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7 Best Lawn Sweepers of 2021 – Top Yard Sweeper for Grass

Lawn sweepers are a fantastic time-saving machine that can be used to clear debris from your lawn. Most commonly used for clearing leaves, the best lawn sweeper models can also clear pine needles, cut grass, twigs, and acorns.

While most models are best used on a lawn, some also operate on flat surfaces including tarmac or concrete. This makes it a versatile piece of equipment for your general yard care.

Since raking can be a tiresome activity causing aches and discomfort, but it is also inefficient. A lawn sweeper can help you to quickly tidy your yard without needing to spend days raking and sweeping up your garden debris.


The Best Lawn Sweeper on the Market 2021

1. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper (Our Top Recommended)

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

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The Agri Fab 45-0492 tow lawn sweeper offers a more heavy duty option for those with larger lawns and yards. The “flow thru” hopper has a 25 cu ft capacity, reducing the need for more frequent emptying.

Furthermore, there is a dump lever to allow you to operate it without needing to leave your tractor seat. The sweeper features a sweeper tongue that can be offset to allow cutting and sweeping in one pass. The push button lever allows effortless height adjustment to provide the optimum height for the best performance.

Additionally, the entire sweeper can be collapsed and folded without the need for tools to aid storage.

Another key point is that the Agri-Fab lawn sweeper also offers flexibility to allow use throughout the year. In addition to clearing fallen leaves and garden debris, the model can be used for mowing grass and aerating the lawn. The model has the flexibility to offer great performance, collecting fallen leaves, grass clippings, and even pine cones.

What I Like

  • Extra Large Hopper Bag – The 25 cu ft capacity hopper bag can hold as much as 3 times a standard 2 bin bagger, for less frequent emptying.
  • Cut & Sweep Function – The unique design allows offset configuration for a cut and sweeps function, performing both functions simultaneously.
  • Universal Hitch – the Agri-Fab lawn sweeper has a universal hitch that can be attached to any brand of tractor.
  • Easier Storage – The model has a folding hitch and collapsible hopper bag for more compact storage.

What I Don’t Like

  • Potential for Jamming – The brushes should only be moved during forwarding rotation, so there is the potential for jamming if the brushes are rotating in both directions. This requires disassembly to ensure that the drive pin is moving freely.
  • No Hopper Cover – The design does not include a hopper cover, so there is a risk that collected leaves may blow out during operation.

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2. Earthwise LSW70021 Lawn Sweeper

Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper, Width, Black

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The Earthwise LSW70021 is a lawn sweeper that provides a good tool for collecting grass clippings and leaves around your yard. The first thing to discover is that this model offers a quick way to rake garden debris collecting 80 percent of the pick up on a first pass.

Nonetheless, it is not powerful enough to pick up pinecones, nuts, rocks or wet leaves. The 21-inch brush width sweeps and lifts debris into the collection bag for easy cleanup.

Additionally, the model is height adjustable, allowing you to raise the brushes higher if pushing becomes difficult or you can lower the brushes if you are not collecting debris. This makes it easier to transition from lawn to patios or driveways.

Significantly, the light and sturdy design is easy to use with a powder coated, scratch resistant finish, and it can be hung on a wall for simple storage and maximizing storage space.

The LSW70021 features a 2.6-bushel collection bag for less frequent emptying, but the bag can be easily removed to make composting or creating a yard waste pile a quicker chore.

What I Like

  • Adjustable Sweep Depth – The design includes an easy to use the knob to quickly adjust your sweep depth according to the terrain and grass height for efficient sweeping.
  • Hanging Storage – When it is not in use, the LSW70021 can be stored by hanging on a garage wall to maximize space.
  • Push Powered – Unlike many sweepers, this model is push-powered, so there is no worry about battery recharge times or power cables. However, it does require a little practice to get the sweeping technique right and using the adjustable sweep depth correctly for the best results.

What I Don’t Like

  • Designed to Work With Dry Garden Debris – The LSW70021 is designed to work effectively with dry debris, so it may struggle to pick up wet leaves and clippings that could create issues for those living in areas prone to rain and damp weather conditions.

