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7 Best Lawn Mower Blades of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Your lawn mower is a vital piece to maintaining your lawn.

No matter how beautiful your flowers are, how well trimmed your hedges are shaped, how many decoration pieces you place along the path, you’ll never have a wonderful garden without mowing your grass.

Grass grows quickly, and it tends to take up whatever space it can find. To keep the grass in check, you’re going to need a lawnmower.

In order to make sure your lawnmower is working in pristine condition, you’re going to need the best lawn mower blades installed.


The Best Lawn Mower Blade on the Market 2022

1. Toro 22” Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P (only For Toro)

Toro 22' Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P Display pack contains 131-4547-03 (Genuine).

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Toro has a replacement blade sized 2-¼” wide, 21-11/16” long, and .15” thick. This lawn mower blade was made to mulch over the grass in your yard.

Since it mulches, you get the benefit of having extremely small pieces of grass littered over your yard. These small pieces will act as a completely natural lawn fertilizer for your yard and the remaining grass will prosper in growth.

Even if your grass is wet after watering or rain, this mulcher blade will work its way through the grass and mow it down to a more suitable size. This lawn mower blade is easy to install into your mower, although taking out the original or previous blade may be hard.

Mulching usually means you’re not using a bag to collect the grass clippings. This blade, however, has a decent lift to all of the clippings it makes which means it is possible to stick to bagging even if you do use these blades for mulching.

This blade is only to be used with Toro lawn mowers. Even if your lawn mower does use a blade of the same measurement, the sizing and shaping can be different. If you do try to use this on a lawn mower not enlisted as a Toro mower then there’s a potential risk of the blade and mower getting stuck.

This blade, on its first performance, is a wonderful blade. It’s sharp and does the job swiftly and fluently. But it does dull easily. To keep this blade going, it’s better to occasionally sharpen it. You can also sand it if you feel that it’s not well balanced.


  • Mulching blades
  • Works in dry and wet grass
  • Can be used for bagging


  • Blade dulls very quickly
  • Not compatible with other brands

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2. Maxpower 561739 2-Blade Set For A 46” Cut Craftsman (only For Craftsman, Husqvarna, And Poulan)

MaxPower 561739B 2-Blade Set for 46' Cut Craftsman, Husqvarna, Poulan Replaces 405380, 532-405380, PP21011,Black

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Maxpower has a more diverse audience when it comes to being a replacement blade. Instead of working on only one brand, these blades can be used on three different brands being Craftsman, Husqvarna, and Poulan. You can even try it on other lawnmowers if they have the same measurements.

The measurement of this blade is 23” long and 2-¾” wide. In the middle of the blade, there is a 5 point center hole. These blades are for 46” cuts.

The blades are relatively quiet when they perform and they create minimal to no vibrations when the engine is on. As long as you have a 5 point star lock piece, this blade installs easily and fits almost perfectly on all the 46” cut mowers you can think of.

In comparison to most lawn mower blades, these blades are long lasting and can handle very thick and rugged grass. It doesn’t matter how far gone you’ve let your garden go, these Maxpower blades are up for the task of cutting it down.

It should be noted that these blades were not made to mulch. They can be used with a bag as high lift blades, but they do not mulch your grass. They were not made to do so.

Sometimes, the shipped product does not come sharpened. Sharpening the blade isn’t as much of an issue as not getting the right quality product. You can sharpen the blades to a pristine condition but the fact remains that you had to do it yourself.

Other than these minor issues, there’s nothing wrong with the performance of these blades. They are perfect for the job of periodic mows and they only need to be sharpened twice a year to maintain their quality performance.


  • Universal blades (work best with Husqvarna, Poulan, and Craftsman)
  • Quiet performance and minimal vibrations
  • Long-lasting consistent performance


  • No mulching action
  • Sometimes dull blades get shipped

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3. Honda 72531-VH7-000 + 72511-VH7-000 Lawn Mower Blade Set (Only for Honda)

Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade Set

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Another blade that only works with one company brand. These blades from Honda work with only Honda products. This part is genuine, a replica of the blades originally placed in the lawnmower.

The length of this blade is 20.75 inches. The specific mower it was made to fit is the Honda HRX217 Mowers.  This blade works ideally for this model and does not hiccup throughout its life of occasional use.

Like most other blades, it’s always better to sharpen it before using them. You can also sand them in order to balance them. These blades can run through thicker stocks of grass without them getting stuck in between the blades. There are fewer vibrations when using these blades in your mower.

Sometimes, the blades do come dull which can be a downer for people looking forward to starting on their new mower right away. After sharpening them though, they last a very long time, almost five years before they are resigned to the scrap box.

Another issue is that it does take a long time to get these blades on the mower. Installation is not easy and the instructions provided are not very thorough.

These blades cannot mulch nor are they meant to. The mower itself uses bagging to properly function to it is not expected to work with mulching blades. These blades are high to medium lift blades that can toss the clippings of the grass neatly into the bag located in the back of the mower.

As a replacement part, this does Honda lawnmowers great justice. You can cleanly and evenly cut over your yard with these blades installed. The replacement blades can even have better results than the actual primary blades received on purchase.


