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7 Best Snow Roof Rakes of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Let’s be honest:

No homeowner enjoys the sight of extensive snow falling.

With snow building up on the roofs of our houses, we have no choice but to come out and spend hours raking it off the surface. Otherwise, as some lazy people have found out to their disadvantage, even a few inches of snow on a roof could do extensive damage to the whole house.

Hence the reason why you should have the best snow roof rakes.

By preventing the buildup of ice dams, the snow roof rakes protect your roof’s structural integrity. That way you can be sure that no water will be leaking into your rooms.


The Best Snow Roof Rake on the Market 2022

1. Garant GPRR24U Yukon 24-Inch Snow Roof Rake

Garant GPRR24 Yukon 24-Inch Poly Blade Snow Roof Rake

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With a hard-plastic blade, a long and flexible aluminum pole and an anti-slip grip, the Garant GPRR24U Yukon has everything to rid your roof of some damaging snow.

Starting with a glance at its construction, and the angled-blade of the Garant GPRR24U provides it with a user-friendly design. It allows you to move the rake vertically while cleaning the roof, which means that you won’t have any back pain even after using this model for hours.

Equally impressive is the ease with which you can assemble this model. That’s due to the fact that it has a hole on one end and spring-loaded buttons on the other, both of which fit together nicely to provide a secure and sturdy fit.

Also, while the built-in length of this model is a meager 5-feet, the fact that it comes with 3 sections of 5-feet rods means you can take its reach all the way up to an impressive 15-feet length. Throw into the mix the anti-slip grip of this model, and you won’t have any problems while maneuvering this roof rake.

Also, since this model’s blade is made of polyethylene, it would keep your rooftop safe by not damaging its shingles. At the same time, the 24-inch width of the blade will make sure that you can clean more area in less time.

Unfortunately, the fact that this model is made of plastic means that if you are dealing with more than a few inches of snow, it might not be the one. Otherwise, if you try too hard, it might end up breaking under the weight of heavy snow.

What We Like

  • Easy to maneuver
  • 24-inch wide clearance
  • Incredibly lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Not recommended for clearing heavy snow

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2. Garelick 89421 Snow Roof Rake

Garelick Snow Roof Rake

Image: Garelick

Coming from a brand which has a 6-decade long experience of making snow roof rakes, the Garelick 89421’s performance makes it a must-have.

In contrast to some other units in this review, the Garelick 89421 is available in two sizes: 16’ and 21’. While the former size is recommended if you have a mid-sized roof (check out our buying guide to know more), you can turn to the 21’ if your roof is on the larger side.

As far as its construction is concerned, the 89421 mimics the layout of the Avalanche SRD20 reviewed above. It comes with four sections which snap together to give you the maximum reach, though Garelick goes one better by letting you add an extension should you feel like increasing its range.

Fortunately, despite its large size, this model is a cinch to maneuver thanks to its patented rollers. Protruding out of the two corners of the blade, these rollers prevent the raw blade from doing any damage to your roof’s shingles, thereby increasing their shelf life.

Performance-wise, you can’t have any complaints about this model. Apart from its maximum reach of 21’, the blade of this model is 7-inches wide – which means it could clean a large area in one pass. That despite the fact that this model weighs under 6 pounds, which is incredibly light for a model of its size.

One small issue that you might have to face while using this model is the poor quality of its wheels. They are made of plastic and aren’t known for their durability. So we recommend that you don’t put too much pressure on them or else they might come off.

What We Like

  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has an extended reach

What We Don’t Like

  • Question marks about the durability of the wheels


3. Avalanche SRD20 Snow Roof Rake

Avalanche SRD20 Snow Rake

Image: avalanche

The Avalanche SRD20 is one of those rare snow roof rakes which has wheels to protect your roof from any damage. Though that’s not the only beneficial feature of this model.

First things first, the SRD20 comes in five 4-foot sections with a combined reach of up to 20-feet when connected using the supplied couplers. It also has a soft plastic blade whose width of 24-inches makes it easy to reach roof peaks and high ledges.

Unfortunately, though, the 20-foot length of the SRD20 makes it difficult to handle when the snow rake is fully extended. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use this model in its fully extended form during heavy winds otherwise it might pose a safety hazard.

Furthermore, to ensure that the raw blade never comes into contact with your roof’s shingles, this model has been provided with 2 small wheels on the sides. You also get a mounting bracket using which you can easily store this model with minimum fuss.

Thanks to its vinyl end grip – which is further supplemented by the aluminum construction of this unit – the SRD 20 is incredibly comfortable to use.

What’s more, since this model has sections which snap in place to take its length all the way up to 20 feet, you can increase/decrease its sight at will. For instance, while you can connect all the sections when clearing the back side of your roof, using one or two will let you clear shades with ease.

What We Like

  • Mounting bracket makes it easy to store
  • Has built-in wheels
  • Vinyl end grip
  • Incredible reach of 20-feet

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to handle when fully extended


4. MinnSnowta Dynamo Snow Roof Rake

MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor

Image: MinnSnowta

For a medium-priced model which isn’t as famous as some other snow roof rakes in this review, the MinnSnowta Dynamo Roof Razor has some pretty nice features up its sleeve.

