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10 Best Indoor & Outdoor Rabbit Hutches and Cage – Top Bunny Hutch of 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have a rabbit, you’ll need a home for your furry friend! But how do you choose the right one?

We’re here to make it simple. Read on for our reviews of the best rabbit hutches out there today.  And when you’ve finished, you’ll have everything you need to pick a palace for your long-eared pal!


The Best Indoor & Outdoor Rabbit Hutch of 2022

1. CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor And Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Pet Cage Cat Shelter in White

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If you’re looking for a good quality hutch that won’t take up much space, CO-Z’s Topnotch could be for you.

This is a simple design – essentially a box on legs with a hinged lid. It’s finished in an attractive pale grey with white trim, so it will look good on a porch or patio. And the paint will resist corrosion, so you shouldn’t need to retouch it after bad weather.

At 16 inches wide by 20 inches deep and 17 inches high, this isn’t huge. It isn’t somewhere to keep your bunny for long periods of time. But as a safe and comfortable home at night, it works perfectly.

The door at the front folds down into a ramp, so your bunny can come and go as he or she pleases. There’s a dual vent at the back, which will keep fresh air circulating. And there are gaps between the slats at the bottom which will also help air circulation.

The roof is UV-resistant, as well as waterproof. And there’s a wooden frame to reinforce the edges to make sure no rain gets in.

The roof can also be opened right up to check on your bunny. A stainless steel bar allows you to prop it open safely too, making cleaning far easier.

Assembly is straightforward, and it’s a good, stable structure.

This isn’t a hutch that comes with lots of bells and whistles. There’s only one compartment, and no run. It works best as a nighttime home for one bunny, or to provide shelter when left open during the day. If that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t go far wrong with this one.

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2. Lovupet Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Lovupet Wooden Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Wooden Small Animal Habitat w/Tray 4 Doors

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If you’re looking for something a little more spacious, this hutch from Lovupet is worth a look. It has two stories to give your rabbit more space for play.

It’s constructed of solid fir wood, with a natural finish. It’s treated with anti-fungal treatment to resist mold too. But if you’ve got a bunny who’s prone to chewing wood, it won’t be the right choice.

It’s good-looking enough to be a fixture inside – at first glance, you could even mistake it for a cabinet. But if you want to use it outdoors, you’ll need to do some work to make it weatherproof. Although the roof is covered in waterproof asphalt, you’ll need to add sealant at the joins.

The design is a bit like a bunk bed, with a ramp between the two levels. It has four doors on the front, two on each level. The roof opens up too for easy access.

There is, though, one issue with access here – the hutch is a little too easy for your rabbit to open! That’s because the latches on the doors are attached vertically. A kick or thump from an ingenious bunny, and gravity will open them up.

It’s a design flaw, but it’s easy to fix: just turn the latches through ninety degrees and they’ll work fine.

The bottom of each floor is a tray that can be removed to make clean-up as easy as pie. The plastic-coated surfaces are simple to wipe clean. Just make sure you add bedding to absorb the liquid when your bunny answers the call of nature.

The sides and front of the lower level are covered with wire for ventilation. The larger door on the top level has the same design.

It will keep the air circulating well, but you may find a mobile bunny means bedding escapes through the wire. Some people have dealt with that by adding a thin plank of wood around the bottom of the hutch.

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3. Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch (Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch)

Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

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If you’re in the market for a hutch that really makes a statement, check out the Advantek Stilt House.

This palatial hutch includes a chamber on stilts, with a ramp down to the ground where there’s an enclosed run. It’s styled as a chalet, and with the matching wooden frame around the run it really looks the business. Any self-respecting bunny would be happy to call this home!

It’s made from solid fir timber, painted deep red and with a white trim. The wood is both insect and rot-resistant. It’s not bunny-resistant, though! If you’ve got a rabbit that loves chewing wood, it won’t be the right choice.

The enclosed chamber gives your bunny a safe, quiet place to retreat if they want some alone time. And there’s a window so they can watch the world go by.

Cleaning is made easy by a handy drawer that sits beneath the compartment. Cleaning the run, though, is less straight forward. There’s a door at only one end, so be prepared to wriggle on the floor to reach the far corner.

With the inclusion of the run, this is a fairly sizable hutch. It’s big enough for up to two rabbits. You’ll need a space just over two feet by three feet by four feet.

It’s really designed for outdoor use, and all the hardware is rust-resistant. But if you’ve got the room inside, it will look fine. Just bear in mind that the base sits directly on the floor, so you’ll need to put down puppy training mats or similar.

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4. Aivituvin Indoor And Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor 62' Bunny Cage on Wheels with 3 Deep No Leakage Pull Out Tray,Waterproof Roof (Grey)

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The 19 pattern hutch from Aivtuvin is another attractive home for your bunny. Its wooden frame is painted a classic silver-grey, with a darker shade on the timber forming the sleeping compartment.

There’s an enclosed space for your bunny to have a quiet moment, with a ramp down to a four-foot run. The hutch also comes with a free metal feeder you can attach to the wall. You’ll even get a wooden chew toy to try to distract your bunny from nibbling away at his new home.

