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7 Best Garden Forks of 2022 – Top Pitchfork & Digging Fork Reviews

Garden forks are one of the indispensable tools you need to use in your garden. Most people recognize this type of fork when they talk about the classic garden pitchforks. Anyway, with long-handled garden forks, you can dig deeper holes. The small ones are more convenient for indoor use.

This tool usually has three to four narrow tines with pointed tips which can cut through even the hardest soil. Moreover, due to these curvatures, you can quickly turn even through the thickest clay. All in all, choosing the best garden fork will make a difference for sure, especially when it comes to heavy-duty gardening work.


The Best Garden Fork on the Market 2022

1. Fiskars Ergo D-Handle Steel Garden Fork (Our Top Recommended)

Fiskars Ergo D-handle Steel Garden Fork (47 Inch)

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Thanks to angled D-handle, Fiskars Ergo D-handle steel garden fork will keep your wrist in a neutral, comfortable position. Plus, the teardrop-shaped shaft fits almost every shape of hands, which means that you will work with this tool effortlessly and as comfortable as possible.

Since tines are made of welded steel and the shaft is made of heavy-duty steel, you can be sure that purchasing this fork means getting a durable and high-quality product. Full lifetime warranty and surprisingly low price are a big plus indeed.

This tool is definitely an excellent choice for you if the soil in the region you live in is sandy or hard. Also, you can use it for blending compost, spreading mulch, lifting garden waste, lifting hay, and adding peat moss into your beds.

If you are a tall person, this model, with the 47 inches (1.2 m) length handle (which is longer handle than most other garden forks on the market have), is definitely a desirable option. An additional advantage is that its steel handle won’t flex like those made of fiberglass.

Long, sharp boron-steel tines can penetrate and loosen even hard and dense soil. By buying this multi-functional garden tool, you will get a reliable and practical unit that will facilitate you the heavy work in the garden.


  • This fantastic tool is made of welded steel
  • It is stronger than most other similar models
  • It is surprisingly inexpensive
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • Some costumers feel that the tines of this model are not sharp enough

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2. Radius Garden 203 PRO Ergonomic Stainless-Steel Digging Fork

Radius Garden 203 PRO Garden Stainless Steel Digging Fork, One Size, Original Green

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Thanks to the unique, ergonomic, and revolutionary O-shaped handle, Radius garden 203 PRO ergonomic stainless-steel fork is a fantastic model for every gardener. This shape significantly reduces the stress of your hands and wrists. Since made of the non-slip material, this handle is comfortable for hard gardening work. Plus, it is big enough for both your hands.

With the stainless-steel head and four highly-sharp, square-shaped tines, you can use this fork to turn sod, move mulch and debris, and penetrate almost every type of soil, including the most stubborn one.

If you know that it is almost impossible to break or bend its shaft, made of resin-encased steel, you can be sure that this model is worth every cent you paid for.

The total weight of this professional quality tool is 4.8 pounds (2.2 kg). Measured from the grip to the end of the tines, this fork is 42.9 inches (1.1 m) long.


  • Its head made of stainless steel with four sharp diamond-shape tines are strong and durable
  • Solid steel shaft provides superior strength
  • The slip-resistant, O-shaped handle will make your gardening work comfortable
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • The customer service that the manufacturer offers is unsatisfactory
  • Tines may break off since they are a bit brittle
  • You will need time to get used to the weird shape of the handle

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3. Truper 30293 30-Inch 4 Tined Spading Garden Fork

Truper 30293 Tru Tough Spading Fork, 4-Tine, D-Handle, 30-Inch

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With a 30 inches (76 cm) long handle made of North American ash wood, Truper 30293 30-inch four-tined spading fork has a long lifespan. Also, this model is known for its excellent efficiency in shock absorption.

The length from the grip to the tip of the tines is 40 inches (1 m). With a total weight of 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg), this model is lightweight enough to make hard work in your garden as much comfortable and effortless as possible.

A D-grip handle makes this robust tool very comfortable to use. This shape will help you to have the necessary balance and take better control over the fork during gardening work. You can use this practical fork to turn up the soil, compost, or hay and to dig through compacted dirt.

It comes with a head with four tines made of gray steel. With its clear coat, the head is extra protected, and the durability of this tool is ensured. Plus, it makes cleaning much quicker. You just need to rinse your fork with a hose and spray coating with a silicone spray from time to time.


