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7 Best Leaf Mulchers of 2022 – Leaf Shredder Reviews

best leaf mulcher

If you’ve got a nice lawn up your yard, you will know that gardening and keeping it in top condition all year long can be a really daunting task. But this gardening process gets a bit more difficult as fall sets in and leaves and tree branches begin to fall on the lawn.

You will be required to get those leaves off the lawn because leaving them on the lawn will most likely result in the destruction of the grasses. That is why you need leaf mulcher to save you the hassle of packing the leaves in bags after getting them off the lawn.

This article gives an in-depth review of the best leaf mulcher in the market.

Quick Glance: The Best Leaf Mulcher on the Market


The Best Leaf Mulcher on the Market 2022

best leaf shredder

You want to get your lawn in the best possible, but you also want to save yourself a lot of trouble.

So investing in a really good and affordable leaf mulcher will be worth the shot and make your gardening process a less tasking one.

In this review, we have a list of the best leaf mulchers in 2022 to help you in the selection process. We know that the selection process might be a bit confusing given the plethora of choices available on the market.

So this guide will be highly instrumental in helping you to pick the right leaf mulcher according to your need.

1. WORX WG430 Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher (My Top Recommended)

WORX WG430 13 Amp Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher, Red

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The WORX WG430 that operates on 13 amperes is a really potent and effective option as a leaf mulcher. It is capable of shredding over 53 gallons of leaves in one minute.

With a mulching ratio of 11:1, you are sure to be getting your leave waste greatly reduced in size as opposed to heaps of leaves and bags that you will be battling with if you didn’t make use of the machine.

WG430 comes in a bladeless makeup, meaning that you are afforded additional protection as compared to those leaf mulchers with blades.

As mentioned above the significantly high leaf reduction capability leaves you with a pretty manageable size of mulches that you can easily dispose of or turn to compost for your garden.

Its trimming line is there to shred leave in no matter at all with a cooling mechanism provided to prevent overheating and keep the leaves in a cool temperature.

The leaf mulcher is compact and durable with a weight not less than 20 pounds making it really comfortable to handle when performing lawn cleaning operation.

The machine is provided with 24 cutting lines that can be replaced with standard ones readily available on the market.

During storage, you can comfortably disengage the mulcher from the leaf shredder and safely keep in a safe place.

The bag attached to the shredder helps to keep hold of the mulched leaves in a way that it is easy to dispose of or for making compost.

What I Like

  • A conversion rate of about 53 gallons of leaves per minute.
  • Portable and easy to move about
  • Compact for storage
  • Easy to clean

What I Don’t Like

  • A relatively low mulching ratio of 11:1

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2. Eco-Shredder ES1600 Electric Chipper / Shredder / Mulcher

Eco-Shredder ES1600 14-Amp Electric Chipper / Shredder / Mulcher

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The Eco-Shredder ES1600 Amps that operates on 14 amperes is a decent option as a leaf mulcher that is not only eco-friendly but also with high-performance motors which will help you to get leaves off your lawn in a stress-free manner.

The fact this leaf mulcher operate only on electricity means it deserves to prevent air pollution and help keep the surrounding air clean and fresh.

With a quiet motor setup, the Eco-shredder is the perfect choice if you are concerned about the noise that might be associated with other leaf mulching choices.

This very powerful electric leaf mulcher is made up of a 2.5 horsepower engine will comfortably shred leaves with ease and also cut into pieces small branches and twigs that might be found in those leave heaps.

As a means of easy disposal, you are provided with a round shaped discharge chute for attaching your own reusable disposal bag since it is compatible with a number of brands of such collection bags.

The disposal chute and loading area can easily be ripped apart and wiped clean to maintain and keep it in top conditions.

A number of replacement blades are provided to be readily available in case the old blade one is blunt of gets faulty. You can as well decide to go with a generic blade replacement on the market.

This mulcher is specifically designed to produce great composts to help you with fertilizing your garden.

