Best Electric Hedge Trimmer Reviews 2019 (Cord & Cordless)

Maintaining the perfect garden is not easy and requires a lot of hands-on work. One of the biggest issues to keep up with are the wide-spread growing hedges, bushes, and thickets all around the yard. To manage these, it’s only sensible that you get the best electric hedge trimmer for a job well done.

The Best Electric Hedge Trimmer on the Market 2019

1. BLACK+DECKER BEHT100 Hedge Trimmer (Best Budget)

The BLACK+DECKER hedge trimmer comes with a 16-inch trimmer blade for a longer reach over the hedges. This blade is supported with dual-action hardened steel to ensure the vibrations created don’t lose control.

The motor on this machine reaches up to 3 amps and trims branches ⅝” apart. The cutting strokes are approximately 3800 strokes every minute.

It’s a lightweight piece that remains compact so as to create less fatigue while handling it. The cord on this unit uses cord retention to ensure there’s no accidental unplugging while you’re using your hedge trimmer.

The greatest quality about this trimmer would be how lightweight it really is. As soon as you get it working, this trimmer is so light yet sturdy that you could work with it using only one hand! It’s also quite easy to run this around the edges of the bushes, hedges, and thickets of overgrown plants.

As this comes assembled, all you have to do is plug it in and start your work in your hedges. This model doesn’t come with the option to simply press the on button and get to work. You first have to release the lock off button and then hold the trigger to turn it on. So long as you’re holding the trigger the unit will remain on. Once you let it go, the trimmer will turn off and you can lock it closed.

This hedge trimmer from BLACK+DECKER comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Some problems are related to the handle. While this T-shaped handle was made to give you a more secure hold, the black protection piece has the tendency to snap off and there is a general air of insecurity having your hand so close to the turning blade.

Another big issue with this product is the fact that it doesn’t come with a cord. You have to purchase the cord elsewhere. Some cords don’t work with this piece and sometimes, the unit simply doesn’t work. This creates the biggest wave of complaints above anything else.

What I Like

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Cord retention to ensure no unwanted unplugging

What I Don't Like

  • Hand protection is not secure
  • Does not come with a cord

2. Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22” Hedge Trimmer

Makita provides a powerful kick of 1,350 SPM for hastened and exact cutting speeds. With this, it can cut more in less time and with greater accuracy. The 22” blade gives you a longer reach over your hedges and more work gets done in one go.

The anti-vibration structure holds five separate layers of cushioning to ensure there’s minimal to no vibrations interrupting your focus and control. This cushioning is placed near the motor for the best resistance.

The battery for this piece is sold separately along with the charger for the battery. The machine stops automatically and indicates when the battery is low and requires to be charged. This unit is quiet in comparison to the competition as a cordless trimmer. The noise level reaches only that of 87 dB which is comfortable enough to work with.

The 3 amp battery charges in a matter of 30 minutes, quick enough to get you back in the game in only half an hour. The handle has a rubberized soft grip for enhanced comfort while using this unit.

There are some petty and more severe issues to be dealt with when using this machine. One of the petty issues is the number of security measures taken place to turn on this machine. Security and safety measures are without a doubt welcome on a piece such as these that can harm, but to have so many where simply turning on the machine requires a couple of minutes seems an overdone precaution.

There’s also the issue that this Makita hedge trimmer doesn’t have much kick to it. It’s just not as strong as it could be. To solve this, you could get another model that works with a stronger battery but the point remains that this piece is just not as strong as it should be to appeal to everyone in need.

What I Like

  • Quick recharge time
  • Quiet and quick performance
  • 5 cushioned layers for minimal vibrations
  • Rubberized handles for a more comfortable grip

What I Don't Like

  • Too many safety measures on this unit
  • Battery isn’t as strong as expected to be

3. Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The purchase of this Greenworks product comes with battery and charger, which already puts it on top of the Makita hedge trimmer. This unit works with a 2AH battery.

The rear handle rotates up to 180 degrees for a more innovative cut at more difficult angles. This steel blade is the longest of them all, reaching 24 inches of dual-action steel to create the neatest and well-kept hedges. There’s the benefit of minimal vibrations to reap from this model as well as the others. The blades have a ⅔” cutting capacity for better certainty and precision.

This piece is compatible with Greenworks battery models 29462, 29472, and works with the charger 29482. These are just in case you require a replacement or you feel you’d be better off with some replacement parts just in case.

This Greenworks hedge cutter works for up to 1 hour and weighs less than other models for an easier time using it for a longer period of time. It can also reach up to 3000 strokes in every minute for a decisive cut with each flick of your wrist.

