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7 Best Hybrid Table Saws of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Choosing the right table saw can be a tough task. There are many different types to go for, and for many people, the decision of whether to go for a contractor saw or a full cabinet version can be a difficult one to make.

That’s where hybrid saws come in since they give you the best of both worlds – they offer you the high level of cutting power and accuracy of a cabinet saw but in a more mobile and compact format closer to a contractor saw.

If you think this is something you might be interested in, here are our top picks for best hybrid table saw to help you make up your mind on which one to go for.


The Best Hybrid Table Saw on the Market 2021

1. Shop Fox W1837 Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw (Our Top Recommended)

Shop Fox W1837 10' 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

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This hybrid table saw from Shop fox is designed to give you the best of both worlds. While it provides the power, ruggedness and reliability of a larger cabinet table saw, it also offers the mobility and practicality of a smaller contractor version.

It has a rip capacity of 30” on the right of the blade and 15” on the left, giving you a good level of flexibility over how you work. It also includes a precise and easy-to-adjust fence as well as a miter gauge for a range of different cuts.

We like the safety features on this machine like the removable blade guard and the anti-kickback pawls that are designed to keep the operator safe, while the precision-ground cast iron table and the cast iron trunnions are heavy-duty components that are built to last.

Where this table saw may win out over fixed cabinet saws is how easy it is to move. While it isn’t as portable as a jobsite saw, the kickstand and wheels mean it will be a lot easier to move about should you need to do so.

One negative is that the dust collection system is a little inadequate when working with a zero-clearance saw insert – although, for other applications, it works fine.

Also, we should mention that the instructions included are not well written – sometimes they are not clear enough, and in places, the steps are not logical.

However, apart from these minor gripes, this is an exceptional tool that will allow you to make fast and accurate cuts with a minimum of fuss. For anyone looking for a reliable hybrid table saw, this one could be worth taking into consideration.

What We Like

  • Dual voltage – runs on 120V or 240V
  • Rip capacity of 30” on right and 15” on left – good flexibility
  • Removable blade guard and anti-kickback pawls – important safety features
  • Stable but mobile – includes kickstand for extra mobility
  • Solid cast iron trunnions – for performance and durability

What We Don’t Like

  • Kicks up dust with zero clearance saw insert – otherwise good dust collection
  • Poorly written instructions – some of the steps are not logical

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2. Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw

Shop Fox W1851 Hybrid Cabinet Table Saw with Extension Table

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This is a different model of hybrid table saw from Shop Fox but one that shares many of the same excellent features of the model we looked at above.

Like the first saw, this is a machine that is made of heavy-duty materials, with features including the precision-ground cast iron table and wings. It also incorporates cabinet-mounted trunnions, giving you full cabinet table saw-level accuracy.

We like the quick-release blade guard that allows you to change the configuration without slowing your workflow. The guard also includes a built-in dust port to help keep your work area free of sawdust.

The most noticeable difference between this saw and the previous one is the inclusion of an extension table that allows you make cuts of up to 27” by 55”, plenty for the majority of woodworking applications most people will need the saw for.

This table saw can be configured to run on 120V or 240V, depending on what you have available – however, if you want to run it on 120V, you will need to buy an adapter separately.

The only other real downside here is that assembly can take some time. Even for those who are used to such tasks, you will want to set yourself aside at least half a day to complete the work.

All in all, this is an excellent machine that will appeal to the same kind of people who like the Shop Fox saw above but who will benefit from the extra capacity the table extension gives you. If that sound like you, you would do well to take this model into consideration.

What We Like

  • Extension table included – gives maximum cutting capacity of 27” by 55”
  • Precision-ground cast iron table and wings – heavy duty and built to last
  • Quick-release blade guard – also includes built-in dust port
  • Cabinet-mounted trunnions – for cabinet saw-level accuracy
  • Dual voltage – runs at 120V or 240V

What We Don’t Like

  • Assembly takes some time – set aside at least half a day
  • Adapter required for 120V – not included

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3. Grizzly Industrial G0833P Hybrid Table Saw

Grizzly Industrial G0833P Hybrid Table Saw
Image: grizzly

Grizzly is a company that has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality power tools of this kind, and this hybrid table saw is another worthy addition to the company’s range.

As you would expect, this is a solid and well-built piece of equipment. It includes components like a precision-ground cast iron table-top along with cabinet-mounted trunnions that give you all the accuracy of a true cabinet table saw.

The generous-sized table measures 27” by 40”, giving you plenty of scope for cutting decent-sized pieces of lumber, and the quick-change blade guard ensures you can keep working without slowing your workflow unnecessarily.

One positive with this – and one of the reasons you might choose this model over a full cabinet table saw is that this unit is far easier to move and transport than a full cabinet model, making this a much more versatile choice.