  • Works over thicker grass
  • Less vibrations
  • Genuine piece from Honda


  • Blades can be shipped dull
  • Installation is tedious and hard

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4. USA Mower Blades 2 AYP340BP Mulching Blade

USA Mower Blades AYP340BP Mulching Blade Fits AYP Craftsman Husqvarna 134149 24676 422719 424752 531005085 531307223 Length 21 in. Width 2 1/4 in. Thickness .134 in. Center Hole 5 PT ST 42 in. Deck

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This is another blade that can be used universally on other lawn mower models. Some of the compatible lawnmowers include Craftsman and Husqvarna. Like the Maxpower blades, this one has a 5 point star shape in its center as well.

The length of the blade is 21 inches while the width is 2-¼”. This blade was made to be used on a 42” deck.

This USA Mower Blade can, in fact, mulch your yard if that is the type of blade you are interested in. It can also perform as a high lift blade, meaning it can be used for bagging.

As a whole, this is an ideal replacement part for a mower. It’s sharp, standard in size, and has the capability to function as both mulcher and a high lift.  It’s durable and well-built for both small and long jobs.

These blades do have an issue when put up against hard soil and rocks. They can bend and thus ruin. On impact against too hard and hot, these blades bend on the sides which will ruin their functionality. They can also be shipped bent.

If not bent, then they’re not properly balanced and this creates immense vibrations when the lawnmower is working. This can disturb your grip on the lawnmower as well as not properly cut the grass. You’ll get uneven patches on the grass and some of it may not have cut at all.

These blades do not respond positively to uneven ground either. Whether there are obstacles on the ground or not, if the ground is not level, then your blades will twist and bend very easily, not to mention miss out on most of the grass.

If you have a flat, level garden with no rocks or tree roots in the way, then these blades are the right choice.


  • Universal blades
  • Can perform as a mulcher and high lift
  • Built for both small and long jobs


  • Cannot handle obstacles
  • Cannot go over uneven ground

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5. Maxpower 561713X Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set 42”

Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set for 42' Poulan/Husqvarna/Craftsman, Replaces 138498, 138971, 138971x431, 532138971, PP24005, Black

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Another model from star-shaped Maxpower, this blade set can work over a variety of brands as well. Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman are all brands that you can use these blades with. It’s a blade made for 42” replacements. These blades are a mulching set for your lawnmower.

The measurements are 21” in length and2-½” in width. In the center of the blades is a star-shaped 5 point hole for installation.

Maxpower charges over clumps of thick grass and evens out the ground. These blades are heavier and sturdier than most other replacement blades. Thanks to the increased thickness in the blade, it can cut through obstacles on the ground, though it’s better not to do so.

They live a very long life, so long as you’re ready to sharpen them after they dull over time. They are very easy to install and are strong enough to cut through tree roots in your yard. It can mulch properly, but on uneven ground, the blades can miss out some spots, mostly those located underneath the center of the blade.

This super-powered blade does come with some drawbacks. For starters, this blade, although it can resist the strain of heavier objects, can very easily be nicked by them. The more you pressure this blade with a hard object, the more it gets damaged and the less strain it can take.

The blade won’t bend in the end, but snap instead. This blade does need to be sharpened more often than most other blades. With the high intensity performance it levels itself at, this blade takes a lot in and therefore needs more maintenance than others.


  • Handles obstacles
  • Heavier and sturdier than most blades
  • Universal blade
  • Longer life


  • Higher maintenance
  • Nicks easily

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6. Gator Fusion Blade Set Of 2 G5 3-In-1 Mulching Blades

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16' Mulching Blades Replaces MTD Cub Cadet 942-0616 742-04126 RZT-42 2-PACK

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Rather than a five-pointed mounting hole, the holes in the center of this blade are six-pointed. These blades fit on different brands such as Cub Cadet, MTD, White, Wards, Yard Man, and Troy Bilt.

The measurements of these blades are 21-3/16” in length, 3” in width, and .164” in thickness. Inside the edges of the blades is an infused layer of Tungsten Carbide for a stronger, longer, more durable life.

These blades will only fit on top of six-pointed star mounts. They won’t go over five-pointed stars nor will they sit tight in circular mounts. This model is more than capable of mulching, though it is possible for you to use it as a high lift blade.

There are small notes you have to keep in mind when you’re using these blades. Firstly, you have to sharpen these blades before you use them, and once or twice a year to keep them working in ideal condition. Working over wet grass is not something these blades can do very well.

The reinforcement over the blade is highly effective, requiring less effort to maintain. You don’t have to sharpen it as often as other blades. These are made to last a very long time, but they do not respond positively when faced with wet grass.

They cannot stand high impact on heavier obstacles. Instead, they will bend over there mounts which is a horrible issue to fix. It’s better to keep away from rocks or tree roots and stumps when using these blades.


