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7 Best Wheelbarrows of 2022 – Two & Four Wheel Wheelbarrow Reviews

A good wheelbarrow is one of the most important items in your garden tool collection. They are hugely versatile and can help you with all kinds of activities like moving around firewood, transporting stones or gravel, carrying other tools and much more.

Nowadays, there are so many wheelbarrows to choose from that finding the right one can be a little tricky – so to help you, here are our top picks for best wheelbarrow for all your gardening needs.

Qucik Glance: The Best 2-Wheel & 4-Wheel Wheelbarrow


The Best Wheelbarrow on the Market of 2022

1. Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow (Our Top Recommended)

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow / Yard Cart / Dolly

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For those who like their garden equipment to be as versatile as possible, this ingenious wheelbarrow from Worx could be just the thing. In fact, it isn’t just a wheelbarrow – it also converts into a dolly – and it has so many features that make it the perfect tool for a range of situations.

It features high-quality all-steel construction as well as oversized flat-free tires, making it suitable for use in all conditions and on all terrains.

In both wheelbarrow mode and dolly mode it has a carrying capacity of up to 300lbs. When being used as a wheelbarrow, it can also take a load of up to 3 cubic feet in volume.

It is designed to make all carrying and lifting work as easy as possible, but where it really comes into its own is in the many different types of situation it can handle.

You can use it as a traditional wheelbarrow – in which case, it is easy to lift and push, taking all the hard work out of moving things around. However, if you need to move heavy items like fridges or washing machines, it can be easily converted into a dolly without the use of tools.

Furthermore, it also comes with a range of accessories like flower pot straps, cylinder holder, bag holder and more. These different add-ons allow you to carry or shift just about anything you can think of.

One particularly handy accessory is the garden tool organizer – this allows you to use the wheelbarrow to carry your tools around the garden while keeping them all neatly organized and readily accessible. With another attachment, you can even use it as a snow plough.

You might think that something as useful and versatile as this would come with a hefty price tag, but you’d be wrong. In fact, this barrow is very reasonably priced and will prove invaluable around the house.

If you are looking for a large and capacious wheelbarrow for very specific heavy-duty work, this might not be the right pick.  As a wheelbarrow, it sits low to the ground making it awkward to push.

Also, while it is rated as being able to carry 300lbs in weight, it is not the best shape for carrying large and bulky loads in wheelbarrow mode – if this is what you primarily need it for, you are probably better off looking at regular wheelbarrows instead.

However, if you want something highly versatile that will help you out with all manner of tasks for many years to come, this wheelbarrow and dolly is a winner every time.

What We Like

  • Highly versatile design – not just a wheelbarrow but a dolly too
  • Durable all-steel construction – built to withstand the rigors of tough use
  • Respectable carrying capacity – can take loads of up to 300lbs
  • Comes with several accessories – makes it perfect for a multitude of different tasks
  • Very reasonable price – extremely affordable for something of this quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Low to the ground – most people will need to stoop to use it as a wheelbarrow
  • Perhaps not the best dedicated wheelbarrow – better options exist

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2. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart | 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1200 lbs capacity | GOR6PS model

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While Gorilla cart might not technically be a “wheelbarrow”, or not in the traditional sense at any rate, we wanted to include it in our reviews because it is a high-quality piece of equipment and could make an excellent alternative to a regular wheelbarrow.

This is a four-wheeled dump cart that is extremely versatile and that can be put to a wide range of uses. One of the most outstanding features is its load-bearing capacity – this cart can hold up to 1,200lbs in weight, far more than most of the other barrows in this review.

It also has a 2-in-1 handle that allows you to either pull it by hand or attach it to a lawn tractor or ATV to be towed, giving you even more flexibility. This ability to be towed also means you can use it for very heavy loads, even if you don’t have the strength to pull it by hand yourself.

We also love the very large 13” wheels with rubber tires. They allow this cart to be taken just about anywhere, again making it even more versatile. Since it is a four-wheel cart rather than a one- or two-wheeled barrow, it also offers perfect stability and is almost impossible to upset.

Since this cart has been designed to carry very heavy loads, an excellent addition is the patented quick-release dumping mechanism.

This is very important since if you were carrying a 1,200lbs load, you would probably find it very difficult to empty it – but with this cart, emptying is made easy since the cart takes care of it for you.

