Best Battery Powered Weed Eater of 2019 – Cordless String Trimmer Reviews

Do you know that you don't need to keep one of those big lawn mowers which take up half of your garage anymore? With the best cordless weed eater, you will get a lot of free space and a beautiful lawn at the same time. Let's see which battery powered weed eater is the right choice for you.

My Top Recommended

Best Cordless Weed Eater Worx WG175

Worx WG175 String Trimmer

  • Convenient 3-in-1 functions
  • Use it freely around rocks
  • You can quickly convert this weed eater to a wheeled edger
  • It is equally useful for mowing tall grass and thick weeds
  • Two powerful MaxLithium batteries and a charger are included

I won't hide the fact that I hate those huge and noisy lawn mowers, and mowing has always been the hard work for me. Probably that's why I am a big fan of cute and reliable battery powered string trimers since the first day when they appeared on the market. What are my reasons? I can give you the bunch of them! Take a look:

  • They are easy to use - It is enough to push the button and a battery powered weed eater will start working (You also hate to kill your shoulder while starting the lawnmowers, right?)
  • They are environment-friendly- Yes, this is my favorite part. There is no pollutants emission at all!
  • They are quiet – Since when I have been using cordless weed eaters, I am definitely in better relations with neighbors.
  • They are cost-effective - You will get plenty of power for a lot less money. Great news, right?
  • Unfortunately, no matter how good they are, these units are not usable in every situation:
  • When your yard is huge - For landlords with tens of acres of land, large lawnmowers are your only choice. It would be too hard to mow such a vast surface using just a cordless weed eater no matter how good it is.
  • When you are faced with unusually thick weed growth - Situations like this are not usual, but if you live in the area with too lush and thick grass, you will probably need a gas lawn mower.

Anyway, if you have an average yard with the usual grass type, the only thing you need to do is to pick out the best cordless weed eater you can find. I should tell you that it is not such an easy job because there are so many models on the market. I have really tried to simplify things for you and chose some excellent devices you will definitely be satisfied with.

The Best Cordless Electric Weed Eater - Reviews of 2019

1. GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 80V

I really appreciate dual line and the 16 inches (40.6 cm) cutting swath GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 offers as well as its 80V battery. Using this, probably the most powerful cordless weed eater you can find on the market, you can count on quickly finished mowing of your lawn.

Keep in mind that this machine is not for everyone since it is incredibly heavy-duty (probably the most massive model available). However, if you have enough strength for it and a lot of problems with thick weeds which is entirely out of control, this unit should be your choice.

It can destroy even the thickest grass for the very short time thanks to its dual line rotating head. It is an important feature while mowing your lawn because its thicker line ensures a good borderline even near fences or patios.


This device has a large, 80V battery. It is the highest voltage and the most powerful and heavy battery you can buy. Plus, its charging is quick and doesn't require too much maintenance. With a fully charged battery, the run time of this unit is up to 45 minutes.


A brushless motor of this cordless weed eater is reliable, powerful, and with high performances. Thanks to a front motor mount, the unit is well-balanced and convenient to use.


This model is an excellent choice if you have a lack of space. Its storage is easy because its steel shaft can split.

There is one more advantage of this unit. You can attach an edger or brush to it because it has a suitable attachment shaft.

  • Reliable and powerful brushless motor
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery
  • It has two lines of thread
  • Provides almost one hour of continuous work
  • It cuts grass quickly
  • The charger and battery are included
  • It is cumbersome
  • Its shield is too small and doesn't provide sufficient protection

2. Worx WG175 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower (My Top Recommended)

With its multi-functional design, Worx WG175 represents an entirely new level of weed eaters. This fantastic, economical unit is actually one machine with three different tools, including a mini-mower, edger, and trimmer. Plus, it is easy to handle thanks to its lightweight construction. It weighs only 6.2 pounds (2.8 kg).


The device is equipped with two 32-Volt maximum Lithium batteries. They give power to a motor sufficient for tackling grass no matter how thick it is. This package provides you improved productivity, the double run time, and minimum downtime.


Thanks to its 3 in 1 function, you can use this device as a mower, trimmer, and edger at any possible time. The best of all is that you won't need any power tools for switching them. Also, by purchasing this product, you will get a durable machine with high-quality performance.


