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7 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers of 2022 – Battery Powered Leaf Blower Reviews

For clearing the piles of leaves that cover your yard each fall, a good leaf blower will help you finish the job in a fraction of the time it would take using a rake.

There are different kinds of leaf blower, including gas-powered and corded electric – but nowadays many people are choosing the convenience, ease of use and practicality of battery-powered models. If you are on the lookout for a new blower to help keep your yard tidy in fall, here are our top picks for best cordless leaf blower.

Quick Glance: The Best Cordless Leaf Blower 


The Best cordless Leaf Blower on the Market 2022

1. Greenworks Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower (Our Top Recommended)

Greenworks 24252 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

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Greenworks is a company that makes a range of environmentally-friendly battery-powered tools – hence the name – and this is another worthy addition to their collection.

It features a 40V battery – which is interchangeable with any of the other tools in Greenworks’ 40V range – and delivers a good amount of power. It has a variable motor speed, and on the maximum setting, can produce wind speed of 150mph and 135CFM.

As well as the power it produces, one of its other strong points is that it is a very lightweight unit. At only 7lbs, nobody will have a hard time using this to clear the leaves from their yard.

If we have to look for negatives, one would be that the life of the battery per charge is not as good as many alternatives. You can only expect around 20-25 minutes before the battery dies – although if you have a spare, this is not so serious. Batteries take an hour to recharge.

On the whole, this is a very well-designed and high-quality unit. If your yard is anything up to half an acre, this unit would be ideal – especially if you have another 40V battery from the same range of tools. However, if your yard is significantly larger, another model might be a better pick.

What We Like

  • Variable motor speed – allows you to select the power required for the job
  • Lightweight and manageable – weighs only 7lbs, easy for anyone to use
  • Good power ratings – has a maximum of 150mph and 135CFM
  • Very quiet unit – better for your ears and better for your neighbors
  • Reasonable price – less expensive than other blowers in its category

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for larger yards – but perfect if your yard is anything up to half an acre

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2. Greenworks PRO Cordless Leaf Blower (Upgrade Pick)

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless Axial Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included

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If you like the sound of the features and quality of the Greenworks blower above but need something that will be up to dealing with heavier-duty tasks, this more powerful unit from the company’s 80V range might be worth checking out.

It incorporates a high-quality DigiPro brushless motor that provides superior levels of power and efficiency. On the maximum setting, it can deliver wind speeds of up to 125mph and air displacement of 500CFM, among the top-rated cordless leaf blowers we’ve seen.

At only 60dB, it is a very quiet tool, and on the lowest setting, it can give you up to a very impressive 70 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

However, if you need to run it on the higher settings, you will have to expect much less than this – although it shares the same battery with other tools in the same range so you may already have a spare at home.

We find this unit slightly heavy – since there’s no shoulder strap, it might give you sore arms if you need to use it for extended periods. It is also quite big, and since it doesn’t have any kind of hooks or anything for storage, it might be a little awkward to find it a home when not in use.

Overall, this is one of our favorite high-power cordless leaf blowers. If you have a yard of up to an acre in size, this would be the perfect tool to help you keep it looking tidy and leaf-free. However, if you have a smaller yard, you might find it unnecessarily large and cumbersome.

What We Like

  • Very good battery life on lowest setting – can run for up to 70 minutes
  • Good power at maximum strength – can reach 150mph and 500CFM
  • Very quiet operation – at only 60db, far quieter than comparable gas models
  • High-quality DigiPro brushless motor – gives excellent power, efficiency and lifespan
  • Part of Greenworks’ 80V range – uses the same battery as other tools in the range

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery life more limited at high power – don’t expect 70 minutes when on max
  • Heavier unit – uncomfortable to use for longer periods and lacks shoulder strap

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3. BLACK+DECKER LSW221 Cordless Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper (LSW221)

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This battery-powered “sweeper” from Black+Decker can produce a wind speed of up to 130mph, making it ideal for small jobs around your yard. It comes with a 20V battery and charger – when not in use, the battery is capable of holding its charge for up to 18 months.

At only 3.7lbs, this is a very lightweight tool, making it suitable for anyone to use. It is also very versatile and can be used for jobs like dealing with cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners as much as for clearing leaves and debris on the floor. We also like the fact that it runs very quietly.

On the downside, this is not a tool that is designed to deal with heavy-duty leaf clearing tasks. If you need to shift big piles of leaves around a large yard, you might be better off opting for a more powerful unit.

Similarly, if you don’t have a spare, the battery will only give you around 15-20 minutes of work time.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you clear small amounts of leaves or debris from your yard or patio, this could be just what you are looking for. However, if you need more raw power for larger jobs, you might be better off looking at other options.

