Straight vs Curved Trimmer

Straight vs Curved Trimmer: What’s the Difference?

If you are on the lookout for a new weed eater, you will have noticed that there is a very large selection to pick from. To narrow the choice, you will probably be considering factors like power source, brand single or double string and many others. Another question you might be asking is whether you … Read more

best string trimmer replacement head

5 Best Weed Eater Replacement Heads (Reviews of 2020)

Your trimmer can help you manage your garden wonderfully. There are many components to a trimmer and one of the most important ones is the trimmer head. Trimmer heads hold the blades or strings that are used to cut up grass and weeds. Having the best string trimmer replacement head in hand means you can reload … Read more

2 Cycle vs. 4 Cycle Trimmer: Which is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new trimmer, you have probably spent a lot of time weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the different types available. You will have thought about the relative merits of gas-powered, corded electric and battery-powered models and you may also have considered other variables like straight or curved shafts … Read more

How to Start a Weed Eater

How to Start a Weed Eater? (Electric & Gas Powered)

If you are one of those people who have a really large lawn, you will probably need a self-propelled lawn mower or electric cordless lawn mower to mow it. However, if your yard is of average size or smaller, there is no need to look for such expensive and robust machines. Purchasing a weed eater is probably … Read more

How to Store a Weed Eater?

Believe it or not, storing your electric weed eater is a bit different than storing cordless weed eater or gas weed eater for example. However, unlike keeping more large units such as riding lawn mower or self-propelled lawn mower, you will need much less space to store your weed eater. Let’s see. Why an Excellent Storing of Weed … Read more

When is the Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

The days are getting warmer and your grass is growing ever faster. If your lawn mower has seen better days, this is probably the time you think about replacing it. But would it be better to wait? Here, we explore the factors to consider when deciding the best time to buy a lawn mower. Read … Read more

Weed Eater Oil to Gas Mix Ratio

What’s the Proper Weed Eater Oil to Gas Mix Ratio?

Before using your weed eater, you need to prepare it. This procedure includes mixing fuel properly because an inadequate amount of oil can overheat the engine (if the amount is to low) or cause engine congestion (if the amount is too high). Therefore, it is essential to calculate the correct gas/oil ratio and ensure the smooth … Read more

How Get Rid of Clover in Your Lawn

10 Tips to Get Rid of Clover in Your Lawn

Clover (Trefoil) is definitely one of the most common weeds you can find on badly maintained and undernourished lawns. In the US, we usually face perennial white clover (Trifolium repens) which can grow everywhere thanks to its own production of nitrogen. Actually, clover can be a very beneficial plant for your grass, but most people don’t want … Read more

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine: What’s the Difference?

Choosing a new Lawn mower can be a big decision. With any luck, if you choose a good one, you should be able to use it for at least the next ten years or so – but there are so many factors to take into consideration. There are many styles of Lawn mower, including riding Lawn … Read more