  • Universal six-pointed star mounts
  • Infused layer of Tungsten Carbide
  • Dual-function as mulcher and high lift


  • Cannot go over wet grass
  • Cannot handle obstacles

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7. Stens 340 178 Hi-Lift Lawnmower Tractor Blade Pack Of 2

Stens 340 178 Hi-Lift Lawnmower Tractor Blade Pack of 2

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This is the final option on this list and it’s a universal solution for lawnmowers that have a deck sized 42”. These blades are medium/high lift blades that work over a five-pointed star mount. The length of an individual blade is 21” in length, 2-¼” in width, and a thickness of .149”.

So long as the lawnmower blade mount is a five-point star shape and has a deck of 42” then you can use these blades.

These aren’t mulching blades. You can only use them if you want to bag the clippings or let them fly freely. Placing these on your mower is extremely easy though nothing can be said for the removal of the previous blades.

These work not only in lawnmowers but as tractor blades as well. You can hoist leaves and grass together to clear and clean out your garden, the end results being a beautiful even green ground.

These blades do not, however, go over small obstacles. They will snap and bend since they are not made out of the strongest material. They do bend when your lawnmower goes over rocks and debris, which it should not be doing in the first place.

These blades are not originals to any specific brand. They are only replacements which means the quality is not going to be as standard as original replacements from more established companies would be. They are still resilient when they are being used only over grass, leaves, and weeds.

They can be used very diversely over a wide scale of machines with a star five-pointed mount and they are extremely easy to install when replacing your old ones.


  • Dual-function in tractors and lawnmowers
  • Cleans and evens out your lawn
  • Easy to install


  • Lower quality materials used to make blades

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Buying Guide

Best Lawn Mower Blade buying guide

There are different shapes of blades you have to look out for when finding the right one. Each shape comes with different benefits.

Of course, the blade has to have some basic essentials; you have to have a sharp end, you have to have the proper sized blade, and you have to have strong material used to manufacture the blade.

Warranties don’t come for such a small tool, but you can find information on blades from comments and reviews to better understand the deal you’re dealing with.

It’s the shape of the blade that you want to pay careful attention to in order to get a perfect idea of what your blade can do for you.

Blades That Lift

Lawn Mower Blade lift

  • Low Lift

These type of blades are always used for residential use. You’re not going to find these type of blades on professional grade lawnmowers.

They work best regularly and can handle taking care of smaller yards, less space, and less wild grass. Keeping up with a low lift blade isn’t hard and they work well for casual periodic use.

They do not consume much energy as high or medium powered blades do and are easier to maintain since they aren’t made to do big jobs.

  • Medium Lift

Compared to low lift blades, these are much bigger in size and they can do much more. Thicker grass and even some weeds can be plucked out with this blade. Capable of cutting both small and large grass, this blade can be used for both residential and commercial use.

This blade is the most standard and easiest to find. As it’s in the middle of high and low lift blades, this is the ideal option for larger gardens. It’s stronger than a low lift blade but it does not harshly eat at your yard as a high lift would.

  • High Lift

Do you have fast growing grass? Is it too thick for you to even walk through? Then you should be looking for a high lift blade. These blades can lift more in one go, clearing out any clippings of grass from your yard.

This blade can work for longer periods of time. It’s stronger and bigger than both of the former varieties. It can do more in less time, which saves a lot of energy in comparison to the other two options. If it’s commercial use you’re looking for, then this is the ideal choice.

All of these blades work to lift the grass clippings into a bag located rear of the mower. This is called bagging and it’s a very efficient way of collecting all of the residue from mowing your lawn. When the grass is lifted, they’re lifted and thrown into the bag so you can dispose of them later.

Mulching Blade

Mulching lawn mower Blade

A mulching blade, also known as a gator blade, are favored by designers and professional gardeners. Mulching blades do have a more interesting take on composting the grass clippings you cut, which the other blade types don’t.

A mulching blade will cut down the grass so finely it won’t bother anyone. This finely cut grass is then thrown over the now trimmed grass as fertilizer.

The cuts of a mulcher can vary very much, and the creative touch of a professional is not hard to spot. These blades can transform the appearance of parks, community centers, and public gardens.

You can find mulcher blades with a high, medium, and low lift to them in case you want to start bagging the small grass clippings. These can work at home perfectly fine, and they are healthy and beneficial for your garden.


lawn mower blade Mounts

This is an important feature to remember when you get replacement lawn mower blades. You have to consider the shape of the mount.

The mounting hole is going to be the one in the center of the blade. There are two standard shapes you’ll come across when looking at mounts.

As both of them are star-shaped, it can be easy to overlook their importance. But important they are. Getting the wrong shape can render your blade useless. One star shape has five points while the other one has six points.

Newer model lawnmowers have five pointed stars while older ones have six-pointed stars.


The Toro lawn blades are the best thanks to their enhanced resistance against most unwanted things you’ll find in your garden. Compared to other blades, these ones can cut through grass, no matter what condition it’s in. It can be dry, it can be long, it can be thick, and it can even be wet!

These blades mulch the grass, making them minuscular clippings. These clippings are then thrown over the mowed grass and used as a natural fertilizer. If this isn’t what you want to do, then you can also bag the grass.

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