How to Plant Jasmine Flowers in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Jasmine flowers originated in Australia, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. They are well-known for mesmerizing, exotic scent, which is often used in the perfume industry. Believe it or not, not all of these flowers are aromatic, but all of them are beautiful. Plant this fantastic flower in your garden and beautify it for many years. The … Read more

How to Plant Lilac in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Lilac is an old favorite shrub which originates from Southeastern Europe. Even though the word ‘lilac’ literally represents one of the shades of purple, the color of the flowers of this beautiful deciduous shrub can vary. They can be white, lilac, pink, lavender, deep purple, blue, magenta, burgundy, and even purple with a white rim. The … Read more

Fragrant Flower

21 Most Fragrant Flowers & Shrubs for Your Garden

Most of us prefer growing fragrant flowers in our gardens. Which one you will choose for your garden will mostly depend on the weather in your region and the average temperature there. Plus, don’t forget to choose plants blooming at the particular time of the day you want to enjoy the most potent scent. Regardless … Read more

How to Grow Calla Lilies

How to Plant Calla Lily Outdoor in Your Garden (Tricks to Care)

The name of this beautiful flower that originates from a marshy soil in South Africa comes from the Greek word ‘Καλά’ that means ‘good, beautiful’. Despite that name, Calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is not really a lily but a plant from the Araceae family. A Swedish botanist mistakenly cataloged it as a lily in the … Read more

How to Grow Sunflowers

How to Grow Sunflowers in Your Garden (Ticks to Care!)

Sunflower (Helianthus) is a tall annual or perennial flower with one or more wide flower heads and fantastic bright yellow or red petals. They bloom in summer, and you can see 1,000 to 4,000 tiny individual flowers in each head. However, it is not only beautiful but a beneficial plant. Thanks to Russian botanists, who … Read more