7 Best Garden Hose Reels 2019 – Top Water Hose Reel Reviews

As any dedicated gardener will know, a loose hose can be a pain. They can easily become tangled and kinks in the hose can also prevent water from flowing properly.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution – a hose reel. There are many great options, so here are our picks for best garden hose reel.

Best Garden Hose Reel Comparison Chart 2019





Liberty Garden 704 Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Wall Mountable


Suncast PW100 Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel



RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

Wall Mountable


HOSELINK Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Wall Mountable


Klutch Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel

Wall Mountable


Strongway Parallel Or Perpendicular Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

Wall Mountable


Hozelock 2415 2-N-1 Compact Reel

Wall Mountable


The Best Garden Hose Reel On The Market 2019

1. Liberty Garden 704 Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel (Our Top Recommended)

This decorative hose reel is made of non-rust cast aluminum that is resistant to weather and corrosion. It features brass and aluminum plumbing fixtures and is designed to hold a ⅝” hose of up to 125ft in length.

There’s so much to love about this hose reel. Unlike modern-style plastic versions, this reel features a classic design with attractive spiral flourishes. This is not just a functional unit – this hose reel will also enhance the look of your yard.

It comes fully assembled and is easy to install. You simply attach it to a wall and you’re ready to go. By mounting this hose reel at a comfortable height, you will also be able to save yourself from having to bend down every time you need to use the hose.

One feature we really appreciate is the 7” x 14” shelf on top. This gives you a convenient place to store garden tools where you can find them easily – or alternatively, you can decorate it with potted plants or flowers.

The fact that it is wall-mounted means it will also save you space in your garden, rather than cluttering it up, as with a regular hose reel. Once it is mounted on the wall, it is out of the way and will keep your hose wound up until needed.

This hose reel is well-built, sturdy and designed to last, with a weather resistant powder coat finish for an even longer lifespan.

On the downside, this reel might be a little more expensive than other models – but it looks lovely and represents great value for money. Another negative worth pointing out is that it doesn’t come with mounting hardware, so you need to buy this separately.

However, despite these minor flaws, if you are looking for a hose reel that is practical at the same time as being visually appealing, this could be a wonderful option.

What We Like

  • Built to last – made of non-rust cast aluminum with a weather-resistant coating
  • Shelf on top – gives you a convenient place to store tools or place plants
  • Wall-mounted – helps you save space in your yard
  • Classic design – more attractive than nondescript modern-style hose reels
  • Can hold up to 125ft of ⅝” hose – plenty of capacity to store your hose

What We Don't Like

  • Not cheap – but you have to expect to pay more for something of this quality
  • Doesn’t include mounting hardware – needs to be bought separately

2. HOSELINK Automatic Retractable Garden Hose Reel (Our 2th Pick)

This hose with winder is designed to be a complete watering system for your garden. It includes an 82ft pre-fitted hose with a metal seven-mode spray gun, as well as all the fittings required to mount it on the wall.

It is extremely easy to mount using the brackets and fittings included, and if you want to remove it for storage or any other purpose, it simply lifts out of the wall mount. It has two handles to make it easy to carry or transport. The bracket swivels through 180° to make it easier to pull out and use.

The reel mechanism is well constructed, making it smooth and easy to pull the hose out or to wind it back in. To initiate the automatic winding mechanism, all you need to do is give it a gentle tug and it begins rewinding. It is designed to prevent any tangles or kinks in the hose as you use it.

It also features Hoselink no-leak fittings that are easy to attach and work to prevent any water dribbling out and being wasted.

Above all, what we appreciate most about this hose reel system is that it is a high-quality piece of garden equipment. Although it may be priced above some of the other hose reels you may come across, this one is built to perform well and will last a long time.

There’s a lot to like about this hose, and one of the only things you won’t like is the price. However, this is a quality piece of equipment and still represents great value for money. Some people might also need a few tries to master the recoil mechanism, but it’s not hard when you know how.

If you are looking for a durable and dependable reel with a generous length of hose for all your garden watering requirements, then this model could be well worth checking out.

What We Like

  • Complete watering system – includes hose and 7-mode spray gun
  • Easy to mount on wall – brackets and fittings are included
  • Well-constructed mechanism – makes it simple to reel in or out
  • Hoselink no-leak fittings – designed to reduce leaks and water wastage
  • 180°swivel bracket – follows your direction as you work

What We Don't Like

  • More expensive unit – although you expect to pay more for quality
  • Can take a few tries to master the rewind action – although easy once you know how

3. Suncast PW100 Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel

If you are looking for a hose reel that will help keep your yard tidy while also removing the need to wind up your hose manually after each use, this could be worth a look.

