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7 Best Hand Held Lawn Edgers of 2023 – Manual Edging Your Grass Easily

Your garden is your method of expression. If you want your garden to be an eyesore of kaleidoscope flowers, then it’s your choice. You want to have a petit farm in the back of your house, that’s your decision as well.

There is one factor of gardening that isn’t an option though, and that’s maintenance. No matter how simplistic or elaborate you make your garden and yard, you have to keep an eye over it. Lose track of your yard, and you’ll have your own little jungle in no time.

One of the most basic appliances you’ll need to maintain your yard is an edger. For the best control over your edger, the best manual lawn edger is the right option for you.


The Best Manual Lawn Edger on the Market 2023

1. Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Manual Lawn Edger (Our Top Recommended)

Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel and Ash Handle, 48-Inch

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This is a different design from the standard shovel-shaped design. To increase the convenience of your trimming chores, this edger uses a wheel system to keep you moving while you work.

For a more durable and aesthetic appeal, the handle for this edger is made out of American ash with a lacquered finish. To maintain this edger, spray clean it after every use with a hose, and then coat it with a silicone spray. For all of Truper’s products, you get ten-year coverage for replacements or issues.

This edger wasn’t made to control an invasion of weeds and wild grass, that’s the job of a lawnmower. Once the big mess has been taken care of, this Truper edger is used to ensure the mess doesn’t return. Pull it out twice a week and stroll over all of the developing weeds with ease.

To get everything it may take one or two trips over the entire yard. It’s not that big an issue since this edger trims over everything very smoothly. The hard work in this sense is something people try to avoid which is one of the complaints behind this edger. Hard work and some manual labor are what you’re signing up for when you purchase this kind of edger, so this shouldn’t be a problem if you want a manual edger.

A problem that most did not sign up for though, is the fact that this edger can clog up with long stocks of grass. Once it clogs up, you have to manually get everything out which is dreary and can risk damaging the edger, or your fingers.


  • Wheeled trimmer for ease of use
  • Sleek appearance
  • Trims and cleans the yard nicely


  • Can clog up after continuous use over thicker grass

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2. Fiskars 36 Inch Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears

Fiskars 36 Inch Long-Handle Swivel Grass Shears (92107935J), Black/Orange

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The Fiskars Long Handled Swivel Grass Shears are a two-in-one deal! Not only can they be used as an edger along the curb, driveway, and sidewalk, but they can also be used as a trimmer over the entire yard!

If you’re into decorating and designing your yard, this is the perfect gardening tool for you. You can smooth out all of the edges in your yard, whether they’re in the middle or along the ends. This edger promises more precision than shovel-shaped edgers while still offering you the maximum control enjoyed with manual edgers.

The lengthy shaft allows for a more relaxed position while working outside. You can remove the sore knees and aching back from your schedule by using this Fiskars shear. For optimum ease, the blades swivel 360 degrees to give you the perfect angle with each cut you make.

Finally, you have a lifetime warranty from Fiskars when you buy this product. Never worry yourself over this piece malfunctioning since you can get help any time you need it.

For a manual trimmer and edger, this is a great solution. Some people just don’t enjoy knowing that they’re making a bigger carbon footprint than they’d like to with other powered appliances, so this can put those worries to ease.

This edger is relatively lightweight and can strain when cutting thicker, larger weeds and larger clumps of grass. The handle is quite hard and using it after a while can apply strain on your fingers. To minimize this issue, it’s better to wear gloves with this tool.

When it comes to actual work, these shears work very slowly. Naturally they can’t speed through your yard as a weed eater or string trimmer would. It’s a manual trimmer that’ll go as fast as you can. But the cutting speed of these shears is tedious and very time-consuming.


  • 2-in-1 deal trimmers and an edger
  • Perfect for designing and decorating your yard
  • Blades swivel 360 degrees for the perfect angle


  • Slow performance

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3. Yard Butler Step manual sidewalk Lawn Edger

Yard Butler Step Edger Manual Steel Lawn Garden Sidewalk Grass Long Handled Foot Edging Tool With Rounded Saw Tooth Blade EDGE-180,gray

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Returning to the more commonly used shovel-shaped edgers, this Yard Bulter is a real helping hand when it comes to working in the yard.

With this edger in hand, you can create deeper, cleaner cuts with each press. To make a tidy appearance over your entire yard, this is the ideal option. It’s simple and with no moving parts. It gives you full control over how you use the tool and decorate your garden.

For a more comfortable working experience, the handlebar is cushioned and made at a perfect 180-degree angle for a secure grip. The footplate allows you to amply press down on the edger when you’re pulling out roots.

To make distinct cuts into and around your garden, this edger can cut cleanly through the dirt for smooth, consistent results.

The entire construction of this edger is a strong, steel construction with a powder coating. For thicker, heavier dirt this may not be the ideal edger to use but if you have a way of sharpening it, it’ll be up for some stronger challenges.

Over time, this edger does become sharper with uses. As you use it against it the cemented surfaces, (sidewalks, driveways, curbs, pathways) it becomes more resilient and sharper when the top brushes past. This makes it easier to uproot thicker and heavier grass.