  • This model has a comfortable and practical D-grip handle
  • It has four tines with high-sharp points which are really helpful
  • The ash handle is durable
  • Free-replacement 10-year warranty


  • Since tines are a bit brittle, they may break over time
  • It is not a fork of choice for heavy-duty use
  • There are some issues with quality control

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4. Spear & Jackson 4552BF Stainless Steel Border Fork

Spear & Jackson 4552BF Traditional Stainless Steel Border Fork

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Designed in a traditional style, Spear & Jackson 4552BF stainless steel border fork features narrow head made of polished stainless steel and four long and highly sharp tines.

Since its head is unusually narrow, you can use this tool in a tiny space where you have no much possibility of excessive manipulation. Also, the steel used for manufacturing this part of the fork has minimal soil adhesion. That means that you need just to rinse it a bit with water after finishing your work.

This rust-resistant head has a long lifespan. Moreover, it is connected to a weatherproofed, hardwood shaft which splits at the top. A comfortable wishbone handle will offer you full control during gardening work.

Since it weighs just 3.1 pounds (1.4 kg), it is one of the best lightweight garden forks on the market. It is perfect for you if you don’t want to handle heavy and robust tools. The total length of this model is 37.6 inches (95.5 cm).


  • Its mirror-polished head made of stainless steel is entirely rust-resistant
  • A shaft made of one-piece weatherproofed hardwood makes this tool durable and reliable
  • 10-year warranty


  • The tines can snap since they are just covered with stainless steel over a relatively weak core

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5. Ames Floral Spading Garden Fork With Four Tines

AMES 2916400 4-Tine Floral Spading Fork

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The dimensions of Ames floral spading fork with four tines are almost perfect for most jobs you need to finish in your garden. This fork is 45.5 inches (1.15 m) long, and it weighs just 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg).

The long hardwood handle absorbs most of the shocks and makes your hard gardening work much more comfortable. It is an ideal choice for you if you have a garden with raised beds.

Thanks to its durable and robust head, made of forged steel, and four highly sharp tines, you can use this tool for digging the soil. After purchasing this model, you will discover how loosening the compact soil can be fast, and without using too much energy.

You may become surprised when noticing its bright overall appearance, but don’t be concerned. This tool is not prone to staining in general. Plus, you will discover how fast the process of maintaining and cleaning this fork is.


  • This fork is one of the most lightweight models to work with
  • The long hardwood handle is durable and makes hard gardening work much easier
  • It is an inexpensive model
  • 15-year warranty


  • The D-handle is made of flimsy and loose plastic, and it is connected to the wooden shaft by just one fastener
  • It is not sturdy enough for turning hard soil and compacted dirt

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6. True Temper Forged Spading Fork With Four Tines

True Temper 2812200 4-Tine Spading Digging Fork with 30 in. Hardwood D-Grip Handle, 30 Inch

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With forged spading fork-head and four diamond-pointed tines made of steel, True Temper forged spading fork with four tines is an excellent American model. This 46.2 inches (1.17 m) long tool weighs about 3.9 pounds (1.8 kg).

Thanks to poly D-Grip, which works as an added leverage, you will get extra strength and better control while digging. This part, colored in a bright shade of yellow, is positioned at the end of the fork’s hardwood handle. Since it is highly comfortable in your hand, it will make hard gardening work much easier for you.

Its 30 inches (76 cm) long hardwood handle with a forged head is strong and durable, and you will probably use it for years. Moreover, you will have better control of the tool since the material it is made of is negligible flexible.

Thanks to its long, sharp, and broad tines, this fork can penetrate almost every soil without too much effort. In fact, these four diamond steel tines make this model the best option for working on hard ground.


  • It has an excellent forged spading fork-head
  • Its four steel tines make soil penetration much more effortless
  • The hardwood handle is strong and durable
  • Fantastic poly D-Grip provides added leverage and better control


  • When used for some hard work, you can expect a few of the tines bend
  • Tines are too flat and small
  • The head may separate from the shaft over time

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7. Flexrake CLA324 Hand Garden Fork

Flexrake CLA324 Classic Hand Fork

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If you are nostalgic, Flexrake CLA324 hand fork is a perfect choice for you. This beautiful little tool will reminiscent of a glorious tradition of early gardening in the US. I know that you get used to garden forks with a long handle, but this 7.2 ounces (205 g) heavy fork is an excellent model for your small garden.

