Why start a compost pile

How Does a Compost Bin Work?

While composting, you create the perfect conditions for decay and rotting processes of plants and other stuff naturally. It includes an organic waste (kitchen waste, grass clippings, leaves, pieces of wood, newspaper), soil (as a source of bacteria and fungi), air (as a source of oxygen), and water. The purpose of this article is to …

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How Often to Turn Compost

How Often to Turn Compost?

Since I am genuinely interested in this subject, I have talked with many gardeners over the years. Many of them claim that overturning a compost pile is a waste of time. They believe that there are a lot of amazing things they should do in their lives instead of using a pitchfork and spending precious …

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How Much Compost Do I Need

How Much Compost Do I Need?

By composting your household waste, you provide yourself with a constant supply of powerful and potent fertilizer to feed to your garden as and when required. Compost is full of nutrients that your plants, flowers, and vegetables need to thrive, and even just spreading it over your garden from time to time will do wonders …

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