This multi-functional yard tool provides a line diameter of 0.065 inches (0.15 cm) and a cutting swath of only 12 inches (30.5 cm). That means you can comfortably use it if your yard is up to 0.75 acres (0.3 ha). A provided telescopic shaft will help you to adjust the device in relation to your height. One more thing! You can make precise edging tasks simpler by titling a trimmer head to 90 degrees.

  • You can count on good power output
  • You can quickly convert this weed eater to a wheeled edger
  • It is equally useful for mowing tall grass and thick weeds
  • Lightweight construction makes this device easy to handle
  • With adjustable height, you will get maximum comfort
  • Two powerful MaxLithium batteries and a charger are included
  • You can't get a free string

3. Toro PowerPlex 51482

The ultimate weed eater Toro PowerPlex 51482 is designed for people who don't have enough time for the entire job they need to do in their lawn. If you are one of the homeowners who appreciate the innovative and durable units this manufacturer provides, I can recommend this machine to you.


With the Lithium-Ion 40V battery, this device has, you can expect more power for a period shorter than ever. You can count that this interchangeable T90 battery has the average run time up to 40 minutes after an hour of charging.


Without a battery, this device weighing seven pounds (3.2 kg). Its total weight is 9.2 pounds (4.2 kg). The unit is well balanced which will make the entire work comfortable and effortless.


This impressive weed eater is a durable machine which contains a powerful and efficient brushless motor with a long life. You can pick out one of two available speeds and get longer run time with lower speed or more power with higher speed. Changing the cutting speed is simple by using a trigger.


Even though this unit is not an edger, you will get a successful device at an affordable price. The big advantage of this model is the shaft you can fold when needed. It will make storing much comfortable because it will take less space than competitive weed eaters.

  • Its run time is approximately 40 minutes
  • The motor is strong and durable
  • The unit has a convenient cast aluminum head
  • Since it is foldable, this device is simple for storage
  • It is not an edger
  • The charger and battery are not included
  • Sometimes you will have a feeling that it is underpowered
  • The poor quality of plastic
  • Only one year of warranty on batteries

4. Greenworks 21362

Thanks to its brushless motor, the GreenWorks 21362 is very powerful cordless weed eater. Designed to be easy to use and maintenance, with a low level of noise production, this unit is an excellent alternative to gas lawnmowers. The extra plus is the possibility of using numerous attachments.


This model is designed for sizeable yards. That means you can expect a bigger battery than those commonly used for weed eaters. On the one hand, it is great because you will get a more powerful motor and the trimming cut above average. 

On the other hand, this news is bad because the whole unit is heavier and consequently harder to handle. Since it is too robust for most of the people, its use can be limited to short term jobs even though it is well-balanced and has the shoulder strap.

Unlike other brands which offer 2.0AH batteries, this model comes with 4AH battery which powers the device for more than an hour when it is fully charged. After the battery has run out, you need to wait approximately 120 minutes to get loaded. 


You just need to push a button to start the unit, and it will be ready to work. I need to praise both the power and design of this weed eater. The great thing is that this model has two-speed settings, but the buttons are not ideally designed.

When we talk about power, you can expect the performances of the motor comparable to the gas lawnmowers. However, this unit is almost noiseless and operates without any emissions.

Edger and adjustments

The assembly of this device doesn't require additional tools. It also has excellent attachment capability, which is a perfect choice if you already have old gas attachments. It is a huge advantage when you can transform your weed eaters into a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pole chainsaw, or blower.

This cordless weed eater has an edger function, but its usability is doubtful because its head can't rotate. That means that you have to switch the whole unit when edging, which makes the hitting the right spot pretty hard. So, if you require more frequent edging, choosing this model implies buying a separate edger adjustment.

  • It has a brushless motor which offers high power and torque
  • Low-level noise
  • There are no pollutants emission
  • Battery time is excellent
  • Charger and battery are included
  • It features a charge level indicator
  • Wide diameter of the cutting
  • Four years warranty
  • It is heavier than the average for other weed eaters
  • Higher initial cost (including quite expensive battery)
  • Inadequately solved an edger function

5. Ryobi P2060A

If you use a weed eater only from time to time and the weeds in your yard are not too dense and thick, you should consider the Ryobi P2060A. All its features are almost the same as well as for the top-notch models, but it has only about half of their power.


