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5 Best Trimmer Line of 2021 – Strongest Line for Your Weed Eater

No matter what type of trimmer you’re using, the bottom line is that all trimmers need a trimmer line.

Trimmer lines are the essential piece to a trimmer that cuts the grass branches, hedges, and weeds. 

The stronger the trimmer line, the better the performance. With this logic kept in mind, it’s a good idea to keep your eye out for the best trimmer line there is.


The Best Trimmer Line On The Market 2021

1. Greenworks .065-Inch Single Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool 3-Pack 29252

Greenworks 065-Inch Single Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool 3-Pack 29252

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Greenworks is a well-known brand for gardening appliances. Now, you can get lines just for your Greenworks products or try them on other models with the same size. These lines come in a pack of three when ordered. They are sized .065 inches in diameter and are made to work with the Greenworks single line string trimmer.

You don’t have to use any tools to install these spools, you can simply pop them in and out whenever you need to replace the spool.

What differs this from all the other options on this list is that it’s made solely for Greenworks products but can be used as an entire spool replacement on other brands that allow. It also comes as a pre-wound spool, not only the line you need.

The entire spool has been prepared for you beforehand, so there’s no hassle of winding your own line when you need to replace the line. All you need to do is place this new spool and it’ll feed your trimmer on its own.

Of course, there’s going to be an increase in the price tag for this one benefit, but if it specializes in the brand you need, the price can be worth it.

One constant issue experienced is the spool not winding properly. This can be for any reason but there is a way to fix this on your own. Take all of the line off of the spool, place this over an electric drill motor and then let it wind up all over again. This ensures that all of your line can come off the spool smoothly with no tangles or knots.

Overall, since this is already wound, there aren’t many things to complain about. You can solve the issue of it not winding by trying it out yourself first. There is another problem that can’t be fixed on your behalf, the string is a little thinner than other models. This can make it more delicate and easier to snap against concrete sidewalks and pavements.

What I Like

  • Pre-wound spool
  • Hassle-free replacement
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used on other models

What I Don’t Like

  • Spool does not wind properly
  • Delicate line is thinner than others

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2. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line .095 Inch

Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 685-Foot

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Oregon misses out no opportunity to give customers exactly what they want and in this case, it’s 681 feet worth of replacement line. This line is compatible with all types of trimmers that use a .095-inch line in diameter.

The outer layer of this line keeps it from welding over your machine and sticking to itself. The interior layering resists heavy impacts and damage so you’re set to go on more high-intensity jobs. The excellent strength of this line is complemented with a long reliable life to aid you in your trimming needs.

Magnum comes in three shapes, round, square, and supertwist. This trimmer line is made from dual polymer, heavy-duty and professional.

It comes wound on a user-friendly donut that creates minimum tangles. There is also a platinum Gatorline option that comes in the color of blue. It has an armored exterior that protects it from mere problems that conquer other normal trimmer lines.

The standard Gatorline is made out of 100% virgin raw material co-polymer. It can fit inside of all standard trimmer heads and comes with a user-friendly donut. This comes in the shape of square and circular.

There are some minor problems that occur while using this line. The material, when not premium, is very soft. This can get it stuck in plants and concrete will break this string. It can wear very quickly if you use this more than often.

The square-shaped lines slow down the performance of the trimmer which can use extra power. Evidently, since this string is specified to no one brand, there are going to be some differences in performance when you use different models and brands.

It’s a matter of trying out your line. Sometimes, you might get a very easy wind and efficient lifespan out of this line, while others don’t get what they want. Luckily, the success rate for this line is much higher than its failure rate, which is the bare minimum. So long as you are using the right sized line and you wind it carefully, you shouldn’t have a problem.

What I Like

  • Comes in a variety of styles
  • Large amount of replacement line
  • Outer layer protects; inner layer resists

What I Don’t Like

  • Performance varies with the model and the brand of the trimmer

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3. Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

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Arnold’s Commercial Trimmer Line works in gas and electric trimmers, for a strong, long-lasting, and consistent performance. The trimmer line is .065 inches in diameter and contains up to 11 refills, or 220 feet. It has a 6-sided star design for a stronger effect over grass blades and weeds.

Included in this purchase is a cutting tool you can use when you’re refilling your weed eater, trimmers, and edgers.

This bladed line is flexible and capable of fitting in holes that would usually only fit a round styled line.

The star shape allows it more versatility since it can be used to trim into finer shaped edges around the yard. This line can be used in trimmers that were made to design and groom gardens. For commercial users or those who want to formalize their garden, this line holds the precision and fine cuts that can do the job.

It has a very long lifespan allowing it to be used for the basics around the yard. This line can take more impact than your standard round shaped line. The aerodynamics of this line allow it to diversify its effects based on the different appliances you use it in.