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3. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Lawn Sweeper

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50'/26 cu. ft.

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Although the Ohio Steel 50SWP26 is more costly than some of the other lawn sweepers, it does have a larger capacity, which makes it ideal for large and smaller gardens.

In addition to the large sweep capacity, this model has a 25 cu ft hopper to reduce the need for frequent emptying while sweeping. This also makes sweeping quicker and more efficient. The hopper is removable and collapsible for easier storage.

Furthermore, the 50SWP26 is fitted with spiraled 11-inch polypropylene brushes offering a 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel ratio to provide exceptional cleaning even on sharp turns.

Because of this, you can also increase your driving speed while sweeping and the 50SWP26 will still efficiently collect leaves, clippings and other garden debris. There is a 9 inch chute to help prevent clogging and the 5 position hitch adjustment allows a custom fit to any tractor brands.

What I Like

  • Easy Assembly – The 50SWP26 is designed to require little storage space, with a simple assembly/disassembly process.
  • Hitch Adjustment – The model has a 5 position hitch adjustment for compatibility with all makes and models of the tractor.
  • Impressive Storage – The hopper has a 25 cu ft capacity to eliminate the need for frequent emptying.
  • Large Sweep Capacity – The 50 inch sweep capacity makes for quick and efficient sweeping.
  • Powerful Performance – Unlike some lawn sweepers, this Ohio Steel model cannot only collect clippings and leaves, but it can also pick up pine needles, pine cones and other larger pieces of garden debris.

What I Don’t Like

  • Cost – This is one of the more expensive lawn sweepers on the market, which may make it prohibitive for some.
  • No Brush Disengage Function – Although the brushes do provide an excellent sweeping function, it is not possible to disengage them.
  • Only Suitable for Forwarding Motion – The 50SWP26 should only be used in forwarding motion, as the brushes cannot be disengaged. So, if you need to back up your tractor, you will need to unhitch or risk issues.

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4. Brinly STS-427LXH Lawn Sweeper

Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

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The Brinly STS-427LXH has a variety of features that make it a good all-rounder for those looking for the best lawn sweeper.

This model is a large sweeper that can efficiently collect leaves, grass clippings, acorns, pine needles, and pinecones, but it also has Twist Lock height adjustment to lock in place the six high velocity rotating brushes that make it possible to use even on rougher terrain.

Consequently, this makes the model effective even if you have uneven terrain or need to move the sweeper from lawn to patio. The 5:1 brush to wheel ratio increases brush to ground contact, so you’re not likely to miss any debris or leaves on a first pass.

A quick sweep is typically all that is needed to quickly and efficiently clear your lawn of any garden debris.

What I Like

  • Minimal Storage Space Required – The Brinly STS 427LXH easily collapses for compact storage, which may be particularly attractive for those with limited garage space.
  • High-Velocity Brushes – The model is equipped with 6 rotating high velocity brushes that can be locked in place with the Twist Lock feature for efficient sweeping.
  • Impressive Collection Space – The large hopper has a 20 cu ft capacity to minimize the need for emptying.
  • Additional Attachments – The model is supplied with additional attachments for greater functionality.

What I Don’t Like

  • No Easy Assembly – Many users have reported that the STS 427LXH is not easy to assemble, which may be problematic. However, once assembled, the model is designed to easily collapse to store when not in use.
  • Needs Regular Maintenance – While this model is an efficient lawn sweeper, to ensure efficient performance, regular maintenance is required.
  • Potential for Getting Bogged Down – The wheels on the STS 427LXH are quite chunky and knobbly, so there is a risk of getting bogged down if you try to sweep on wet grass or a damp lawn.

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5. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Lawn Sweeper

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42'/22 cu. ft.

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The Ohio Steel 41SWP22 has a unique design that sets it apart from other lawn sweeper models with a 42 inch sweep capacity.

Therefore, the sweeping capacity is larger than average for fewer trips across your lawn. While the hopper has a 20 cu ft capacity, it is also partially covered to make it more difficult for any debris to fall out as you’re sweeping.

Additionally, the 41SWP22 has large wheels to make crossing rough ground easier, while the dumping mechanism is very effective to remove the need to get off to empty the hopper.

