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5 Best Weed Eater Replacement Heads of 2023 – String Trimmer Replacement Head Reviews

Your trimmer can help you manage your garden wonderfully. There are many components to a trimmer and one of the most important ones is the trimmer head. Trimmer heads hold the blades or strings that are used to cut up grass and weeds.

Having the best string trimmer replacement head in hand means you can reload it easily, it works up to par, and your yard is evenly cut every time.


The Best String Trimmer Replacement Head Reviews 2023

1. Weed Warrior EZ Lock Head

WW EZ Lock Head

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This trimmer head from Weed Warrior is the ideal trimmer head if you have a gas trimmer. It can work over both curved and straight shafts and it’s a universal head that can work on any brand.

This head cuts with four lines all at once. The thickness of the line can vary from .080 inches to .135 inches. 0.155 inches is too thick and won’t feed through the head properly. Though it is not recommended by the manufacturers, there have been cases where this replacement head works perfectly fine over electric and battery-powered trimmers, edgers, and weed eaters.

If you do encounter issues with this head while placing it over an electric and battery-powered trimmer, this is not the fault of the manufacturer’s and is not covered by warranty.

Weed Warrior works better when you’re using thicker strings as this construction builds one layer on top of the other to create a stronger, more resilient cutting action. With the extra lines working together all at once, you’re doing the opposite of wasting your lines.

This weed eater head does not eat through the lines as most other heads do. Instead, this head helps ensure that your line is used properly and sufficiently by creating a strong whiplash with all four lines.

The tricky part where the complaints come from is when you have to reload the head. After using the strings so intensely as this head does, they wear out a lot. They also heat up after their use. This can make it tricky to pull out the small leftovers of the line when you need to feed in more.

In most cases, to make sure nothing stays inside, you’ll have to open up the head and scratch out the small pieces that refuse to leave. This can be very inconvenient. It’s not like other standard heads in the sense that it uses four lines at once for a stronger performance. But that does not mean you should have to endure a harder time reloading four new lines inside.


  • Can use lines of different thickness
  • Uses four lines at once for a stronger performance
  • Universal trimmer made for gas trimmers
  • Longer lasting performance


  • Reloading the lines takes a longer time

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2. Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head

Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head

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The Grass Gator Heavy-Duty Replacement Trimmer Head boasts a great deal about its capabilities. Firstly, this trimmer head was made to work on most if not all gas trimmers that have a straight shaft. It was designed to handle heavy-duty jobs in the yard with larger weeds and thicker grass.

It works best with engines that go 25cc or higher and is made to satisfy those in search of a commercial grade trimmer head. For brushes, edging, and trimming, this is the right trimmer head to use.

The durable body of this trimmer head is made out of steel for a stronger, longer-lasting performance life at peak condition. It is heavier than other plastic and metal combinations, but it presents a better quality rating for this.

This trimmer head comes with 3 metal blades. It does not use strings and this type of trimmer head is the type you never want to pull out when others or animals are around. This is a commercial grade trimmer head that was made to cut through branches and thick, barbarian weeds that have infested your yard.

Without the mania of a hazardous and constantly overridden garden, this trimmer head seems impractical and an overkill for a residential yard. Keep this in mind when considering this trimmer head. This can do the job much better than classical simplistic string trimmers but most households don’t need something this strong.

That said, there are some downfalls to take into consideration as well. The biggest issue is that after long uses, this head heats up. Like all heads, this happens as this is why you need to give your trimmer a break.

But when this does overheat, the screw holding it in place welds to the surrounding material holding your trimmer head and trimmer together. This means, if you leave it on for too long, you might end up with an irreplaceable trimmer head. Taking it off at this stage would mean breaking it off which will most definitely break your trimmer as well.


  • Durable, heavy-duty performance
  • Commercial grade trimmer head
  • Does not use string, uses 3 metal blades


  • Not recommended for residential use
  • Can overheat and weld onto your trimmer

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3. Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head

Husqvarna 966674401 T25 Tap Trimmer Advance Head, Curved and Straight Shafts,Black

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The Husqvarna head can fit over both curved and straight shafts. With a split-spool design, this head can hold lines .065” in diameter, .080” in diameter, and 0.095” in diameter. The split-spool design ensures that the string won’t weld against one another and congest the interior of the head.

Upon purchase, it comes pre-wound with a .080” line, or it comes with another line that is the .095” TitaniumForce trimmer line.

In design, it’s extremely easy to look at and not hard at all to understand. This is a bump feed model head that automatically feeds the line through when you bump it over anything. It’s an easier way to feed your head rather than stopping and feeding the line through by hand.

