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7 Best Hori Hori Knife of 2022 – Garden Knife Reviews

A great Hori hori knife is a must-have for every serious gardener. They are practical and well-built tools with plenty of versatility.

Japanese gardeners originally used the knife to dig up trees and transplant them. The word “hori” translates as “to dig.” Other names for this type of knife include digging knife or weeding knife.

The heavily serrated steel edge serves many functions in the garden, such as cutting through rough soil, slicing through roots and tubers. The knife also works as a shovel.

Most Hori hori handles are wood. The lengths of the knives vary from eleven to fifteen inches.


The Best Hori Hori Knife on the Market 2022

1. Mtn Tree Stainless Steel Japanese Hori Hori Knife

Mtn Tree Stainless Steel Japanese Hori Hori Knife for Gardening, Weeding, Planting, and More

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This hori hori knife is made from 100% stainless steel, which is great because it’s strong and durable. It is based on a Japanese sansai knife. It’s multipurpose and can replace an entire toolbox.

Use the blade to trim or prune. Take it while you’re fishing to cut the line or to clean the fish. Use it to carve or to cut wood. The multipurpose blade can be used however you need it. A good knife is a must-have for anyone who spends a good amount of time outdoors.

This hori hori knife is an indispensable tool that can last for a lifetime. You or the gardener in your life can make great use out of this knife. Cut away weeds while you’re working in the garden bed. Trim away extra branches to help your plants to flourish.

This blade is distinguished with the Mtn Tree logo at the base. The handle is made from wood and it feels comfortable in the hand for hours of use.

The knife has a leather sheath attached. This is ideal for on the go use, so you can keep it secure at your waist and use it whenever you need. Keep your hands free and your blade safe by using the sheath. It is high-quality leather and will protect the knife.

The blade does an excellent job of digging. It is high quality and made to last. The blade also has measurement marks on it, so you know how deep you’re digging. You can also make cuts to size with the help of the blade’s measurements.

This blade is American made and from Oregon. The dimensions are 13.5 X 1.5 X 3.2 inches and it weighs 15.2 ounces.


  • Made in the USA
  • Based on Japanese Sansai Knife
  • Included increments


  • No sharpener

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2. Nisaku NJP801 Hori Weeding & Digging Knife

Nisaku NJP801 Hori Weeding & Digging Knife Hardened HRC58 Edition, Authentic Tomita (Est. 1960) Japanese Stainless Steel, 7.25' Blade, Ergonomic Plastic Handle

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The NJP801 is made from 440 steel that is infused with vanadium. This helps to make the blade tougher and stronger. It’s hardened to HRC58.

It’s made with an ergonomic handle. The size is ideal for small hands. The knife has a built, which helps to give it added protection.

One feature this knife has is its concave blade. It’s constructed with authentic Tomita steel. The Tomita blacksmiths have perfected the art of blade-making so you know you’re getting the best. It’s the finest quality Japanese stainless steel.

It’s nick proof and rust-resistant. The construction has a full-width mid tang, which gives it the use of thicker steel without adding too much weight and making the knife heavy.

This makes it durable and resistant to bending. The shape can help with digging. The sharp edge is ideal for chopping and slicing. The other side of the blade is serrated. A serrated edge helps cut. The blade is designed to need minimal sharpening.

Inch marker engravings ensure that you know how deep you are planting. This helps your plants to thrive.

This knife is a specialty blade that has multiple uses for outdoors. Use it in the garden or while you are camping. Keep it safe and secure with the leather sheath that is included. It’s a multi-use blade used by gardeners all over the world.

You can cut, dig, and so much more. It makes a great gift and has a leather sheath included. The plastic handle is resistant to wear and tear and made for long term use.

This knife is well made and multifunctional. You can enjoy the finest quality craftsmanship from Japan. The dimensions are 13”x22”x1”. The manufacturer is Nisaku. The total weight of the knife is 7.7 ounces. It is manufactured by Nisaku.


  • Quality Tomita steel made in Japan
  • Dual sided knife


  • Mid0tang, not full tang

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3. Japanese Hori Hori Gardening Knife

Japanese Gardening Knife Hori Hori. Lifewell Garden Knife with Ultra SK5 Steel Triple Point Serration Blade, Full Tang Hardwood Handle

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This knife is made with incredibly sharp SK5 steel. The sharpness means that it performs well in the garden. It is premium quality and it is resistant to rust. The knife will stay sharp and beautiful.

One side of the blade is a sharp cutting surface. This makes it ideal for slicing. The other side is a triple point serrated blade. The blade is full tang, which means it passes all the way through the handle. It’s crafted with perfect balance and also to prevent snapping.

The blade also has a concave shape. It’s ideal for scooping and digging. You can cut with this feature. There are also graduated marks on the blade for convenient measurement in the garden. Have accurate reference points when you are gardening. Use it to dig up root vegetables or to plant bulbs. You can also cut off the tops of weeds or dig them out. It makes planting much easier.

