7 Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpeners of 2020 – Blade Sharpening Tool Reviews

One of the keys to a lush green lawn you can be proud of is regular and appropriate mowing, and to achieve this, you need a well-maintained mower with a sharp blade. Blunt blades tear grass rather than slicing it, damaging the grass and harming its health.

For this reason, a sharp blade is essential when mowing your lawn. However, sending your blades away for sharpening or just replacing them can be expensive. Instead, save yourself some money by investing in the best Lawn mower blade sharpener.

The Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener of 2020

1. Ewalite 4 PCS Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

This pack of Lawn mower blade sharpeners includes four universal multi-sharp rotary Lawn mower sharpeners as well as a pair of gardening gloves as an extra bonus.

You simply attach the sharpener to your power drill and use the spinning sharpener to work on your Lawn mower blade.

They are made of corundum, a tough and durable material that will allow you to sharpen your Lawn mower blades many times before it needs replacing.

One thing we like is that these sharpeners are designed to be practically universal – with the ¼” shank, no matter what kind of drill you own, these sharpeners are almost certain to be compatible.

They are also extremely easy to use, taking all the hassle out of touching up dulled blades. Furthermore, at this kind of price point, you can hardly go wrong.

There’s not much to not like here. We could complain that the plastic guide might break if you subject these sharpeners to rough treatment or drop them – although this is unlikely if you take care of them.

Some people might also simply prefer a traditional file since they are easier to understand and can’t go wrong. However, this is a personal preference, and many people will still prefer this practical and convenient way of sharpening blades.

Overall, an inexpensive pack that will allow you to sharpen your blades with ease – and the gloves are a welcome addition. Highly recommended at this price point.


  • Made of corundum – tough material that will last a long time
  • Compatible with most drills – should easily attach to your tool
  • Very reasonable price – can hardly go wrong with such a low price tag
  • Simple to use – makes sharpening mower blades quick and easy
  • Pack includes a pair of garden gloves – a welcome extra bonus


  • Plastic guide may break – although no problem if you are careful
  • Some people may prefer traditional methods – not as reliable as a file

2. GooKit Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener For Any Power Drill Hand Drill (Our Top Recommended)


This is a pack of three Lawn mower blade sharpeners from GooKit that are practically universal, being designed to fit just about any type of power drill. You simply attach them to your drill and use the power of the drill to sharpen your blades.

They offer you a very quick and easy way to sharpen your Lawn mower blades that is more practical and more effortless than using a traditional method like a hand file.

We also appreciate the fact that they can also be used to sharpen other blades – although they are designed for Lawn mower blades, their use is not restricted to just this.

They are made of a tough and durable material – the part used for sharpening is made of corundum, a material that will last a long time and give you many uses.

The pack of three also comes at a very reasonable price point, meaning there is hardly any risk trying these sharpeners out.

On the downside, they are slightly inferior in quality – the plastic guide, in particular, could be prone to breaking. The pack also only includes three pieces while competitors’ products may contain more.

This pack of blade sharpeners represents an inexpensive and practical way to sharpen your blades quickly and easily, saving you the time it takes to do it manually or the money it costs to replace them.

A great option if you are looking to extend the lives of your Lawn mower blade and other blades.


  • Quick and easy to use – much faster than traditional methods
  • Tough and durable material – made of corundum
  • Suitable for different types of blade – not just Lawn mower blades
  • Compatible with most drills – likely to work with whichever type you have
  • Very reasonable price tag – an inexpensive sharpening solution


  • Slightly inferior quality – plastic part may get damaged
  • Only 3 pieces in pack – some other brands include more for the price

3. NUOXINUS 6 Packs Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener


This set of Lawn mower blades from Nuoxinus includes six pieces. They are designed to fit onto almost any kind or regular power drill and can speed up sharpening your Lawn mower blades when compared to traditional methods.

They are designed to sharpen the blade at an optimum angle of 25°, ensuring you have extra sharp blades that will slice through your grass rather than tear at it and damaging your lawn.

The grinding stone is made of corundum, a very tough material that will last through many sharpenings. Since there are six pieces in this pack, you will probably not need to buy another set for many years.

As with other sharpeners of this type, we appreciate the fact that this is a versatile product – you are not limited to only sharpening Lawn mower blades with theses sharpeners.

Another positive is the 1-year guarantee – meaning you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

One issue we found is that no instructions are included – although these sharpeners are fairly intuitive to use, it would be helpful to include some basic directions for correct use. Also, the plastic guide may melt slightly during use, leaving a residue on your blade.

Despite these minor negatives, we think this is an excellent product overall and since these sharpeners will last such a long time, are well worth the money you will have to spend. Another good option if you want something that will allow you to fix up your dulled blades.


