How to Plant Creeping Phlox in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

There are 67 species of Creeping phlox (Moss phlox, mountain phlox, moss pink). Many of them originated in North America, and you will find a unique type for your garden for sure. Their beautiful white, lavender, pink, rose, red, purple, blue, or variegated star-shaped flowers are densely packed all over the stems. The mature size … Read more

23 Most Beautiful Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

23 Most Beautiful Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

The main advantage of perennial flowers is their longevity. Once you plant these beautiful, fragrant plants in your garden, you will enjoy abundant, colorful flourishing without much effort. You won’t need to think about seeds and right conditions for propagation every single year. Of course, all perennials are not the same. A few of them … Read more

21 Best Purple Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

21 Best Purple Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

Purple is considered a mysterious and dominant color, which has been a symbol of royal honors for centuries. Nowadays, you can use it in your everyday life. One of the superior advantages of the modern age is planting purple perennials in your garden, regardless of whether they are dark or light shade. With every flower, … Read more

15 Impressive Florida Perennials You May Love

South Florida perennials renthat live at least three years with cyclical bursts of blooms are the crown of impressive landscaping. Some of them are perennials, but gardeners in other states with more adverse climate treat them as annuals because they are too tender and can’t survive low temperatures during winter. Keep in mind that many … Read more

Painted Daisy 4

How to Plant Painted Daisy in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Painted daisy (Pyrethrum, Persian insect flower) is 24 to 36 inches (61 – 91.5 cm) tall plant, with lovely, 2 to 3 inches (5 – 7.6 cm) large flower heads. You will like petals spreading from the yellow, button-like center, making this flower one of the most beautiful ones you have ever grown in your … Read more


How to Plant Liatris in Your Garden (Tricks to Care!)

Liatris (gayfeather, blazing star, button snakeroot, colic root) is a unique flower producing pinkish-purple blooms. That beautiful plant is highly friendly to the environment since it attracts a significant number of insects, including bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. There are about thirty species of this perennial that originated in prairies throughout America. Almost half of them … Read more