Be wary when using it as an edger’s line though. The more it hits the concrete pavement, the weaker it gets and it can break if there’s too much contact.

One complaint behind this line is that it is hard to wind. This isn’t entirely the fault of the line, but it is admittedly more firm than other lines. Most lines that try to associate themselves with other brands have a flexible, solid construction. This one, on the other hand, has a firm construction which can pull off a spectacular performance when cutting.

Also, it doesn’t have any specific brand to associate with. It is simply a solution for all trimmers that use a .065 inch line.

What I Like

  • Works in both gas and electric trimmers
  • Star-shaped for stronger performance
  • Can be used for stylizing

What I Don’t Like

  • Very firm and hard to wind

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4. Cyclone .065-Inch-By-300-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade ½-Pound Grass Trimmer Line

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY065D1/2 .065' x 300' Commercial Trimmer Line Blue [12/Case] (2-Pack)

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Cyclone comes to the rescue if you are in need of a line that can work for commercial use. Made out of a strong, specialized copolymer formula, this trimmer line has a longer lasting cutting power than others.

The additional, heavy-duty cutting capability comes from its finely designed shape. The shape consists of 6 bladed sides that all work together to create even edges in your grass.

This product is widely favored by professionals who use their weed eaters on the daily mark. All Cyclone products are color-coded to identify their diameter size. The size of this blue trimmer line is .065 inches by 300 feet, a plentiful amount for you to use with your trimmer.

This line can be used with different brands of trimmers and edges, which gives it a more versatile benefit over the rest of the competition.

This line is compatible with battery powered and electric corded trimmers since it’s of lighter weight and diameter. If you have a lighter-duty gas trimmer you can try to use this but otherwise, it’s best not to risk damaging your gas trimmer with a weak string.

The line is easy to wind and feed into all types of trimmers with a sleek design and its performance can compete with those of bigger brand names. It is durable, robust and manages to take on larger, thicker weeds.

This line does have the tendency to burn up much quicker than other lines. Whether it’s the material reacting or the heat of your trimmer, this line can burn and melt over itself which becomes a very sticky situation. This can be cleaned out but it’s not easy and it is very hot.

Since this trimmer line can be used in so many different trimmers, it’s hard for it to remain consistent from one trimmer to the other. Some trimmers experience a huge improvement over one use while other trimmers seem to eat this line away which can cause frustration. It’s a love-hate situation with this line and most people will just never find the middle.

What I Like

  • Long line
  • Can be used in multiple trimmers of different brands
  • Made for commercial use
  • 6-bladed sides for clean cuts

What I Don’t Like

  • Heats up
  • Inconsistent results from one model trimmer to the other

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5. WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line For Select Electric String Trimmers (Our Top Recommended)

WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line for Select Electric String Trimmers

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In this pack of 6, you get a total of 60 feet worth of copolymer nylon trimmer line to last you a durable, long time. In each spool, there are 10 feet worth of trimmer line.

The lines are all flexible and robust to withstand impact against the concrete or trees when used. They cushion themselves against hard surfaces to last longer. The shaping of these lines is aerodynamic which allows for less drag and more precise and clean cuts over the grass.

There are 100 pounds of tensile strength which is sufficiently more than what most competition has to offer.

These spools are also much smaller than other branded line trimmer spools. This can limit the use of these strings to only WORX products, which is fine if this is the brand you are working with yourself.

These spools are easy to wind once you get the hang of it. One issue with these spools is the unique way that you feed them in. Naturally, once you get them wound inside, the machine can start to feed itself the line. This is not the problem.

The problem is winding it inside of the weed eater. This line is wound in backward, or clockwise which is not how other weed eaters do it. Most problems lie around not understanding this and then putting the string in wrong.

When they are put in right, they are durable and reliable. They don’t tend to last as long as other strings but this is due to their smaller size. The smaller size helps them tighten easier and create a stronger cutting action with more aerodynamic benefits. They get used up much quicker since they are small and they do not have a lot of line on them, only10 feet each.

This does make for an annoyance when you finally use up all of the six spools. The fact that other spools can last longer may seem like a downfall. But you have to bear in mind that nothing else works as efficiently with WORX products other than these lines and WORX products are very good.

What I Like

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Copolymer nylon construction for cushioning over hard impacts
  • 100-pound tensile strength

What I Don’t Like

  • Small in size

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Buying Guide

Best Trimmer Line buying guide

The trimmer line is by far, the most important part of your trimmer. This part of the trimmer is the one that seeks to take action against weeds and long grass. It is the line that cuts through all of the larger scaled plantations contaminating your orderly yard. Without the right size and shaped line, you’ll never be able to get the job done.

