Flow-Through Worm Bin

Flow-Through Worm Bin: What You Need to Know?

Nowadays, more and more farmers prefer flow-through worm bins which are designed to overcome the most disadvantages you noticed at your traditional worm bin. Even though you have already started with traditional worm composter, you can … Read more

Why start a compost pile

How Does a Compost Bin Work?

While composting, you create the perfect conditions for decay and rotting processes of plants and other stuff naturally. It includes an organic waste (kitchen waste, grass clippings, leaves, pieces of wood, newspaper), soil (as a … Read more

Worm Composting 101: Everything You Need to Know!

Worm composting (vermicomposting) is the process of getting high-quality compost (worm castings) from organic waste by using red worms. So obtained compost is rich in nutrients, including essential minerals such as nitrogen and phosphorus, for … Read more

Use a Compost Tumbler Like a Pro

9 Tips to Use a Compost Tumbler Like a Pro

There are a lot of reasons to use a compost tumbler, especially if you want to produce high-quality compost. It is basically a plastic bin, usually made of durable, often recycled plastic. Since it provides … Read more

6 Tips to Control Ants in Compost Bin

Finding ants in your compost bin can be extremely frustrating. In general, it is not always bad news since those creatures can be beneficial to the process of composting. In fact, they will bring fungi into … Read more

How Often to Turn Compost

How Often to Turn Compost?

Since I am genuinely interested in this subject, I have talked with many gardeners over the years. Many of them claim that overturning a compost pile is a waste of time. They believe that there … Read more

How Much Compost Do I Need

How Much Compost Do I Need?

By composting your household waste, you provide yourself with a constant supply of powerful and potent fertilizer to feed to your garden as and when required. Compost is full of nutrients that your plants, flowers, … Read more