11 Table Saw Taper Jigs You Can DIY Easily

If you own a table saw, from the largest cabinet table saw right down to much smaller versions, one of the best ways of releasing its full potential is by acquiring a set of jigs that will allow you to make a range of cuts other than just basic rips.

diy Table Saw Taper Jigs

If you are into making furniture or otherwise need to make tapering cuts, you will need a decent taper jig to allow you to do it safely and accurately. We’ve had a look online to see what we could find – so here are 11 table saw taper jigs you can DIY easily.

1. True-Cut Taper Jig

True-Cut Taper Jig

Let’s get started with something extremely simple.

As this plan explains, attempting to make cuts at angles can be tricky – and even dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why if you regularly need to make cuts that require precise angles, you need a reliable taper jig.

We like this plan because, as you will see, you don’t always need to over-complicate things to achieve excellent results. This is a very simple jig that just about anyone can make at home. The instructions are clear and to the point, and there’s also a useful diagram to show you how to do it.

If you need an easy plan for an effective taper jig that will work with a jobsite table saw, a contractor table saw or any other kind, this could be a great place to start.

2. Tapering Jig

Tapering Jig

Whenever we need a plan for a DIY project, one of our first stops is always the Instructables website. This veritable treasure trove of DIY plans never lets us down, and that’s where we found this plan for an easy-to-make tapering jig.

As we have come to expect from plans on this site, everything you need to know is included. The introduction explains what tapering jigs are and why we need them, and then there is a list of all the materials you will need to follow the plan and make your own.

The instructions are clear and are accompanied by a selection of useful photos that tell you exactly how to do everything. Even DIY novices should be able to follow this plan without any difficulties, so if you need a tapering jig for you table saw – or any other DIY plans – this site is always a valuable resource.

3. Taper Jig


Here’s another plan for making a useful and professional-looking taper jig. You will find a set of instructions along with a useful video that explains and demonstrates exactly what you need to do.

As the presenter in the video explains, she made this jig using a router table, but you can complete the job just as easily with a hand-held router or even a jigsaw.

One thing we like about this plan and video is that the DIYer explains what “she did” rather than telling you what to do. This makes it more of a tutorial on how to make the jig, giving you suggestions on what to use and how to do it while at the same time leaving you the option to modify the plan as you see fit.

Whether you follow her plan exactly or decide to change things a little according to your requirements is up to you – but we’re sure that this plan will help you achieve great results.

4. Making a Table Saw Tapering Jig

Making A Table Saw Tapering Jig

As the author of this plan explains, there are many versions of the simple tapering jig, but this one is designed to be an improvement on the basic model. This is because the body is wide enough to let the stay slip over it. The wide body also allows the stay to be straight rather than curved.

The instructions are clear, and the images are useful. There’s also a set of plans on the site that you can download for free, giving you all the information you’ll need to complete the project.

This is an easy jig to make and the materials you need will hardly cost you anything – and that’s if you need to buy anything at all since you may well already have everything necessary in your workshop. Another well-written plan that’s well worth a look.

5. Table Saw Jig Plan


This plan starts by talking about why we need tapering jigs and why shop-bought jigs are not necessarily better than ones you can make at home. This is because bought jigs can limit your control of the workpiece – and this can lead to inferior quality cuts and even dangerous kickback.

As the plan suggests, a better option is to make your own using nothing more than scraps from your workshop plus a few clamps you probably already own.

As you would hope, there are clear step-by-step instructions along with well-chosen photos that make this another very easy plan to follow. If you want a jig that is both less expensive and more effective than a shop-bought option, this plan could be worth trying.

6. Tapering Jig in One Hour

If you need a tapering jig and you don’t have time to waste making one, this video could be just what you need – it shows you how to make your own DIY tapering jig in less than one hour.

This might not be the most thrilling video you’ve ever come across on YouTube, but if you want something instructional and useful rather than riveting, it’s worth watching. This DIYer clearly knows his way around the workshop and this is a plan that many people might wish to replicate at home.

If you want to try, there’s also a link to a site where you can find more detailed plans and all the information you need to successfully build this jig. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, why not give it a go?

7. Adjustable Taper Jig for Table Saw

Here’s another video showing you how to make a tapering jig quickly, easily – and without spending lots of money. There are no words, you just watch as the DIY demonstrates exactly what you need to.

We always enjoy watching these kinds of video – you just watch as the project begins to take form, going from being a few pieces of wood at the beginning to being a finished and operational jig at the end. We find it really showcases the DIYer’s skills, and it always inspires us to try it out for ourselves.

8. 3-in-1 Jig

If you want more from your jig than just the ability to cut tapers, this could be the plan you are looking for. As well as tapers, this jig can be used as a joiner jig – and even as a makeshift crosscut jig, should you require.

What we like here is how the video is divided between demonstrations and explanations. Where you need more information, the presenter takes the time to give you all the details you need.

If you want to have a go yourself, there’s a link that takes you to more detailed plans. This is another easy project that is ideal for people of all skill levels – so why not try it out?

9. Long Taper Jig

There are many jigs out there that will allow you to cut tapers, but what if the tapers you need to cut are longer than those most people require?

If this sounds like a problem you’re facing, this video explaining how to cut tapers with longer stock is what you need.

To be fair, this is not so much a jig as a hack for using your table saw fence to cut tapers without a true jig – but if you just need to make a couple of one-off long cuts, this is a shortcut that might help.

10. Tapering Jig for Table Saw

This is a plan for another simple and functional jig that really works. Other than a few words of introduction at the beginning and a few more to sum up at the end, this video is all about showing you what you need to do and how to do it.

However, since it’s all very easy to understand and because there’s nothing complicated about building this jig, it’s a video that anyone can copy.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, no-frills jig that will simply do the job of allowing you to cut accurate tapers, this would be a great place to start.

11.  Tapering Jig for Table Saws

To finish, we have one more YouTube video plan that begins by explaining very clearly and in the right amount of detail why we need taper jigs and when to use them.

The next part shows how they work, again, explaining with just the right level of information, before finally moving on to show you how to make one for yourself and how to use it.

There are lots of video plans out there to choose from, but we particularly enjoyed this one because of how easy it is to follow, even for beginners. Another one that’s worth a look, especially if you want to know more about what you’re doing rather than blindly following instructions.

Plenty of plans to pick from – all give great results

We always enjoy researching DIY plans like this because it always makes us realize how many talented woodworkers there are out there. As we said at the beginning, owning a good selection of jigs can really unleash the potential of your table saw – and if you’re in need of a taper jig, any of these 11 plans offer great instructions for how to make one.

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