Build a Straw Bale Garden

How to Build a Straw Bale Garden?

Have you ever heard about straw bale gardening? I didn’t have a clue that it existed until a couple of years ago. Very soon, I decided to discover if this way of growing vegetables makes any sense. The idea was to have some fun. Today, I wouldn’t change this way of gardening for any ‘real’ … Read more

Garden Soil vs Potting Soil

Garden Soil vs Potting Soil – What’s the Difference?

Successful gardening comes from a combination of learning about plants and how they grow and applying the techniques that help them flourish. One of the basic aspects any gardener needs to understand is soil types; here, we look at garden soil vs. potting soil and when to use them. A simple question – what is … Read more

What is a Dish Garden

What is a Dish Garden?

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your interior space and bring some nature into your urban environment? Need a project that will introduce a young child to the world of gardening? Or perhaps you’re stuck for a gift idea? A dish garden might be the answer – but what is a dish … Read more

Garden Plants Need Lime

Which Garden Plants Need Lime?

Every gardener knows the feeling – you plant your garden at the start of the season imagining a lush and colorful array of flowers or large, succulent veggies, only to be disappointed by the results. Why did it happen? Should you have added anything to the soil? Here, we look at which garden plants need … Read more

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

There are many ways to decorate your yard or porch with favorite plants. You can choose ornamental flowers, herbs, or vegetables for that purpose, depending on your preferences. Whatever you want to grow, planter boxes are an ideal way to express your creativity. With a little effort, excellent planter box DIY ideas, and a few … Read more

17 Types of Mulch – Which One is Best for You?

Once you organize your lovely garden, you should decide which type of mulch to select to keep the soil adequately moist and your plants entirely weed-free. Moreover, an excellent covering will protect plants while trimming them or mowing the lawn, as well as keep them safe from most insects. Basically, you can pick out organic … Read more

Garden Bed Edging

5 Common Types of Garden Bed Edging

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to make your garden look tidier and more cared for? Or perhaps you are looking to do some more substantial work around your edges? Having a clearly-defined lawn can create a strong impression – so here are our best garden bed edging tips. Why Bother with … Read more

Sharpen Garden Tools

7 Common Garden Tools: How to Sharpen them?

A bad workman always blames his tools, so they say – but in order to do a proper job, it’s true that we also need our tools to be in excellent condition. Many garden tools have edges that need to be maintained – so here’s a list of those tools and the best way to … Read more

Rain Garden System

How to Build Your Own Rain Garden to Filter Runoff?

Many of us have experience with water that gushes out of a downspout and interflow to a nearby stream or river with all fertilizers and pesticides picked up from the lawns and oily streets. The US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health published the results of a study that shows how inadequately managing … Read more