A meddlesome issue with this edger would be the padded handles, which can slip on and off of the handle. This makes it hard to use the edger properly without having to either put the padded handles back onto the edger or taking them off completely and sufficing with the pain of using a metal handle.


  • Long footplate easy to use
  • Good for heavy and light-duty work
  • Classic design gives you optimum control


  • Has to be sharpened first for best performance
  • Handle padding can slip/fall off

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4. The AMES Companies Inc Manual Lawn Edger

AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip, 39-Inch

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A peak to this edger is the serrated edge, which helps you push through thicker, uneven soils with rough roots hiding underneath. The handles are easy enough to get a hold of. They aren’t the best, but they do help make long hours less stressful. It has a sturdy build that can last heavier duty jobs in the garden.

In comparison to other edgers, this one can handle rough terrain and unkempt grass much better. Thanks to its blade, it can gnaw through grasses and weeds unlike other edgers, which means it can work in a more versatile manner than the competition.

This one does call for some elbow grease to make it work properly. You can’t try to be lazy when working with this edger. It can create smooth straight and curved lines inside of your yard. For designs, heavy work, and a professional finish, this edger is the right one to look to.

The biggest problem with this edger is that it does not come with any comforters or padding on its handles which can make using it very uncomfortable. For long periods of work, you don’t want your hands to hold a hard cold, sweaty plastic surface.

With all of the additional effort you have to apply when using this edger, it works best when you have a smaller yard. Otherwise, you’ll tire out before you finish working over the entire yard. If your yard is over 100 yards worth of edging, you’re not going to get it done in one go.


  • Serrated edges
  • Tall staff
  • Handles harder grass and soil


  • Handles are hard
  • A lot of effort required for this edger

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5. Raduis Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Ergonomic Carbon Steel Manual Lawn Edger

Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Edger, Green

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Another proud product of Radius Green promoting their professional and ergonomic handle. The shape of the blade makes clean, deep cuts inside the soil, and it only gets better the more you use it.

In the winter, you can turn this edger into an ice chipper.

For your convenience and ease of use, there’s a raised footplate over the blade for you to press over. The blade itself is made out of durable yet lightweight carbon steel for a reliable performance with minimum strain and stress.

Like the primary model mentioned from Radius Green, this one comes with the signature O-shaped handle as well. With this handle, you get four times more the gripping surface than any other standardized D-shaped or straight handle would have to offer. The handle is made out of non-latex, thermoplastic elastomer over-molded on top of a polypropylene base. It’s easy to hold onto and resilient to sweat development.

This edger from Radius Green also comes with a lifetime guarantee with the purchase of this product, so long as you’re in the US. This edger gives a clean, clear cut with ease use that can’t be compared with any other gas, corded, or battery powered edger.

An even better plus point is this staff is tall! For taller users who need an edger that won’t hurt their back, this is the right selection.

One issue that everyone experiences with this edger is the fact that it is not sharp upon purchase. The reliability and stability of this edger though, are too hard to miss out on. The solution behind this problem is to sharpen it which makes all the difference. Of course, the more you use it the sharper it’s going to get, but before the first use, it’s worth a little sharpening to speed up this process.


  • Elevated footplate
  • O-shaped handle
  • Tall staff for taller people


  • Not sharp on purchase

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6. Garden Weasel Manual Lawn Edger

Garden Weasel manual lawn edger


The Garden Weasel is the right choice for you if you need to weasel out weeds and excess grass covering your sidewalk and driveway. This chopper design was made to easily create sharp edges for your yard with every single puncture.

Sculpting around the edges of patios, driveways, and sidewalks is a breeze when using this chopper. It’s lightweight, efficient, and won’t harm you back. It’s ergonomically designed so you can use it to your own ease and not hurt yourself in the process.

In the summer, this edger helps distinguish flower beds from one another and keeps mulch away from the bed. When winter comes, you can break the ice off of your lawns and beds for the next season.

Using this unit is much simpler than using electronic models. There’s no hassle behind the power source since you don’t need one.

Simply place the edger where you want to make an edge, press your foot down on the footplate, and then pull it out. This will effectively create your edge.

Being weather and rust-resistant, this edger is constructed with a carbon steel blade and is steel welded for maximized strength.

There is the occasional complaint behind this edger being too dull. If it’s dull, then it won’t penetrate through the dirt and is rendered useless. To solve this issue, you can sharpen the ends of your edger yourself, it’s just inconvenient that this responsibility lies in your hands when it should’ve been done by the producers.

Thicker grass stocks can be a problem for this edger as well. They have more solidified roots and come in thicker bunches together. With a more secure on the dirt than other types of grass, this can become problematic for the edger and you.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and quick
  • Easy to use
  • Weather and rust-resistant


  • Thicker grass can be too hard to pull out


7. Radius Garden Steel Manual Lawn Edger

Radius Garden Steel Manual Lawn Edger


The Radius Green starts with a durable and reliable stainless steel blade. Coupled with this for a resilient performance is a resin-encased carbon steel shaft. For a better grip and handle on this edger, there’s an elongated footplate to place your foot over when pressing the edger down.