Finally, the cart also has a very decent capacity for volume, with a 40” x 25” bed that is 26.2” in height. It is made of highly durable materials, and you will be using this cart for many seasons to come.

There’s not much wrong with this cart. Perhaps the inflatable tires could be a problem if you need to use it where it is in danger of them being punctured. Also, if you only have a small yard, a smaller two-wheeler is probably more suitable than this four-wheeled monster.

All in all, a highly recommended alternative to a traditional wheelbarrow.

What We Like

  • Patented quick-release dumping feature – makes it super-easy to empty
  • Heavy-duty construction – can be used for almost any tasks
  • Impressive load-bearing capacity – can take up to 1,200lbs in weight
  • 2-in-1 handle – allows it to be pulled by hand or towed by a vehicle
  • Oversized 13” tires – will easily deal with any kind of terrain you need it to

What We Don’t Like

  • Inflatable tires – may puncture if you roll over sharp objects
  • Large and bulky – not suitable for smaller yards

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3. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart (Best 4 wheel wheelbarrow)

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and 10-in. Pneumatic Tires, 600-Pound Capacity, Black

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If the Gorilla Carts dump cart above appeals to you but you don’t think you need anything as extreme as a cart capable of carrying 1,200lbs, this model here, its smaller brother, might be a more suitable choice.

This cart shares many of the same great features of the larger model. This includes the patented quick-release dumping mechanism that allows the cart to empty its load for you. This will save you a lot of strain and effort trying to empty a full cart.

Rather than the 1,200lbs the bigger version is rated to carry, this model can take up to 600lbs. This is still a very significant amount of capacity and is still more than any of the other wheelbarrows we’ve looked at here can take.

In terms of volume, this cart also gives you a very respectable amount of capacity – the 38.7” x 20” bed will give you plenty of space to load up with whatever you need to carry. The bed itself is rust-proof and built to last.

This cart is actually an updated version of an older cart, and one of the changes that has been made is that is now even quicker and easier to assemble. Once you get it out of the box, you’ll have it ready in no time, and you won’t need to pay a professional to do it.

As a four-wheeled cart rather than a one- or two-wheeled wheelbarrow, this model also gives you extra levels of stability. Again, as with the larger version, you will find it almost impossible to tip it over when fully loaded.

It is also extremely easy to maneuver, with a tight turning radius that will be especially handy when space is limited. At only 32lbs when not loaded, it is also extremely lightweight.

We love the large 10” wheels with rubber tires that will allow you to use this cart in any kind of terrain.

One of the only downsides is that the tires are quite smelly when you unbox it at the beginning – although the odor dissipates with time. Another slight issue is that the tub seems a little smaller “in the flesh” than it does in online photos – although it can still carry a decent load.

To sum up, if you are looking for something to help you move heavy items around your yard and you are not dead-set on choosing a traditional wheelbarrow, one of these four-wheeled versions could be of interest.

If you need to carry heavy loads – but not quite as heavy as 1,200lbs – this smaller cart could be the ideal choice for you.

What We Like

  • Good load-carrying capacity – can take up to 600lbs in weight
  • Patented quick-release mechanism – greatly facilitates emptying the cart
  • Easy to assemble – new version even faster to put together than before
  • Easy to maneuver – designed to be as practical to use as possible
  • Padded handle for comfort – pull the fully loaded cart easily and painlessly

What We Don’t Like

  • Smelly tires when new – although not overpowering and disappears with time
  • Tub smaller than it looks in photos – but can still carry a decent load

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4. Garden Star 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart

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If you are in need of a smaller wheelbarrow for light- to medium duty tasks, this model from Garden Star is worth checking out.

It is small and lightweight, meaning it is suitable for anybody to use – even large kids will be able to move this wheelbarrow about. This makes it ideal for anyone who finds a full-sized wheelbarrow too big and bulky.

In fact, if you have the choice between two wheelbarrows at home, you might find yourself choosing this over the larger one for smaller jobs because it’s so easy and practical to wheel about.

One of the features that instantly stands out with this wheelbarrow is the large, oversized wheels with big air-filled rubber tires. This means you will be able to use this wheelbarrow in any kind of situation, even if the ground is bumpy or uneven.

Since it has two wheels rather than just the single wheel that is usually found on a traditional wheelbarrow, it is more stable and less likely to topple over when you’re using it – again, ideal for people who can’t manage a heavy full-sized model.