There’s not very much we don’t like about this machine, but if we had to choose something, we might point out that the dust removal system is not perfect – perhaps this is something Grizzly can work on in the future.

Also, while for most people, 2hp might be plenty, those dealing with the very toughest woods might prefer something with a little more cutting power. However, this will depend on the kind of work you need to do.

To summarize, this is a high-quality piece of equipment from a well-regarded company, and if you are looking for a hybrid table saw in this class, this is one that should be on your radar.

What We Like

  • Rugged item – includes precision-ground cast iron table-top
  • Generous table size – measures 27” by 40”
  • Quick-change blade guard – so you don’t slow down your workflow
  • Relatively easy to move – more mobile than a true cabinet table saw
  • Great value for money – sells at a very reasonable price point

What We Don’t Like

  • 2hp motor – while still powerful, some people might prefer more
  • Dust removal system not perfect – one area that needs improvement


4. Grizzly G0771Z Hybrid Table Saw

Grizzly Industrial G0771Z - 10' 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence

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This is another hybrid table saw from Grizzly that includes many of the top features we have come to associate with this brand name.

First off, it incorporates some important safety features – table saws are by their nature dangerous pieces of machinery, but the inclusion of a quick-release blade guard and a riving knife helps reduce that danger as much as possible.

The build quality is also very high, and this table saw incorporates some heavy-duty components that are designed to last a long time – these include the cast iron table-top and wings and heavy cast iron trunnions, among others.

At only around 286lbs, this is also a relatively lightweight unit, far more so than any of Grizzly’s full cabinet table saws, meaning this is a great option if you want something that’s a bit more mobile.

However, there are also a few minor negatives. The aluminum gauge that’s included isn’t heavy-duty like most of the rest of the components and feels like it could be damaged easily.

Also, despite being made of cast iron, the table-top seems to scratch a little too easily. This is cosmetic rather than anything else, but in a tool that costs this much, it’s slightly disappointing – although certainly not a deal-breaker.

Overall, this is another option that’s worth looking at – especially if you prefer to buy from well-established brands and like to get the best bang for your buck.

What We Like

  • Good safety features – including quick-release blade guard and riving knife
  • Relatively lightweight – at around 286lbs, lighter than a full cabinet version
  • Great value – very reasonably priced for a tool of this quality
  • Heavy-duty components – cast iron table, wings and trunnions
  • Easy-slide fence – for quick, simple adjustments

What We Don’t Like

  • Aluminum gauge not heavy-duty – could be bent easily
  • Table-top scratches too easily – should be more resistant

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5. Baileigh TS-1044H Hybrid Style Table Saw

Baileigh TS-1044H Hybrid Style Table Saw, 110/220V, Single Phase (Prewired 110V), 10'

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If you are looking for a hybrid table saw at the upper end of the range, this unit from Baileigh should be of interest.

Like any products from this company’s range, it’s a high-quality piece of machinery that is designed to deliver superior levels of performance.

It includes a miter gauge, a push stick and a riving knife – and it also includes a unique four-piece blade guard that offers greater protection while at the same time being more practical to use.

Another useful addition that we appreciate is the digital readout on the rip fence that gives you a clearer and more accurate readout than manual versions. This allows you to make quicker and more precise adjustments than on other units.

The main negative here is the price since it’s more expensive than some other hybrid table saws. However, you have to expect to pay more for top quality.

Also, we think the 12-month warranty is not particularly generous – although this tool will probably last for much longer than 12 months before anything goes wrong unless you are very unlucky.

All in all, a top machine from a top brand. If you are looking for a quality product and are willing to meet the price tag to get your hands on it, this is a table saw that should be high on your list of possibilities.

What We Like

  • Rip fence with digital readout – for ease of reading and increased accuracy
  • 4-piece blade guard – offers greater protection and more practical use
  • Includes miter gauge, push stick and riving knife – all you need to get started
  • Dual voltage – can run at 120V or 240V
  • Easy to assemble – clear instructions are easy to follow

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive item – although you expect to pay more for quality
  • 12-month warranty – would hope for longer

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6. Woodtek 159665 Hybrid Table Saw

Woodtek 159665, Machinery, Table Saws, 10' Left Tile 2hp Hybrid Table Saw, 52' Fence

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If you are in the market for a hybrid table saw that combines the benefits of both cabinet table saws and contractor models, this model from Woodtek is worth a look.

It includes a 52” fence that allows you to make a range of larger cuts, while the table wings are perfectly flat, meaning you can work with a high level of precision.

We like the direct readout on the rule – this is great for making quick and accurate adjustments as you work.

One advantage of this table is the weight. At around 295lbs, it is heavy enough to reduce vibration as you work while at the same time remaining relatively mobile.

This is also another table saw that can be run at either 120V or 240V – while running it at 120V will give you good results, setting it up to run at 240V will release its true potential.