What I Like

  • Eco-friendly leaf mulcher
  • Powerful engine backed with 14 amp motor
  • Compact for storage

What I Don’t Like

  • Can only be used for shredding leaves.
  • String cutters need periodic replacements

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3. Sun Joe CJ603E Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder

Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Cutting Diameter Electric Silent Wood Chipper/Shredder, green

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The Sun Joe CJ603E which operates solely on electricity is equipped with a powerful 15 ampere electric motor for shredding leaves and cutting into pieces twigs and small wood pieces.

The fact that it works mainly on electricity makes it another decent eco-friendly option. The high-performance engine in this mulcher will quickly turn leaves to compost and save you ample time in clearing up your lawn.

The mulcher is equipped with safety features such as a stopping mechanism to prevent the blades from moving whenever the hopper gets removed.

As a lightweight device, moving it around your yard shouldn’t be a problem. Also, it’s very slim design means that not much storage space is needed for it in your garage or shed.

The Sun Joe is approximated to have a mulching ratio of 21:1 to make your heaps of leaves into a single bag of compost.

The CJ603E requires little to no regular cleaning but it can easily be wiped out of its dirt when the need arises.

What I Like

  • Powerful 15-ampere motor
  • The very high reduction ratio of 21:1
  • Lightweight – means can be easily carried about.
  • Additional safety feature

What I Don’t Like

  • Complications with assemblage
  • No waste collection bag

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4. NESSAGRO Leaf Vacuum Shredder Blower

Nessagro Leaf Vacuum Shredder Blower Handheld Bag 2 Speed Electric Mulcher Yard Lawn Vac .#GH45843 3468-T34562FD194603

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The Nessagro Leaf Electric Mulcher is a machine that can function as a mulcher, blower, and vacuum cleaner in a triple action mode.

This is a cheap alternative that will come in handy when you need to perform a host of garden cleaning activities.

During fall when the leaves are scattered about, you can utilize the blower of the machine to gather them together into heaps which can then be shredded into small composts by the mulching component of the machine. You can make use of the vacuum to suck away any form of leftover bits.

This versatile unit is made of lightweight durable materials that can be easily carried about the yard and can prove to be a really good tool for cleaning your lawn for a couple of years.

With a really large nozzle, you can get dry leaves off your lawn in a matter of minutes to be mulched and stored in the collection bag that accompanies the unit makeup. This aforementioned collection bag has a zipper that makes it effortless to empty the bag after working on your lawn.

Nessagro leaf mulch has a dual speed settings feature that enables you to set the unit to your desired convenient speed.

It is the typical heavy-duty mulcher, because of its high horsepower engine that can keep on working for as long as it gets powered or as long as you are to continue.

What I Like

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Highly durable
  • Portable and compact with a sturdy design

What I Don’t Like

  • A small bag that fills up too fast
  • Heavy structure

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5. BLACK+DECKER BV6000 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher (Budget Pick)

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit, 12-Amp (BV6000)

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Black & Decker is a leaf mulcher with a high mulching rate of 16:1 – a really impressive number.

Manufactured as a 3-1 unit just like the above Nessagro, the B&D can be used as a blower to quickly remove leaves from your lawn, as a leaf mulcher to reduce heaps of dry leaves to composites of manageable quantity or a vacuum to suck away dirt and make your lawn as clean as anything.

This strong mulcher operates on a 12-ampere blower that spins at 250 mph with dual speed settings for variation as the case demands.

To switch from the vacuum mode to the blower mode takes just the push of a button. This versatile device has a mulching ratio of 16:1, turning your heaps of leaves, twigs, and branches into molds of waste that can be disposed of with ease or for making compost on the farm.

You are getting an assured device in the Black and Dever with its 2 solid year warranty. As a plus to this device, it has a feature for attaching a sturdy and reusable collection bag that makes it really easy for collecting the mulched leaves.

And come to think of it, this leaf mulcher comes in at only 8 pounds, which means that it is a lightweight device that can be easily carried about in the yard while cleaning up your space. No need to get a special setup for carriage and storage.

This machine is relatively easy to use even for first-time users because of its convenient build-up and one of its strong points is that it is very quiet in operation, meaning there is no need to worry about disrupting the neighborhood peace when using this device.