The compact design makes this sweeper easier to use and handle, making it well suited to large or smaller yards.

What I Like

  • Effective Sweeping – The longer width makes sweeping more effective for fewer passes across your lawn.
  • Easy to Empty – The hopper is easy to empty, so that you can quickly bag up rubbish or dump on your compost pile. You can dump the garden debris without needing to get off your tractor.
  • Detachable and Collapsible HopperThis makes storage easier for those with limited space.
  • Hitch Adjustment – The 41SWP22 offers 3 hitch adjustment positions for greater compatibility with different models of tractor.

What I Don’t Like

  • Assembly Difficulties – This model can be difficult to assemble and some users have reported poor installation instructions.
  • Difficulties With Larger Debris – While the 41SWP22 may be highly effective in collecting clippings and leaves, it can struggle with larger debris such as pine cones.
  • Storage Issues – Unlike some other sweeper models, the 41SWP22 is not the easiest to store. While the hopper does collapse, the rest of the sweeper can be problematic to store when not in use.
  • No Dethatcher – This tool is not included as part of the sweeper functionality.

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6. Agri Fab 45 0218 Lawn Sweeper

Agri-Fab 26' Push Lawn Sweeper, 7 cu. ft, Vinyl, Height Adjustment 0 to 2-1/4' - 45-0218

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The Agri Fab 45 0218 push lawn sweeper is one of the best lawn sweeper models in this category. It can clear dead leaves, clippings, small twigs and even pine cones from your lawn with just a pass or two.

Additionally, the model is lightweight but durable to make it easier to handle on large or small lawns. The 26 inch sweep length provides good coverage with a 7 cu ft capacity bag, which is large for a push sweeper model.

Another crucial point is that the collapsible hopper is detactable for easier storage and weighing just 25 pounds, you won’t feel fatigued walking it up and down your lawn.

While the 10-inch diameter brushes rotate on a 4.5:1 ratio for optimum collection making it easier to use the 45 0218 on lawns, patios, sidewalks, and driveways.

What I Like

  • Lightweight – Push lawn sweepers can be cumbersome to use, but at just 25 pounds, the Agri Fab 45 0218 is lightweight, making it easier and less tiring to use.
  • Extended Warranty – Unlike many lawn sweepers, Agri Fab support this model with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Adjustable Height – The 45 0218 is also height adjustable to make it easier to transition between lawns and patios or driveways for more effective sweeping and tidying.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not Suited to Uneven Ground – Although the 45 0218 is height adjustable, it is not well suited to uneven ground, so you may find that it does not collect all the garden debris even after several passes if your lawn is uneven.
  • Not Suitable for Wet Debris – Another area where this model struggle is dealing with wet debris. Damp leaves or clippings and heavier items such as pine cones or pine needles may not be effectively collected.
  • Reinforced Plastic Collection Bag – While the collection bag is reinforced, some users may prefer a more sturdy bag for prolonged use.

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7. Scotts LSW70026S Lawn Sweeper

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSW70026S 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper, with 3.6 Bushel Rear Collection Bag

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The Scotts LSW70026S features a 26-inch sweeping width multiple brushes to tackle leaves, grass clippings and other garden debris easily.

As an illustration, the sweeper can be tailored to suit your specific lawn terrain with the adjustable height control that makes it easier to transition from lawn to driveways, sidewalks or patios.

Additionally, the sweeper has a spinning rake like action to sweep garden debris off flat lawn surfaces into the collection bag. This lightweight model is ideal for smaller lawns and it is easy to maneuver.

The lightweight nature of the sweeper also makes folding and storage easier, as it can be easily hung on a hook in your garage or shed. Scotts also claims that 80 percent of garden debris will be picked up in the first pass.