What We Like

  • Extremely lightweight – at only 3.7lbs, anyone can use it
  • Quiet operation – far quieter than any gas-powered versions
  • Reasonable price – this is a high-quality tool at an affordable price point
  • Same battery as other Black+Decker’s 20V tools – you may already have a spare
  • Battery holds charge well – can hold charge for up to 18 months if not used

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have the power of some other models – designed for lighter-duty jobs
  • Shorter battery life – one battery will give around 15-20 minutes of continuous use

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4. Makita XBU02PT1 Brushless Cordless leaf Blower Kit With 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

Makita XBU02PT1 18V X2 (36V) Blower Kit with 4 Batteries, Blue

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This powerful battery-powered leaf blower from Makita is designed to be a possible alternative for noisy, polluting gas models. It has a similar air strength output but is much quieter and kinder on the environment. It comes with four rechargeable batteries.

This tool allows you to choose between one of six wind speed settings, allowing you to modify the power according to the job. It has a maximum wind speed of 120mph, giving you plenty of kick to blast through even the largest piles of leaves you need to clear.

We also like the fact that the batteries can be fully charged in only 45 minutes, minimizing the time you need to wait when you run out of charge.

This unit incorporates a brushless motor for extra power and efficiency while also extending the life of the tool.

However, even though you can supposedly get 28 minutes of use from one set of batteries on the lowest setting, in reality, it is more like 15 – making it less practical than a gas or corded version for bigger, longer jobs.

This unit is also not cheap, so if you are looking for an inexpensive blower for light-duty jobs around your yard, this might be more than you need – but for anyone who wants a top-end battery-powered blower, this could be just the tool you are looking for.

What We Like

  • 6-speed operation – allows you to deliver the power required for the job
  • Lightweight unit – weighs only 20.5lbs, lighter than comparable gas-powered units
  • Fast-charging batteries – can be fully charged in only 45 minutes
  • Brushless motor – gives more power, higher efficiency and longer life
  • High power unit – designed to compete directly with gas-powered versions

What We Don’t Like

  • More expensive option – although you expect to pay more for quality and power
  • Limited battery life – can’t compete with a gas model for versatility

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5. DEWALT DCBL720P1 XR Brushless Cordless Leaf Blower

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Blower, Brushless, 5-Ah Battery (DCBL720P1)

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This blower from DeWalt weighs in at only 9.7lbs and features a powerful and efficient motor for high-levels of performance. It also incorporates an axial fan to maximize air speed and run time. It is supplied with one battery and an accompanying charger.

This blower has a few features we really like. Apart from being light enough for anybody to use, it also boasts a variable speed trigger with a speed lock. This allows you to vary the power according to the job you’re doing, and you won’t need to keep the trigger pressed as you work.

It delivers a respectable 400CFM, but for us, the nozzle has a slight design flaw in that the large opening means the wind speed is reduced to only 90mph. This is a small problem, however, as this is still plenty for most regular yard-clearing tasks.

Battery power is good, too – but if you need to clear larger areas of leaves, you might need to buy a spare to save you waiting for it to charge in between uses.

Overall, this is a solid pick for someone who is looking for a home-use blower and who prefers the convenience of a cordless blower over a heavier, noisier gas one. However, if you need to deal with heavier-duty jobs, a more powerful model might be a better choice.

What We Like

  • Brushless motor – helps increase efficiency, power and lifespan of the tool
  • Variable speed trigger – also includes lock feature so you don’t need to hold it
  • Lightweight and easy to use – at only 9.7lbs, most people will find this comfortable
  • Decent battery life per charge – expect up to 30 minutes of work each time
  • Battery and charger included – also compatible with other tools in the same range

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly lacking in blowing power – can’t come close to a big gas version
  • More expensive than some – but with battery and charger included, still a good deal

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6. WORX WG545.1 Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf Blower/Sweeper

WORX WG545.1 20V Max Lithium Cordless AIR Blower/Sweeper, battery included

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This handy blower from Worx is part of the company’s 20V range, meaning you can use the same battery as with any other tools from the same collection. It comes with a battery, a charger and eight attachments, making it useful for a range of different jobs.

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about this tool is how light it is. At only 3.5lbs, this is as easy and comfortable to use as any blower you are likely to find, even for longer periods.

We also love the accessories it comes with that make it such a highly versatile tool. You can do far more than just clear leaves with this, and with the various attachments, you’re sure to find many other practical uses for this tool.

On the downside, despite a respectable rating of 120mph wind speed, at only 80CFM, it lacks the power required for bigger jobs.

The charge time is five hours, meaning you will also have to wait quite some time if you don’t manage to finish the job on a single charge and you have no spare.

Overall, we love this unit for its convenience and practicality. If you need a versatile blower to help keep a smaller yard clean, this would be ideal. However, for those with larger yards, a bigger, more powerful blower might be preferable.

