9 Homemade Circular Saw Jig Plans You can Diy Easily

Circular saws are incredibly useful tools and are an essential item in any professional woodworker’s tool kit, as well as in any home DIY workshop. Circular saws are great for making a range of straight cuts, but it’s not always easy to cut with perfect precision, even with years of experience – and this is … Read more

Worm Drive Saw vs. Circular Saw – What’s the Difference?

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Best Circular Saw Guide Rail

6 Best Circular Saw Guide Rails of 2020 – Circular Saw Track Reviews

Circular saws are an invaluable item in any amateur or pro’s toolkit, and owning one will allow you to make a range of quick, straight cuts including rips, crosscuts and more. However, where they perform less well is in accuracy – a handheld circular saw just can’t match the precision of a table saw. However, one … Read more

Best Circular Saw Blade

7 Best Circular Saw Blades of 2020 (Included 7 1/4 Reviews)

A circular saw is an invaluable tool for anyone who does even a moderate amount of woodworking, but any saw is only as good as the blade you put in it. There is a range of blades on the market, some designed as general-purpose blades and others intended for more specialist cutting work, including precision finishing … Read more