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10 Best Lawn Edging of 2021 – Yard Landscape Edging Reviews

You know all those annoying ‘keep off the grass’ signs? You could replace them with the right lawn edging. It’s a type of miniature fence that separates your flower beds from your grassy knolls, pavers, or driveway. They enhance curb appeal, which raises property values.

But how do you recognize the best lawn edging for your needs? We’d like to help. We’ll start by reviewing ten popular lawn edging products. They include products made of plastic, stone, and steel. Next, we’ll give you some handy hints for your lawn shopping spree. So let’s get started!


The Best Lawn Edging on the Market 2021

1. Dimex EdgePro 100 Feet Lawn Edging Our Top Pick 

Dimex EdgePro 100 Feet Lawn Edging

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EasyFlex abides by its name. It’s described as L-shaped, which you can’t tell by looking. What they mean is each fastening has an extended lip that makes it easier to nail to the ground. The package comes with 40 nylon nails that are 8 inches each, but you can order more.

The package also contains five u-shaped end-pieces to help you link multiple rolls of EasFlex. This particular pack is a single 100-foot roll, so it’s easier to install. If you’re edging shorter sections, you could easily cut it, or you could buy packs that have 2 to 4 pieces of 20-foot rolls.

You could also buy a single 20-foot piece. EasyFlex Dimex is subtle but distinct. You don’t have to dig a hole or trench, just hammer the nails through the provided holes. Each nail has textured spiral threads for a greater grip. The threads aren’t as tight as screws, so use a rubber mallet.

Once you install your lawn edging, all you’ll see on the surface is a slim black margin that forms the perfect silhouette. It needs no maintenance, and can easily be curved for rounded spaces. It won’t move in heat, rain, or frost, because the extra-long spikes hold it in place.

Dimex EasyFlex is a versatile selection for lawn edging. You can cut it, curve it, and it’s distinctive without being loud. It gives your garden lean clean partitioning in minutes.


  • It’s an extended single roll, so it’s easier to install.
  • You don’t need to dig and it’s easy to cut.
  • The jutting lips are easy to install, and many packs have mounting spikes included.


  • The edging only sinks 1.7 inches into the ground. You don’t need to dig before you install it, but you have to back-fill and cover the L-shaped lip, and that’s a little extra work.

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2. Master Mark Plastics 95340 Landscape Edging

Master Mark Plastics 95340 Landscape Edging

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There’s something inside us that loves wood. It could be a primal instinct from our forest-dwelling ancestors. Either way, we love wood. But it’s difficult to maintain, especially as fencing. The part inside the ground easily rots and attracts insects. This is where Master Mark wins. It looks like wood but doesn’t need any maintenance and is resistant to pests and rot.

The painted plastic is flexible, so you can easily bend it around curvy sections of your paving. It comes in four pieces of 40 feet each. The plastic is recycled from HDPE milk bottles, detergent bottles, and other forms of plastic household waste, so it’s a green product. It stands 5 inches tall, so it helps you create a raised surface or rocks, mulch, decorative stone, or garden borders.

If you want socially conscious plastic lawn edging, buy Master Mark. The pack comes with stakes to hold it in place. And its wood grain pattern is gorgeous!


  • It’s 5 inches thick and 160 feet in total.
  • The printed plastic resembles authentic wood grain.
  • It easily coils around curved sections.


  • It doesn’t have tabs or lips to keep it secure, so you have to pack a lot of soil around to keep it from moving when weather changes cause plastic expansion and contraction.

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3. EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging

EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging

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Many lawn edging products have separate spikes to hold your edging in place. EverEdge uses steel pieces whose lower edges are molded into triangular spikes. This makes installation easier since you just have to hammer the single piece into the ground. It’s more sturdy that way.

The steel is galvanized to make it rust-proof and rot-proof, an essential feature because the edging is 5 inches deep and 1.6mm wide. Each piece is 39 inches long, but because they have bottom spikes, you don’t have to. Just plant them next to each other to cover the required area. The ends have slots in them that allow adjacent pieces to lock into each other permanently.

If you want tough, weatherproof steel edging, EverEdge is it. You can buy it in slate, brown, or black to form a slim border around your lawns, pavers, or walkways.


  • It’s made of steel for longer life.
  • The spikes are permanently attached to the edging, so their ground grip is firmer.
  • It looks stiff but easily bends around curves.


  • These are 39-inch pieces rather than rolls, so while they’re 5 in a pack, it’ll be cumbersome for larger areas. You’d have to use 20 pieces or more!

