How to Plant Daphne Shrub in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Daphne shrub got its name after a Greek nymph. It is a sweet-smelling plant with attractive, dark-green and glossy foliage and brightly colored berries. I adore clusters of small, fragrant, white, yellow, lavender, or pink blooms all over the lovely, approximately 1 to 4 feet (30.5 cm – 1.2 m) tall bush. If you decide … Read more

How to Plant Cosmos Flower in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Cosmos (Mexican aster) is an annual flower originating in Mexico. Spanish explorers sent it in Spain in the 16th century, and British ambassador’s wife Marchioness of Bute brought first Cosmos to England in 1789. The circle was finished fifty years after that when this beautiful plant came to the US. Until these days, this plant … Read more

How to Plant Catmint in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Catmint (Dwarf catnip, Catnep, Field balm, Catswort) got its name ‘Nepeta’ after ancient Etruscan city ‘Nepete,’ nowadays known as ‘Nepi’ in Tuscany, Italy. It is known that all of about 250 recognized species of this plant originated in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The special benefit of these pollinators is the possibility to … Read more

How to Plant Lavender in Your Garden (Tricks to Care)

Lavander (Common lavender, Lavandula, English lavender, Spanish lavender, French lavender, Garden lavender, True lavender, Spike lavender) is an herb originated in the Mediterranean and northern Africa. Nowadays, we often grow Lavender for its essential oil. This oil has some medical benefits, but you should know that it is toxic when swallowed. Health Benefits of Lavender … Read more

Mexican Petunia How to Plant, Grow and Care

How to Plant Mexican Petunia in Your Garden (Tricks to Care)

Mexican petunia (Purple showers, Texas petunia, tall Mexican petunia, purple ruellia, hardy petunia, Mexican bluebell, Britton’s wild petunia) is a 12 to 15 inches (30.5 – 38 cm) tall multifunctional plant. It is an ideal choice for growing in small spaces, rock gardens, containers, and borders. Also, many gardeners use this deer-resistant and salt-tolerant flower … Read more

How to Plant Creeping Phlox in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

There are 67 species of Creeping phlox (Moss phlox, mountain phlox, moss pink). Many of them originated in North America, and you will find a unique type for your garden for sure. Their beautiful white, lavender, pink, rose, red, purple, blue, or variegated star-shaped flowers are densely packed all over the stems. The mature size … Read more

23 Most Beautiful Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

23 Most Beautiful Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

The main advantage of perennial flowers is their longevity. Once you plant these beautiful, fragrant plants in your garden, you will enjoy abundant, colorful flourishing without much effort. You won’t need to think about seeds and right conditions for propagation every single year. Of course, all perennials are not the same. A few of them … Read more

How to Plant Nicotiana in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

This heavily blooming, half-hardy shrub was named after a 16th-century Ambassador Jean Nicot, the first man who brought tobacco to the French court. Nowadays, we can find 67 species of Nicotiana coming from North America, Australia, and South Africa. The main characteristic of these plants is trumpet-shaped, fragrant blooms opening during the night. However, you can … Read more

Glossy Abelia How to Plant and Grow in Your Garden

How to Plant Glossy Abelia in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Abelia (Glossy abelia) is a fragrant shrub, which originated in Mexico, the Himalayas, and East Asia. It was named after Dr. Clarke Abel, who was a member of an expedition to China in 1817. The modern shrub is actually a hybrid produced in the 19th century. Growing on gracefully arching branches, this plant can reach … Read more

How to Plant, Grow, and Care Peony

How to Plant Peony in Your Garden (Tricks to Care)

Peony is an unusual, highly fragrant plant. It is the only one in the Paeoniaceae family and contains 33 species originated in Europe, North America, and Asia. Most of them are herbaceous perennials, but there are a few woody shrubs, as well as a lot of hybrids. If you pick out the right place and … Read more