How to Grow & Care Rose in Your Garden

How to Grow & Care Rose in Your Garden

There are over 300 species and a few thousands of cultivars of these woody perennials. They are probably the most popular flower in the world even though none of us enjoy their sharp prickles. Most roses originated in Asia, but there are also cultivars native to North America, Europe, and even Africa. Once you establish … Read more

11 Types of Jasmine Flowers: How to Grow & Care

Jasmine flowers originated in Australia, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. They are well-known for mesmerizing, exotic scent, which is often used in the perfume industry. Believe it or not, not all of these flowers are aromatic, but all of them are beautiful. Plant this fantastic flower in your garden and beautify it for many years.   … Read more

How to Grow & Care Chinese Fringe Flower in Your Garden

How to Grow & Care Chinese Fringe Flower in Your Garden

Chinese fringe flower (Chinese witch hazel) originated from Himalayas, Japan, and China. Even though this fantastic flower came to the US in 1880, it became known only after the 1980s. Since then, many American gardeners decided to start growing this pink-flowering shrub with unique maroon foliage. This large evergreen shrub sporadically blooms throughout the year. Pick … Read more

Best Privacy Shrubs for Creating Hedges

17 Best Privacy Shrubs for Creating Hedges

Most gardeners prefer growing fences, but those genuinely patient and dedicated choose shrubs to define the space in their garden. Hedging is an excellent way of dividing gardens, creating privacy, and beautifying the foundation of the home. This ancient tradition of planting woody shrubs close together was popular in many European countries, especially in creating … Read more

Bay Laurel An Excellent Aromatic Seasoning in Your Garden

Bay Laurel: An Excellent Aromatic Seasoning in Your Garden

Bay laurel (Grecian laurel, true laurel, sweet laurel) is a fragrant evergreen tree originates from the Mediterranean. Most gardeners grow this plant from the Lauraceae family because of shiny, dark-green, leathery foliage which is an excellent, aromatic seasoning. Become one of them and plant your tree as soon as possible.   Bay laurel Botanical name Laurus … Read more

evergreen shrubs

11 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Your Garden

People always surprise me when they ask why I prefer growing evergreen shrubs in my garden. The answer is so obvious! They are green, gold, or silver throughout the year. Their branches are full of thick, elegant foliage, and their magnificent blooming makes my day during summers. Plus, these plants don’t require too much maintenance … Read more

How to Grow & Care Azalea in Your Garden

How to Grow & Care Azalea in Your Garden?

Azaleas are a little bit picky flowers, but they are not too difficult to grow if you fulfill their primary needs. These spectacular shrubs can reach 4 to 20 feet (1.2 – 6 m) depending on the type you choose. If you prefer growing them indoors, there are a few 2 feet (61 cm) tall … Read more

Growing Feverfew A Bushy Medical Herb can Get Ride of Pests

Growing Feverfew: A Bushy Medical Herb can Get Ride of Pests

Feverfew plant (Wild chamomile, Febrifuge plant, Bachelor’s buttons, featherfew, mid-summer daisy) is a bushy medical herb. It spreads rapidly and can cover your whole yard in a few years. With its white flowers with a yellowish center and soft, citrus-scented green foliage, this lovely plant reminds me to Chamomile. That perennial shrub originates from Eastern Mediterranean, … Read more

13 Easy Ornamental Grasses for Landscaping Your Garden

Ornamental grasses will bring the necessary contrast and elegant arrangement to your garden. Basically, they include plants within four leading families such as rushes, true grasses, reeds, and sedges. Think carefully before begin planting any of them since they spread differently and don’t have the same cultivation requirements. The only way to become fully satisfied … Read more

How to Grow & Care Persian Shield

How to Grow & Care Persian Shield

Persian shield (Bermuda conehead, royal purple plant) is a 3 to 4 feet (0.9 – 1.2 m) tall evergreen perennial, which you can grow outdoors in Hawaii and the Southern States. However, many people keep pots with these 4 to 7 inches (10 – 18 cm) long, vibrant purple foliage in their houses. I really … Read more