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4. Suncast Borderstone Landscape Edging

Suncast Borderstone Landscape Edging

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‘Stone fencing’ is a nice touch in any lawn or garden. But planting and mortaring those stones is a lot of work. Take a shortcut with Suncast Borderstone and you’ll have the miniature stone fence in seconds! Each piece of this edging 12 inches long, and a pack contains ten pieces.

The lower edge of your edging has sturdy spikes molded into it. To install, use a rubber mallet to hammer it into place. The whole edging – spikes included – is 10 inches deep, so you get a nice raised surface for your garden, driveway, or tree ring, no maintenance required.

End-pieces have a hollow slot that easily slips into neighboring pieces. This ensures your edging is a firm, secure, interlinking border. The ‘stone’ looks natural and realistic but doesn’t absorb moisture, attract moss, root fungus, or support insects like uncut stone does.

For 2.5 inches of ground depth and about 5 inches above the surface, all in the shape and size of natural stone, but Suncast Borderstone edging. Each block is close to 2 inches wide.


  • It creates an efficient barrier against weeds.
  • It has a realistic stone-imitation pattern.
  • The spikes are attached to the edging frame, so you don’t need to dig.


  • Only the front side is textured, so make sure you install it facing the right direction. Also, the pieces can’t curve, but they’re shorter, so you can probably arrange them strategically if you want to pave around a non-straight border. It won’t be a smooth curve though.

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5. RTS Home Accents Rock Lock Lawn Edging

RTS Home Accents Rock Lock Lawn Edging

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Laying bricks and stone is hard work. So what is you could link the as easily as jigsaw pieces? RTS has just the trick. Lightweight ‘stone’ pieces that interlock to form a convincing imitation of a stone fence. Each piece is printed to resemble 3 rows and is 48 inches long. Each weighs 9 lbs.

For curved sections, you can order rounded pieces that are 30 inches each. Both straight and curved packs have spikes included. The spikes hold he interlocking pieces together before anchoring them to the ground. The spikes are 18 inches long, and the fence won’t chip or crack.

It resists expansion and contraction, is waterproof, won’t develop mold, and retains its look despite prolonged sun exposure. The pieces are 1o inches tall and 14 inches wide, so they provide a size-able ledge. You can also order end-rock pieces for your corners and edges.

If you’d like a stone wall without the drama of installing and tending to one, but these plastic rocks instead. Their spikes hold them securely in the ground regardless of the weather.


  • You can order curved pieces if you need them.
  • It looks like a realistic three-row stone wall.
  • Pieces are easily stacked for extra height.


  • You can use 4 rounded pieces to make a circle, but it’ll be a small circle. You can’t enlarge it, but you can combine straight and curved pieces to make an oval or abstract shape.

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6. Emsco Trim-Free Terra Cotta Landscape Edging

Emsco Trim-Free Terra Cotta Landscape Edging

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The biggest issue with plastic lawn edging is trimming. The plastic is usually narrow, so grass soon grows over it. Emsco solves this problem by creating a flange on the outside of your lawn edging. This flat extension keeps grass off the edging. It also supports lawnmower wheels, allowing it to ‘float’ over the edging without damaging it, so you mow, but you don’t trim.

This package consists of 10-inch interlocking pieces that total 10 feet. Each end of each piece has a hollow pipe for interlocking. This makes it easy to work the edging around curves and corners. Its wide footprint prevents weeds, and it has built-in UV protection with no BPA.

The Emsco Trim-Free doesn’t need a trench. It sits flat on the ground, and the package includes stakes to drive through connector holes. The edging is well-printed, and the color doesn’t fade. This lawn edging is lightweight, a total of 4.15 pounds for all 10 feet of fencing.

For lawn edging that’s attractive, convenient, and effective for awkward angles, buy Emsco Trim-free. All installation hardware (i.e. spikes) is included in the pack.


  • It comes in six color variants including slate, brick, and terra cotta.
  • It’s convenient for curves and angles.
  • The external border offers a guard against lawnmowers.


  • Sometimes, there are too few spikes in the box, so you have to order extras.

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7. Eco-Green Flexible Wood Lawn Edging 

Eco-Green Flexible Wood Lawn Edging

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Timber fencing looks beautiful, even when it’s miniaturized. But the underground sections re vulnerable to rot and pests, so they need extra treatment. With a miniature 4-inch fence, this may not be cost-effective. That’s why Eco-Green found another way around it. Instead of treating the bottom sections, they attached metal stakes that secure your edging into the lawn.

Each section of the fence is 30 inches, and there are 8 of them for a total of 20 feet. Every 30-inch section has three down-facing stakes. The edges have two staples bent upwards to interlock with the adjacent piece. Meaning end-pieces have 3 stakes and mid-pieces have 4.