It’s a quiet, lightweight, energy efficient piece that promises a long, helpful life. The battery provided in this model can be used in other Greenworks products as well.

There is a minor problem that can occur after using it multiple times. After long periods of use and thorough cuttings through hedges, this trimmer can get rusted around the blades. This is not an issue if you keep it dry after every use, but letting rust develop without tackling it can ruin the blade of the trimmer permanently.

The battery can also die out if you leave it in the machine. Firstly, even if you feel there’s still some battery life left, charge the battery to full life. Once you’ve done so, take it out of the charger and machine, placing it in a dark, dry, room temperature spot.

What I Like

  • Minimal vibrations
  • Long-running battery life
  • Cordless/ battery powered
  • Rear handle rotates 180 degrees
  • Quiet, lightweight, energy efficient

What I Don't Like

  • Blades can rust
  • Battery can die out if you leave it in the machine too long

4. Sun Joe SJH902E 21-Inch 4-Amp Multi-Angle Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe has a long 21-inch hardened steel razor blade for an efficient performance in cutting tall bushes, hedges, and shrubs.

The telescoping pole can reach up to 13 feet for a long overhead reach when you need to tackle tall bushes and thickets. The head is adjustable and can pivot around so you can get into more complicated areas of your shrubbery.

This blade has a 0.7-inch cutting capability for greater accuracy and control over each of your cuts while trimming your bushes and hedges into the perfect shape. This unit uses a strong 4 amp battery to power itself.

For convenience, this hedge trimmer comes with a shoulder strap, an ergonomic handle to hold onto, and a safety switch to turn on before you start.

This piece does need for you to plug it in, meaning the limitation of a cord is there.

The Sun Joe hedge trimmer is not like the others in many ways. For one, this trimmer does tend to get uncomfortable to hold after long periods of use (20 minutes is usually when you start to feel the weight of the trimmer) and the trigger can get uncomfortable to hold while pivoting the steel blade.

You can purchase an additional handle to place over the elongated pole. The lack of a handle can become an issue when you require to control overhead and deep cuts inside of the bushes, hedges, and shrubbery.

The performance though, makes it a best-listed product since it is much more versatile in comparison to the others. It can be used not only to shape but to stylize the bushes and hedges into more perfected and detailed shapes and sizes.

What I Like

  • More versatile performance
  • Shoulder strap, ergonomic handle and safety switch
  • Can reach up to 13 feet overhead

What I Don't Like

  • Trimmer becomes uncomfortable to hold after a while
  • Lack of a handle reduces total control over the trimmer

5. DEWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer (Our Top Recommended)

This DEWALT model hedge trimmer has a powerful motor that performs at 20 volts. It has a rechargeable battery meaning you don’t have to worry about any trailing cord.

With a 22” running cutter, the DEWALT hedge trimmer can reach further and cut with more precision. There’s a ¾” cutting capacity between the teeth for greater accuracy when directing your hedge trimmer.

This hedge trimmer is powered by a high capacity, 5Ah lithium-ion battery for a stronger, longer, and better performance. At full power and peak performance, this hedge trimmer can work for about 45-60 minutes.

DEWALT manages to maintain a lower maintenance level thanks to the lack of spark plugs, carburetors, and air filters required to operate this unit. As there’s no gas being used to operate this machine, you leave less of a carbon footprint by not creating any fumes.

In comparison to other trimmers, this one maintains 40% less vibrations when in use for a sturdier grip over the machine and a still hand while working around the edges or your hedge.

DEWALT provides 3 years for their limited warranty, 1 year for their free services, and a 90-day money back guaranteed policy in case you’re not satisfied with your product.

The material used to make this piece is not quite as strong as would be suspected. Instead, the material can be considered flimsy. An excuse to rally this point could be that this lighter material allows for easier maneuvering and less load on the wielder. And this excuse can be granted, it’s just something worth keeping an eye out for.

Another issue is the battery. This battery does give the necessary power that users are looking for when trimming their hedges, it can even cut through branches! What isn’t favored though is the fact that after lengthy uses it seems as though the battery doesn’t recharge to full potential afterward.

What I Like

  • Lightweight; easy to maneuver
  • Cordless
  • Lower maintenance
  • No carbon footprint created
  • 40% less vibrations

What I Don't Like

  • The material can be flimsy
  • The battery loses life over time

Buying Guide

Having a hedge trimmer at hand gives a lot of advantages to you and your garden. A hedge trimmer makes keeping your hedges tame easier than plucking at them one branch by one. The use of a hedge trimmer can make 3 hours’ worth of a job fit into 45 minutes!

