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7 Best Hose End Sprayers (Reviews of 2022)

To maintain a healthy garden, you need to spray insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides. Subsequently, you need a hose end sprayer for administering these concentrates.

A hose end sprayer is the best solution for any avid gardener thanks to its design. It siphons chemicals from a container and mixes with water for easier spraying. Hose end sprayers are perfect as they save you the trouble of having to carry a bulky contraption.

However, picking the best product can be a daunting task. Here is a review of the 7 best hose end sprayers to help you make an informed decision.


The Best Hose End Sprayer on the Market 2022

1. Blue Mule Spray All 50B Hose End Sprayer

Blue Mule Spray-All 50B: Medium-Volume Hose-End Chemical Sprayer

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If you are willing to spend a small fortune on a hose end sprayer, then the Blue Mule is for you. However, it is worth the cost given the quality First, the product is made of heavy-duty machine polypropylene, and you can expect it to last. It can withstand corrosion, bumps, and falls without damage.

The tank has a wide opening and filling it with concentrates will be a walk in the park. Also, the tank is substantial at 32 ounces allowing you to cover large areas with ease. The handle, head, and nozzle are made of plastic with some metallic parts. The metallic bits are used to reinforce the weak points increasing the life of the tool.

Another fascinating aspect of the Blue Mule is the padded grip. It increases comfort, allowing you to work for long hours with virtually no fatigue. Furthermore, the trigger has a lock on the feature to hold in place, so you don’t have to. The fan nozzle allows quick and efficient coverage, and can easily reach up to 20-feet. It is therefore ideal for spraying trees. Finally, it has 20 color-coded metering tips to provide dilution ratios.


  • Quality – If you are on the hunt for a hose end sprayer that can last you close to a decade, consider purchasing the Blue Mule.
  • Power – The unit can siphon even the most viscous of concentrates.
  • It has a large capacity enabling you to work for more extended periods.
  • Quick and efficient coverage thanks to the fan nozzle.
  • The volume output is noteworthy at 2.3 gallons per minute.
  • It is multi-purpose and can be used for more than garden work. You can use it in carwashes and to clean stables.


  • It is pricey

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2. HD Hudson Hose End Sprayer

HD Hudson 62140GT Green Thumb Chameleon Hose End Sprayer

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The Hudson 60000GT is best for people on the hunt for a mid-range hose end sprayer. It is not as pricey as our top pick but not as affordable as the Ortho. It happens to be the perfect mix between cost and quality.

One exciting feature of the 60000GT is the robust build. It has a durable polymer bottle which will withstand abuse in the form of bumps and chemicals. Moreover, the mix head is brass, while the handle is metallic. Though these add weight to the tool, they also increase the durability. The unit has a locking mechanism, so you don’t have to hold the handle to keep it depressed.

The sprayer has a 16-ounce capacity allowing you to cover large areas without the need to refill. Furthermore, you can put back any remaining concentrate in its chemical container.

The Hudson 60000GT is also quite versatile thanks to the flexible range between 1 and 10 tablespoons or teaspoons. You will have to insert the orifice to change it to teaspoons and remove it to change it back to tablespoons. Moreover, it includes a deflector that allows you to direct the mixture, and it has three spray patterns: shrub, lawn, and tree. Here are some pros and cons:


  • It is durable thanks to the brass head and polymer bottle.
  • The instructions are printed on the bottle saving you the trouble of hunting for them in the yard.
  • It has an anti-siphon valve which functions as a one direction check valve.
  • It locks in pretty tight, preventing all leakage.
  • Versatile with 16 mixing ratios and no pre-mixing needed.


  • The tank has a small neck increasing the likelihood of spilling the concentrate.
  • The plastic connector where you screw in the container is junk.

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3. Chapin International G362 Hose End Sprayer

Chapin International G362 All Purpose Hose-End Sprayer, 1 Pack, Translucent White

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The Chapin G362 happens to be a mid-range unit, and it offers a great balance of cost and value. It is light and easy to use, while still being durable to withstand abuse. The container is plastic and can hold up 16-ounces of concentrate. The unit has a comfortable metallic handle with a lock on feature, so you don’t have to hold it to keep it depressed. The head, on the other hand, is brass, and thus you can expect longevity.