This product is only found online as retailers and hardware stores do not sell heads like these. Though it is a Husqvarna product, it is very much a universal head that can fit snugly on other model trimmers. It can hold different sized line efficiently and it doesn’t have prominent issues with feeding.

There is a small issue that this head is made out of not very heavy-duty material. The performance is great on most trimmers, (Husqvarna promises it to work on 95% of commercial trimmers,) there are just some that don’t take to this head all too well.

For starters, the plastic material can shorten the life of this head immensely from what it could have been with stronger material. The mounting instructions for this head aren’t very clear, which can create a lot of confusion when installing this head.

This head also vibrates a lot without any protection for this. It’s very light and therefore very prone to vibrating during uses with a stronger motor.

Don’t count on the string that comes pre-wound inside of this head. This is only a little bit of string that is practically a demo to the actual performance of the string. Most of the time, you’ll end up buying more replacement string after the first use. Having some string inside when it’s first bought is nice, but there’s no need for you to hope this string will last you a long time.


  • Universal head
  • Works with multiple string sizes
  • Works on both curved and straight shafts


  • Light material
  • Instructions are hard to understand

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4. Echo 78890-21001E High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head

ECHO 78890-21001E High Capacity Speed Feed 450 Trimmer Head

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This ECHO trimmer head can hold lines with a diameter of .095 inches. It can hold a maximum of 130 inches of line. It does not fit over curved-shaft trimmers. For trimmers with an engine of 25cc or higher, this is the right trimmer head to use.

You can reload the head in 30 seconds or less. Luckily, this adapter head doesn’t just fit on ECHO trimmers, but on Husqvarna, Tanaka, Redmax, and Honda models as well.

There’s no need for tools or disassembly. This also feeds the line through a split-spool to ensure there’s no welding of the line while you’re using your trimmer.

With the right sized line that is strong, thick and robust, this head should zip right through all of your weeds and long grass in the yard with no stops or issues. Since it holds much more line than other heads, you can work for longer periods of time without having to reload your line over and over again.

There is an issue with this head being a bump feed. The plate to cover this part of the head isn’t that sturdy and can chip off. This isn’t that big of an issue to deal with since it still works perfectly fine even if it is a little chipped.

One thing to keep in mind is that this head is a universal head. With universal heads comes the issue of it working well on some model trimmers and then failing completely on others. The performance can be very diverse with all the different types of trimmers you’ll come across.

That said, there’s a possibility of this head not installing properly, leaving a lot of space that can catch onto grass and dirt, dust, and weeds. This’ll jam not only the head, but the whole trimmer. If this is your cases, then look for something to cover the space created or look for another head that won’t leave such a wide amount of space.


  • Universal head
  • Holds maximum 130” of line at once
  • Reloads in 30 seconds or less
  • Split-spool to avoid welding


  • Plate to cover bump feed is weak
  • Installation can leave open spaces on your trimmer

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5. Tanaka 32308 No Brainer Quick Load Cutting Head For Straight String Trimmers (Our Top Pick)

Tanaka 32308 No Brainer Quick Load Cutting Head for Straight Shaft String Trimmers

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The best on this list is the Tanaka 32308. As the name implies, the installation and use of this head is a no brainer. It’s extremely easy to get adjusted to this cutting head. It fits on 95% of all model straight shaft trimmers. Included in the primary purchase of this trimmer head are six strips of .095” line. This trimmer can hold line measured .080 to .115 inches in diameter.

This head keeps feeding your trimmer without the need for manual interference. This allows you to work continuously for longer periods of time. More can get done and you can keep the engine running and warm. It’s a huge relief to not have to keep going down and refeeding the head with more line.

The installation is easy enough as the name claims, but there is one major issue here; the instructions are not very helpful. They don’t give you sufficient information on how to install this piece but they do give a warning on how to remove it.

Granted, it takes a matter of minutes to install this unit, no longer than 30 minutes if you really didn’t get what was going on. Some more detailed instructions would make this a better deal but not everything comes perfect.

This head is a smaller model than others, which can bring up the issue of grass and weeds wrapping around the exposed areas of the shaft. It can cut very well, but when it comes to commercial work it does not quite come up to par.

This trimmer is ideal if you’re staring down residential use on an almost daily basis. It is robust and consistent enough to handle small saplings and weeds that have been monitored thoroughly. It cannot turn a jungle into a flatland though. This head was not made for heavy-duty jobs that commercial heads would be used for. It can perform very nicely when the job is lightweight.


  • Universal head for straight shaft trimmers
  • Can fit different sized lines
  • Consistent results
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy installation


  • Cannot handle heavy-duty jobs
  • Instructions provided aren’t very helpful

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Buying Guide

best weed eater head

The head of your trimmer deals with two things; feeding the line through so you can cut through grass and the speed of the cuts.

