Growing Feverfew A Bushy Medical Herb can Get Ride of Pests

Growing Feverfew: A Bushy Medical Herb can Get Ride of Pests

Feverfew plant (Wild chamomile, Febrifuge plant, Bachelor’s buttons, featherfew, mid-summer daisy) is a bushy medical herb. It spreads rapidly and can cover your whole yard in a few years. With its white flowers with a yellowish center and soft, citrus-scented green foliage, this lovely plant reminds me to Chamomile. That perennial shrub originates from Eastern Mediterranean,

Growing Heliotrope The Exotic Blooms of Sun and Love

Growing Heliotrope: The Exotic Blooms of Sun and Love

Heliotrope (Cherry Pie, heliotropium, Mary fox, turnsole, and white queen) is a sweetly-scented shrubby perennial, well-known for its little white, pink, purple, or blue flowers. The name of this beautiful plant has its roots in the Greek word ‘helios’ meaning ‘sun’ because of its habit to turn to the sun during the day. Depending on your preferences

Growing Lilac: An Old Favorite Shrub with Colorful Flowers

Lilac is an old favorite shrub which originates from Southeastern Europe. Even though the word ‘lilac’ literally represents one of the shades of purple, the color of the flowers of this beautiful deciduous shrub can vary. They can be white, lilac, pink, lavender, deep purple, blue, magenta, burgundy, and even purple with a white rim. The

Growing Salvias A Flower with 1000+ Species Worldwide

Growing Salvias: A Flower with 1000+ Species Worldwide

Believe it or not, there are almost 1.000 Salvia species worldwide. This tree is a member of the family Lamiaceae like basil, rosemary, lavender, and thyme. Depending on your wishes, you can grow this plant as an annual or a large, perennial shrub. I like this tree for numerous reasons. Its purple blooms are a

evergreen shrubs

11 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Your Garden

People always surprise me when they ask why I prefer growing evergreen shrubs in my garden. The answer is so obvious! They are green, gold, or silver throughout the year. Their branches are full of thick, elegant foliage, and their magnificent blooming makes my day during summers. Plus, these plants don’t require too much maintenance

Fragrant Flower

21 Most Fragrant Flowers and Shrubs for Your Garden

Most of us prefer growing fragrant flowers in our gardens. Which one you will choose for your garden will mostly depend on the weather in your region and the average temperature there. Plus, don’t forget to choose plants blooming at the particular time of the day you want to enjoy the most potent scent. Regardless

13 Easy Ornamental Grasses for Landscaping Your Garden

Ornamental grasses will bring the necessary contrast and elegant arrangement to your garden. Basically, they include plants within four leading families such as rushes, true grasses, reeds, and sedges. Think carefully before begin planting any of them since they spread differently and don’t have the same cultivation requirements. The only way to become fully satisfied

How to Plant, Grow and Store Mushrooms

How to Plant, Grow and Store Mushrooms at Home

Growing mushrooms is entirely different than growing any other vegetable in your garden. However, it is not such a complicated procedure. If you have all the necessary material, getting organic mushrooms will be simpler than it seems at first sight, and a result will be fantastic. With low-level of calories and fat, and a high

How to Grow & Care Sago Palm Tree in Your Backyard

How to Grow & Care Sago Palm Tree in Your Backyard

Sago palm tree (Cycas revoluta) is an exotic, indoor plant originated from the Ryukyu Islands and Southern Japan, which doesn’t require too much effort for successful growth. In the US, you can grow this beautiful plant in your garden only if you live in the Southern States because this tropical tree needs high temperatures. Since

Growing Okra: A fantastic veggie popular in USA since 1600s

It is not entirely clear if okra (ochro, bhindi, or ladies’ fingers) is South Asian, West African, or Ethiopian origins, but it is well-known that the best regions for cultivation are subtropical and tropical zones throughout the globe. You can harvest this warm-natured hibiscus cousin during summer, and keep doing that as soon as new