How Do I Get Rid of Rust in My Lawn

How Do I Get Rid of Rust in My Lawn?

A healthy, thriving and well-manicured lawn can be the striking centerpiece of any yard, an area to enjoy during the summer months and the pride of many a home gardener. However, to maintain a lawn in this condition takes a certain amount of time and effort, and no matter how much love and care you … Read more

How to Stripe a Lawn

How to Stripe a Lawn? (6 Tips)

As any astute gardener will know, there are a few pro tips and tricks you can use that will elevate your yard from just mediocre and acceptable to giving it a highly professional look. It’s the small details that make a big difference, things like using a lawn edger to keep the borders of your lawn … Read more

When to Roll Your Lawn

When to Roll Your Lawn?

With most gardening practices, there is a consensus over what you should and shouldn’t do. However, with some procedures, there is more of a debate – and lawn rolling is definitely one that belongs in the latter category. While some people believe annual rolling, usually in springtime, is an essential part of lawn care, others … Read more

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

7 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers (Reviews of 2021)

Mowing the lawn can be a bore and a chore – and if you’re not in particularly good shape or if you don’t have a perfectly flat patch of grass, it can also be exhausting. If this sounds familiar, you need a Self Propelled machine – so here are our picks for best Self Propelled … Read more

Best Reel Mower Reviews

7 Best Reel Mowers of 2021 – Manual Push Mower Reviews

Once the go-to choice for lawnmowing, reel mowers’ silent operation, zero emissions and easy use means they’re enjoying a comeback. So if you want to get in on the action, which one do you choose? Read on for our review of seven of the best reel mowers out there today. And then check out our … Read more

Lawn Mowing Guide: From Beginner to Guru

If you are an owner of the house with an attractive backyard, one of the first your thoughts in early spring is probably when and how to mow your lawn. Even though you are experienced in this job, you should be in accordance with the time in which we live and follow new trends. If … Read more

Lay sod

6 Easy Steps to Lay Sod for Beginners

The natural lawn will require your spare time, adequate soil, and a lot of maintenance. If you want to get a beautiful yard for a short time, maybe you should choose fresh, natural sod (turf) for you and your family. It is actually an instant, entirely weeds-free impact solution, especially if you have no patience or … Read more

17 Essential Tips for Lawn Care Schedule

Everyone wants a perfect lawn in their garden, especially during the warm months of the summer when you will be outside as much as possible. However, to achieve this result, you need to care for your grass year-round – so here is a lawn calendar to help you do it right. Different Grasses Sometimes it … Read more