On the downside, the miter gauge supplied is of inferior quality – although it’s easy enough to set up a DIY sled or replace it with a higher-quality model if you think you will use it a lot.

The other main complaint we have is about the quality of the instructions that come with it. They are poorly written and in places, not helpful at all. Unless you are very confident around table saws, you might find yourself scratching your head a little at the beginning.

Apart from these issues, this is another solid option that could be a possibility if you are looking for a hybrid table saw in this class.

What We Like

  • 52” fence – gives you plenty of scope for dealing with larger stock
  • Direct readout on rule – for quick and accurate adjustments
  • Table wings dead flat – allows you to make highly precise cuts
  • Not too heavy – weighs in at around 295lbs
  • Dual voltage – runs at 120V or 240V

What We Don’t Like

  • Supplied miter gauge not high quality – replace it if you use it often
  • Poor instructions – seem to have been written as an afterthought

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7. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion Hybrid Table Saw

LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip 110 V

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This 10” hybrid table saw from Laguna Tools has a maximum rip capacity of 36” that will allow you to use it for a whole range of applications.

One of the big advantages is that it is lightweight for a tool in this class – at only 240lbs, it is much easier to move than some larger models.

It features a quick-release riving knife and safety blade guard, helping to keep the operator safe while making it as user-friendly as possible. The efficient dust collection system is also a plus, as is the dual voltage – it can be run on 110V or 220V.

Finally, a welcome positive is the well-written instruction booklet that comes with it. Too often, these booklets are poorly written, but this one is clear and helpful.

On the downside, the motor only generates 1.75hp, which some people might find a little low. Also, when run on 110V, it can bog down when dealing with tougher types of wood.

This is a well-built hybrid saw that performs well and allows you to make a range of accurate cuts, making it another possible option if you are on the lookout for a solid and reliable tool for your workshop.

What We Like

  • Good dust collection system – keeps your work area clean
  • Dual voltage – runs at 110V or 220V
  • Lightweight for its class – weighs in at only 240lbs
  • Quick-release riving knife and safety blade guard – good safety features
  • Clear and well-written instructions – makes setup much easier

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 1.75hp – some people might find this is not enough
  • Can bog down when run at 110V – running at 220V is much better

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Buyer’s guide

First, let’s have a look at why you would choose to buy a hybrid saw. After that, we can go on to look at how to choose the best one for your needs.

Why buy a hybrid table saw?

delta hybrid table saw

At the upper end of the performance scale are two types of table saw, contractor saws and cabinet saws. Contractor saws are designed to be bigger and more powerful than portable jobsite saws while also retaining a degree of mobility.

Cabinet saws, on the other hand, are large and powerful saws that are designed to be assembled where they will be used and then not moved again. They offer the biggest cutting capacity and the best accuracy but no mobility.

This is where hybrid table saws come in since they are designed to give you the best of both worlds. They can give you nearly the same performance levels as a cabinet saw but with a certain amount of mobility too.

If you are certain you will never need to move your table saw from its place in your workshop and you want the highest levels of performance, a cabinet table saw is probably best. If you place a greater value on mobility, a contractor saw or a smaller jobsite saw might be better.

However, if you want the highest performance levels but still hope to retain the extra flexibility of being able to move your table saw, a hybrid version could be the right way to go.

How to choose a hybrid saw

hybrid table saw

Here are the main points you should consider when buying a hybrid table saw.


Hybrid table saws usually offer more power than contractor saws and often as much as smaller cabinet versions. However, they usually can’t match the biggest cabinet version, which may go up to 5hp or more.

If you don’t need huge amounts of power, something like 1.75hp will be enough. If you need more than this, 2hp or even 3hp are also possible.


While hybrid table saws are not designed to be super-mobile, they are supposed to be easier to move about than full cabinet versions. Check how much they weigh as well as whether they include wheels or anything else designed to make them easier to move.

Rip capacity

hybrid table saw reviews

With any table saw, the rip capacity is important – and if you are choosing a hybrid, you probably require something above average. Make sure any saw you are interested in has a large enough capacity for the work you need it for.

Build quality

Another important factor to consider is how well made a saw is. Hybrid saws should be heavy-duty machines with durable components like cast iron table surfaces and cast-iron trunnions. This will allow for greater precision as well as ensuring the machine will last a long time.


Hybrid table saws are usually slightly smaller than full cabinet versions and may be more suited to workshops where space is limited. Make sure any saw you are looking at will fit in the space you have available where you want to install it.

A good compromise between big power and reasonable mobility

If mobility is your most important concern, a hybrid is probably not for you – but if you want lots of power and ripping capacity and also value slightly improved mobility compared to a cabinet table saw, a hybrid could be a smart choice.

There are many good models out there – as well as a few that are not up to scratch. If you are shopping for the best hybrid table saw but are having trouble deciding, any of the models in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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