Is Push Lawn Sweeper Worthy of Money?

Cleaning a lawn with a fancy push lawn sweeper instead of a traditional garden rake definitely seems like a good idea, doesn’t it?

Well, not if you’re having doubts regarding whether or not a push lawn sweeper is worth the money. Lawn sweepers can be quite expensive, and it is rightfully reasonable that you think twice before investing in them.

To make your decision easier and clearer, we’ll be sharing what a push lawn sweeper is, the benefits of having it, a few tips for using a lawn sweeper, and also some of the things you must consider before you purchase one. Let’s get started!

What is A Push Lawn Sweeper?

A push lawn sweeper is a mechanical device that uses a rotating brush to grab unwanted wastes from your lawn and pushes it towards the debris collection bin. This bin can be then easily emptied and quickly prepared for the next round of cleaning.

A push lawn sweeper works similar to a lawnmower and removes unwanted things from the lawn. The major difference between a lawn sweeper and a lawnmower is that the lawn sweeper doesn’t use rotating blades to cut the grass.

So, Is Push Lawn Sweeper Worthy of Money?

Do you have a big lawn? Or do you feel unmotivated or don’t have sufficient time to take care of your lawn all by yourself? If yes, investing in a lawn sweeper can make your work easier and quicker.

A lawn sweeper helps you clean twigs, pine cones, pine needles, acorns, and all kinds of debris, along with plant leaves. Buying a lawn sweeper can save your time and can also prevent you from your back pains.

Alongside the lawn, a lawn sweeper can also be used to clean the dust and specks of dirt from the walkway and driveway. But if your major concern is to clean the bigger branches and stick from your lawn, it’s better not to invest in a lawn sweeper.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Push Lawn Sweeper?

What Are The Benefits of Having a Push Lawn Sweeper

1. Say bye-bye to sore muscles!

Cleaning your lawn can be a hectic job. To and fro trips from the lawn to the burn pile, carrying leaves is sure to give you sore muscles at the end of the day.

However, when it comes to the physical work involved in collecting cut grasses and leaves using a rake, a push lawn sweeper is no better. So, if you’d like to save the effort, you should get a tow-behind lawn sweeper.

2. Better than a leaf blower

Firstly, leaf blowers are noisy. Though not completely noise-free, push lawn sweepers are less noisy comparatively and ensure that you earn no hatred from your neighbours for waking them up early in the morning with the noise of a leaf blower.

Moreover, leaf blowers are bulky and heavy and difficult to use. Secondly, when the wind blows from a leaf blower, leaves scatter everywhere, whereas a lawn sweeper gathers up all the leaves in a hopper. Overall, a lawn sweeper is better than a leaf blower in many ways.

3. Your lawn becomes tidier

Besides long branches and twigs, a push lawn sweeper gets rid of all the debris present on your lawn. The best part is that you don’t have to waste your energy when using a rake, as a few sweeps from the sweeper does the job!

How to Choose The Best Push Lawn Sweeper?

There are plenty of good push lawn sweepers available in the market, but the best one is the one that perfectly meets your needs. Here are a few things you must consider before you buy a push lawn sweeper.

1. Is the size perfect for your lawn?

A push lawn sweeper is one that you must push manually in order to tidy up your lawn. So, if you get too small a sweeper for your lawn, you’ll have to take plenty of passes. And remember, it’s quite a heavy exercise.

The bag size also matters when it comes to considering the size of the push lawn sweeper. If your lawn is small and doesn’t collect too much debris, a model with a small bag size will do the job.

However, the smaller the bag size, the more you have to take trips to the dumping pile. And, a too-big bag might be a waste of money and might also prevent you from reaching tight corners.

2. Does the price seem reasonable?

Push lawn sweepers can cost you from less than $100 to around $300 or even more. Even if you have to spend a bit more, make sure you invest in a durable and high-performance sweeper.

3. Get a thick grip!

We’ve discussed earlier, pushing the sweeper across the lawn can be rigorous and tiring work. So, it’s obvious that you’d want to make sure that the process becomes as luxurious as possible, isn’t it?

Look for thick padding on the push lawn sweeper’s handle. While buying a sweeper, it might seem like a minor thing to consider, but when it comes to the real work, it will save you from a lot of wear and tear in your hands. So, get the grip as comfortable as possible.

4. The lighter, the better!

Getting a push lawn sweeper in and out of the storage can be daunting if you don’t consider its weight beforehand.

Generally, push lawn sweepers are lightweight. But a few are lighter than the others. So, if you don’t prefer handling bulky and heavy lawn tools, look for a lightweight lawn sweeper.

Moreover, if you’re already struggling with the lawn tools storage space, get a foldable model of a sweeper. It can be easily hung up on the water, saving you much-needed storage space.

How to Store A Push Lawn Sweeper?

How to Store A Push Lawn Sweeper

It is very easy to store a push lawn sweeper in your garage. You only have limited space in your garage where you need to adjust the various tools you regularly use. So, the space required for storing a particular tool also plays a vital role while considering the purchase.

However, a lawn sweeper uses minimal space. When a lawn sweeper is folded up, it uses space slightly more than that of a large leaf rack when hanging on the wall.

Due to its easy storage, it provides the major selling point over the other similar tools. So if you regularly use this tool, it is worth your garage space.

Tips for Using A Push Lawn Sweeper

It is one of the simplest machines to use. There is no use of a gas-powered or electrical motor that significantly reduces the complicity. Still, there are few things you need to keep in mind before using your lawn sweeper.

  1. You must be careful to notice whether you have assembled your lawn sweeper properly or not before using it. If not done improperly, there may occur various problems with your sweeper.
  2. The lawn sweeper completely runs on muscle power. You just need to push your lawn sweeper forward and see the magic. You need to do the sweeping job as straight as possible and do it neatly to prevent it from backtracking.
  3. It would be best if you tried to use the lawn sweeper on a mowed lawn, or else long grasses in an unmowed lawn may invite unwanted problems.
  4. It would be best if you used the lawn sweeper on a dry lawn. If not, they may occur a problem while gripping the wet grass and wet debris by the lawn sweeper.
  5. You need to run your lawn sweeper at an optimal speed. If you use your lawn sweeper at high speed, there may be a risk of hazardous debris flying in your direction.

Leaves may not reach up to you, but rocks and small pieces of stones may fly towards you. You can prevent this kind of hazard by wearing safety glasses, checking your garden before sweeping, and not throwing any trash on your lawn.

How Much Does A Push Lawn Sweeper Cost?

There are various types of lawn sweepers available in the market, and the cost of each differs depending on their respective features.

If you are thinking of buying a solid push lawn sweeper, you can do so for about $200 to $300. But if you want to buy a cheaper sweeper, you can easily find one for under $200 online or in stores.


A push lawn sweeper is definitely not a necessity. But does it make your lawn tidying work easier? Absolutely!

So, the answer to the question – ‘Is a push lawn sweeper worth the money?’ is that it depends on your personal choice. Some of you might find working with a rake easier; some might be okay with a leaf blower, whereas some might believe that a lawn sweeper is a must-have.

With all this information on push lawn sweepers, we believe now you can make the right decision – to buy or not to buy a push lawn sweeper and what type of sweeper to buy. And if you’ve any queries, leave a comment below!

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