What I Like

  • Lightweight – The Scotts LSW70026S is made from high strength, lightweight ABS plastic to make maneuvering easier.
  • Easy Height Adjustment – If you find that this sweeper is not collecting enough grass or leaves, you can easily lower the brushes, but if pushing has become difficult, raise them higher. The height adjustment knob allows you to dial in the optimum brush height for maximum efficiency.
  • Easy Empty Hopper – The large 3.63-bushel hopper can be easily emptied with one tug. The hopper lifts out to make dumping easier.
  • Weather Resistant Cloth Bag – Unlike many push model collection bags, the LSW70026S is equipped with a weather resistant cloth bag for greater durability.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not Suitable for All Garden Debris – While the LSW70026S is efficient at picking up grass clippings and leaves, it will ot pick up nuts, rocks, pinecones or wet garden debris.
  • Complicated Assembly – Some users have reported that this sweeper is unnecessarily complicated to assemble, making it frustrating to use.
  • Low Handle – The handle is not adjustable and may make it more difficult for taller people to use with comfort.

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Which Type is the Best Lawn Sweeper?

Lawn Sweeper types

With so many different models to choose from, it can be a challenge to select the best lawn sweeper. To determine the best model for your yard, you will need to decide which type is best.

Push Lawn Sweeper

Push Lawn Sweeper

This type of lawn sweeper resembles a reel mower and collects the garden debris by walking the sweeper up and down your lawn. While this may be more labor-intensive than a tow sweeper, a push lawn sweeper is still fitted with a collection bag, so you can periodically empty the sweeper into the garbage or a compost pile.

The best lawn sweeper in this category features adjustable brushes, so you can easily adjust the height to allow for the different levels of terrain in your yard. While this can take a little getting used to, once you are familiar with using it, you should be able to easily transition from lawn to patio or driveway.

The main advantage of this type of sweeper is that it doesn’t require any source of power other than your own effort, so you don’t need to worry about tractors or ride on mowers, but you will need to be prepared to put in a little labor, as you will need to walk with the sweeper over all of your yard, possibly with more than one or two passes to collect all the garden debris.

Look for a push sweeper that offers a good pick up rate on the first pass, so you don’t need to waste time walking the same ground over and over.

Tow Lawn Sweeper

Tow Lawn Sweeper

This type of lawn sweeper is fitted with a hitch, so that it can be attached to a tractor or ride on mower.

Since it is being towed, it doesn’t require any additional power source, as the forward momentum of the tractor moves the brushes to rake and collect leaves, clippings, and other garden debris.

Most models feature a good sized hopper that can be used to collect the debris, so you don’t need to frequently stop to empty the bag. Some models such as the Agri-Fab can perform multiple functions including trimming the lawn while collecting the clippings, so you don’t need to perform these chores separately.

As an illustration, the Agri-Fab features brushes that are capable of collecting acorns, pinecones and other larger items of garden debris that may not be moved by the other types of sweepers. This means that you won’t need to deal with the frustration of sweeping only to have to rake up other garden debris afterward.

The main disadvantage of this type of lawn sweeper is that it is more suited to larger lawns, as the best technique involves taking a strategic approach, moving up and down the lawn for optimum coverage.

You will also need to be confident operating a tractor, as some models can have difficulties if you try to reverse with the sweeper attached. The best lawn sweeper in this category will offer superior collection capacity, easy storage options, and the performance to collect all types of garden debris.

Push Lawn Sweeper vs. Tow Lawn Sweeper

Push Lawn Sweeper Vs. Tow Lawn Sweeper

To determine the best choice of lawn sweeper for your property, you will need to assess your specific requirements and preferences. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight, versatile option, you may wish to look at push sweepers, but if you have a large lawn, a tow lawn sweeper may be the better choice.

You will need to think about the level of effort you want to expend and whether you already have a tractor to tow a sweeper. If you have lots of fallen leaves and grass clippings on your lawn, you may find that it takes a great deal of time using a push sweeper.


While it may be better suited to larger lawns, if you are looking for a dedicated tool, the best lawn sweeper is the Agri-Fab 45-0492.

This tow sweeper has a universal hitch, compatible with any type of tractor; it has a good sized collection hopper and strong roller brushes to collect leaves, clippings and other garden debris.

This model also has a cut and sweep function with an offset configuration to allow you to perform both these garden chores simultaneously.

While this is one of the more costly options, it offers reliable performance that will make the task of tidying your yard less time-consuming.

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