Apart from the stakes, Eco-Green weed is treated with micropro technology and stained with non-toxic products. Both these steps prevent damage by pests, moisture, and harmful micro-organisms. The wood is guaranteed for 5 years of fungus-free performance.

The sections are flexible, so you can easily coil them into circular shapes and maneuver them around curves and bends. The stakes sink 3.5 inches into the ground and are galvanized for moisture protection. You don’t need a mallet – just press the fencing into the ground.

If you want a wooden fence that’s drama-free to install and needs no maintenance, but Eco-Green. Its pre-attached stakes allow easy, fuss-free positioning, and it can bend and curve.


  • Its unique pins anchor it firmly while leaving the wood safely above ground.
  • The wood looks like a miniature fence and rises 4 inches above the soil.
  • The edging in this pack covers 20 feet in total.


  • The edging is made of softwood, so it can be damaged by trimmers and weed whackers.

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8. Argee Landscape Edging with Solar Lights

Argee Landscape Edging with Solar Lights

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Brick is an attractive, eco-friendly paving option, and it can be successfully applied for lawn edging purposes. But over time, with rain and sun exposure, the bricks crumble to dust. Argee solves this problem with plastic brick-imitation lawn edging. This product is 40 feet long, and it includes 50 plain bricks, 6 solar-lit bricks, and 56 connectors to hold them together.

The package also has two end-pieces for either side of the fence. This edging has underbody spikes that stake it into the ground. No tools needed, just lay it on the soil surface and press it into place. Besides solar-powered lights, the bricks are coated with anti-fade UV protection.

The pieces of your miniature fence snap together for fast, fuss-free installation. They can withstand extreme heat or cold, so you can use them year-round in any location. The bricks are lightweight, and the plastic connectors mimic brick mortar. The result is quite realistic.

To enjoy the beauty of brick and light up your driveway, buy Argee plastic brick edging. Each brick takes seconds to install, and Argee looks great, both for landscaping and hardscaping.


  • It has solar lights built-in and has a 2-year warranty.
  • It can be installed in curvy spaces.
  • It persuasively mimics brick, but because it’s plastic, it won’t crumble.


  • The solar lights need a solar battery that has to be bought separately. Also, the lit bricks don’t last as long as the plain plastic ones, even though they’re purchased together.

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9. Greenes Fence Half-Log Lawn Edging

Greenes Fence Half-Log Lawn Edging

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Log fences have a premium look and are extremely high maintenance. But when you miniaturize them for lawn edging, you cancel out many of their negative points. For example, these Greene’s logs are mounted onto a flexible plastic sheet. This lets you coil the edging into tree rings.

You can also bend it around curvy sections of your lawn and driveway. The logs alternate 5-inch and 7-inch heights, giving a striking visual effect. Each section of edging is 18 inches long and has two spikes attached. You can buy anything from a 2-piece pack to a 24-piece pack.

Individual logs are 1.5 inches thick and are coated in cedar stain. Each section weighs 2 lbs, stakes inclusive. So if you want an instant ‘wood fence’ for your lawn edging, buy this one.


  • It has a plastic backing, so you can curve it as needed.
  • The mixed log heights add extra aesthetic appeal.
  • The logs have ground spikes pre-attached for easier installation.


  • The two stakes are positioned on either end of the edging, so the middle section is unsupported and may warp or shift in extreme weather.

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10. Maison & White Grey Stone Landscape Edging

Maison & White Grey Stone Landscape Edging

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One of the simplest ways to keep lawn edging intact it to have the bulk of it underground. This provides stronger anchoring, so the surface portion is less likely to be tipped over. This lawn edging follows that principle, with 10cm above ground and 13 cm below the soil.

It has an unusual T-shaped design and a cobblestone finish. The edging is 5m long and comprises 20 individual T-pieces. The stake portions slip into the ground without hammering, so you don’t need tools to install it. Each piece is 24cm long, and the base of the stake is 2cm.

The sides of the T have sliding grooves that let your pieces firmly interlock. The pieces are made of ABS plastic and are covered by a 2-year warranty. It sits best in moist soil, especially during installation. Pounding it into harder ground could make the spike section bend or break.

For simple, clean, faux cobble-stone, buy Maison & White. Its unique shape makes it easy to install, and it’s certified for all-weather usage. Be sure to keep the glossy side in.


  • It’s easy to install and you can lengthen it by interlocking more packs.
  • The glossy inward-facing side repels dirt and soil stains.
  • It’s extremely lightweight, at 3.34 pounds for all 20 pieces.


