Fire Pit

10 Best Fire Pits of 2021 – Outdoor Fire Pit for Backyard

The human response to fire is primal and instinctive. We need it to live because it keeps us warm and kills bacteria in our food (through careful cooking). We all get excited at the idea of beach bonfires and crackling campsite flames. But fire can also cause considerable harm. That’s why many fireplaces are installed … Read more

Best Retractable Awning

10 Best Retractable Awnings of 2021 – Patio Retractable Awning Reviews

Most people who have a yard or even a balcony love spending time outside. However, on a hot summer’s day, sitting in full sunlight can be uncomfortable – and that’s when a retractable awning can be the perfect solution for providing some much-needed shade. Nowadays there are many options to pick from, and choosing the … Read more

Paver Sealer

7 Best Paver Sealers of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re finishing a new patio or want to smarten up old paving, a paver sealer can give great results. It can harden joints to keep pavers secure, whilst adding a durable and attractive finish. But how do you know which type is right for your project? Here, we take a look at seven of … Read more

outdoor Patio Heater

10 Best Patio Heaters of 2021 – Outdoor Heater Reviews

Sharing a drink or a meal on the patio with family and friends is one of life’s great pleasures, but unfortunately, the warm summer weather can be fleeting, and the window for al fresco dining can be all too short. To extend the amount of time you can spend outside into the fall and winter, … Read more