Best Rain Barrel reviews

7 Best Rain Barrels (Reviews & Guide 2020)

Do you know that approximately 40% of the total amount of water we use is intended for watering our gardens and lawns? I often thought about the way how to reduce the consumption of water in my household, and the idea of finding the best rain barrel for my needs sounded pretty interesting to me. I … Read more

Best Garden Hose Reel

10 Best Garden Hose Reels of 2020 – Water Hose Reel Reviews

If you’ve got a long garden, a hose reel is a must. Say goodbye to the days of wrestling enormous lengths of hosepipe. Just wind it in on the reel, and it’s stored safely and neatly ready for its next use. But if you’re about to make a purchase, how do you choose the right … Read more

Green House Plastic Sheeting

10 Best Greenhouse Plastic of 2020 – Green House Plastic Sheeting Reviews

The idea behind greenhouses is to maintain consistent levels of temperature and humidity. This lets you plant seasonal crops all year round. You don’t have to worry about rain, drought, frost, or sleet interfering with your planting schedule or messing your harvest timetable. Plus, you can get your favorite fruit or vegetable, even when it’s … Read more

Gardening Gloves

10 Best Gardening Gloves of 2020

Gardening is a hobby that almost anybody can enjoy, young or old, and the equipment you need to get started is minimal. However, as any experienced gardener will tell you, one thing you can’t do without is a trusty pair of gloves – and if you’re looking for some new ones, here are our top … Read more

best hori hori knife

7 Best Hori Hori Knife of 2020 – Garden Knife Reviews

A great Hori hori knife is a must-have for every serious gardener. They are practical and well-built tools with plenty of versatility. Japanese gardeners originally used the knife to dig up trees and transplant them. The word “hori” translates as “to dig.” Other names for this type of knife include digging knife or weeding knife. … Read more

Who invented the Wheelbarrow

Who invented the Wheelbarrow?

In ancient China, science and innovation were a common theme; we should be thankful to their civilization for inventing paper currency, gunpowder, paper, magnetic compasses, seismoscopes, and plenty of other inventions. It’s safe to say that these inventions have revolutionized science, war, the way we do business and our lives in general. While the abovementioned … Read more