8 Must-have Tools For DIY Woodworking

Woodworking is one of the most satisfying hobbies out there because it provides a great sense of accomplishment every time you finish a project. However, it can be a very tiring activity to get into. Since you’ll be handling heavy items and the tasks involved are laborious, it can definitely exhaust you even if you’re having fun while at it.

To make things a lot more enjoyable and less tiresome for a DIYer like you, adding some useful tools to your shed would be a great idea. The following items can certainly help simplify woodworking tasks, so make sure to check them out.

Lists of DIY Woodworking Tools

Sawing wood is one of the most tiring things you need to do when woodworking. Sawing large chunks are especially exhausting when done manually as there are several movements involved in using a handsaw. Cutting small pieces are also particularly taxing since you need to be precise in order to get the results you need.

To make these things easier for you, here are a few different kinds of saws that will help simplify the task and require less effort from you:

1. Circular saw

Circular saw

The circular saw is possibly the most basic type of power saw that you can get as a DIYer. Its portable varieties can easily replace hand saws as it can cut large pieces of wood and other materials with a single pass.

2. Jigsaw


Woodworking also often requires cutting wood in various shapes. You can definitely do this by hand but it will take a while. It’s also more dangerous when you’re not skilled to execute such a task. In fact, it has been determined that chisels are one of the most common causes of woodworking-related injuries in the past.

So to avoid such incidents, getting a jigsaw would be ideal. With this power tool, you can easily cut wood to your desired shape with ease and precision.

3. Miter saw

Miter saw

Also commonly referred to as drop saws, miter saws provide precise and highly accurate slices and crosscuts. As they’re designed to drop down on a board in a singular swift motion, it can easily give you the most accurate cuts if you need such.

4. Nail Gun

Nail Gun

After you cut down your wood to the right shapes and pieces required for you to create your masterpiece, you’ll also need a tool to put them together. Nail guns are excellent options for this job because they’re very efficient.

You can drive nails into the pieces that you need to keep together in a few seconds and that are it. There’s no need for you to strike the nail repeatedly to get your desired results.

Like saws, nail guns also come in different configurations to better suit your needs like for floor you need flooring nailer, for fencing you need fencing nailer and so on. Make sure to get to know more about them if you need to get the right one for your needs.

5. Router


A lot of people use the router to add professional-looking finishing touches and details to their work. However, there’s a bit more to routers than just a detailing tool. You’ll also find it really handy when you need to hollow out some pieces or areas of the wood you’re using,

To make the most out of this tool, get to know the different bits that you can use with it. Those parts extend the functionality of your unit.

6. Sanders


Sanding the wood you’ll be using on your project is another tedious and exhausting task that you have to do in woodworking. You can avoid it, however, you can get a reliable sander. These power tools will do the tough scrubbing for you and will help you achieve the texture you need for the best finish.

7. Power Drills

Power Drills

Honestly, even if you’re not a DIY woodworker, you’ll still find lots of uses for a power drill at home. As it will allow you to bore holes in just about any surface, it can really come in handy for various tasks.

8. Biscuit Joiner

Biscuit Joiner

Like routers, not a lot of people think that biscuit joiners are necessary tools but as a DIY woodworker, it can really come in handy for you. It will help you create seamless joins so it will help you whip up professional-looking outputs despite being a novice.

Biscuit joiners pretty much combine the ideas of routers and circular saws as they cut out a hole or ‘mouth’ where ‘biscuits’ are meant to be inserted. They will then join the two pieces together without creating any visual interference with their connection.


As a hobbyist, it might be better to get reliable and easy to use tools for your craft. This list aims to help point you in the right direction for woodworking as all of the items mentioned above are proven to make your tasks easier to handle. Check them out yourself and discover how much they can help you hone your skills in making wooden masterpieces.

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