The sizeable loop handle is another feature that makes this barrow easy to handle. Whatever you are using it for and in whatever conditions, the handle makes it simple to get a good firm grip.

We also like the deep tough poly tray. It has dimensions of 26.75” x 25.5” and is 8” deep. This gives you a carrying capacity of about four cubic feet, plenty for most day-to-day jobs around the house or in the yard.

The whole thing is built to last, from the rugged wheels to the poly tray and the sturdy handle. This is a wheelbarrow that should give you many years of good service.

Having said that, be aware that this is not supposed to be a heavy-duty wheelbarrow for heavy-duty tasks. As we said, for lighter home use, it will stand up fine – but it you use it for more intense, demanding jobs, it will suffer.

Another very minor issue is that the assembly instructions are a little vague – although it is very easy to put together, and most people will be able to work it out without the instructions anyway.

All in all, this is a great little wheelbarrow. It would be ideal for anyone who can’t push a full-sized one and is also highly recommended if you only need a wheelbarrow for smaller garden tasks. A well-made piece of kit that gets our seal of approval.

What We Like

  • Light and easy to handle – much more maneuverable than a bulkier model
  • Large wheels with big rubber tires – easy to use anywhere
  • Easy to assemble from the box – only need to screw on six bolts
  • Durable and built to last – includes tough poly tray
  • Large tray capacity – holds around four cubic feet of material

What We Don’t Like

  • Not “heavy-duty” – this is a lightweight wheelbarrow for built for light tasks
  • Assembly instructions not clear – but almost not needed

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5. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart

Polar Trailer #8449 Cub Cart, 50' x 28' x 29' Hauling Cart

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If you are looking for a large and durable wheelbarrow for even heavy-duty work, this model from Polar Trailer should be of interest. It has been built to last and will stand up to any kind of rough treatment it has to endure.

The first thing you notice about this wheelbarrow is that it is deep and capacious. The tub measures 50” x 28” x 29” and can hold a volume of up to seven cubic feet.

It is also rated as being able to carry loads of up to 400lbs and so should be more than strong enough for even the toughest jobs. The tub is made of strong high-impact poly and is designed to take a real beating and survive.

However, despite all this durability, the barrow itself is extremely lightweight – when not loaded, the barrow weighs a mere 35lbs.

It is a two-wheel version, and the oversized 16” wheels feature rugged wide-tracked tires that can deal with any surface, whether flat, uneven or even covered with debris. The wheels are designed to give optimum balance, even when the barrow is fully loaded, so it won’t tip over.

The tires are made of solid rubber, so you don’t need to worry about and sharp objects giving you a puncture. The wheels also incorporate shielded ball bearings to make the wheelbarrow as smooth as possible to wheel and maneuver.

Having said that, the overall quality of the wheels and the tires is not quite the same standard as the rest of the wheelbarrow and are the part that is likely to break first.

The frame is extremely sturdy and is constructed of strong steel. It also has a weather-resistant coating to help protect it from corrosion.

One other negative we need to mention concerns the assembly instructions that come with it. The instructions are unclear and not at all helpful, and you will have to work out how to put it together yourself.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty wheelbarrow for your home or any other use but prefer something much lighter than your average traditional barrow, this could be a good pick.

It has plenty of capacity for almost any use you could need it for, whether moving firewood, shifting gravel, carrying bricks or anything else, and it is built to last, meaning it won’t let you down when you need it. A recommended product.

What We Like

  • Deep and capacious tub – space to hold up to seven cubic feet of material
  • Oversized rubber wheels – suitable for use on all kinds of terrain
  • Strong load-bearing capacity – can carry up to 400lbs in weight
  • Rugged design – tough build, will cope with almost any kind of use
  • Optimum balance – remains stable, even when carrying heavy loads

What We Don’t Like

  • Wheels and tires inferior quality – may not last as long as you hope
  • Instruction manual not helpful – need to work out how to assemble it yourself

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6. Best Choice Products 2 Wheel Home Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart w/Built-in Stand for Lawn, Gardening, Grass, Soil, Bricks, and Construction, Green

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Best Choice Products company’s wheelbarrow is a tough little model that is ideal for most tasks you will need it for about the house. It features a simple design and is the kind of no-frills piece of equipment you know you can rely on.

One of the best things about this wheelbarrow is its combination of being very lightweight yet still able to withstand some rough treatment and carry a heavy load.