You can get this striking-looked fork at an affordable price and use it without much effort for years. It is designed to look traditionally and a little bit antique.

This durable tool has three sturdy carbon steel tines which are 12.6 inches (32 cm) long. In general, you can finish almost every small or medium scale gardening job with this cute unit.

I really like its 13 inches (33 cm) long, hand-turned oak handle. It is really outstanding craftsmanship! The best of all is that both the oak handle and steel blades won’t bend while working in your garden.


  • This model features quality craftsmanship
  • Beautiful oak handle is hand-turned, durable, and sturdy
  • Tines are made of heavy grade carbon steel and won’t bend
  • This is an inexpensive model


  • Decorative grooves on the oak handle collect moist soil and have no practical purpose
  • Wrong angled tines can be ineffective
  • The metal part above the tines can bend easily
  • You can’t use this model for heavy duty work

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How to Pick Out the Best Garden Fork

Garden Fork Reviews

When it comes to buying necessary hand tools such as garden forks, people usually choose to spend as little cash as possible. However, you should be smarter than that.

Why would you purchase a cheap tool and basically waste your money when it breaks the first time you use it? It is always a better solution for buying the high-quality garden fork which will last you a lifetime.

Let’s see what features you should keep in mind when picking out the best garden fork you need for your garden.

The tines and head 

Garden Fork Tines

Those two are probably the crucial parts of your garden fork. Whenever it is possible, you should choose a fork with forged steel tines and head. In general, this material won’t bend or break under average usage. That means that you can use your fork forever if you don’t overwork it.

On the other hand, cheap forks made of aluminum alloy are acceptable for light-duty work. However, they are not recommended for most gardening work since they can bend easily.

Tine shape 

Garden Fork Tine Shape

You should pick out the shape of tines depending on the purpose of your new garden fork. Keep in mind that round tines won’t be good enough for digging or turning over the ground.

Therefore, you should choose a garden fork with flat-faced tines, to effortlessly turn over compost or soil for better aeration. However, if you need the fork for harvesting root crops, you will need a fork with blunt tips.

One more thing! Always try to buy a garden fork with four tines. You don’t need extra tines, which are usually thinner and designed just for harvesting.


Garden Fork Handle

You should pick out a fork with a long handle to reduce the amount of effort while working. Usually, it is enough buying the fork with a standard, 30 inches (76 cm) long handle.

As for the material, the best options are handles made of steel, hardwood, or fiberglass. If you choose wood or steel handle, be prepared that your fork will be quite heavy. Plus, steel can rust. On the other hand, fiberglass handles are lightweight, but they may break down much easier.

Handle shape 

Garden Fork Handle Shape

There are a few options, which means that you can pick out the fork with T or D shaped handle, or decide to buy a round or a straight one. I believe that it will depend on your taste and won’t affect the quality of your garden fork.

Keep in mind that T shaped handle can break quickly. Also, if you choose a cheap fork with a handle made of poor-quality plastic, they may break under heavy use.


Garden Fork Construction

There are a few ways to assemble the garden forks. Traditionally, the old forks with wooden handles were made by using a method which includes heating the metal collar and insertion the handle into the sleeve. In the end, the tool was plunged into cold water to get the metal shrunk and sealed to the handle.

Since the handle made in this way can work loose, it is better choosing the fork with riveted head. Also, an excellent option is a tool with a head which is bolted. Nowadays, you can buy a steel fork made as a single piece.


In my opinion, Fiskars Ergo D-handle steel garden fork is the best model of this useful tool you can find on the market these days. My favorite part is its angled D-handle, which keeps a wrist in a neutral, comfortable position. Plus, the perfectly designed shaft will fit your hand and allow you to work effortlessly and comfortably.

The additional advantage of this fantastic tool is the possibility to use it even if your soil is sandy or hard. Also, it is useful for blending compost, spreading mulch, lifting garden waste, lifting hay, and adding peat moss into your bed.

With the steel handle of 47 inches (1.2 m), this fork is an excellent choice for tall people and hard work. By buying this multi-functional garden tool, you will get a reliable and inexpensive unit with a full lifetime warranty. You deserve the best. Go for it!

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