Jigsaw vs. Circular Saw

Jigsaw vs. Circular Saw – What’s the Biggest Difference?

Jigsaws and circular saws are both essential items for the professional woodworker and the dedicated amateur alike. While they might look vaguely similar, as well as having the same broad use of cutting wood and other materials, they are actually quite different tools. If you are looking to buy a saw but don’t know which … Read more

11 Circular Saw Blade Types You Need to Know

Circular saws are versatile tools that can be used to make a range of cuts in wood, metal, plastic, concrete and more. However, any circular saw is only as good as the blade you use, and it is vital you choose the correct type of blade for the job you are working on. There are … Read more

Left-handed vs Right-handed Circular Saw – Which is Better

Left-handed vs Right-handed Circular Saw – Which is Better?

If you are interested in buying a new circular saw or have been doing your research into which model to go for, you will have noticed that there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which one to buy. Most of these variables are fairly easy to understand – things like corded or … Read more

9 Homemade Circular Saw Jig Plans You can Diy Easily

Circular saws are incredibly useful tools and are an essential item in any professional woodworker’s tool kit, as well as in any home DIY workshop. Circular saws are great for making a range of straight cuts, but it’s not always easy to cut with perfect precision, even with years of experience – and this is … Read more

Worm Drive Saw vs. Circular Saw – What’s the Difference?

If you are looking for a circular saw, you may be wondering whether to buy a regular version or a worm drive model, but what’s the difference? What makes a worm drive saw different from a regular circular saw and which one is best for your needs? If you have wondered about these or any … Read more