The tub itself is constructed of strong poly that is capable of taking some punishment, while the steel handle is also built to last. The handle is covered by a thick pad that also helps make this wheelbarrow more comfortable and less painful on the hands.

We like the large 13” wheels with thick rubber tires, which make it suitable for all kinds of terrain. This two-wheeled barrow is also designed to be extremely stable and won’t topple over, even when fully loaded.

The tub is spacious, with measurements of 36” x 25” x 20”, and can carry a load of up to five cubic feet in volume. It is also rated as being able to carry a load of up to 330lbs, enough for almost any kind of day-to-day home use you might need it for.

As we mentioned, the wheelbarrow itself is very lightweight when not loaded and would be a good option for those who don’t have the strength to wheel a larger, heavier traditional-style barrow. Even if you are not the strongest person, this wheelbarrow is easy to maneuver.

Another useful touch is the fact that this wheelbarrow can be stored in an upright position. We particularly appreciate this since not everybody has lots of storage space at home and a wheelbarrow can have quite a large footprint.

One of the downsides for us is the inflatable tires. We prefer solid tires since inflatable ones are too prone to puncturing if you roll over something sharp as you work.

Also, there seems to be a slight design flaw since when you empty it to the front, it touches down on the ground, making it difficult to tip up completely.

Overall, this is would appeal to someone who needs to do anything up to medium-duty work around the house or the yard. It would be a good pick for anybody who might not be quite strong enough to use a heavier model – and it will help make the work a lot easier.

What We Like

  • Excellent balance – won’t tip over easily, even when fully loaded
  • Storage-friendly design – can be stored upright, helping save space in your shed
  • Respectable carrying capacity – can take up to 330lbs in weight
  • Large 13” rubber wheels – can be used in any kind of terrain
  • Versatile, comfortable handle – thick pad designed to be kind on your hands

What We Don’t Like

  • Front hits the ground when emptying – slight design flaw
  • Inflatable tires may have issues – need to inflate and prone to puncturing

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7. Smart Garden SLC450 FBA_JEN-1668 Cart

Smart Garden SLC450 FBA_JEN-1668 Cart, Black

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In many ways, this wheelbarrow is the polar opposite of the model we just looked at above. While the wheelbarrow above is an all-singing, all-dancing model with multiple configurations and uses, this is a solid wheelbarrow at its most basic.

This is in no way meant as a criticism. Sometimes, you don’t need to overcomplicate things, and if you want a simple but highly effective wheelbarrow that you can rely on for you day-to-day gardening tasks, this item may well be of interest to you.

It features large 10” oversized wheels that make it suitable for any kind of terrain. If you have an uneven or bumpy yard or if you need to use it when there are leaves or snow on the ground, this wheelbarrow will be up to it.

At under 13lbs, it is extremely lightweight. Anybody will be able to pick this wheelbarrow up and wheel it about. Even when it’s full, it remains extremely stable – you’ll probably have a hard job tipping it over, even if you try.

This wheelbarrow might look cute, but it’s also rugged and built for a long life of service. The tub is made of tough poly that will last for years, and the axle is made of galvanized steel – so this is unlikely to ever fail either.

This wheelbarrow is deceptively spacious – it can hold up to 4.5 cubic feet in volume, or 5.5 when heaped. It is also rated as being able to carry up to 250lbs in weight.

One feature we like is the fact that since it is so lightweight when not loaded, it can be hung up for storage – something that would be impossible with heavier traditional wheelbarrows.

Another point to mention is that it is designed to stay in place when not being used – this means it won’t roll away from you unexpectedly, even if you are using it on a slope.

There are a couple of negatives to point out too. First, it is quite low to the ground, and even moderately tall people will have to stoop to reach the handles.

Also, the wheels are made of plastic – this can make it more uncomfortable to push over hard or stony surfaces.

While this is perhaps not the right pick if you need a wheelbarrow for the most heavy-duty of tasks, if you want a solid and reliable yet lightweight wheelbarrow general home use, this could be another option well worth checking out.

What We Like

  • Simple no-frills design – made to do a simple job well
  • Rugged construction – will stand up well to tough daily use
  • Comes fully assembled – ready to use as soon as it arrives at your home
  • Large oversized wheels – makes it suitable for uneven terrain
  • Easy to lift – effortlessly lift this wheelbarrow for maximum maneuverability

What We Don’t Like

  • Low for even moderately tall people – you will have to stoop to grab the handles
  • Plastic wheels – can be uncomfortable when pushing over harder surfaces

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Buyer Guide

Best Wheelbarrow buying guide

Back in the old days, after whenlbarrow invented, a wheelbarrow was a wheelbarrow. There wasn’t really much difference between one model and another and choosing one was relatively simple.