The automatic foot pedal-operated winding mechanism will save you from having to bend over or exerting yourself unnecessarily. The unit comes supplied with a powerful 12v SLA rechargeable battery and charger that will give you up to 20 uses or more between charges.

The battery is easy to remove when you need to charge it.

This hose reel comes fully assembled and features a well-constructed tangle-free design. The smart track system guides the hose in as it winds, meaning the hose never becomes tangled inside the unit and is always ready to roll out as required.

Even though it is battery-powered, it also features a back-up hand crank just in case you forget to charge the battery. We also like the storage compartment on the side – a useful practical touch.

There’s not much to dislike about this hose reel. If we have to find some faults, we might say that it lacks any convenient handles, making it awkward to move. It is also largely made of plastic, and some people might not like its bulky square look.

Overall, this is a well-designed unit that gives you a quick, easy and effective way of winding up your hose without requiring any effort on your part. With an automatic hose winder like this, you can take a little bit of the hard work out of gardening.

This unit is designed to accommodate a regular ⅝” hose of up to 100 feet in length – however, note that the hose itself is not included.

What We Like

  • Automatic rewind with foot pedal – no more winding up your hose by hand
  • Powerful 12v battery included – allows you to wind around 20 times on each charge
  • Smart track system – guides the hose in as it winds, avoiding tangles
  • Hand crank – allows you to wind up by hand in case you forget to recharge the battery
  • Storage compartment – a useful and functional addition

What We Don't Like

  • Nowhere convenient to hold – makes it more awkward to move about
  • Largely constructed of plastic – some people might not like the aesthetics

4. RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

For anyone who wants a simple and effective spring-loaded hose reel that also includes the hose itself, this model from Flo-Master could be a good pick.

It is a wall-mounted model, meaning you can attach it to a wall at a comfortable height and save yourself a lot of bending that you might have to do if you had a ground-based hose winder.

Once in place, the mounting brackets allow the unit to swivel through 180° – so it will follow your direction as you drag it out, offering less resistance and making it easier to pull. Everything you need to mount it on the wall is included in the box.

A 65ft, ⅝” hose is included with an eight-pattern adjustable spray nozzle, so you won’t have to worry about buying the hose separately.

This unit also includes several features that make it a very practical option. Once it is mounted, it is easy to remove from the bracket. This means it’s easy to take down for winter storage, for example. It also has a carrying handle, making it easier to transport.

Since this is a spring-loaded hose reel, you won’t need to worry about winding manually or charging a battery for the hose-winding mechanism. It features a lock for when you don’t want it to wind back in and an automatic hose guide to ensure it doesn’t tangle when retracting.

Just a couple of minor issues with this model. First, although it is well built for the price, it is slightly lower quality than some more expensive models and we are a little concerned over how many seasons’ use it will give you.

Second, it can have some trouble winding back up if you pull it out too far – although this is no problem if you are careful not to overextend it.

Other than these small negatives, this would be the ideal option for someone who wants a hose that will reel itself in without the need for a battery that has to be recharged. This is a simple, effective and reliable model that should provide you with many summers of use.

What We Like

  • Wall-mounted – keeps hose tidy and saves you lots of bending
  • Swivels through 180°– follows your movements as you work
  • 65” hose included – no need to buy one separately
  • Spring loaded – no need for manual winding and no need to worry about batteries
  • Automatic hose guide – ensures the hose doesn’t tangle when winding in

What We Don't Like

  • Slightly inferior quality – a question mark over how many years it will last
  • Has trouble retracting if pulled out too far – be careful not to overextend

5. Klutch Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel

If you need a tough and durable hose that is built to stand up to some rough treatment and still perform to the highest standards, this could be the model you are searching for.

It includes several adaptations that make this a hose that will withstand more than just the average rigors of everyday use. The housing is made of tough steel with an anti-corrosion powder-coat finish and it also boasts a heavy-duty guide arm to make it easy to use.

The brackets are designed to be mounted anywhere – on the floor, on the wall or even on the ceiling – giving you extra flexibility over how you use it. There is also an auto-wind feature with a ratchet to lock the hose, allowing you to work with just as much as you need.

The 50ft hose itself is also heavy duty and is rated to withstand pressure up to 300 PSI, allowing you to deliver a powerful jet of water. The four-direction non-snag rollers make the whole unit more flexible while also reducing wear and tear to increase the hose’s lifespan.

We just have a couple of negative points to mention regarding this reel. First, the hose itself is only 50ft – this is fine for working in a workshop but might not be enough if you need extra reach. Also, this is a functional unit, so it might not look so attractive installed on display in your yard.

This would be an ideal hose to install in a workshop but would also perform admirably as a wall-mounted hose outside. This could be the right option for anyone looking for a tough hose reel that is built to last. A recommended product.

