How Much is a Yard of Compost

Compost Price: How Much is a Yard of Compost?

Everyone knows that adding compost to your garden is one of the best ways to help it grow and thrive. It’s packed full of vital nutrients that enrich the soil, helping your plants to grow strong, and if you have a small yard, simply composting household waste will provide you with a constant supply of … Read more

how to Store Compost

15 Tips to Store Your Compost in the Best Possible Way

I have read a lot about mature compost and how to recognize when it is prepared for use. In practice, it seems to me that we can get sufficiently rotten material at some point, but this process can never be completed. It just slows down, and fungi take over composting. That is the moment when … Read more

Add Compost to Existing Plants

How to Add Compost to Existing Plants?

I believe that everyone knows how to add compost to the soil. Honestly, it is not a big deal. You just need to take a shovel and spread it over the surface or put in the pre-excavated hole. After that, planting is a pure pleasure. However, if you have an adequately established garden, digging up … Read more

Best Indoor Compost Bin Reviews

7 Best Indoor Compost Bins of 2021 – Kitchen Compost Bin Reviews

Composting is a great way to use up kitchen leftovers to benefit your garden. Anything from eggshells to potato peelings to coffee grounds can be turned into a delicious meal for your plants. If you fancy giving it a try, check out our list to find the best indoor compost bin for kitchens. Quick Glance: … Read more

how to make Composting faster

How Long Does It Take to Compost? (Tips for Faster)

When deciding to make compost, you should be aware that getting a decent one takes time. You can’t produce it overnight. How long the process will really take depends on many factors. Some experts believe that anything from a few months to even three years is acceptable period. Basically, if you are engaged in the … Read more

Things Can Compost

120 Things You Can Compost from Home

Composting is the perfect solution to household waste. Rather than everything going in the trash and ending up in a landfill somewhere, it is naturally broken down into powerful fertilizer that can then be used to help your plants, vegetables and flowers thrive. We have broken our list down into sections covering different parts of … Read more

DIY Compost Bin

21 Ingenious DIY Compost Bin Ideas You can Try

Composting has been used for centuries to improve soil quality and recycle biodegradable waste. Many homeowners and renters want to start composting but aren’t sure how to go about it. If you’d like some ideas for a DIY compost bin, keep reading. 1. Wooden Pallet Bin Wooden pallets are one of the most versatile building … Read more

Compost vs Topsoil

Compost vs Topsoil: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to landscaping, gardening, and lawn care, choosing the right materials for the job are important. However, few homeowners think about the downside of going to a store and buying what they need. Not only are you paying a high price for the materials, but you are also getting products that are inferior … Read more

Compost vs Mulch

Compost vs Mulch: Which is better for your vegetable garden?

When thinking of compost vs mulch, you should probably consider organic compost plus organic mulch. Organic matter combined in the right quantities improves your garden’s soil, making it rich and fertile. While you can use some compost for mulching, you should never use mulch as compost. You add your compost into the ground when tilling … Read more