Not many models out there can reach as far as 24-foot. Of the few who do, you won’t be able to find many which are easy to handle. Luckily, the MinnSnowta Dynamo has both these attributes as its extended reach hasn’t prevented this model from being easy to maneuver.

Making all of this possible is the relatively heavy weight of this model as its weight is north of 10lb. Provided you’re willing to lift so much weight, you’d be rewarded with an aircraft grade aluminum pole and high-tech poly wheels which protect your roof from any damage

As you might have guessed by now, to provide a reach of 24-feet, this model relies on four sections – each of which measures 6foot in length. That means that as far as its length is concerned, you can choose from anywhere between 6ft and 24ft.

Turning our attention to its blade, and MinnSnowta decided to forego plastic in favor of a sturdy aluminum blade, with the result that you can clear a 2-foot wide area in a single swoop. Also, thanks to its heft, the aluminum blade can cut through any mass of snow with ease.

Finally, in case you were wondering, all the abovementioned features of this model do not come cheap. In fact, once you compare it with other models, you’d realize that the MinnSnowta Dynamo is one of the priciest snow roof rakes on the market.

What We Like

  • Aircraft grade aluminum pole
  • Poly wheels and aluminum blade
  • 24-foot reach

What We Don’t Like

  • Astronomically expensive


5. Avalanche Original500 Snow Roof Rake

Avalanche Original500 Snow Roof Rake

Sometimes, it happens that the intensity of snow is so severe that a single snow roof rake is inadequate to do the job. In such times, what you need is a complete snow removal system like the Avalanche AVA500.

Featuring a patented cutter frame which not only removes snow but also protects your roof, this model has 1.5’’ wheels beneath its frame to protect shingle roofs. The 17’’ x 12’’ plastic blade of this model is supported by a fiberglass handle which can withstand abuse without breaking a sweat.

Additionally, to join the four 4’ sections of this model – which combine to give this system a considerable reach of 16’ – its Snap-On coupler system comes into play.  And while its weight of just over 10lbs might suggest you that this model is difficult to maneuver, that isn’t the case.

Why? Thanks to the slightly-bent handle of this model. While straight handles require you to move your hands back and forth to move them, a slightly bent handle gives you the freedom to move the rake vertically, hence requiring less effort from your side to maneuver the unit.

That said, not all is hunky dory about this model as it has its fair share of shortcomings.

One of them which affects its performance is its limited reach of 16’. Granted, it is enough for small roughs though once you compare it with what other models in this review are offering, you can easily determine that the Avalanche Original 500 lacks on this count.

What We Like

  • Has a fiberglass handle
  • Snap-On coupler system
  • Very easy to assemble

What We Don’t Like

  • You might need additional extensions when cleaning a mid-sized roof


6. Snow Joe SJBLZD-JMB-SJB 2-In-1 Snow Roof Rake

Snow Joe SJBLZD-JMB-SJB 2-In-1 Telescoping Jumbo Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

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In addition to taking care of snow, the Snow Joe has the ability to remove wet leaves and other debris from your house’s roof. Therefore, if you want a model that could do it all, go for this one.

Starting with the best feature that this model has to offer, and its Twist-n-lock mechanism comes into play. You can rely on this feature to easily remove to easily disconnect the head of this model from the handle.  Its telescoping pole, meanwhile, lets you increase/decrease the model’s length at will.

Talking about its length, and the Snow Joe has a maximum reach of 21feet, though you can further increase it by adding an extension. However, if you think that you don’t need such a huge snow roof rake, you can also decrease its length all the way down to a meager 6.2ft.

What’s more, once you have set its length, the model won’t deviate as its telescoping pole is equipped with an auto-locking mechanism. Then there is its jumbo foam head which makes sure that you only scrap the snow while keeping the roof’s shingles intact.

To help you finish the job in rapid succession, the SJBLZD has an over-sized poly-blade that measures 5’’ wide and 25’’ long, which makes it one of the longest in this review and lets you clean a large section with every pass of the blade.

Finally, one negative that we noted about this model is that its auto-locking mechanism might prove to be unable at times to stop the telescoping handle from moving. Provided that happens when you’re clearing the snow, you’d have no choice but to manually steady the pole.

What We Like

  • Twist-n-lock mechanism
  • Telescoping handle
  • Durable and lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Auto-locking mechanism might malfunction

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7. Suncast 24″ Adjustable Snow Roof Rake

Suncast 24' Adjustable Roof Rake with 20' Resin Handle - Durable Multi-Tool Rake with No Stick Blade Great for Snow, Leaves, Debris Removal - Easy to Use

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The Suncast 24’’ Adjust Roof Rake is one of those unique models whose utility doesn’t end after clearing snow off your roof. As you can also use it to rake leaves when the snow season has ended.