  • Sharpen at a 25° angle – ensures a very sharp edge
  • Quality grinding stone – made of corundum and designed to last
  • Versatile tool – can be used on a variety of blades
  • 6 pieces included – enough to last for many years
  • 1-year warranty – guaranteed in case anything goes wrong


  • No instructions – would be better if there were some directions for proper use
  • Plastic may melt – can leave a residue on the blade

4. Rednow 3Pcs Lawn Mower Sharpener


This is a three-piece set of universal Lawn mower blade sharpeners that are designed to be compatible with just about any kind of power drill. Once attached to your drill, you can use them to quickly and painlessly sharpen up your mower blades to extend their life.

They consistently deliver good results, leaving you with a sharp blade that will slice through your lawn with ease. The high-quality stones are made of corundum, meaning they will give you many sharpenings and should last through many seasons.

They are easy to use and allow you to sharpen your blades with minimal effort – although some people might find the technique takes a little longer to master than simply using a traditional file or grindstone.

We like that they can be used to sharpen mounted blades if you are in a hurry – although, for best results, it is best to remove the blades before sharpening.

Another big positive is the very affordable price – for an item this inexpensive, most people won’t mind spending the money to try them out, even if they don’t quite meet expectations.

One other minor downside they share with similar products is that the guides are made of plastic – the plastic can melt during use, although this can be minimised by careful use.

All in all, another great option – they are inexpensive, easy to use and very effective. Worth a look if you are looking for an efficient way to extend the lives of your Lawn mower blades and other blades.


  • Gives a good clean edge – blades will slice through grass with ease
  • High-quality stones – made of corundum and intended to last a long time
  • Easy to use – allows you to sharpen blades with minimal effort
  • Can sharpen mounted blades – although achieve better results when removed
  • Low price point – so inexpensive you can’t go wrong trying them out


  • Plastic guide – can melt or become damaged
  • Can take practice to master the technique – although simple once you do

5. JAHUL Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener For Power Drill Hand Drill


This pack of three Lawn mower blade sharpeners from Jahul includes three universal attachments that you fix onto a regular power drill to allow you to sharpen blades quickly and easily.

The stones are made of tough and durable corundum, meaning they will last a long time. Depending on how often you need to sharpen your blades, this pack of three should last you at least a good couple of years.

We like the universal design. No matter what brand of drill you have, the likelihood is that these blade sharpeners will fit.

One attached, they allow you to sharpen your blades quickly and efficiently – once you master the technique, it only takes a matter of minutes to return the sharpness to a blade.

With Lawn mower blades, you can also use them to sharpen the blades without the need to remove them – although you will achieve better results by removing the blades and holding them in a vice. They are also suitable for use on other types of blade.

One negative to mention is that they can cause some vibration during use, although nothing unbearable. Also, they are slightly more awkward to use on blades that are not straight. If you need to sharpen curved or bent blades, it is slightly trickier – but not impossible.

We like these blade sharpeners for their versatility, their ease of use and their low price point. If you need something to help with a range of sharpening applications, this is another product that’s worth considering.


  • Tough and durable stone – made of corundum
  • Universal design – made to fit just about any type of power drill
  • Quick, easy and efficient to use – can sharpen a blade in minutes
  • Multiple uses – not restricted to sharpening only Lawn mower blades
  • Great value – a very inexpensive item


  • Can cause some vibration when in use – although nothing too severe
  • Less effective on curved or bent blades – work best on straight blades

6. Funvolution Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener


These Lawn mower blade sharpeners from Funvolution come in a pack of four. They are designed to be attached to just about any kind of power drill, allowing you to sharpen your blades quickly and easily.

Perhaps the major selling point here is the extra thickness of the stones. They are made of high-quality corundum, already making them long-lasting and durable – and with the extra thickness, they are designed to last even longer than competitors’ versions.

They work very well with Lawn mower blades, whether the blades are left in place or removed, but are equally as effective when used to sharpen a range of other blades, making them a highly versatile tool.

They are also easy to use, and using them will make sharpening blades quicker and safer than when using other techniques. Another plus is that they are very small, making them suitable for use in tight spaces.

One downside to mention is the slightly higher price point than many other similar products – this is presumably due to the extra thickness of the stones, and anyway, the difference is almost negligible.

Also, and common to this type of product, the guides are made of plastic and may melt if you apply too much pressure – but this can be minimized with careful use.

All in all, worth investigating if you are looking for a way to rescue old, blunted blades. Another solid option.