Nowadays, however, as with so many other garden tools, there are many different types of wheelbarrow to pick from, and with so much choice, selecting the right one for your needs can be a little bewildering.

Here, we’ll talk about the different features that modern wheelbarrows have to help you choose the best wheelbarrow for your requirements.

1. Number of wheels

Traditionally, wheelbarrows had only one wheel, but nowadays, most have two. Another option is to choose a garden cart with four wheels, so let’s have a look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of each type.

a). One-Wheel Wheelbarrow 

1 wheel wheelbarrowThe old-fashioned one-wheeled wheelbarrow has one big advantage and a couple of disadvantages.

Wheelbarrows with only one wheel offer perhaps the greatest degree of mobility and maneuverability. Since they only have one wheel, they can turn through 360° on the spot and are great in places where space is limited, such as on a building site.

However, they are also the least stable. With only one wheel, when you lift a fully loaded barrow off the floor, it is very easy to tip it over.

While this kind of wheelbarrow might be suitable for a strong workman who is used to handling them, for home use, most wheelbarrows sold nowadays are two-wheeled versions.

Additionally, they are also the heaviest to lift. Again, this is fine if you have the strength and are used to handling them, but for casual gardeners at home, they are less practical.

b). 2-wheel wheelbarrow 

2 wheel wheelbarrowTwo-wheeled wheelbarrows are more suitable for the casual user since they offer much more stability than a one-wheeler. If you are using a two-wheeled barrow that is fully laden, even if it is very heavy, it is much less likely to tip over.

Coupled with this is the fact that having two wheels can also help make the weight more manageable, even if you are not the strongest person. This is why two-wheeled versions are now the most popular for home use.

c). 4-wheel wheelbarrow 

4 wheel wheelbarrowWhile four-wheelers are more correctly referred to as carts rather than wheelbarrows, we’ve included a couple in our reviews because they can be handy alternatives to wheelbarrows in some situations.

The main advantage is that they are the most stable of all and are virtually impossible to tip over. In general, they can also usually carry heavier loads than one- or two-wheelers, and if you need something for really heavy-duty carrying and lifting, a four-wheeler might be ideal.

On the downside, they are probably the least mobile of the three types – and in general, you pull them rather than push them, meaning a certain amount of strength is required when they are heavily loaded.

2. Size of wheels

Best Wheelbarrow size

The size of the wheels is also significant. Many wheelbarrows come fitted with large, oversized wheels that make them suitable for use in all conditions and on all terrains.

If you need a wheelbarrow for use on uneven or gravelly ground, for example, large wheels will help.

3. Rubber tires

Wheelbarrow Rubber Tires

Along with the size of the wheels, having rugged, wide rubber tires will also help the wheelbarrow roll smoothly over rough terrain.

There are two types of rubber tire – inflatable tires like in a car or a bicycle and puncture-free tires. The inflatable type has an inner-tube, and these can be punctured if you roll over a sharp object.

The other type, as you can probably guess from the name, cannot be punctured (since there is no inner tube) and so are more suitable for use in places where there is a risk of the tire being pierced.

4. Load-carrying capacity

Wheelbarrow Load-Carrying Capacity

You should pay attention to how much a wheelbarrow can carry – and this is given in terms of both weight and volume. Wheelbarrows intended for lighter-duty work can carry up to around 250lbs in weight while heavy-duty models can carry more than twice that.

Before buying any wheelbarrow, you should make certain that it has the capacity to carry the volume of material you need it to as well as the required weight.

5. Handles

Wheelbarrow Handles

Don’t forget to pay attention to the handles. How are they constructed? Are they easy and comfortable to hold? Do they include any padding to make them easier to carry?

These are all important questions that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering which barrow to purchase.

Plenty Of Great Options

As you can see, if you are searching for the best wheelbarrow, there are many different options available. With so many to choose from, picking the right one for your needs can be a little tricky.

However, by considering what you need the barrow for and searching for one that matches your requirements, you should be able to find the perfect model for you – and the wheelbarrows on our list would be a great place to start.

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