For a softer grip, this O shaped handle is covered with a non-latex, thermoplastic elastomer and polypropylene comforter. This reduces the strain applied near your hand and wrist when working.

The O handle is easier to grip onto in all directions unlike the standard D shaped handle which has tight cuts and edges. These edges can drive into your skin when you’re working and make it harder to adjust your grip.

To support this purchase, you can get a lifetime guarantee of support from Radius Green so long as you’re located in the US.  

This edger works nicely with flower beds, making it an ideal choice for design and forming your garden to your liking. When used by sidewalks, curbs, and driveways, it doesn’t falter in performance but instead works even better. The cement sharpens the edge as it goes down to pull out the grass, which makes its work cleaner and swifter than ever.

While all the good really makes this a great deal, there are some cons towards this Radius Green edger as well. For starters, this isn’t a rust-resistant appliance which means it’s prone to rust when stored away.

It’s also a little short. Compared to other handled tools, this is shorter which can create back pains after long periods of use. Regardless, the handle itself is very comfortable to hold but the length of the edger itself is inconvenient. For taller users, long periods of use can seriously strain their back.


  • Ergonomic O shaped handle
  • Elongated footplate
  • Suitable for designing and forming tasks


  • Not rust-resistant
  • Shorter than most tools


Buying Guide

rotary lawn edger

Manual lawn edgers are the predecessors of all edgers. They were how people used to make perfect gardens and still are to this day. You can find shovel-shaped maunal edgers that require to push down on them with your foot to pull out the roots of the grass.

Then there are wheeled edgers that you roll over the edges of your yard to get the exact edges you need. Finally, there are shears that can perform as edgers if you are ready to trim the entire edge of your garden for the perfect appearance.

One thing is for sure when it comes to all of these types of manual edgers, they grant you unbeatable precision.

The Size of Your Yard

manual grass edger

When it comes to analyzing your manual lawn edger, there’s no better way to do it than to check it once you get it. For this very reason, never make a purchase without ensuring you have a warranty or coverage.

After this, you have to look at the landscape you’re going to work over. Some people have tiny yards and gardens since they live in tightly packed residential areas. With these kinds of yards, it’s better to have a manual edger since there’s no need for any long, heavy work.

If you have a larger yard, then you might want to consider the wheeled models of manual edgers. They still require some effort on your behalf, but they don’t take up as much time as a bladed shovel would. You can stroll behind your edger while it works and get the job done faster.


With manual edgers, you’re going to be using them for long hours at once. It’s better to put your comfort before anything else. You don’t want to have an aching back by the end of the day. You don’t want strained wrists, burning fingers, or knobbly knees because of a painstaking experience with a manual edger.


Manual Lawn Edger reviews

Without a doubt, you have to look at the comfort of the handle. The handle should be padded in some sort of way or coated with a gentle grip hold. This will allow you to work comfortably without harming your hands. There are multiple shapes you find when looking for an ergonomic handle.

Firstly, there’s the standard T-shaped handle that gives you an 180o platform to place your hands on top of. This is the most basic handle you’ll get and it can be comfortable if you have padded handles.

Then there are the D-shaped handles which cradle your hand. The biggest issue with the D-shaped handle is that it’s limiting in how you can place your hand. This can create cramps in your wrist.  

Finally, there’s the O-shaped handle which is a very ergonomic design. This allows you to place your hand however you please while you work. You can alter your position and not worry about losing your grip on the handle.

A bonus point is if you can find a handle that is waterproof, to repel your sweat.


The height of the staff can seriously change how comfortable the edger is in your hands. If you’re short, then you may not find the problem of craning you back, but the issue of jumping over the footplate to get the blade to go into the dirt.

If you’re on the taller side, then finding a staff that doesn’t make you crane your back is going to be the biggest issue. Most staffs aren’t long enough which can cause a strain to your back and knees.

If you’re average height, you caught lucky as you’ll find plenty of staffs the right size.


These are the flat surfaces where you would put your foot, obviously. These plates help you push down the blade of the edger so you can get under the roots to pry out unwanted weeds and grass.

Without this vital part of the edger, you’ll have a much harder time pushing the blade into the ground. It’ll become more tiresome and you’ll get less work done.

You want to make sure that your foot can snugly fit over the footplate without sliding off. If it’s too small, you can risk a serious injury to your foot, such as a twisted ankle or sprained foot.


The definite winner of this list is the Truper Rotary Lawn Edger. If you want the best results, with the longest lasting life, you have to build a foundation with your own hands.

This is what the Truper Rotary Lawn Edger can provide you with. When making yourself a base, the best option is always the simplest. Don’t try yourself with batteries and gas when you can get the job done right by yourself. With your hands and the strong support of the Truper Rotary Lawn Edger, you can make the ideal garden flowerbeds, edges, and walkways you always wanted.

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