  • If the ground isn’t soft, loose soil, you may need a mallet after all. Rubber ones are best. Hammer them carefully to avoid bending or breaking the underground portion.

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Buying Guide

Yard Landscape Edging

Lawn edging is a great landscaping shortcut. It lets you design and style your yard effectively. It can also reduce your garden work by preventing weeds. But what factors are involved in selecting the best lawn edging? Let’s explore some key facets of lawn edge shopping.


What ambient effect do you want your lawn edging to achieve? Should it be subtle and virtually invisible? Then choose earth-toned colors or lawn edging that sinks into the ground. None of their surfaces are exposed, except maybe for the top edge that may peek out of the soil.

Or would you prefer something louder and bolder? Then you can choose brightly colored plastics or designs that contrast your garden. For example, wooden edging or stone edging is distinctive amid red soil and green grass. Gleaming metal edging can be eye-catching too.

Construction Materials

Even if you’re not consciously thinking about the silhouette, lawn edging components will influence your choice. We’ve mentioned plastic, stone, wood, and metal in passing. You can also buy edging made of concrete or brick. This is usually referred to as masonry edging.

If you don’t want to commit to the expense of natural edging, you can buy plastic pieces painted to mimic wood, stone, brick, or metal. This gives you the aesthetics you want without the drama of maintenance. If you do use wood, ensure it’s resistant to rot and weather damage.

Installation Process

Some lawn edging brands sell rows or strips of edging. Others sell blocks and smaller pieces. Measure the area you want to edge then buy the right type, whether it’s a 10-meter roll of short logs or four pieces of plastic tile. Look for the bundle that best fits your pocket.

Your lawn edging is likely to be a DIY project, so pick a brand that’s easy to install. If it’s bundled with tools and stakes, even better. Some types of edging are spiked into the ground. Others need a trench. Pick a brand that’s easy to clean, because it will be exposed to mud and moist soil.

Weather Conditions

All lawn edging needs to be waterproof and rot-proof, but there are other considerations. If your region is humid, there will be far more moisture exposure, so you need added protection. For seaside areas or industrial zones, there’s a risk of corrosion and abrasion, so metal is out.

In snowy areas, non-dried timber edging may freeze, and it’s likely to crack once the weather thaws. In windy places with loose soil, you want lawn edging that won’t blow away. You also need your lawn edging to resist burrowing pests like termites, moles, and earthworms.

Care Requirements

Lawn edging separates your grass from your decorative plants or functional vegetables. It can also sub-divide the grass from your walkway or driveway. The grass will grow though, so you need to trim it regularly. The narrower your edging, the more often you’ll need to cut it.

This is because the grass will ‘bleed’ onto your edging, staining it green. Or it may grow over the edging, obscuring it completely and undoing your borders. Thicker lawn edging can control grassy overgrowth more effectively. Also, pick lawn edging that simply needs hosing down.


A narrow lawn edge may be poor at controlling grass, but it’s good at preventing weeds. This is because there’s a thinner surface for the weeds to latch onto. Similarly, if your lawn edging is decorative, you can buy slimmer rolls on bright colors and patterns, and with rich detail.

But lawn edging isn’t strictly for gardening needs. Maybe you just want to separate sections of your patio and water-features. In that case, consider the mood of your yard. A wooden deck pairs well with timber edging. A yard filled with fountains and feeders may prefer concrete.

Natural stone could work well too. Look for the same material used in your garden accessories. Alternatively, brick offers a rustic appeal that only gets better as it ages. For a more contemporary feel, metallic work best. Just make sure they’re resistant to rot and corrosion.

Edging Patterns

Yes, it’s possible to curve wood or stone. But it’s far easier to arrange plastic lawn edging around a curvy space. Plastic edging also convenient for sharp corners and weird angles. But it won’t last as long as wood or stone, so you’ll have to replace it regularly. Rolls of plastic also work out cheaper than 4-pack edging products or rows of pebbles and concrete blocks.

Some edging patterns will require you to cut, bend, or twist your pieces, so plan ahead of time. Get pieces that are easy to snip or fold. Otherwise, you’ll spend way longer on this DIY project than you planned, and you may end up having to shift everything midway through your task.

Lay Low

We’ve looked at some top selection criteria for lawn edging, and we’ve concluded that Dimex EdgePro is your best bet for lawn edging. Here are some of our reasons:

  • The long single rolls install more easily than multi-pack shorter products.
  • You don’t need to dig. Just hammer the included spikes into place.
  • You can choose flat-top or scalloped top designs.
  • The edging is US-made with recycled materials, so it’s environmentally-friendly.

Show us what your lawn looks like in the comments. We’d love to see, and we may have more helpful lawn edging tips to share!

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