You can have an extremely powerful motor that runs at top speed, but it’ll wither away as meaningless if you don’t have a good trimmer head. You could have the perfect trimmer line to cut through the thickest grass stocks and meaty weeds, but without the right head, it becomes pointless.

Your head is what’s going to link the motor with the string to create that fast-paced, cutting action you need to conquer the weeds attacking your yard.

Types of String Trimmer Head

best universal string trimmer head

There are different types of string trimmer heads that will vary inconvenience to you. For some people, they may find a more tranquil experience with the fixed-line head, while others enjoy using the bump feed method more.

  • Fixed Head

This type of head needs you to thread in the lines individually rather than insert a whole spool inside. If you’re using a thicker line, then this is the ideal trimmer head you’d be looking for. Thicker lines are stronger and do not break often. Thanks to this feature, you won’t be bending down to change your line every other minute. They can take a little rough action without snapping.

For professionals, this is the best head for commercial use. Thick lines are already in favor and by doing your threading manually, you know how much line you have, need, and if there are any tangles or knots. You, therefore, have more control.

  • Bump Feed

These kinds of heads use spools inside. If you need to feed more line into the head, all you have to do is bump it and the mechanics work independently. You don’t have to get down and thread more line in yourself, and with a spoolful of supply, you won’t have to get a new line for quite some time.

This type of head is more popular with households that have a smaller amount of land to care for. In comparison to other heads though, this is the one in which you’ll have to replace the line the most.

  • Automatic Feed

Finally, there are the automatic options. These do not require any manual feeding of the line. The cost of this one is much higher and it is harder to replace. This type of head does not cut the thread and instead constantly pulls the spool when in use. This naturally has a more conductive and precise way of making sure you have thread in comparison to the bump feed, but this is harder to find and manage.

Single vs Dual Line Head

best trimmer head

Your trimmer head can either be a single line head or a dual line head. One of them is better in the hands of the residential user while the other is properly used in the hands of a commercial user.

  • Single Line Head

Single line heads are much easier to wind. They are used in most trimmer heads targeted towards residential users since there is less effort required to maintain a head with a single line. This wouldn’t be used by commercial users.

This type of line doesn’t cut as swiftly and smoothly as would be preferred in commercial use, but it is more than enough for those who are using their trimmer in their own yard. It can cut through small weeds and thinner blades of grass.

  • Dual Line Head

These kinds of heads are preferred by commercial users. They are much harder to manage and most people would rather stick to single line heads. For a professional though, this gives the results required.

With a dual line, this head can cut through tougher materials such as branches, thick weeds, and heavy grass. It cuts cleanly and it’s stronger than single line heads. These types of heads work best when you’re handling heavier duty jobs.

Head Size

best fixed line trimmer head

The size of the head is an important factor to determine.

For a small yard, you can go with a small head that holds a smaller string. You won’t need much effort taking care of a smaller yard so you don’t have to spend your money on a large trimmer head.

Just as well, if you have thick, fast-growing weeds and grass, you’ll need a forceful trimmer head, and those come in bigger sizes. If you need strength by your side, you’ll need a head that can hold larger, thicker lines that go over 0.1 in diameter.

Branches and thick weeds won’t be cut easily by a small head with an even smaller line. Even if your yard is small, if you have thick branches, weeds, grass, and edges that need cutting, then you should look for a larger sized head.

If you have a modest, simple yard that is not infested with weeds and lose branches or twigs, then a small head will work even if you do have a big yard.

The shape of the Line

best string trimmer head

There are multiple shaped lines that you can thread through your head. Each line does come with its own benefit, but that is not an important case here.

You can get square shaped lines, star shapes, twisted shapes, serrated shapes, and the standard round shape. The more intricate the shape becomes, the sharper it becomes and the better it cuts.

Keeping this in mind, you have to purchase a head that can have the specific shape you want to use threaded. Some heads can only thread round lines, while others can take them all. One that can thread large round lines will be able to thread small different shaped lines as well. If your head can only thread small round lines, the most likely case is that it cannot thread any other shape.

Professional users like to have bigger heads for this reason. The better the line, the stronger the motor, the bigger the head, all of these features add up to a good situation.



The Tanaka No Brainer really doesn’t need any more explanation than its name.

This appliance is exceedingly easy to use. The installation happens in minutes and reloading this head does not consume much of your productive time. It runs fluently for a long time and does not call for reloads as often as other heads do.

You can use different sized strings inside of this head for different results around your yard. One factor remains the same though, your yard will come out cut neatly and evenly when you have a Tanaka on the end of your trimmer.

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