9 Tips to Store Your Leaf Blower

As anyone who owns one will tell you, when fall rolls around and the leaves start to drop, a good leaf blower can be one of the most invaluable tools in your shed. Unfortunately, due their size, they can also be troublesome to store.

9 Tips to Store Your Leaf Blower 2

If you own a leaf blower vacuum and are wondering about the best way to keep it safe and out of the way, here, we bring you 9 leaf blower storage tips that will give you plenty of useful solutions.

General storage tips

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Here are some general tips for storing your leaf blower safely while also making the best use of the space available to you.

1. Hooks

If you have any free wall space in a garage or shed and you are looking for the simplest, cheapest way to store your leaf blower, the best option is to install wall hooks.

All you need to do is fix them securely to the wall and you will be able to hang any kind of tool there safely and out of the way, including cordless leaf blowers, or backpack leaf blowers or any other types.

Having a range of hooks on the wall is a great way to store your whole collection of garden tools in a place where they remain easily accessible whenever you need them.

2. Wall shelving

If you prefer something more substantial than simple hooks on the wall, you might choose to install wall shelving. This is an ideal option not just for your leaf blower but for keeping all your tools neatly stored.

Since wall shelving is a DIY solution, you can make compartments of any size you choose depending on what you need to store. This is an extremely versatile solution that will make the best use of your wall space – as long as you have a free wall you can use.

3. Workbench

Another idea for storage is to install a long workbench with storage space underneath. This will give you a place to store tools like your leaf blower safely off the floor while also giving you an extra surface to work on.

4. Ceiling storage

If you only have a small shed or garage or have already used all the available wall space, look up! The ceiling is another place where you can store tools if you know how to make use of it.

You can use hooks just like on a wall and simply hang your leaf blower from the ceiling, or alternatively, you can rig up a more substantial storage system. It’s possible to fix up a storage system using a pull-rope to raise and lower your tools when you need them.

5. Corner storage shelves or cubby

Corners often remain underutilized, but by installing shelves or a cubby there, you can maximize your storage capacity. With several levels, you can store two or three power tools in a corner where they will stay safe and accessible but out of the way until you need them.

Long-term storage

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With leaf blowers, as with any power tools, keeping them properly maintained is vital if you want them to last as long as possible.

Since a leaf blower is basically a one-season tool – unless you also use it for snow clearing – it will spend most of the year in storage. This means you need to know the correct steps to take before you place it in storage at the end of the fall until it is required again the following year.

6. Basic cleaning

During general use, you should always make sure you regularly check to ensure there are no leaves or other debris blocking the impeller or other parts of your blower.

It is also advisable to develop the habit of giving your machine a final thorough clean before you put it away for storage at the end of the season.

7. Fuel maintenance

Since gasoline does not age well, at the end of each season before packing away your leaf blower for another year, you should remove or burn off any fuel that is left inside.

This is true of any type of gas leaf blower – both 4 cycle leaf blower and 2-cycle version.

If you store your leaf blower with fuel left inside, at the very least you will have to do it at the start of the following season anyway – so best to do it while the fuel is fresh.

However, if you leave the fuel sitting inside your tool for the best part of a year, in some cases, it may even cause damage to your leaf blower. To avoid this, you’re better off removing it before putting the tool into storage just to be sure.

Where to store your leaf blower

leaf blower Long-term storage

During fall, you will need to use your leaf blower frequently, perhaps once a week or more, so you will need it to be accessible – but when not in use, you will probably want to store it somewhere safe and out of the way. Here are some tips on where to store your machine.

8. Keep it accessible during fall

As we just mentioned, keeping your leaf blower readily accessible during fall is the best plan. At this time of year, using wall hooks or something similar is a good option.

9. Keep it safe when not in use

At times of the year when your leaf blower is not required, you will be better off packing it away somewhere safe and out of the way, especially if your space is limited.

Choose a place that is off the ground, protected from leaks and moisture and out of the way of kids.

Make sure it is fully protected so when you take it out again at the start of the following fall, you won’t find it has been damaged by rain or suffered some other similar mishap.

Proper storage to save space and keep your blower safe

A good leaf blower is a tool that can save you so much time and hassle. However, they take up much more space than a simple rake and need to be stored properly to ensure they aren’t damaged during the times of the year when they aren’t needed.

By following our tips, you can store your machine conveniently and safely so it is ready to go again when the leaves to drop the following year.

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9 Tips to Store Your Leaf Blower 1

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