The handle of this knife is made from beautiful hardwood. It is high performing and feels good in the hand. The wood is polished for a quality finish. It’s designed to be rot resistant. The handle will last for years.

It arrives in a beautiful presentation box. This makes it great for giving as a gift for the outdoorsman or woman in your life. The knife also comes with a durable nylon sheath. Nylon sheaths are resistant to rot and weather damage. They’re easy to wash and keep clean and they are extra durable. It protects the blade. It is strong and will help you to keep the knife with you while you are using it. Use it while camping, doing yard work, or gardening.

The product has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can be sure you’ll be satisfied with your Livewell knife.


  • Polished wood handle
  • Sharp SK5 Steel


  • Metal tang not flush with the wood

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4. Truly Garden Hori Hori Garden Knife (Our Top Pick)

Hori Hori Garden Knife with Diamond Sharpening Rod, Thickest Leather Sheath and Extra Sharp Blade - in Gift Box. This Hori Hori Knife Makes a Great Gardening Gift.

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This knife set includes a hori hori knife, sharpening tool, and thick leather sheath. It also arrives in a gift box so you can give it as a present. The packaging is an ecologically friendly paper box. The knife is a 7” knife made from 420 stainless steel.

The design includes a handguard which can keep your hand and fingers safe.

The set is great because it’s a starter kit for your new knife. It also makes an excellent gift.

With the diamond sharpening tool, you can make sure the blade is always sharp and ready to use. The thick leather holder will help to protect your knife and also ready to use. It has decorative stitching on the throat. It’s a solid sheath that will last a long time.

Included with the knife set are videos that show you how to use it. This instructional portion is great for people of all ages to learn more about how their knives work.

The hori hori knife can be used for tasks like digging, weeding, cutting, pruning, measuring, planting bulbs and harvesting. With a curved shape, the knife blade is ideal for digging.

The knife is full tang which means that it extended all the way through. It is strong and steady. For extra sturdiness, it has three rivets.

The knife has two sides. One is smooth and sharp. The other is serrated. The diamond rod sharpening tool can be used with both sides. The sharp side fits through the grooves of the knife on the serrated side. The straight end is for the straight end of the knife. This knife has dimensions of 3.6 x 2.7 x 1.9 inches and it weighs 1.15 pounds.


  • Gift set with box, sharpener, and sheath
  • Curved shape ideal for digging


  • Decorative trim on the sheath can fray

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5. MLTOOLS Hori Hori Garden Knife

MLTOOLS | Hori-Hori Weeding & Digging Knife | HD 12.5 inch | Ideal as Harvesting, Pruning, Japanese Gardening Knife, Camping, Hiking, Fishers, Utility, Hunting Knife | P8246

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The MLTOOLS Hori Hori knife is an all-purpose knife. Whether you’re an outdoors person, gardener, fisher, hunter, or camper, you’ll put it to good use. It’s an indispensable tool when you’re outside. The knife has multi-purposes. Use it as a saw, blade, shovel, or cutting tool.

It’s a heavy-duty knife that features one side with a tough serrated edge and the other side has a razor-sharp cutting edge.

You can use it to saw into stalks or branches to build fire or clear out space in your yard or garden. It’s also a good tool to use to cut roots. Use the sharp knife to cut into soil that is hard. You can also use it while you are transplanting. Weed with it, furrow, pry, harvest produce, or remove plants.

This is a premium quality knife that is made to perform well. It’s constructed with high-grade mirror polished stainless steel. It’s rustproof so you can get it wet. The knife is also break-resistant and ultra-durable.

The handle is contoured and textured. It has a flare near the blade for better safety, and it also has a non-slip grip. This prevents any slipping or sliding and lets you have a firm handle on it.

The blade is marked and graded with a scale to show how deep you are digging.

The stylish nylon case has a belt loop to make carrying It easier. Keep the sharp blade safe in the case. It also makes traveling with it easier. It comes with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. It’s made with functional effectiveness and sturdy design. The dimensions are 12.5 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches and the weight is 10.1 ounces.


  • Durable digging knife
  • Slip-proof handle


  • Some people do not like the hard plastic handle

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6. CIELCERA Hori Hori Gardening Knife (Budget Pick)

CIELCERA Hori Hori Gardening Knife with Diamond Sharpening Rod, Stainless Steel, 12”, Think Sheath, Gift Box, Ideal Gardening Digging Weeding Tool

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The Cielcera knife is a knife, sheath, and sharpening set. It has two sides on the blade for multifunctionality. Use it to dig, plant, cut, saw, transplant, and more.

The surface of the blade is oiled to reduce friction and to help maintain the blade. While it’s in use, the oil helps to lubricate the blade.

It is made from polished 420 steel. The blade won’t rust or break. The thick stainless steel is full tang. It’s kept in place with three metal rivets. This helps it to be secure.