What I Like

  • The high reduction rate of 16:1
  • The high-performance engine of 250 mph
  • It is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered

What I Don’t Like

  • Gets really heavy as it sucks in leaves
  • Its electric cord disturbs the operation

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6. Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

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The PATRIOT PRODUCTS CSV-2515 is a really powerful device powered by a 10 horsepower Briggs engine. The device can shred leaves, twigs, and branches up to 3 inches and turn them all up into small mulches.

So whenever you are in need of a mulcher to convert some heaps with a combination of branches, sticks, leaves, and twigs, then the CSV-2515 is your go-to device.

This is much more than a standard leaf mulcher, it is more like an industrial grade heavy duty type that will handle anything that is thrown at it

Patriot CSV-2515 has a sturdy design that is perfect for working long hours cleaning up your yard. Its Y-hammer shredder can by no means be compared to the thin plastic line shredders of some other device.

This is a key reason why it can handle a lot more than the average leaf mulcher. The device has a side discharge tube from which the waste can be collected via either a collection bag

The 14-ampere engine of this device works quietly and you won’t be needing an earplug or any form of hearing protection while working with it.

You can as well rest assured that your neighbors won’t be bothered with the sound of the machine.

Coming in as a 95 pounds device, the CSV-2515 is a bit heavy but can is provided with a carriage system to aid movement about in the yard while working.

Easy to store, though you cannot disembody its part, then, the device is compact enough to no take up much space in your storage location.

What I Like

  • Powerful14-ampere engine
  • Compact for storage
  • Perfect large yards
  • Durable

What I Don’t Like

  • Very loud
  • Not as compact as some other heavy-duty machines

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7. Flowtron LE-900 Electric Leaf Shredder

Flowtron LE-900 The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder (Pack of 2)

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The Flowtron is a heavy duty machine but weighs just around 17 pounds, which depicts that this is a machine that can be easily operated.

The shredder comes with a stand that allows you to do your mulching right on top of your compost pit, but you can also mulch and collect the waste to a waste bag.

It is made up of an easily detached air filter that helps to reduce air pollution or dust. This is a rugged machine despite its weight, and it has a mulching rate of 11:1, meaning that it is pretty much effective for most of your leaf mulching duties.

For storage, you can easily disassemble the machine parts to prevent it from taking much of your storage space.

Equipped with blades as well as a cutting line for additional cutting power. You are sure not to run out of cutting lines with this machine, with a surplus of about 36 cutting lines provided to give you a long lasting cutting experience.

It shreds anything form of the leaf that comes in its way, be it wet or dry leaves, grasses or twigs.

You can mulch as many leaves as you can with it its special design that contains a collection bag beneath the setup. The blade is specially crafted in such a way that there will be no blockage or stiffness while shredding leaves.

There is the option to vary how coarse you want the waste to be, a good thing if you ask because I think it gives you control on how you want your compost to turn out.

Even though you are provided with 36 cutting lines, you can add in generic cutting lines to get your job done whenever the ones provided got finished.

As a patented double cutting line machine, the Flowtron is an effective and reliable companion for your mulching job.

What I Like

  • Compact for storage
  • Easy operation
  • Lightweight

What I Don’t Like

  • Low reduction rate

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Buying Guide

leaf chopper

Leaf mulchers come in different types and shredding power.

There are the heavy duty ones that shred anything that comes it’s way, and there are those that are just suitable for mulching leaves and little twigs. The decision to consider buying a particular type of mulcher will greatly rely on the type of leave waste you intend to use it for.

Do you intend to use it mainly for clearing your lawn or do you intend to have an all-in-one kind of machine that can blow leaves together in heaps and mulch them at the same time as well as work as a vacuum?

You are spoilt with options. But this guide will help streamline your search and give you the right insight as to the specific machine that is right for your intended usage.

Things To Consider When Buying A Leaf Mulcher

leaf mulcher reviews

Power & Motor Specifications

The power of the leaf mulcher you are buying should be put into consideration. This is usually specified in terms of the amperage of the machine, but at times it can also be indicated in the form of the horsepower of the device.