There are three deep removable trays to help with cleaning. One sits beneath the sleeping compartment, while another two are side by side under the run. They’re lined with thick plastic so they’re easy to wipe clean.

There’s wire around all sides of the run to keep your bunny secure. The top is open though. That makes it easy to pick him up – but it’s also an invitation to predators.

If you’re going to keep your hutch outside, make sure you keep your bunny supervised. And tuck him up safely in his secure sleeping compartment at night.

The whole construction is nice and stable, and easy to put together. We particularly like the fact that it stands on six wheels, so it’s easy to move to different locations. And two of the wheels are lockable, so it won’t move about once you’ve found the right spot.

This is a roomy hutch, with the sleeping compartment measuring 24.4 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep. It’s perfect for a couple of friendly bunnies to share. And if they’re small, you’ll probably find it’s spacious enough for three.

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5. Tangkula 68″ Rabbit Hutch With Run

Tangkula Chicken Coop 68' Rabbit Hutch Wooden Garden Backyard Bunny Hen Small Animal Cage Nest Box with Run

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Designed originally as a chicken coop, Tangkula’s 68-inch offering works just as well as a rabbit hutch.

It’s made of fir and finished with waterproof paint in a lovely natural shade. The 68 inches refers to the length of the run. It begins beneath the sleeping compartment and continues to the side, giving your bunny plenty of room to hop about.

The run and sleeping compartment are connected by a ramp. This has wooden slats at intervals across it to stop your bunny slipping and sliding.

The run is surrounded by heavy duty wire to keep out predators. It’s 41 inches high, making it awkward for a cat or fox to leap inside the open-roofed enclosure. (Though it probably isn’t impossible – so keep an eye on your bunny if he’s outside.)

The wire enclosure will also stop bunny from escaping and nibbling your plants. Any keen gardeners will find that a great comfort!

The enclosed compartment has a little window for you to check on your pet. There’s also a secondary area to one side, without a window. The roof here can be raised up to give easy access.

There’s a removable drawer beneath the main compartment to help with cleaning. It doesn’t, though, stretch to the secondary area.

This is where the original design for chickens is most evident. The secondary compartment is really designed as a nesting box.  The removable roof makes cleaning here easier, but it would work better for bunnies with a drawer beneath.

All in all, though, this is an attractive and spacious home that will work well for a couple of bunnies. It’s easy to put together, and we’ve heard good things about Tangkula’s customer service.

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6. Trixie Rabbit Hutch With Outdoor Run – Extra Small (Budget Pick)

Trixie Pet Products 62339 Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run, XS, Glazed Pine

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If you need something more compact, this extra small hutch from Trixie could be one for your shortlist. Complete with run, it measures a total of 61 inches in length. It’s 21 inches wide and 28 inches tall at its highest point.

The sleeping compartment has a divider with a doorway for your bunny to move between the two sides. A ramp leads down to the run, which is fully enclosed with mesh panels. The roof is covered over too, so neither bunny nor any other critter can jump in or out.

There are loads of access points here. The sleeping compartment has two doors at the front which open across its entire width. The peaked roof (great for rainfall to run straight off) also opens up in two halves. There’s a door leading to the ramp, and the roof area of the hutch is hinged too.

There’s also a drawer beneath the sleeping compartment. Pull it out when it’s time to clean. It’s made of metal, so it won’t warp or absorb smells.

The run and sleeping compartment are assembled in two different sections. They’re attached with four metal hooks, so you can detach the two parts if you want to.

This is another design which is intended to sit directly on grass in the great outdoors. Use it inside if you prefer, but you’ll need to put down something to absorb bunny’s doings. Puppy training mats or an aluminum baking tray work well.

Assembly takes about an hour, and all you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver. There’s room here for one medium sized bunny or two dwarf bunnies.

But if you’ve got a determined escapologist on your hands, this might not be the best option. We’ve heard of one bunny managing to detach the mesh from the wooden frame. And the boards here aren’t as thick as with some other hutches.

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7. Tangkula 60″ Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Tangkula 60' Large Rabbit Hutch Wooden White Rabbit Bunny Outdoor Animal Cage Rabbit Hutch House with Black Linoleum Roof

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The second hutch from Tangkula to make our list, this is a hutch fit for a rabbit prince or princess! With a 60 inch run, it’s slightly smaller than the model reviewed earlier. But it has all the bells and whistles of its larger cousin.

It stands on two levels. On top is an enclosed compartment and secondary chamber, the latter originally designed as a nesting box for chickens. A ramp leads down from these to the lower level and the run.

The run and sleeping compartments have pitched roofs covered in asphalt to keep them dry and secure. The secondary chamber has a sloping roof which can be lifted up to reach inside easily.

While the main compartment has a drawer underneath, there’s no drawer below the secondary chamber. There is, though, a divider to create a snug, warm space for chickens to lay eggs. You can remove it for a rabbit, but it will mean the floor of the chamber can flip up. If you decide to do that, add a couple of screws to make it secure.

