indoor herb garden

Windowsill Herb Garden: The Complete Steps & Tricks

Are you one of those who hate winter because you can’t cultivate your beloved garden outdoors? There is no reason to get upset anymore. Consider growing plants indoors on a sunny windowsill! Who knows, you might like this kind of planting so much that you decide to keep your mini garden inside your home throughout … Read more

Indoor Garden

How to build an Indoor Garden?

In the old time, when you wanted to grow a garden, it was necessary to have a vast piece of land, horses, and plow, as well as a large family to help with the heavy garden work. Nowadays, the garden has become entertainment for people who are sick of hard work in the office and … Read more

Grow Wheatgrass

How to Grow Wheatgrass Indoor

No matter how complicated growing wheatgrass (common wheat) looks to you at first glance, the whole procedure is quite simple. In general, anyone can grow it in their own home. Although some gardeners believe that wheatgrass is a type of wheat-berries, it is actually wintering wheat which you should start growing from the high-quality, preferably organic, … Read more

Impossible to Kill Houseplants

23 Houseplants that are (Nearly) Impossible to Kill

A house without plants can feel cold and unfriendly, but with just a few well-placed pots, you can really change the atmosphere of your interior spaces. Unfortunately, not everyone has the magic touch to keep them alive – so here are the top 23 houseplants that are nearly impossible to kill! 1. Rubber Tree Rubber … Read more

21 Air Purifying Plants for Removing Indoor Toxins

Most people understand that plants are an important element in our environment, even if we never leave an urban setting – but some also believe that plants have the ability to clean the air and remove toxins. What does the science say? And which plants are best? Here, we investigate. What does the science say? … Read more

Aquaponics Kit

10 Best Aquaponics Kits of 2021 – Home Aquaponics for Indoor Use

Aquaponics is the ancient art of keeping fish and plants together, creating a symbiotic environment that is beneficial to both. Nowadays, kits exist that allow you to experiment with aquaponics in your home, allowing you to keep fish and grow plants in harmony together. If that sounds like something you are interested in trying, here … Read more