However, this machine compensates the lack of raw power with the increased operation run time. You can work about 40 minutes continuously when the battery is fully charged. If you have only one battery, you should count on one hour to completely charge it.

There is also an option to use two batteries. While working by using one of them, keep the other one on the charger. That way, you can switch them over when necessary. Just keep in mind that the other battery is not included in the package.


This weed eater is designed following economic principles. The manufacturer offers you a minimalistic design and decent features at an affordable price. You can extend the shaft depending on your height and adjust the handle to work by keeping the device at an angle that suits you the most.


This device is a little bit lighter than competitive ones, and its weight is approximately 6.5 pounds (3 kg). Since it is a lightweight and well-balanced machine, almost everybody can handle it without too much effort.


Its cutting path is 12 inches (30.5 cm), which is sadly narrow and impractical if you have to mow a larger area. On the other hand, this unit is an ideal choice if your yard is full of sharp angles and tight spaces. Plus, it is cheap, and you get the best value for the low price if you need such a machine just occasionally.

  • You can count on adjustable height, multiple cutting lengths, and edging
  • The battery lasts approximately 40 minutes
  • It is a well-balanced, lightweight machine
  • This weed eater is inexpensive
  • Three years of warranty
  • The cutting path of this unit is quite short

6. DeWalt DCST970X1 Flexvolt 60V MAX

If you look for a cordless weed eater with an excellent brushless motor system, you won't go wrong with DeWalt DCST970X1 Flexvolt 60V MAX. Thanks to this type of engine, this lightweight device provides superior power and smooth working.


This model features a long-lasting 60 volts Li-Ion battery which is backward compatible. That precisely means that you can use this battery in DEWALT models you might already own, which is really great.


When you need to work far away from the power source, you will discover the advantages of the ideal cordless design of this unit. Also, thanks to exact, well-built trimmer head, you will be satisfied with its capabilities.


With a cutting swath of 15 inches (38 cm), this machine is intended for large area mowing. At the same time, its gear shaft provides superior power that makes undergrowth trimming almost perfect. Furthermore, this machine is ergonomic, lightweight, and has hi/lo speed control, making it a top grass eater. 


An electric motor is a huge benefit when we talk about weed eaters because the engine starts effortlessly, by pressing the button. Additionally, you have a unit that has huge torque even at the lowest speed. You can use both low and high settings but, for an average yard, you usually don't need to press the machine to full power.

Ease of use

After charging the battery, you can work for approximately three hours. Since the unit has an electric motor, there are no troubles with starting. The auxiliary handle is adjustable, making mowing entirely comfortable. Its shield is tiny, so that you will be faced with more waste compared to other models.

  • This great powered device features a brushless motor which provides its smooth operation
  • It features a long-lasting, high-performance battery
  • An ergonomic design of this unit maximizes control in handling and minimizes any possible arm stress
  • It is an excellent choice because of its large clearing swath
  • A standard string is not thick enough
  • It offers a low level of protection because of a short defector

7. Black & Decker LST136W

If you are one of those people who live in the urban or suburban area and have a house with a large yard around, the Black & Decker LST136W is definitely one of the best cordless weed eaters you can find on the market. This versatile model is excellently balanced and easy for handling, and you will like it for sure.

This device is a top choice even for women and teenagers because it is lightweight. It is less than eight pounds (3.6 kg) heavy, and you can be sure that it won't tire you out quickly. Moreover, you can adjust and customize the position of the handle depending on your height. And you don't need any tool to open and close clasp!


The excellent news is that 40-volt max Lithium-Ion battery fits an entire line of Black & Decker tools. In other words, it is enough to buy this weed eater, and you will get a battery for other tools to use them interchangeably.

After approximately 50 minutes of usage, you need to recharge a battery for 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Keep in mind that the process of charging will last longer at higher temperatures.


Thanks to a command dial this superior weed eater has, you can set its motor to two speeds. At the speed of 6,500 RPM, the maximized run time is about 50 minutes. At the speed of 8,500 RPM, the maximum run time is about half an hour.