One fascinating feature of the Chapin G362 is the deflector. It allows you to direct the mixture in one of four directions: up, down, right, or left. The unit has a reach of 10 feet with the deflector, but it can get to 30 feet without, i.e., in stream mode. Stream mode is best when spraying trees. Also, this sprayer can fit into any hose saving you the need to purchase a specific hose end.

You will also appreciate the versatility owing to the 16 mixture rations in tablespoons and teaspoon measure ratios. Use the orifice to change from tablespoon to teaspoon. As for the instructions, they are on the bottle, and thus you don’t have to worry about hunting for the manual in the shed.


  • It is durable thanks to the metallic construction.
  • Includes a built-in screen/filter that ensures it no debris reaches the head.
  • It includes an anti-siphon valve preventing backflow.
  • The screen is removable if you are dealing with a viscous concentrate.
  • It works with any hosepipe saving you the trouble of looking for a specific hose.
  • It can spray up to 100 gallons.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Though the screen is removable, it does not work well with viscous concentrates.
  • The tube does not pick the fluid at the bottom.

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4. Ortho Dial N Hose End Sprayer

Ortho 0841010 Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer

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With a 32-ounce capacity, we recommend the Ortho Dial N Spray for people who are looking to apply pesticides on a larger area. It can cover twice the space our previous picks can cover before you need to refill. However, it is bulky at 1-pound, and thus you can expect some hand fatigue, especially after long periods of use.

The Ortho is made of solid plastic construction. It is not as durable as the rest though it will last albeit with a lot of care.  The plastic construction, though, ensures that it is a low-cost unit for gardeners on a budget. The design too, is stunning and makes the sprayer easy to use thanks to the trigger and comfortable grip. Furthermore, the handle is extended to keep your hands dry during all applications.

You will also appreciate the versatility of the Ortho Dial N Spray. You can connect it to any Ortho concentrate bottle and spray, or you can pour the concentrate into Dial N Spray jug then attach it to a hose. The first method saves you the trouble of having to purchase the jug but limits you to Ortho concentrates, while the second allows you to use any jug but with the Ortho Dial N Spray jug.

The unit has 14 dial settings that automatically apply a precise amount of chemical, and have three patterns: shower, fan, and jet.


  • It is comfortable and easy to use.
  • It has a large capacity allowing you to cover large areas without the need to refill.
  • The jug has a wide opening reducing the likelihood of you spilling the concentrate.


  • It is a low-quality unit and should only serve as a place holder before you get a better product.
  • It leaks.
  • It is slightly bulky.

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5. Hudson 2100 Hose End Sprayer

Hudson 2100 Hose End 26 oz Sprayer

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Finalizing our list of the best hose end sprayers is the Hudson 2100. It is an affordable unit, and we recommend it for people on a budget. However, despite the low-cost, it is sturdy as it is made of high-density polyethylene. It will not only withstand bumps and falls, but it will resist acids and other chemicals.

The high-density plastic build also ensures it is light for comfort during use. Furthermore, the unit has a wide opening that keeps you from spilling concentrate, and it is simple to use. It only has three spray settings (water, on, and off). The water setting allows you to use the tool as a standard garden hose, while the on setting is for when you are using a concentrate.

The Hudson 2100 though, does not have a dial, and thus you have to make the measurements. By and large, it is a simple and affordable sprayer.


  • All the instructions are on the bottle, and thus, it is easy to use.
  • It is versatile, and you can use it as a standard garden sprayer.
  • It has a large capacity at 26 ounces.
  • It is lightweight and thus comfortable to use.


  • It does not have a dial, and thus you have to do the unceremonious work of ensuring you have the right amount of concentrate in the bottle.
  • The setting dial does not move from off to water as there is a piece of plastic in the way.
  • The inner straw does not stay in.

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6. Gilmour 362 Hose End Sprayer

Gilmour 362 Hose End Sprayer

Image: gilmour

Topping our list of the best hose end sprayers is the Gilmour 362. It is one of the priciest units, but its quality and capabilities justify the high price tag. First, you will appreciate the quality. Other than the plastic container, the sprayer has a heavy duty zinc sprayer and a brass mixing head. Therefore, you can expect it to serve you longer. The handle also has an open clip, so you don’t need to hold it to keep it depressed.

