Tricks for Truing Lumber Without a Jointer

11 Table Saw Jointer Jigs You Can DIY Easily

For most woodworking tasks, we require perfectly flat and uniform boards – but unfortunately, boards straight from the store rarely arrive in this condition. If you have warped or bent wood, the proper tool for correcting it is a jointer. However, for most home woodworkers, it isn’t practical to own one – but no problem. … Read more

Table Saw vs Miter Saw

Table Saw vs Miter Saw – What’s the Most Difference?

Table saws and miter saws are two of the most basic tools a woodworker can own. They both excel at making a range of cuts, allowing you to work on a variety of projects. However, they are also quite different, and each is better than the other in different situations. If you are just starting … Read more

Table Saw Featherboard Plans

11 Table Saw Featherboard Plans You Can DIY Easily

When working with a table saw, one of the biggest problems is holding the stock in place so it doesn’t move as you feed it into the table saw blade. You can hold it with your hand, but it can still move about – and using your hand adds an extra level of danger. The … Read more

15 Table Saw Accessories You Must Have

For any rookie woodworker, a table saw should be one of the first tools on your shopping list. It is an essential piece of equipment for your workshop and will allow you to accomplish a whole range of woodcutting tasks. However, what you can do with a table saw alone is nothing compared to what … Read more

Jointer vs Planer: What’s the Most Difference?

There are few woodworking tools that cause as much confusion as a jointer and a planer. What’s the difference between them? Is one better than the other? Do you actually need either of them? Read on, and we’ll explain everything you need to know in the contest of jointer versus planer! What’s the difference between … Read more

8 Tips to Use a Jointer Like Guru

Woodworking is not everyone’s cup of coffee and in the case where you do not have adequate exposure to this activity; your tasks can become such a pain. And being exposed to new tools can generate even more confusion. However, if you are determined to fully venture into woodworking, a jointer is among the tools … Read more


11 Table Saw Taper Jigs You Can DIY Easily

If you own a table saw, from the largest cabinet table saw right down to much smaller versions, one of the best ways of releasing its full potential is by acquiring a set of jigs that will allow you to make a range of cuts other than just basic rips. If you are into making furniture … Read more

table saw blades

7 Best Table Saw Blades of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Table saws are an essential part of any professional woodworker’s toolkit and are indispensable to the serious hobbyist too. However, as any experienced woodworker will tell you, a table saw is only as good as the blade it has fitted. If you want to improve the performance of your table saw, you need to make … Read more

planer jointer combo

7 Best Jointer Planer Combo of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer Guide

So, what do you do if you are a passionate woodworker, but have limited space? Due to price limitation, it may be impossible to own both a jointer and a planer in your workshop. A Planer jointer combo is the best alternative.  Buying a planer jointer combo helps you complete all your tasks using a … Read more

13 Tips to Use a Table Saw like a Pro

13 Tips to Use a Table Saw like a Pro

Table saws are one of the most important pieces of equipment a woodworker can own – but if you’re new to the craft, they can also be quite intimidating. However, as long as you know what you’re doing, there’s no reason to be afraid of them, so here, we bring you our 13 top tips … Read more