Line Installation Method

Trimmer Line installation method

You have to consider how you are going to install the line once you have it. Some call for you to size and cut it then wind it yourself, while others do all of this for you. Convenience is the key factor you’re looking for here.

  • Pre-cut Trimmer Line

The pre-cut trimmer lines are already sized for the perfect line in each wind. You don’t have to worry about sizing how many lines you need. This makes it much easier to pull out the line and wind it up quickly.

An issue with this is that there’s only enough in each pre-cut line. If you make a mistake or the line welds, then it’s wasted and you have to use another one. You’re also going to have to refill your trimmer more often as there is only enough to satisfy a certain running and no extra in each cut.

  • Spooled Trimmer Line

Spools are now the easier way to refill your trimmer. Filling up the spool means you can have whole foot longs of line pre-installed before you start and you don’t have to worry about refilling for a couple of days!

The easy installation methods are pop in and out and they work with automatic feeder methods such as bump and automatic feeders.

Trimmer Line Sizes

Trimmer Line size

The size of the trimmer line is going to affect how much load it can take on. The thinner the line is, the less it can cut through. The thicker the line becomes, the harder the jobs it can manage.

  • Light Work

Light work will muster the once-a-week go outside and trim the edges of the yard, scour out those lone weeds trying to find their way back into your garden. Nothing too hefty, very easy jobs and all residential. No professional is going to buy a line sized .065 to .080 inches in hopes of getting dirty work done.

  • Medium Work

Medium leveled jobs can be completed with a line the diameter of .085 to .105 inches in size. This can handle heavier weeds and grass in a larger backyard. If you are very serious about your work in the garden, then consider getting a line this thick.

  • Heavy Work

Heavy work consists of work that reaches out into the professional field. Here, where there are dangerously wild weeds and sky-high stocks of grass, you’re going to need .110 inches worth of a diameter to compete against this overgrowth.

You won’t need this for your front yard of course, but professionals will be seen buying line this thick.

Trimmer Line Shapes

Best Trimmer Line shapes

  • Round

This is your standard everyday use line that can easily handle minimal jobs. Day-to-day work in a residential area is what the round line was made for, and what you’re most probably going to encounter when looking for the right line for you.

It’s easy to replace and easy to feed through since so many trimmers work around the basis of a round line. They do not deal with heavy duty jobs all too well though.

  • Multi-sided

In the land of landscaping, these are the lines you want on your side. Multi-sided lines naturally have more than one side, which helps them in staying sharper for longer periods of time. They come in different shapes being a star, a square, and a pentagon.

  • Square

Square shaped lines are a definite step up from the round line. They can cut through heavier weeds and grass on a daily basis. They’re great for residential use and perfect for professionals who have to trim gardens.

The square shape does not weld when you hit a hard surface which makes it a great line for landscaping.

  • Twisted

A twisted line is one that has been so intensely twisted to a solid shape. These are much stronger than your standard round shape and are ideal when fighting thicker weeds. They are preferred in commercial use, but at home these can do the job in the blink of an eye.

Twisted lines have an increased amount of strength and improved efficiency over the standard shapes. They also make less noise which is a huge plus point since your machine is bound to make some sort of long, monotonic sound.

The vibrations of the trimmer are reduced as well and it can take a heavy impact from hard surfaces without any damage done. These are best used in electric and cordless String Trimmers.

  • Serrated

A serrated trimmer line has edges all around that act as teeth when trimming. These teeth can cut more grass and stronger weeds with ease.

Serrated lines are best for commercial use in lawns that are bound to contain an abundance of weeds. They manage to cover more ground in a lesser amount of time. Thanks to this, professionals enjoy the luxury of serrated trimmers for completing heavy-duty jobs with overgrown weeds and grass.


Best Trimmer Line materials

  • Nylon

Nylon is the more commonly used in trimmer lines since it is the cheapest material that can still remain strong. They are the easiest trimmer lines to find in the market and perform to the ideal standard. They are quite flexible and adaptable so they don’t snap too easily, though the risk is still there.

  • Titanium

The cutting power of titanium is superior by a long shot. Some even say it’s too superior since it’s easy to get carried away and cut more than you needed to.

Titanium has a stronger, faster acceleration and it reduces fuel consumption since it can get the job done faster. Titanium also has a quieter performance than nylon which is great if you’re working for long hours. Obviously, with higher quality materials comes the higher price tag.


This small aerodynamic line is great for daily constructive use. It’s a strong, resilient piece that is essential for the build of your entire trimmer.

The WORX lines are strong, durable, and long-lasting. The only thing that makes this an upsetting deal is the fact that only WORX users get to enjoy this product.

Other than this, the best is put into this deal. It’s easy to wind, strong and long-lived. It can cut grass and weeds with fine cuts and ease. It makes commercial and residential jobs easier to handle and less of a hassle.

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