Most devices on the market are backed by 12amperes and above. I personally take this as a good benchmark for leaf mulchers as it is the one that dictates effective the machine will be. If you want to go for more heavy duty types of shredders, you might consider buying one with 14amperes or above.

Reduction Ratio  

leaf shredder reviews

Reduction ratio, also known as the mulching ratio is the ratio of the bags of leaves compared to the bags of mulches after the leaf mulcher must have done its job.

As a buyer, you should be on the lookout for leaf mulchers that have a reduction ratio of 13:1 and above (what this means is that the final shredded leaves are 15 times smaller to the initial piles of the leaf).

The whole point of getting the machine in the first place is to get rid of these piles of leaves. So when you have a machine that can do that well, you know that it will save you a lot of hassle.

Speed Adjustment

leaf grinder

If you need to buy leaf mulcher, you might want to check out the speed of the device. I think this is as important as the power of the device.

There are times leaves might get sucked into the machine at a very fast speed, hence you will probably need to slow things down to prevent clogging in the machine blade.

Hence, going for a machine that allows you to vary the speed of the blade will be a really good option.

Shredder Capacity

leaf shredders mulchers reviews

The capacity of the leaf mulcher just means how large is the machine bowl or the structure of its build.

Will it be able to sufficiently clean your big lawn? Is this leaf mulcher the right type for your large and expansive lawn or is the machine just too big for your yard and is making working with it difficult?

Having a large number of trees in your yard will mean more leaves dropping during fall. So you will be better off investing in a machine with a large capacity.

The amount of compost you plan on making can also be factored into the equation because a large number of leaves will be needed if you need a large amount of compost for your farm.

Blade Quality

The blade or cutting lines quality of a mulcher is also to be considered as less work will be needed to be done with a machine that has a really good blade as opposed to one of weak blade quality.

You will want to get your yard cleaning job as quickly as possible, but having a machine with a low-quality blade won’t help with that. It will slow things down and form clogs in the blade compartment.

I am of the opinion that going with one that you can easily replace its blade is important. Some machines have cutting lines instead of blades, so you are more likely to find value for money with a leaf mulcher of 25 cutting lines and above.

Mulcher Versatility

The versatility of a mulcher goes a long way in saving you some money as well as make your task easier. With a 3-in-1 mulcher, you can blow up leaves together, mulch them and they suck away any remaining debris with the vacuum available.

This might serve you well if you want to clean your lawn and work on your garden to reach some places like a flower bed where a conventional mulcher cannot reach.

While some mulchers shred any waste on its ways like twigs, branches (up to 3 inches thick), and leaves, some machines can only handle small branches (around 1.5 inches thick) and leaves.

Classification of Leaf Mulchers

Many models of leaf mulchers are on the market. Some are portable and can be hand held for operation, while some are heavy duty type that can handle more heavy jobs. The following is a list of the types of leaf mulchers out there.

Simple Mulchers

These types are meant for a lightweight job. They are for shredding leaves only on a small scale. They include the mulching lawn mowers and the shredders. Their operation is simple and basic, to mulch leaves into disposable small bits.

Vacuum Leaf shredders

Those type of leaf mulchers leans more on the heavy duty side of the type of shredders on the market. They are built for easy usage, as you can carry them and mulches leaves, twigs, and tree branches all together. It does this by sucking in the particles and crushing them accordingly.

Depending on the Power source

The mode of powering a leaf mulcher can be subdivided into three distinct types – the gasoline-powered types, the battery-powered types, and the electric types.

The gas type is usually loud with exhaust fumes, the battery types are quite portable but expensive, while the electric types work quietly with no exhaust fumes whatsoever making them a good eco-friendly option.

Rounding Up

The WORX WG430 ELECTRIC 13 AMP is the pick of the lot for me as it is a decent eco-friendly option that runs solely on electricity. Its reduction ratio of 11:1 is pretty decent given that it has considerable high speed and a conversion rate of 56 gallons of leaves per minute – quite impressive – which translate to having a lot done in little time.

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