Chemical Free Weed Killing

17 Tips for Chemical-Free Weed Killing

The bane of gardeners everywhere is weeds. You have an image in your mind of how you want your yard to look, but you have to wage a daily war against these unwelcome invaders to keep it that way.If you don’t want to resort to chemicals, there still lots you can do – so here’s … Read more

gardening benefits

15 Unexpected Benefits of Gardening You Should Know

As any gardener will tell you, planting flowers, growing vegetables, mowing the lawn and generally tending to a garden can be extremely rewarding. It’s not just about the result – although having a beautiful, well-kept yard can be a source of great pride – because after all, you could just pay a professional. What experienced … Read more

How to Start an Organic Garden

How to Start an Organic Garden?

Nowadays, everyone has heard that organic is the best. Many people believe that giving large sums of money can buy them healthy, organic food. However, is that really the case? There are more and more health food producers, but the fact is that many gardeners actually don’t have a clue about the real concept of … Read more

How to Create a Lovely Butterfly Garden?

Probably everyone wants to begin with gardening at some point in life. It is actually pretty easy activity. Just plant some flowers, put garden furniture there, and lay back. However, if you are one of those who look for much more than a pure sunbathe at weekends; you should make a real butterfly garden. Pick … Read more

Build a Straw Bale Garden

How to Build a Straw Bale Garden?

Have you ever heard about straw bale gardening? I didn’t have a clue that it existed until a couple of years ago. Very soon, I decided to discover if this way of growing vegetables makes any sense. The idea was to have some fun. Today, I wouldn’t change this way of gardening for any ‘real’ … Read more

Garden Soil vs Potting Soil

Garden Soil vs Potting Soil – What’s the Difference?

Successful gardening comes from a combination of learning about plants and how they grow and applying the techniques that help them flourish. One of the basic aspects any gardener needs to understand is soil types; here, we look at garden soil vs. potting soil and when to use them. A simple question – what is … Read more

What is a Dish Garden

What is a Dish Garden?

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your interior space and bring some nature into your urban environment? Need a project that will introduce a young child to the world of gardening? Or perhaps you’re stuck for a gift idea? A dish garden might be the answer – but what is a dish … Read more

Garden Plants Need Lime

Which Garden Plants Need Lime?

Every gardener knows the feeling – you plant your garden at the start of the season imagining a lush and colorful array of flowers or large, succulent veggies, only to be disappointed by the results. Why did it happen? Should you have added anything to the soil? Here, we look at which garden plants need … Read more

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

There are many ways to decorate your yard or porch with favorite plants. You can choose ornamental flowers, herbs, or vegetables for that purpose, depending on your preferences. Whatever you want to grow, planter boxes are an ideal way to express your creativity. With a little effort, excellent planter box DIY ideas, and a few … Read more