  • Automatic ram return – for hands-free operation
  • Log catcher – reduces lifting and strain

What We Don’t Like

  • Cycle too slow for faster work – some may prefer a quicker work rate
  • Lacks the power for the biggest logs – although still plenty for most applications

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6. Hydraulic Gasoline Powered Commercial Log Wood Splitter Cutter Machine 50 Ton, 15HP

50 Ton, 15HP Hydraulic Gasoline Powered Log Wood Splitter Cutter Machine, with 18GPM 2 Stage Pump and 7.5' Splitting Wedge

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With this machine, we are taking a step up to the most powerful, truly commercial-grade splitters that can deal with any log splitting tasks you put them to. Logs of up to 26” in length and of any level of toughness will pose few problems for this splitter.

This machine delivers a huge 50 tons of splitting force that can slice through just about any log you can find. It can also be set in a horizontal or vertical position, meaning you won’t need to lift heavy logs onto the machine and can split them standing up instead.

One of the best features, apart from its raw splitting power, is the 10-second splitting cycle. In big machines like this, 10 seconds is about as fast as you will find, and this machine will allow you to work through large piles of logs as quickly as you can place them on the splitter.

There is little wrong with this machine. If anything, its sheer size and power can be a downside if you don’t need them. Many applications don’t require a 50-ton capability, so you should be sure you need this much power before you buy it.

It is a splitter that also requires some assembly once it arrives, and for two people working together, you should count on setting aside at least two hours to complete the job – although a little less if you have experience.

While most operations, even at a commercial scale, won’t need this much power, if you are sure you require a machine of this caliber, this would be an excellent choice.

What We Like

  • 50-ton splitting force – almost as high as it gets
  • 26” log capacity – can deal with even the largest log sizes
  • 10-second cycle – among the fastest available
  • Horizontal and vertical operation – gives you flexibility over your work
  • Electric start – 12V battery included

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulky, heavy machine – only suitable if you really need this much power
  • Count on at least two hours for assembly – although less if you are experienced

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7. LS60T-610MM 60 Ton Commercial Log Splitter

60 Ton Log Splitter Commercial Grade Wood Splitter LS60T-610MM

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If you require the biggest log-splitting capacity possible, this monster is an obvious pick. It is very similar to the splitter above in almost every way except that it gives you improved performance in two key areas: splitting force and cycle speed.

Rather than the 50 tons of the splitter above, this machine can deliver a wood-splintering force of 60 tons, the kind of pressure no log can withstand. If you don’t want to compromise on power, this machine is hard to beat.

It also boasts an eight-second work cycle, two seconds faster than the 50-ton version. This is the kind of performance that will allow you to work through a pile of logs at the high speed required in commercial-grade operations.

It also shares many of the same useful features of the slightly smaller machine, including horizontal and vertical operation and electric start (with 12V battery included).

It is designed to be easy to tow, with a standard 2” coupling hitch that makes it simple to drive to wherever you need to work.

However, it also shares the same limitations of the smaller machine too. Specifically, this is a huge, expensive machine. If you need this much power and these high levels of performance, it is hard to beat – but if not, it will simply be overkill for most applications.

It will also take most people at least a couple of hours to assemble, so be ready to set aside an afternoon to fix it up ready to use.

Overall, an outstanding piece of machinery for anybody who needs the most powerful equipment available. Think carefully about whether you need a 60-ton beast like this, but if you decide you do, you won’t be disappointed.

What We Like

  • 60 tons of splitting force – a huge amount of raw power
  • 8-second cycle – among the fastest machines available
  • 4-way wedge included – with removable wings
  • Electric start – 12V battery included
  • Easy to tow – with standard 2” coupling hitch

What We Don’t Like

  • Excessively large for many applications – designed for extra-heavy-duty work
  • Requires assembly – count on a couple of hours with at least two people

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Buyer’s guide

best commercial log splitter

Here are the most important points to take into account when looking for the best commercial log splitter.

Check our guide on how to build a log splitter at home.


commercial wood splitter PowerWhile far from being the only consideration, when choosing a commercial-grade log splitter, power should be one of your primary concerns.

Power is the splitting force a machine can exert on a log and is measured in tons. For a commercial-grade machine, the lower limit would be around 30 tons – although some machines can deliver a crushing force of up to 60 tons.

An important point to note when choosing a log splitter is that it is not always best simply to choose the most powerful model available.

Splitters with 50- or 60-ton capabilities are the most expensive, both to buy and to run.

However, for many uses, even in commercial log splitting, you may never come close to needing this kind of power – and buying something far more powerful than you need will just be a waste of money.

Consider carefully the type of work you need a splitter for and the kind of logs you need to split and then choose one that is adequate for that kind of job. Try to resist the urge to buy something that is far more powerful than you need.

Cycle Speed

commercial log splitter ​Cycle Speed

The cycle speed refers to how quickly a log splitter can split a log and be ready for the next one.

It is widely accepted that anything between 10 and 15 seconds represents a good work rate – but for commercial operations where you need to work through large quantities of logs, a cycle speed even faster than this may be preferable.

Log Capacity

Commercial Log Splitter ​Log CapacityAnother important factor – and especially so when dealing with commercial-grade machines – is the log capacity of a splitter.

If you are looking at professional-level machines, you probably need to split larger logs than the average home user, so you should make sure any machine you are interested in buying is capable of splitting the size of logs you want to cut.


commercial log splitter engineAlmost any commercial-grade log splitter will be gas-powered, so you should pay careful attention to the engine that powers it.

Looking at the engine size (in ccs) and the horsepower will tell you about how powerful the engine, how hard it can work and how much gas it will consume – although the splitting force is still the most important measure of power.

Also, take note of the engine brand – manufacturers like Honda and Briggs & Stratton are among the most reputable, for example.

​​​Vertical And Horizontal Operation

Some log splitters can only be used in a horizontal position, and this involves lifting the log up onto the machine.

However, for larger logs that are too heavy to lift, it may be more convenient to split them in a vertical position – and for commercial-scale work, this is invaluable.

For this reason, you should make sure any commercial-grade machine you are looking at has this capability – almost all professional level log splitters will be able to operate in both positions.


commercial log splitter ​Durability

In commercial-grade operations, the durability of a machine is of the utmost importance.

Make sure that the components are of high quality and are constructed of strong materials that are not likely to break under intensive use.


Big power, greater capacity and faster work rate

If you need the highest levels of performance from your log splitter, a commercial-grade machine may be the only option.

While they are more expensive than most home-use splitters, they easily out-perform smaller machines in terms of power, capacity and work rate. 

If these are things you value highly, any of the commercial log splitters in our review would be an excellent solution.

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