  • Extra thickness compared to competitors – last even longer
  • Universally compatible – will fit on almost any kind of drill
  • Multiple uses – designed for Lawn mower blades but can sharpen many other types
  • Easy to use – make sharpening blades quick and safe
  • Small size – can be used even in tight spaces


  • Price slightly higher than others – but almost negligible difference
  • Plastic can melt during use – but this can be minimized through careful use

7. LAFENI 4 Pack Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener


This pack of four blade sharpeners from Lafeni is designed to take all the trouble and hassle out of sharpening your Lawn mower blades, allowing you to keep them sharp enough to slice through your lawn with ease.

This is another brand that offers extra-thick stones – they measure 0.79”, more than those sold by many competitors, meaning they will last even longer. They are made of high-quality corundum, a material known for its toughness and durability.

These sharpeners are designed to fit just about any drill – with a ¼” shank, there is a high probability that they will be compatible with whatever kind of drill you have available.

Although they are sold as Lawn mower blade sharpeners, they can just as easily be used to sharpen a whole range of other blades, allowing you to keep all your knives and other cutting implements in optimal condition.

One other plus with this product is that it comes with a 90-day return policy, meaning you can buy them risk-free and return them if you are not satisfied for any reason. A lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects is also included, giving you complete peace of mind.

There’s little here we can find fault with. Perhaps we could mention that they are slightly less effective when used with smaller drills – a powerful plug-in drill will probably give better results.

Also, they are less useful when it comes to serious sharpening jobs on blades that are in a very poor state with chips and other similar problems – but they are perfect for maintaining blades that you work with often and keep in generally good condition all the time.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to keep blades sharp and in good condition that won’t cost a fortune, this is a product you would do well to check out.


  • Extra thickness – made to last even longer
  • Universally compatible – with a ¼” shank for almost any kind of drill
  • High-quality stone – made of tough and durable corundum
  • Versatile item – can be used for many types of blade, not just Lawn mowers
  • 90-day return – and lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects


  • May work less well with underpowered drills – best with plug-in models
  • Less suitable for major sharpening jobs – but ideal for keeping blades maintained

Buyer’s guide

blade sharpener

If you are looking for a Lawn mower blade sharpener, you are probably wondering about the kind of factors you should be taking into account when choosing. Let’s have a quick look at this now.


mower blade sharpener

One of the most important elements of any blade sharpener is the material the stone is made of. You want a stone that is effective at sharpening your blade but also one that won’t wear down too quickly.

One of the best materials that meets these requirements is corundum, a tough and durable material that is perfect for this use. All our recommendations have stones made of corundum.


lawnmower blade sharpener

You can sharpen a Lawn mower blade with a range of different implements, including traditional files or grindstones. However, nowadays, many sharpeners are of the type that is fitted to power drills to generate the force required to sharpen the blade.

All the sharpeners in this review are of that type, and you need to make sure any sharpener you are interested in is compatible with the drill you have at home.


lawn mower blade sharpening tool

Many sharpeners are sold under the name of “Lawn mower blade sharpeners” but many are also capable of sharpening a range of other blades. If this kind of versatility is important to you, make sure you choose one that is suitable for sharpening other types of blade.

Ease of use

best lawn mower blade sharpener

Is the sharpener easy to attach to your drill and is it easy to use? Generally speaking, sharpeners that attach to drill are all very easy to use – although some people might find it takes a few tries to master the technique.

Some are designed to sharpen at an angle of exactly 25°, ensuring your blade is sharpened at the optimum angle and giving you the sharpest possible blade.

Guide material

The angle of sharpening is controlled by a guide that is designed to ensure you sharpen at the correct angle and that the angle doesn’t change as you work.

Unfortunately, most of these sharpeners have guides that are made of plastic. First of all, the plastic may be flimsy and liable to break if you drop it – make sure the plastic guide is made of good solid plastic.

Secondly, during sharpening, the plastic may heat up, smoke and even melt. By sharpening carefully and not applying too much force, you can minimize this – but you should check that a particular model is not overly prone to overheating or melting.


Some sharpeners come with a warranty – this can give you the extra peace of mind that you are covered if anything goes wrong. Also, a few include a return policy that allows you to return the product if for any reason you are not satisfied.

However, many of these sharpeners are very cheap anyway, so for many people, the risk of the purchase is minimal, and a warranty might not be such an important consideration.

Sharpen your blades yourself and save some cash

As we said before, you need sharp Lawn mower blades to keep your lawn tidy and healthy, but paying for them to be sharpened or replacing them altogether can cost a lot of money. However, if you own the best Lawn mower blade sharpener, you can save yourself a lot of cash.

There are a lot of products out there that can help you achieve this at home, some good and some not so good. There are many excellent options out there with not a lot between them, and if you’re still having trouble deciding, all options in this review come highly recommended.