What We Like

  • Tough and durable – tough steel with heavy-duty arm guide and anti-corrosion finish
  • Strong 50ft hose included – can withstand pressure up to 300PSI
  • Four-direction no-snag rollers – more flexible and easier to use
  • Can be mounted anywhere – on the floor, wall or even the ceiling
  • Auto-rewind feature – also includes a ratchet to lock the hose

What We Don't Like

  • 50ft hose may be short for some – not ideal if you need more reach
  • Designed for workshop use – will not look attractive hung in a yard

6. Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel

This is a rugged manually-operated wall-mounted hose reel that would be suitable for anyone who values durability and simplicity. It is a solid, old-fashioned and uncomplicated hose reel that does the job hose reels have always done without any fancy gimmicks.

It has a dual-mounting capability, enabling you to choose a configuration that is either perpendicular or parallel to the wall. It is also possible to choose a left- or right-handed position, giving you even more flexibility to adjust it to your needs.

It can hold up to 150ft of hose, much more than many other hose reels. This means you won’t need to worry about not having enough reach, whatever you use it for. The hose is rated at 150 PSI, again, higher than many comparable models, allowing you to deliver a high-powered jet of water.

The housing is made from tough steel and has a powder-coated finish to protect it from the weather and from corrosion.

One issue to bear in mind is that this is a heavy hose reel and will need a solid wall to be mounted on. It is also large and bulky, so you need to choose carefully where you mount it or it will stick out from the wall and take up space in your yard.

This hose reel would be the right pick for someone who prefers a heavy-duty item that is built to do the business rather than something with lots of fancy frills. If you want a manual hose reel that allows you extra hose length and that will last a long time, this model comes highly recommended.

What We Like

  • Uncomplicated hose reel – does its job without any frills or gimmicks
  • Dual-mounting capability – can be mounted perpendicular or parallel to the wall
  • Suitable for left- or right-handed use – gives you added flexibility
  • Holds up to 150ft of hose – one of the largest capacities available
  • Hose rated at 150PSI – allows you to deliver a high-powered jet of water

What We Don't Like

  • Heavy unit – needs to be mounted on a strong wall
  • Large and bulky – will stick out and take up space in your yard

7. Hozelock 2415 2-n-1 Compact Reel

For an elegant solution to keeping your yard clean and clutter-free, this hose reel from Hozelock could be worth investigating.

It is a plastic wall-mounted model that keeps your hose wrapped up inside to protect it from excessive wear and tear when not in use. It is a manual hose reel, which means there is no chance of anything going wrong with electrical parts – you just wind up your hose by hand when you need to.

It is easy to assemble and easy to mount, and it includes a carrying handle to make it easier to carry if you need to change its position. It is designed to be assembled without the need for any special tools – although of course, tools are required to mount it on the wall.

It comes with a 25m (over 80ft) starter hose, making it more suitable for use in smaller yards. It also has a handy viewing window that allows you to see how much hose is still left inside.

This product is built to last, too. Hozelock are so confident in their product that they back it with a two-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. Even after that, it’s easy to buy spare parts if anything breaks, meaning this is a hose reel that should last for many years.

We like the way this hose reel looks. It has a contemporary design style that will not look out of place in most modern gardens. We also like the way it is easy to use – there’s no reason to make a hose reel more complicated than it needs to be, and this simple unit is all that many people require.

One thing we might suggest is not perfect is that you need to feed the hose in manually to avoid tangles – many other models have an automatic feed mechanism that does this for you. Also, the hose head seems to dribble slightly when water is on – but this is just a minor gripe.

Overall, this is a recommended option for anyone looking for a simple, effective hose reel that looks good, will keep your garden hose tidy and safe and who doesn’t want anything over-complicated. If this sounds like what you need, this hose reel is definitely worth a look.

What We Like

  • Keeps hose coiled up safely inside – protects it from wear and tear
  • Easy to assemble and mount – most people will be able to finish the job in no time
  • Great look – pleasing on the eye with a stylish modern design
  • Simple to operate – keeps things as simple as possible
  • Carrying handle makes it easy to move – can change its location as required

What We Don't Like

  • No automatic feed – you need to feed the hose in manually to avoid tangles
  • Hose head dribbles a little when on – although this is a minor problem

Benefits of Using a Garden Hose Reel

Every home and commercial property should have a reliable, high-quality hose reel for numerous reasons. I will give you a few crucial ones:


You can use the hose reel to store every possible hose, including an air compressor hose or a water hose, for example.


It is essential behaving responsibly and thinking about the safety of your family. Garden hose (often green and made of rubber), left all across the pathway and your flourish garden, is hard to spot and slippery and always represent a hazard. I am sure that you don't want a member of your family (or you) trips over and get hurt.