Design-wise, there’s nothing to separate this model from other snow roof rakes in this review. Like a typical model, it has four sections joining which you can take its reach all the way up to 21ft. Or if you aren’t clearing a full roof but a sole shelve, a 5ft reach of one section should be enough.

What does separate this model from its competitors is its blade, whose graphite constructions means that it won’t stick in snow whether the latter is dry or wet. Yet another distinguishing feature is the reach of blade, whose 24’’ x 7’’ dimensions mean that you could clean a large area in small time.

Also, the four Snap connector pieces that accompany this model to your doorstep are only there to increase/decrease its length. Instead, as people with experience of raking snow might tell, these connection sections help you in storing the Suncast in compact spaces.

One complain which we have about this model is that it lacks any slip-resistant grip, the absence of which leaves the user with little choice but to invest in leather gloves if they want to have a sturdy grip over this rake.

What We Like

  • Snap connector options
  • Won’t scratch the roof
  • Has a graphite blade

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have an anti-slip grip

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The Snow Roof Rake Buying Guide

Snow Roof Rake buying guide

What is it that separates the best snow roof rakes from the riffraff? What features distinguish an above-average model from an also-ran? Go through this section to know answers to these questions.

Also, you can diy snow roof rake at home yourself.

1. Telescoping Pole

Snow Roof Rake telescoping pole

Regardless of whether you’re living in a villa or a studio apartment, here’s why your snow roof rake must have telescoping poles:

  • Reach between 15 and 24 feet: Snow roof rakes which provide this much reach make sure that you can clean the entirety of your roof of the snow while still remaining on the ground, thereby not requiring you to use a ladder.
  • Adjustable length: With a snow rake offering adjustable length, you can increase/decrease its reach. So you can be sure that the same model which is cleaning snow off the tip of your roof is also useful when it comes to cleaning snow off its back.

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2. Design of handle

When it comes to the design of a snow rake’s handle, you have two options: a standard straight handle and the other which is slightly bent. Which of the two should you choose, then? Check out this little comparison to find out.

  • Standard straight handle: Since it requires you to push the rake back and forth – a process which causes strain on your body – we never recommend a standard straight handle.
  • Slightly bent handle: Handle which is slightly bent allows you to move the rake vertically as you use it to clean the roof, thereby making the model easy to use.

3. Material of construction

Snow Roof Rake material

Just like the design of the handle, you have two choices when it comes to the MOC of the snow rake: plastic and metal. Both of them offer their own benefits so it’s down to you to decide as which of the two meets your requirements better.

a). Metal Snow Roof Rakes

It goes without saying that snow roof rakes which are made of metal are stronger and more durable than their plastic counterparts.

Since they lean on the heavier side, these models allow you to apply more force to clean more area in less time. Though if you scrape too hard with a metal rake, you might end up rubbing off the granules or chipping a shingle.


–        Allow you to apply more force

–        Long lasting and sturdy

–        Clean more area in less time


–        More likely to chip a shingle off its base so should be used with care

b). Plastic Snow Roof Rakes

As you might have guessed by now, the relatively light weight of plastic vis-à-vis a metal snow rake provides it with its fair share of benefits and shortcomings.

Starting with the former, plastic rakes are less likely to damage your roof even if they slip because their lightweight reduces their ability to cause any damage. Also, since it is lightweight, a plastic rake is a cinch to maneuver.


–        Relatively lightweight

–        Easy to maneuver

–        Less likely to cause any damage


–        Cheap plastic rakes tend to be flimsy

3. Size of the snow roof rake

Snow Roof Rake size

In contrast to what most users tend to believe, the size of a snow roof rake doesn’t only signify the length of the pole. Rather, it also determines the width of the blade as well. For instance, if you have got a roof rake that’s 20’ x 24’’, which means that it has a 20-foot long pole and a blade that is 24-inches wide.

When picking a size, make sure it complements the height of your roof. If you’re unsure as to which size should you pick, follow these instructions:

  • For small-size roofs: Size less than or equal to 16’ x 22’’.
  • For medium-size roofs: Size less than or equal to 20’x24’’.
  • For large-size roofs: Size more than or equal to 25’ x 25’’.

4. Wheels, Bumpers or Rollers

Snow Roof Rake wheels

It goes without saying that if you’re concerned about the health of your roof, make sure the snow rake has rollers, bumpers or wheels. That is, because, these moving substances keep the blade of the tool off of the surface of the roof, thereby protecting shingles as you maneuver the rake up and down.

Conversely, if your rake doesn’t have these, it might end up scrapping the granules off the face. And since it is granules which are responsible for protecting the wood against sun’s UV rays, removing them might lower the shelf-life of the roof.


At the cost of sounding politically correct, almost all the snow roof rakes in this model are the best in their own right. That said, we cannot deny that once you juxtapose their features, one model – namely the Garelick 89421 – stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

In addition to having wheels – so as to make sure that your roof stays from damage, its slightly bent handle makes this model a cinch to maneuver. Throw into the mix its maximum reach of 21’ – which allows it to cover more area in less time – and the Garelick 89421 is easily the best snow roof rake on the market.

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