21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today

There are many ways to decorate your yard or porch with favorite plants. You can choose ornamental flowers, herbs, or vegetables for that purpose, depending on your preferences. Whatever you want to grow, planter boxes are an ideal way to express your creativity.

21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today 2

With a little effort, excellent planter box DIY ideas, and a few boards, you can create a unique container that beautifies your space. Most planter boxes are not difficult to build since most of them primarily consist of wood in which plants thrive. However, there is still plenty of room for imagination and unique designs. Let’s see.

1. Bamboo Planter Box

Bamboo Planter Box

Bamboo is one of the most valuable materials you can use to make a beautiful planter box by combining it with wood. That way, you can create an elegant planting box with a retaining wall for crawling plants.

Start with making the frame and legs of wood, and bamboo twigs will fit nicely to the sides of the box. Then, you should build a bamboo support wall. The great thing is that you can reuse the old wooden boards for this creation.

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2. Planter Box with benches

Planter Box with benches

If you are one of those lucky ones who have a large garden, this is the right idea for you. Make a large raised planter box where you can plant a bunch of flowers or vegetables. You can easily combine several types of plants that grow in height so that they don’t take up space for each other.

The excellent idea is to place small wooden benches on all four sides of the box. Then, you can drink tea while enjoying your green corner. Plus, you can place a few pots with small flowers on the rest of the benches.

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3. Mill Wheel Planter

Mill Wheel Planter

If you like to have a few types of flowers in one place, you can be creative and make a planter that resembles a mill wheel. This way, you can use only one planter box for different sorts of flowers at several levels.

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, this kind of planter is not challenging to build. Keep in mind that you need to make a firm and stable support to withstand the weight of the soil and plants. Then, you should add small boxes and attach them appropriately.


4. Straw bale Planter Box

Straw bale Planter Box

Strawbale gardening is a convenient way to enrich poor soil efficiently while growing organic vegetables and spices. The ideal plants for growing in such a planter box are potatoes, strawberries, beans, and various flowers.

The best thing is that you don’t need a lot of space for this project. Make a wooden planter box, fill it with a straw bale, and place it in the corner of your porch. If you mount small wheels on the bottom of the box, you can quickly move the box wherever you want.

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5. Stepped Planter

Stepped Planter

If you are one of the people who like to grow one type of plant in different colors, consider a stepped planter. This construction is an ideal solution to arrange all the pots in one place.

Sand the wooden boards well and then varnish them. You need to place the base in the shape of a triangle on which the shelves stand. Place them in three or four levels, depending on the number of plants you want to grow.


6. Concrete Planter Box

Concrete Planter Box

If you are skillful and ready for the challenge, you can try to make a concrete planter box. You will need a hollow wooden cube filled with concrete sides. This type of planter box is quite deep, so it is an ideal option for plants with deep roots, which require a lot of soil.

You can make several planter boxes if you are someone who loves neatness and minimalism. Arrange them symmetrically across your garden and enjoy the design.

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7. Simple Wooden Box

Simple Wooden Box

The beauty is often in the simplicity. Unprocessed wood, with its natural color, fits perfectly with the plants that are in it. Make the straightforward wooden box with high legs and place a planter or pots with low plants under it.

You can fill this planter box with fertile soil and grow plants in it directly. On the other hand, you can use it to put smaller containers inside since different types of plants require different fertilizers and moisture levels.

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8. Ceramic Tile Planter box

Ceramic Tile Planter box

If you have stored excess ceramic tile from kitchens and bathrooms for years, it is the right time to use them to make a unique planter box. Combine tiles of different designs and play with colors. You can also create samples of ceramic tiles with different textures.

In such ceramic planter boxes, you should grow herbs that are not overly colorful since the boxes are attractive themselves. Whether you place it on the porch or inside the house, this arrangement will beautify every corner.


9. Brick Planter

Brick Planter

There is one of the materials that people have used for different purposes for centuries. If you decide to build a planter box made of bricks, you can be sure that it will last for years. To finish the job, you will need bricks, mortar, and a concrete foundation.

Although you need a little more time and masonry skill for this project, building planter boxes out of ordinary red bricks is an excellent idea. For example, you can make two brick planter boxes with tangled roses and place them on either side of the front door.


10. Honeycomb Planter Box

Honeycomb Planter Box

If you want to grow a few plants and maybe add more later, you need more of the planter boxes. It is an excellent idea to pick the models of the same shape and combine them as desired. With the base of a hexagonal frame, this simple design looks like a real honeycomb.