Plant protection

After leaving a hose on grass, you can accidentally pull it and injure your plants.


We usually use the hose in our gardens daily during the spring and summer. Also, we can use it for car washing, maintenance of stone paths and driveways, and even water fight with our children. The reel is a smart solution to protect your hose and keep it in good shape. It is surprising how drastically a hose reel can increase the shelf life of your garden hose.

Prevention of kinks and knots

A hose roller is a perfect solution for correct storing of your garden hose and avoiding possible knotting and kinking. That way, you will also increase the longevity of your hose. If you buy a reel with a protective casing, the hose will be protected from UV rays and bad weather conditions.

Prevention of leaks 

While winding your garden hose after using it, you will easily see if it leaks. Saving water is essential, plus your water bills will be lower.

Excellent organization

By using a hose reel, you will reduce the clutter in your garden. Being well-organized is a considerable advantage when you have a lot of stuff and tools all around.


With a hose reel, you will have less work to do. For example, you will skip cleaning up and an annoying part of unraveling your hose and wrapping it in a loop every time after watering your garden.

Attractive decoration

The hose reels come in different fashionable colors and can be very attractively designed. In this way, the rubber, unsightly garden hose, which has been a problem and a nuisance for years, can become a kind of decoration in your garden.

What To Consider When Deciding To Buy A Garden Hose Reel?

There is a list of primary things you should consider before buying a garden hose.

Which Type of hose Reel right for you?

You can find two types of hose reels:


A free-standing, portable hose reel is a reliable choice, and you can move it around your yard as needed. You don't need any installation for it, but be prepared that they are usually sizeable and heavy to move.


A wall-mounted hose reel is convenient if you want to mount it on a wall in your garage. That way, you will maximize your storage space, but you need an expert to install it.

There is also an option to buy a wall-mountable hose reel with extra portability. You can keep it on the wall, but also detach it when needed.

What's the best Length of the garden hose reel?

Keep in mind that, in this particular case, longer is not better. You should buy the hose long enough for your needs, not longer. You can find garden hoses in different lengths and can choose between 25 feet (7.5 m), 50 feet (15 m), 75 feet (23 m), and 100 feet (30.5 m) long one.

Even though a longer hose can be used for multiple purposes, you should avoid buying too long one because it is harder for moving around, costs more, needs more space for storing and can be difficult to drain.

The best way to determine the right length of your hose is to measure the distance from the spigot and the farthest point of your yard. For the most urban yards, a 50-foot (15 m) long hose is a perfect choice. If you occasionally need a longer hose, you can buy two shorter ones. Use one regularly and put them together when needed.

What's the best Water Flow for your garden hose reel?

Water flow represents the result of subtracting the inside hose diameter and its width. Commonly, a diameter of a garden hose is 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) to 0.75 inches (2 cm). The most useful hose is the one with a width of a five-eighths inch (1.6 cm).

Garden Hose Reel Strength

You should pick out the level of your hose strength depending on the maximum water pressure it can endure (burst pressure). If you use a sprinkler, you should look for a hose with a 'burst pressure' higher than 350 psi.

What's the best Material?

The garden hoses can come in a range of materials, including vinyl, rubber, or their combination. People like vinyl hoses because they are cheap and pretty light, but the best choice for your garden hose is definitely rubber. Vinyl is not sturdy enough, and it is prone to cracking, kinking, and splitting, especially after exposing harsh weather.

Rubber hoses are durable, reliable, and long-lasting. On the other hand, they are more expensive, and it can be hard carrying the heavy hose throughout the garden.

If you prefer a middle-of-the-road option, you can use the benefits of both materials and buy a hose made of a combination of rubber and vinyl, with a mesh lining between the two layers.

I don't like this combination because those hoses can leach chemicals into the water. Avoid drinking water from it or just buy a better quality hose made of polyurethane which is built to leach dangerous chemicals.


A flexible garden hose is always a better choice because you can store and use it more efficiently. However, it will kink and split easier as well. Try the 'kink test' before buying one. Just bend the hose into a ‘U’ and avoid those that kinks.


Coupling is the end piece that you will attach to your hose or sprinkler. Plastic couplings are cheap, but prone to leaks and can crack quickly.

Metal (brass) couplings can be stamped or cast. Stamped metal couplings are not a recommended choice because they are thin and heavy to tighten. Cast ones are octagonal and thicker, and you should turn them with a wrench. They are leak-resistant and pretty durable.

Several different styles

As you can see, there are several different types, from electrically-powered models to decorative hose reels or heavy-duty, industrial-style options. For any dedicated gardener who wants to keep their yard tidy and safe, any of our recommendations for best garden hose reel will do a great job.

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