What We Like

  • Highly versatile tool – comes with several attachments to deal with various tasks
  • Shares the 20V battery with other tools in the range – you may already have a spare
  • Super-lightweight – at only 3.5lbs, this is as light as leaf blowers come
  • Inexpensive – a multifunctional tool at a very reasonable price point
  • Good air speed – can blow at up to 120mph

What We Don’t Like

  • Lower CFM rating of only 80 – displaces less air despite good wind speed
  • Long charging time – needs 5 hours to recharge fully

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7. Ego 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

EGO Power+ LB5300 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt 530 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower Battery and Charger Not Included

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This Ego cordless leaf blower is powered by a 56V lithium-ion ARC battery and is capable of producing wind speeds of up to 110mph along with air displacement of 530CFM.

One of the features we like about this unit is the High-efficiency brushless motor and Turbo boost function – this allows you to blast through bigger, more stubborn piles of leaves and debris.

It also incorporates Variable speed adjust – rather than having limited settings, you simply turn the dial to choose exactly how much power the tool delivers.

We also like the fact that this is a very quiet machine – you’ll notice a big difference if you are switching from a gas-powered unit for the first time.

On the downside, at just under 8lbs, this unit is a little heavy – although it is well balanced, meaning you won’t feel it quite as much. Another minor gripe is that we would have preferred a slightly longer nozzle to prevent so much bending and stooping while operating it.

All in all, another solid unit. If you are looking for the convenience of battery power and most powerful motor, this could be well worth a look. Another highly recommended possibility.

What We Like

  • Good power ratings – can produce 110mph of wind and 530CFM air displacement
  • Baretool Turbo – gives you extra power when blasting through bigger piles
  • Variable speed control – allows you to choose the power the job requires
  • High-quality 56V lithium-ion battery – made by Briggs and Stratton
  • Very quiet operation – much less noisy than gas-powered blowers

What We Don’t Like

  • A little heavy – but well balanced so not so important

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Buyer’s guide

Let’s take a few moments to think about the advantages and disadvantages of cordless leaf blowers compared to gas-powered and corded versions. After that, we can talk about some of the things you should look for when buying one.

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Why go cordless?

Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower

The big question is why go cordless at all? After all, there are plenty of gas-powered and corded leaf blowers to pick from – so what are the advantages of choosing a battery-powered leaf blower?

While gas leaf blowers generally offer the most raw power, they are also the noisiest machines – as well as being far more polluting. Add to this the fact that gas tools require more maintenance than other types and are harder to start – and the advantages of going electric become clear.

So what about corded blowers? They are simpler to use and maintain than gas blowers, they are quieter and less polluting – and some can also generate similar levels of power to gas models.

The big problem is the cord itself. With a corded blower, you can only operate in places within reach of a power outlet. You can use an extension for greater reach, but even so, there is still a limit.

The cord itself can also get in the way – it is far more practical to work with a cordless tool.

For these reasons, a battery-powered unit gives you the best of both worlds. You have all the flexibility and range of a gas-powered unit but with the quiet, emissions-free operation of a corded blower.

And the downside? Of the three types, electric blowers are generally the least powerful. If you need to do heavy-duty leaf clearing or have a very large yard, they might not be suitable. However, if you have a smaller yard, a battery-powered blower can be the obvious choice.

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What to look for

If you are interested in buying a cordless blower, here are the main points to consider.

Battery life

cordless leaf blower battery

Clearly, one of the most important factors to consider is battery life – you should choose a blower that will give you enough battery to complete the work you need to finish without needing to recharge.

Important to note is the battery life on the lowest setting as well as how much time you can expect on maximum power. Battery life can range from around 15 minutes of use up to over an hour.

Charge time

Battery Powered Leaf Blower charge timeAlmost as important is how long it takes to fully charge a battery. Some batteries can charge in under an hour, meaning you don’t need to wait long to start work again if your battery runs out.

Others can take up to around five hours, meaning you will face a long wait if you can’t finish all your work on one charge.

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cordless leaf blower power

When considering the power of a unit, there are a few things to look at. In general, a battery with a higher voltage will give you more power, but more important are the wind speed and air displacement ratings.

Wind speed is measured in miles per hour (mph) while displacement is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Having a high wind speed rating in a blower that only displaces a low volume of air will mean it’s not very effective at shifting leaves.

Look for a unit that has a good combination of wind speed and air displacement for the best levels of performance.


Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower weight

Another key consideration is weight.

If you are not the strongest of people, choosing a heavy blower will make clearing your leaves a tiring chore.

However, smaller blowers usually sacrifice power for less weight. You need to find the right balance for the work you need to do.

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A convenient, simple and affordable option

While gas-powered blowers and electric corded models have their uses, for many people, choosing the best cordless leaf blower is the best option. There are many models to pick from, and if you find the choice confusing, any of the blowers in our review would be a great place to start.

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