The main compartment has a single door, so it’s not as accessible as the design by Trixie. And although there’s an observation window, it’s small and high up. You can look in, but your bunny won’t be able to look out.

The design to open and close the door to the ramp is a nice touch. There’s a long metal handle which acts as a bolt and extends outside the run. Just slide it into place when it’s your bunny’s bedtime, and he or she will be safe and secure.

This is another hutch that’s designed to sit directly on the ground. We have, though, seen some great examples of customers building stands for it – even with integrated drawers for cleaning. If you’ve got the DIY skills, it’s an excellent project.

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8. New Age Pet Eco-Concepts Huntington Rabbit Hutch

New Age Pet ECORH203-02 Huntington Rabbit Hutch, Tan

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This handsome hutch from New Age Pet is a great choice if you have a bunny that likes to chew. It’s made of ecoflex, a composite of recycled polymers and sawdust. It’s much tougher than other hutches, and will stand up well to even a destructive bunny.

The attractive hutch looks like a chalet on stilts. The enclosed compartment takes up the full width with this design, with the run underneath.

There’s an acrylic drawer beneath the compartment that can be pulled out for easy cleaning. You won’t have to worry about it rusting as with metal, and it won’t absorb odors like wood.

This stands up well to the elements, with the pitched roof allowing water to run straight off. The only weak point are the bolts, which may begin to rust over time. Add some WD40 and they’ll be fine.

The enclosed compartment is divided in two. One side has a mesh front to let bunny see out. The other has solid walls, so he or she can escape for privacy or to keep warm.

If you’re planning to keep this outside, check the direction of the prevailing wind. You don’t want rainwater and cold air blowing into the hutch.

One other issue is that the ramp here is pretty steep. You may find you need to add a non-slip covering to help your bunny navigate it safely. Do that, though, and you’ll have a robust and attractive hutch that should last for years to come.

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9. Aivituvin Outdoor Bunny Hutch

87.8''L Extra Large Chicken Coop, Rabbit Hutch Wooden Hen House Outdoor Bunny House - Upgrade with Bottom PVC Layer

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If you’re looking for a hutch big enough for three or four rabbits, Aivituvin’s 4B model may be for you. This has a larger central compartment flanked on both sides by a run, giving your bunnies plenty of space. The outdoor activity space is over nine feet long in total.

It’s an attractive thing, with a symmetrical design and pitched roofs over all three sections. The fir frame is painted a neutral grey with a paler trim.

This is one of Aivituvin’s newer designs, and they’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

The run is completely enclosed, so there’s no way in for predators. And although this can be sat directly on grass, it also comes with a removable bottom layer made of PVC. If you’re using it indoors, that will keep your floor clean, and it’s easy to wipe over.

A deep pull-out drawer stretches across the bottom of the central compartment. It’s lined with plastic to make cleaning easy. As with other hutches, make sure you add absorbent material so your bunnies don’t have to step in their waste.

The enclosed compartment has a single door with a mesh front. It opens up about halfway across. There’s an exit on either side, with a ramp for your bunnies to reach the run.

There’s a door on either end of the run, and a shorter one in the middle beneath the central compartment. All have secure latches to keep your bunnies safe and sound.

The one disadvantage is that there aren’t any doors at the back. That means you’ll have to reach all the way through to clean the far corners.

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10. Lovupet 2 Story Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Lovupet 2 Stories Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage with Ladder for Small Animals 0323(Grey)

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This pretty two story hutch is embellished with wooden hearts to remind your bunny how much you love them!

It’s made of fir wood and there are loads of different color options. Keep it classic with natural or pale grey, or make a statement with bright blue, pink or red. The varnish is waterproof and non-toxic.

Both levels are raised above the ground, and both have removable drawers lined in plastic. You won’t have to worry about damp paws when it’s been raining. Just remember to add absorbent material to deal with bunny toilet trips. The design makes cleaning up very quick and easy.

One side of each level – about a third of the total width – has a solid door and walls for privacy. The other side has a mesh front to let air circulate and your bunny looks out at the world.

The lower level has a solid door that opens downwards to form a ramp for your bunny to get out. One of the side walls has mesh down to the bottom. It’s good for ventilation, but it does mean that bedding will escape from time to time.

The ramp between the two levels is non-slip and isn’t too steep.

And all those pretty heart shapes are actually rotating bolts to keep the doors closed. They look great, but they’re not that secure. An energetic bunny will probably manage to get them open. If you opt for this hutch, consider replacing them – especially if you’re keeping it outdoors.

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Ready to go shopping?

That brings us to the end of our reviews of the best rabbit hutches to keep your bunny safe and happy. We hope we’ve given you the information you need to make the best choice for your pet.

Our favorite is the stilt house from Advantek. It provides a great balance of private space and outdoor play area – and it looks great too.

Your bunny deserves the best, and there are plenty of different designs out there to suit all circumstances. Whichever one you choose, we hope it will provide a happy home for your furry friend.

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