By adding new levels of wooden slats, you can make five or six planter boxes and stack them next to each other. Even though it may seem hard to make them, it is not the case since single boxes are not connected. So, you can create one by one and add them whenever it suits you.

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11. Hexagonal Planter with Bench

Hexagonal Planter with Bench

When you have a spacious garden, you want to create a corner where you can enjoy a good book, peace, and greenery around you. If you plan to take some time for such a project, you can make the solid wood planter box that you raise above the ground.

The spacious hexagonal planter box has enough space for several types of plants. Plus, you can make a six-sided bench around the planter box full of flowers. That way, you can sit on the bench with your friends and family members and enjoy together.

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12. Window Planter

Window Planter

Windowsill is an ideal space for the flowers you love. You can always put several flowerpots on it. However, it is a better choice to make the planter box and grow flowers in it. If you have a colored wall, the white planter box will look highly elegant.

The best of all is that you don’t need to be a skillful handyman to make this elegant planter box. Take care to organize adequate support and screw the box to the wall.

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13. Planter Box with Wheels

Planter Box with Wheels

If you enjoy growing plants that can’t survive outside in the winter, you need to bring your pots inside every fall. To solve this problem, you can build a simple wooden wagon with wheels. That way, you can move this planter box from one part of the garden to another, or pull it on the porch during a storm or heavy rain.

However, don’t forget to take into account the weight of the soil in the planter box. Otherwise, you will face a problem moving it even with the wheels. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to keep the planter box long and shallow.

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14. Bird Feeder Box

Bird Feeder Box

When you love nature, you want to enjoy everything it has to offer. This cleaver designed planter box, in addition to the space for flowers, also has a cute bird feeder. All you need is to add a few extra planks to the existing box.

With this design, everyone wins. You can feed the birds and enjoy their song while taking care of your flowers. Since you can’t full this planter box with too much soil, you should pick out miniature flowers with shallow roots.

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15. Triangle Planter

Triangle Planter

Some plants require a small space. Plus, you can’t combine some of them in the planter box with other species, so they need to be planted alone. Luckily, you can quickly make small boxes for such a case from wooden pallets in the shape of a triangle.

You can place them in a corner without other purposes and beautify it that way. This type of box is also an excellent solution for growing shade-loving plants.

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16. Hanging Planter Boxes

Hanging Planter Boxes

If you don’t have a garden or your patio is too small, it is not a bad idea to make a hanging planter box. For this purpose, you can find a few standard wooden crates of the same size and connect them with chains.

However, be careful when attaching this model to the wall. You need to choose the right brackets to avoid wall damage. Plus, it is necessary to prevent the structure from falling off the wall, which can hurt someone or break your plants.


17. Wooden Palette Box

Wooden Palette Box

Wooden pallets are a handy option for your DIY project because you can use them in many ways. For example, you can make the planter box and grow flowers both on the top and on both sides.

As they grow, the flowers will fill the gaps in the pallets, and you will get a planter box lined with blooms and leaves. You can also add high legs to the box. That way, you can place it just below the window.

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18. White Fence Box

White Fence Box

A freshly painted wooden fence can decorate every yard. However, you can use it as a part of the planter box. Buy white flowerpots and plant your favorite flowers in it. They will be an excellent addition to your landscape.

Plus, you can always keep this minimalist planter box inside when needed. In that case, put it on the shelf near the window and plant indoor flowers to decorate your room.

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19. Reused Old Drawers


Don’t make a mistake and throw out old drawers when you change furniture. You can always reuse them to make an adorable planter box. All you have to do is to sand and paint or varnish them a bit. Try to paint their surface in several different shades to make them look even more effective.

When you have moved the drawers from the outside, remove the bottom of each except the last. Glue one drawer to another with wood glue, fill the construction with soil, and your unusual planter box is ready. All you have left is to choose the right plants.

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20. Unique Angular Planter Box

You don’t need to plant your flowers in the ordinary rectangle box if you enjoy making things out of wood and have a workshop and the right tools. Although this type of planter box requires more effort, you can enjoy assembling short wooden pieces arranged at different angles.

This unique box will captivate everyone with beauty and design. Plus, it will be an excellent solution for a flower bush that requires a lot of soil. That way, you will get an excellent place for rounded shrubs that look beautiful wherever you place them.


21. Dark Wood Box

I like well-polished wooden boards and can recommend you to make this attractive combination of planter boxes and a bench. Everything you need to do is to paint them in a dark color and make a bench with boxes on both sides.

There is also an option to make one box shallow and plant flowers in it while using a part below for storing a garden hose, for example.

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21 Planter Box DIY Ideas You Can Try Today 1

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