The excellent thing is that you can transform this multipurpose tool in an edger and finish the borderline along your walkway without any effort. You can rotate this unit up to 180 degrees which will allow rapidly change the mowing mode to edging.

PowerDrive Transmission

The manufacturer claims that this innovative power train feature provides a more powerful cutting string. Just keep in mind that the string is really short, which makes this elegant device an inadequate choice for too thick weeds.

  • As a lightweight unit, it is an ideal option for people who can't carry heavy weed eaters
  • Automatic line feed spool allows continuous work
  • Innovative power train feature allows powerful cutting string
  • A convenient automatic feed system
  • 3 years warranty
  • Too small string and narrow cutting path
  • It uses too much string on edging

Determine Which Electric Weed Eater Is the Right Choice For Your

To give you the best possible answer to the question 'What type of cordless weed eater is best for me?' I did in-depth research and picked out those seven best-rated weed eaters according to the following performances and features:

1. The most important technical factors

Battery Capacity - You will need to determine an adequate battery capacity to smoothly mow your lawn if your yard is a typical size up to 0.25 acre (1000 m2). In that case, you should choose a unit with average battery capacity.

Battery voltage - There are battery weed eaters which accept 20 or 40 volts batteries. There is no right and wrong choice. It will depend upon your yard.

Cutting Diameter - To get an efficient unit, it is a good idea to pick out the one in the 13-inch range. It will tend to keep the speed up with using less torque. You probably won't need a professional 15-inch model.

Line Diameter - The 0.080-inch trimmer line is likely quite enough for your yard (there are also 0.095- and 0.105-inch trimmer lines, but in general, only professionals need them because the thicker ones won’t break quickly).

Line changes - To avoid any further frustration, you should purchase the machine with a possibility of simple line changes in a few minutes. For a more traditional option, you can consider upgrading the head to make the operation easier for you.

Attachment capability - I highly recommend you to buy interchangeable accessories with universal attachment. That way, you will get what you need, choose the best option for you unrelated to a particular type or brand of a weed eater, and save a lot of money as well.

2. Essential factors you should consider

Sound level - The great news is that the best cordless weed eaters work with less noise. It is proven that the units with an eco mode are far pleasant to the human ears than other models. If you can get the ultimate efficient motor system which is quiet at the same time, go for it.

Ease of operation - You deserve a convenient ergonomic handle system which will make maneuvering the weed eater easier for you. Pick out the handles with a soft grip which will prevent slipping caused by sweating and the appearance of blisters on your hands.

Easy starting - In general, cordless weed eaters are easy to start machines, but there is never too much comfort. For more convenience, pick up faster units.

Cutting speed - Yes, I know that you prefer a higher speed of cutting, but that may not be the best option for you. What you need is a decent cutting speed which is right for the length of grass in your yard.

Protective features - Pick out the defector wide enough to protect you from the debris.

Battery life - The average battery life of these devices is rarely longer than three hours. Therefore, you will want to find a device with a practical way of charging. If you want to finish the job efficiently, you may consider a machine with a quick charge option.

3. Ergonomics

Weight - Choose the lightweight battery to avoid too strenuous work. The average weight of eight to ten pounds (3.6 to 4.5 kg) is quite acceptable. Some excellent weed eaters shouldn't become your choice because of this feature. If you can't handle a bulky device for a more extended period, pick out a lighter unit.

Vibration - Much of it has been eliminated by excluding a gas motor, and most of these cordless machines don't have any problems with vibration. Basically, you need to handle a few devices at the same time to notice a different level of vibration between them.

Balance - Fortunately, you usually don't need to worry about this feature since most of the cordless weed eaters are well-balanced. The fact that the battery and the motor are placed on the top of the unit make these tools convenient for use. The new tendency is to put the engine in the middle, above the shaft link, which can be a reason for getting a device which is slightly off balance.


Based on all of the listed criteria, probably the best cordless weed eater you can find on the market is Worx WG175 String Trimmer.

You can use this excellently 3-in-1 function machine for mowing your yard no matter how large it is. Since it is lightweight and comes with an adjustable and customized height of the handle, almost everybody can use it.

Unlike competitor models, its battery allows you to work for a whopping 40-45 minutes. Thanks to its 3 in 1 function, you can use this device as a mower, trimmer, and edger at any possible time.

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