The measuring marks on the blade make it easy to measure how deep you are digging. You’ll be better able to plant properly. The wooden handle has a protective handguard that helps to give comfortable use and control. It also helps to reduce hand fatigue.

From handle to tip, it measures 12”. The blade measures 7”. The long blade makes it easy to reach up under bushes or up high to do the pruning. Easily store it in the attached leather sheath. It has a hang hold for your convenience.

When you are repotting plants and you need to cut the roots, the serrated edge is good for that. When transplanting, you can use the knife to break up the soil. Take this knife with you when you’re camping to dig quick, deep holes or to help cut firewood. It’s a versatile tool that you will use for years to come. The concave shape of the knife makes it ideal for digging.

While the knife arrives pre-sharpened, there is also an attached sharpening rod. This helps you to maintain it for longer.

The knife has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty.


  • Sharpening rod and leather case included
  • Pre-lubricated


  • Not for use with heavy clay– it could break

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7. Dino Tooth Garden Survival Japanese Hori Hori Knife

Dino Tooth Garden Survival Japanese Hori Serrated Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

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This knife is a great choice for a gift. It has a unique dinosaur logo embossed on the base. One side of the knife is serrated, and the other side is smooth.

On the backside of the knife, there are inch markers. This is so you can see how deep you are digging. The blade is made from 440 stainless steel. It includes a sheath to store the knife when it is not in use.

This knife is a multipurpose tool that can replace tools in your kit. It’s a useful shovel with accurate measurements so you know how deep you’re digging.

It’s a garden knife that is sturdy and it works great. The curved blade helps you to dig better holes.

It’s ideal for the avid gardener who wants a lightweight and versatile tool. It weighs a total of 10.1 ounces. The compact knife measures 12.25” length and has a 1.63” width.

Other uses include for metal detecting to find objects that are buried under the soil. You can also use it for

The blade is thick and durable. It is full tang and extends through the handle. The handle has a lanyard hole so you can hang it while you’re not using it. It also has rivets for extra stability.

As a bonus, a whetstone sharpener is included. Keep your blade sharp and in its best condition.

The knife is manufactured by Greco Palace Enterprises and it has a lifetime guarantee.

It includes a sheath so you can store the knife when it is not in use. The sheath has a grommet on top.


  • Versatile knife that is at a good price


  • There is variability with the build quality

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How To Choose The Best Hori Hori Knife

hori hori knife

Having a quality hori hori knife makes a big difference when you’re out in the garden. Whether you use it while planting or on a camping trip, it’s important to have a knife you know is reliable and durable.

The first thing to keep in mind is the blade. While in use, the knife will be exposed to water and soil. The right blade won’t rust and it will be reliable. You should also think about what length of the blade would be best for you.

The Blade

Blade lengths vary by a few inches, so you should find one that is long enough for what you’ll use it for, and also comfortable for you to use.

Most blades have dual edges, with one side serrated and the other side smooth. Some have a more concave design than other. How will you primarily be using the knife? Will it be to dig or to cut?

Keep this in mind when you are choosing the blade that you want to use or selecting your hori hori knife.

The material that sustains the longest is stainless steel. There are different grades and qualities of stainless steel. Some blades are composites, while others are stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.

Blades with rulers and gradation measurements on the blade are the best choice. This helps you to garden better.

The handle

garden knife

The second part of the knife to consider is the handle. Many have wood handles. These have a better aesthetic and can withstand weather as well as wear and tear. Also, take a look at the blade and how far it extends into the knife. This is known as the tang. A full tang knife has a blad that extended all the way through the handle, and sometimes this prevents it from breaking and makes it more stable. When you’re digging in the dirt or pulling up weeds, this can sometimes cause a lot of pressure to be on the knife. Because of this, you’ll want a handle that is sturdy.

Some handles have rivets in them which will secure the blade of the knife into it. Others have holes in them for convenient handing or to thread through a lanyard. Finally, some handles are designed for larger hands, while others are designed for smaller ones.

The Sheath

Every good hori hori knife comes with a sheath included. It’s important for storing the knife and keeping it safe. A sheath covers the blade when the knife is not in use, to protect against cuts.

Some sheaths have belt loops so you can keep them close at hand while you’re in the garden. Others are designed to be hung. Find a sheath that you like the design of. You can use the one that is packaged with the knife, or find a custom one. However, to keep the blade in its best condition, you should always keep it in a sheath.

Sheaths created from leather offer an aesthetic look that some people like. Nylon sheaths are vegan and can withstand weather better. Before placing it in the sheath, be sure to rinse it off and wash it to get the dirt off.

The Warranty

Take a look at the warranty offered. Some companies stand by their products and offer a lifetime warranty, which is a great sign!


This list contains some of the best hori hori garden digging knives available on Amazon. Any gardener’s tool kit is not complete without one. They help to measure the depth of the soil when you are planting. The sharp edges make it easy to prune and to cut.

Hori hori knives made from stainless steel are the preferred type because of their strength and durability. They are affordable and will last for many years to come.

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