Another exciting feature of the unit is the spray pattern. It has a 6ft pattern with a 15-degree adjustable angle in any direction (up, down, left, right). As for the mixing ratio as it offers a flexible range of 16 ratios; 8 tablespoon ratios and eight teaspoon ratios — each running from 1 to 10 except for 8 and 9. The ratios are per gallon; that is, one tablespoon or teaspoon per gallon. Navigating between the tablespoon and teaspoon setting is a walk in the park thanks to the reducer. Insert the reducer on top of the tube that goes into the mixing head to reduce the ratio from tablespoon to teaspoon.

Finally, it has a decent capacity of 16 ounces.


  • It is durable thanks to the zinc and brass construction.
  • It is versatile owing to the 16 dilution range.
  • It has a removable deflector for switching to stream mode.
  • It is easy to use thanks to the instant on and off switch.
  • Easy to adjust the angle and arch of the stream.


  • The bottle opening is narrow and thus challenging to add a concentrate.
  • It leaks both at the nozzle and hose connector.
  • The siphon tube does not get to the bottom of the tank.

7. Ortho 0836560 Hose End Sprayer

Ortho 0836560 Hose End Sprayer

Image: ortho

If you are on the hunt for an affordable but dependable hose end sprayer, we recommend the Ortho 0836560. The product features a durable plastic construction that can take abuse without sustaining damage. The tank is a specialty tank that will not be destroyed when it comes into contact with chemicals. It also has a 10-year warranty, which is a statement of quality.

You will also appreciate that the sprayer is lightweight. It weighs 3.68 ounces when empty, and thus, you can use it for more extended periods without fatigue.

The Ortho can be used to spray pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides without risk of cross-contamination provided you rinse after and before every use. You should also clean the nozzle, by spraying clean water through the tip. Moreover, you will appreciate the large tank opening as it reduces the chances of spilling concentrate and you don’t have to rely on a funnel.

However, the fascinating feature of this hose end sprayer is the automatic measurement. Thanks to the dial, you don’t have to concern yourself with mixing and measuring as the product does that for you.

It also has multi-direction spraying and can be used as a tree sprayer spraying up to 25 feet provided you remove the nozzle.


  • It is lightweight allowing you to work for longer periods.
  • It is durable and backed by a lengthy warranty
  • It has a wide opening for adding concentrate. It also allows you to return the unused product to the original container.
  • Enables you to adjust the concentrate level.
  • Works as a tree sprayer.
  • You can cover a large area thanks to the flat fan spray tip.


  • The plastic nozzle isn’t durable.
  • It leaks if you get the connections wrong.


Now that you are aware of the seven best hose end sprayers, here are a few things to consider when purchasing one.

Hose End Sprayers Buying Guide

Hose End Sprayer buying guide

Though these sprayers will be handy for a variety of gardening applications, not everyone will work for you. There are many different brands and sizes, and thus you have to pick one that suits you.


Given the variety of hose end sprayers in the market, you need to determine your task to ensure you purchase the appropriate unit. If you want to apply fertilizers, then get one that is for fertilizer application. The same applies to herbicides and insecticides. The grass type and the length also influence the product you purchase.


Hose End Sprayer

The capacity of the sprayer will influence the convenience, and the time it takes to cover an area. You can get a hose end sprayer with a 1 quart capacity up to 4 gallons. When determining the size, be sure to consider the area you will be spraying, if you have a very big garden, backpack sprayer maybe a better choice.


Some of the more affordable options may be of lower quality, while the more expensive units will be of higher quality. However, not all the pricier sprayers are of better quality as you might be paying for marketing and branding. Therefore, to determine the quality, ensure the sprayer has a good seal on the hose connection and where it attaches to the tank. Furthermore, ensure the tank is durable to avoid deterioration.

Hose Compatibility

Hose End Sprayer reviews

Nothing would be as frustrating as purchasing a hose sprayer only to find it is not compatible with your expandable hose. Ensure the sprayer is compatible with your hose before buying.

Mix Ratio

We recommend units with more dial settings as they are flexible. Moreover, they save you the trouble of having to do the calculations.

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