With speed, durability, and strength by your side, a hedge trimmer can make a huge difference in how easily you manage your garden.

There are some focal points you must consider when you’re choosing your hedge trimmer though. Not all trimmers live up to heavy-duty standards while other trimmers cannot do less than what they do. Choosing the right trimer depends on your needs, and your needs can be discovered by looking through everything trimmers have to offer.

Types of Hedge Trimmers

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers are the most cost-effective choice. Since these type of trimmers require a plug to work, there is no time limit to how long you can run these trimmers. But they do have the limitation that you have to stay in the length of the cord.

These trimmers are much lighter than other types and they are not high maintenance. As they do not produce any fumes, they can be a rather environmentally friendly solution to trimming your hedges.

They may not be as powerful as gas trimmers, which are the most effective in terms of power, but they are more reliable with a consistent source of power. The biggest risk of having an electric trimmer is the risk of accidentally cutting the cord while working.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer

These type of trimmers are much more versatile than electric trimmers, though they pose the threat of more malfunctions since you’re dealing with a mobile source of power. These trimmers have an immediate start and they do it quietly. There are milder cordless trimmers that run at 14V or 18V which can perform quietly and efficiently at trimming. Stronger models though, that reach heights of 36V to 40V are becoming more popular and they’re tying neck-in-neck with gasoline trimmers.

Batteries can work from 20 minutes to an hour and then charge for as little as 1 hour to as much as 4 hours. Having more than one battery is a good idea if you need to do a lot of work in one day.

Gasoline Hedge Trimmer

The most powerful of them all is also the most toxic of them all. These trimmers come with a lot of costs. They create emissions, they vibrate a lot, and they require much more maintenance than the former two. They are also hard to start, based on how long they have been out of use and the quality of the gas you’re using.

So, what are the benefits of these trimmers? They are the fastest and the most powerful. Like the cordless option, they can be used anywhere with no limitations. For larger areas, these gasoline trimmers have enough fuel and power to handle the vast scape and long periods of work without dying out or needing a break.

Electric Hedge Trimmer Components


First and foremost, there’s the blade. This is the part of the machine that will actually trim the hedges, bushes, thatches, and overgrown plantation in your yard.

To explain it a little, the longer the blade, the faster the job gets done. If it’s an easy job that requires only a trim then you’re better off with a big blade that can easily and quickly get the job done. However, if you’re looking to shape, tune, and cut to a certain degree of complexity, you should use a smaller blade that allows you more maneuvering control.

Double-sided blades are the new craze for trimmers. This makes them more versatile and adapts for more complex trimmings. Granted, they make the machine heavier but this is a small cost to pay.

The spacing in between the teeth will determine how large of a branch your trimmer can cut. The bigger the spacing, the bigger the branch. The smaller the spacing, the more precise and controlled the cuttings will be.


Handles are best positioned in the rear of the blade or above the blade, closing in on the center of the actual machine. The handle should be comfortable, easy to hold, and shock-proof since you’re going to be dealing with a lot of vibrations.

Vibrations can really rattle your focus and make you dizzy. They can also cause you to lose control over the machine, which is not what you want. It’s for this reason you have to find a handle that minimizes the shock-effect on your hand so you can remain steady and focused on the hedge ahead of you.

Safety Features

  • Automatic Brake

This works when you turn off the machine. To make sure there are no accidents when you are putting the trimmer down, this automatic brake stops the blade from turning almost instantly.

  • Dual Switch

To make sure you have a fastened grip on the machine before it starts, this additional feature requires both of your hands to be fastened on the machine before you begin. This means without two hands on the machine, it’s not going to start.

  • Hand Guard

To protect your hands from any debris, twigs, or branches being swung backward, most new models come with a hand guard. This prevents anything from cutting your hand.

  • Protective Gear

You always want to make sure you’re wearing safety equipment when working with a trimmer. Things such as gloves, goggles, ear muffs, and even a helmet all help minimize the risk of any accidents taking place. Wear sturdy clothes you’re ready to get dirty and non-slip shoes; preferably boots with teeth at the bottom for grip.


For starters, the delight of having a cordless machine is one that cannot be beaten. DEWALT, a big name, and trusted provider, ensures that you enjoy the said luxury with a great performance to complement it.

This machine is not only cordless with a rechargeable battery but lightweight and easy to maneuver around bushes, thickets, and branches. It can work with you for up to an hour with consistent and precise results.

Other machines that use either a cord or gas already find themselves at a disadvantage. DEWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer has a long-running blade of 22 inches and resistance against vibration that helps you maintain a steady hand.

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